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Chapter 122: The birth of the cottage bike

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


When they heard that Big Brother Demon Xing actually had two eggs (specifically pet eggs), the pop-ups blew up once again, and many viewers said that if they had grabbed a spot in the game, they would have run to his house to rob him at this time. When that statement came out, a gamer who was secretly watching the live broadcast sent a warm reminder, [Don’t die. You can’t beat Big Brother Demon Xing!]

Not to mention Big Brother Demon Xing, you can’t beat Big Brother Li Bai! The fact that these two could fight had spread throughout Mushroom Village!

After he had held the two pet eggs in front of the camera for a while, Wen XingYao put them back. The audience wanted to see more, but they knew it was impossible, so they pretended to “oooh” a few times and turned their attention to Mo Song.

[Song’s Blunt Opinion! Blunt Opinion! Tell us, did you trick us into coming to the live broadcast with bad intentions? Just want us to watch you play the game happily and keep envying you, right? If you have the ability to give me your game slot, let me play!]

[You bad guy, heartless man!]

[So that’s how it is! There’s not a single innocent person in the room when cloud players are crying in the toilet! I don’t care, you guys have to be responsible for me and send me a game slot, right?]

[Even if there is no game slot now, Blunt Opinion, you help us to find the producer to rush it,ah! You have signed as a Carefree Farmstead anchor, you should know the producer, right? Aah, hurry up!]

[Yes, yes, yes, that’s right! Go ahead, Blunt Opinion. You are the hope of our whole village. Pooh, the whole empire!]

Somehow the conversation went further and further astray, and after one of them suggested the idea that Mo Song could speak out and convey it, more and more audience members joined in the goading.

Mo Song looked at the dense pop-ups, but he had no choice. He thought about how the game’s creator was sitting right next to him, so could he talk to people directly? His eyes began to wander. He darted a glance at Bai Li, found that the other was showing a look of concern, and only then did he calm down. He smiled at the audience and said that the game’s producer had his own considerations about when to release the game quota and also had his own arrangements. If someone wanted to play, it was recommended to wait patiently.

The game’s maker had a lot to say, but in the end, Mo Song pointed out one important thing, he was an ordinary game player, how could he persuade the game’s maker? The audience, when they saw this, could only reluctantly give up and privately discuss which other players could help them spread the word.

There was no way out, the game maker never replied to their comments in the comment book or private messages on the blog. Bai Li and Mo Song were quietly relieved to see that the audience didn’t continue to comment. However, what they didn’t know was that the shot of Mo Song quickly looking at Bai Li earlier would, in the near future, actually become one of the ironclad proofs for the magical netizens to prove that Li Bai=Bai Li.

At this time, they knew nothing, so they were able to smile and say goodbye to the viewers, which officially ended the broadcast.

“Phew…” After the camera shut off, Mo Song exhaled a foul breath, thanked the few people who gave him a hand once again, and said, “It’s getting late, so we’ll head back today…Two big guys, I’ll see you tomorrow! Ah!”

Although everyone said that they came to help him out of friendship, Mo Song didn’t think he could accept everyone’s kindness without any burden. He planned to go back and prepare some gifts, such as items that could often be used, and then send them the next day as a kind of expression of his feelings.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao didn’t know what was in Mo Song’s mind, so they said goodbye and watched Mo Song and Long-winded, Scrupulous Son ride away on the Peeps. The live broadcast of the “Player House Decoration Awards” hadn’t been over for very long when a big event happened elsewhere in the game.

After someone cottaged the Balance Assist Wheel, another omnipotent player cottaged the first bicycle! Unlike the bicycle redeemed through the event points, 80% of the structure of this copycat was made of wood. Although the quality was not unbreakable, it was indeed drivable, and lighter than the “2.8 big bar.”

Bok Choy’s eyes glazed over at the sudden appearance of the copycat bicycle, and when she looked back at the bicycle contributed by her hard-to-find partner, she felt a sense of crisis that she would have to close down before she could open her business.

If the bicycle could be mass-produced, who would bother to rent one for an hour when they could just buy a new one? Fortunately, the player who made the cottage bike, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, made it clear in public that because of the limited raw materials and complex production process, only pre-orders were being accepted for the time being, and the price would be relatively high, then let everyone act according to their abilities.

Only a few “big families” went to Give Me a Bowl of Rice to reserve their bikes, and only after paying half of the deposit did they get a number plate to pick up their bikes. The original cottage bike was not sold as a sample, and was kept for future display.

Give Me a Bowl of Rice came and went in a hurry. After receiving the orders and counting the materials he had, he was ready to go back to work. His departure, however, didn’t stop the commotion at the entrance of the village, and the players who had just returned from their confusion discussed it in various ways.

“What the hell! A bicycle can actually be made! This is really a big bug! So, I’m not losing money by exchanging points for a bike?”

