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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril

 (Hey everyone, quick clarification on the genders since there are a lot of people who don’t understand what’s going on. If this universe, there are no “females” as we know them (aka, no vaginas, think omegaverse). Every person in this universe has the body of a male (aka everyone has a penis) and natural females have a uterus giving them the ability to give birth. (Which all procreation happens in animal form. Like when you went to the zoo as a kid and saw two males lions humping. Same thing.)

world setting:

males (just like males in our world, have animal/human form)

artificial females (think sex androids, all male forms)

natural females (all males, animal form, can’t take human form)

Transgender males (males that have been given drugs to make them seem like natural females.)

Also, there were a couple of comments confused about GY’s muteness. GY got sick as a child and ended up mute. While this is not scientific (most long lasting high fevers cause deafness). So imagine getting sick ending up with no ability to speak, but your dream is to sing. GY in a nutshell.

I hope this clarifies some things. Happy reading.


Cyno thought about what he knew of his little mate, and no matter which way he considered it, he couldn’t think of a scenario where Gu Yu hurt someone with a knife. He pacified the emotional Kevin, “Nothing like that will happen, you have to trust my judgment.”

Kevin, seeing his determined look, frowned slightly and asked after a moment, “I’m curious, why did you mistake him for one of the artificial females I gave you?”

Cyno told the story briefly, “I received the full surveillance of the delivery process and haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure that he meant no harm.”

Kevin, “I’m just in time, let’s watch it together.”

Cyno agreed. The little mate and the artificial females Kevin sent were delivered to the villa together, and this might have something to do with Kevin.

Cyno shared the surveillance video and the two watched it together.

When Kevin had the artificial females delivered, Cyno was fighting on the affiliated planet, Waters. Green Source transported the artificial females from Brilliant Splendor to Waters and the journey was smooth.

After arriving on Vaught, the Green Source transport team was passing through a town when it was bombed.

There was chaos all around, surveillance was interfered with, and video was intermittent. The transport truck overturned, the transporters scrambled for refuge, and after the army calmed the chaos, two of the transporters were seriously injured and four were slightly injured.

The gift box containing the artificial females tipped over along with the truck, and the artificial females tumbled to the ground.

The transporters rushed to carry them to the car, wanting to send them quickly to Cyno to end the mission early and go home.

Cyno and Kevin’s looks slightly changed. Gu Yu fell next to the artificial females at some point and was mistaken by the transporters as an artificial female and moved to the vehicle.

Cyno rewound the video back a little, slowed the speed down and stared at it carefully.

The scene was very confusing. After the car overturned, the box blocked most of the view, and when the camera panned to the back of the car, Gu Yu was already lying near the car.

It was as if he had suddenly appeared on the ground.

Cyno rewound the video for another minute and played it in slow motion. After watching it, he shook his head, “There are visual dead ends, and I can’t tell where he came from.”

Kevin wrinkled his eyebrows, “It looks like an accident, but it’s too much of a coincidence that he fell there.”

Cyno, “Maybe you’re overthinking it. Did anyone know that this was the team that delivered my stuff?”

Kevin’s brow loosened slightly, “Only His Majesty and I know.”

“Surely it was his idea,” Cyno grunted softly, “I knew he had authorized you to send artificial females to me.”

“His Majesty is clueless of how stubborn you are and just wants to change your mind through artificial females,” Kevin shrugged, “Artificial females and beast females, having both, is barely equivalent to natural females.”

Cyno snorted, “Not even close.”

Kevin changed the subject to the main topic, “The natives of Volter have darker skin, he doesn’t look native, most likely an abducted male from another planet.”

He did not add the following sentence: now he’s a transgender female.

Cyno’s eyes grew bitterly cold, and his expression grew colder as he thought about what his little mate looked like and how he couldn’t talk.

Kevin cautioned, “He may be a victim, but until he’s identified, he can’t be taken lightly.”

After hanging up the communication, Cyno followed the whole case directly, having permission to know about any progress.

He leaned back on the couch. His little mate was really a male?

Males have a strong sense of territory. Other than family, friends and loved ones, strange males will instinctively reject each other when they are close to each other.

The stronger the ability of both parties, the stronger this rejection.

When he thought back to his acquaintance with Gu Yu, he never felt repulsion. He just wanted to be close, even when he thought the other was an artificial female.

Was the male instinct completely masked because of the interference of inhibitors and pheromones?

Cyno couldn’t help but feel pain when he thought of the boy’s thin and soft appearance, and he didn’t want to think at all of what would happen if he was treated in this way.

Even if Gu Yu wanted Cyno to destroy the world, it would not be too much!

It was so rare that a teenager could still maintain clear eyes and a gentle, kind smile.

He remembered the scene not long ago when he asked the teenager what he was, and the teenager shook his head in embarrassment.

Now that he thought about it, the teenager would not know how to answer it. He was not a male, nor a female.


Gu Yu stayed in his room for a while, originally planning to take a nap, but he could not sleep at all. After he thought about it, he left the guest room.

Gu Yu didn’t expect Cyno to be sitting on the couch, and the moment he appeared in the hall, Cyno looked over at him.

Cyno beckoned, “Come here.”

Gu Yu’s small white face slightly crumpled, Cyno’s expression was so serious that he couldn’t help but get nervous.

Cyno patted the empty seat beside him, and when Gu Yu sat down, he moved his position, eliminating the distance between them.

Gu Yu pursed his lips, their two arms were pressed together, he could clearly feel the other’s strength.

Cyno carefully observed his behavior. There was no sense of rejection, but rather a faint female gland fragrance to tempt him closer.

He opened the surveillance video and played out the minute Gu Yu appeared, after watching it he asked, “Why were you there?”

Gu Yu then understood why he was at Cyno’s house. As for how he got to Waters, he guessed it was an arrangement by 003, but he couldn’t explain it.

The next time he was alone, he would have to ask 003 if he could expose him.

He shook his head.

Cyno couldn’t help asking, “Have you lost your memory?”

Gu Yu shook his head again.

Cyno pondered, could it be that he was brought to Volt in a coma