“Brother, think outside the box! Think about it another way. Did we earn 500 gold coins for nothing? And the two types of bikes don’t look too much alike. Ours is obviously of better quality, so in comparison it’s still our bike that’s a better deal.”

“First the Auxiliary Wheel, then the wooden bike. The reality in front of me keeps reminding me that I’m just a loser who only knows how to play wuwu!”

“Ha! Sometimes, it’s not so bad to be a loser…”



On the other hand, when Give Me a Bowl of Rice returned home, he stopped for a few seconds then knocked at the house next door.

What Are You Playing? came out of the house to open the door for him, raised his eyebrows and asked lazily, “What’s up? I thought you made a bicycle and went to the village to sell it. If you came back so soon, you must have not received a single order, right?”

“That’s not possible. I did get a few orders.” Give Me a Bowl of Rice shrugged. “But I accidentally received too many. The materials on hand may not be enough, so I came to your side to book some. I have to trouble you again, Big Brother.”

Both were among the second batch of players to enter the game, and by chance became neighbors. From being in daily contact, they found that one liked to make all kinds of things with their hands, while the other liked to practice skills constantly and experience the fun of slowly raising the experience bar. So, they hit it off and reached a strong partnership.

Give Me a Bowl of Rice offered a free service for all those materials to make things that the other person could use. For example, the first batch of Give Me a Bowl of Rice bicycles were actually three, one for himself, one for What Are You Playing? and the last one for sale.

“All right, I’ll send it to you tonight.” After saying this, What Are You Playing? turned his head and went back to the house, prepared the tools he needed, and then set off towards the forest. Before he left, he said, “Who would have thought that someone who started out with the intention of replicating the old buildings from a book would still only be making small tools?”

“Haha! I’m still laying the foundation. Besides, don’t look at these things as simple. It’s really an experience to break down their structure and try to make them yourself.” Give Me a Bowl of Rice did not take the other party’s banter seriously.

As for what the other party said, he’d gone to Bai Li a few days ago to discuss that very issue, and the result of the discussion was to modify the content of his live broadcast, from “replica of ancient buildings” to “handmade life from scratch.”

“Okay, okay. I can’t tell you, I’ll go first.”

After he watched his friend leave, Give Me a Bowl of Rice went back to work on the bike order.


During those two days, Jiang Yu felt like it was springtime. Almost the same night that the Carefree Farmstead event rankings came out, his close subordinates came over and asked him if the player called Heart’s Jade was their younger sister Huaibi.

After getting a positive answer, they cheered and didn’t dare to disturb Jiang Huaibi’s efforts to maintain her current ranking. Instead they pestered Jiang Yu to ask him about Jiang Huaibi’s life in the game. However, Jiang Yu only knew so much. Since his daughter entered the game, they only saw each other briefly at mealtime every day, and there was no suitable opportunity to talk properly.

Bored by the questions, Jiang Yu shouted to stop his excited subordinates and showed them an unkind smile, “Since you are all so curious, I will tell you more as I experience the game.”

The subordinates directly broke down. They really hadn’t expected they would get such an answer. They had only come to inquire because they were curious, but now, well, their curiosity was pierced to the core and they couldn’t branch out anymore. The group of people waved their hands and quickly retreated out of Jiang Yu’s sight.

However, Jiang Yu did not let them go, and shared his gaming life with his subordinates every day in between work. He even learned how to blow rainbow farts on all kinds of food by following the game anchor Old Dream of Stars, and shared the taste of the food he ate from the Food Basket with his dear colleagues every day.

The co-workers didn’t want to hear a word of it, and gave bitter smiles of regret. If they had known that their boss would play the game in this style, who would have dared to go up and ask him if the game was fun?!

Really old Versailles.

“Right boss, have you heard? The Imperial Research Institute over there seems intent on starting a month early to test the new online virtual reality game. In previous years, they would do it in April but now they are going to do it at the beginning of next month. Carefree Farmstead is a game that will be the dark horse of this year’s testing.”

The Imperial Research Institute’s test was about how effective virtual reality games could be in treating and controlling the Genetic Collapse Disorder of Therians. If the results were good, then the game would immediately take off. On the other hand, even if the number of players was great, if the results were bad, then those numbers would plummet in a short time and become abandoned by the Interstellar people.

After all, the purpose of playing games was to delay the onset of their Genetic Collapse Disorder, so if the game they were playing didn’t work for them, they naturally had to hurry to change to other games that had an effect. Therefore, those games that had been proven to be ineffective were often abandoned by their makers, and with the existence of the “virtual reality game builder”, it was much easier to create a new game than to make extensive changes to an original.

After he heard this, Jiang Yu nodded, and acknowledged the truth of the news. Then he smiled confidently at his worried and nervous subordinates. “You don’t have to worry about Carefree Farmstead failing the test. In my opinion, the probability of it being tested for its therapeutic effect is 100%. Instead of worrying about this, you should worry about whether or not you can still grab a spot in the game when this result comes out!”

All subordinates, “!!!!”


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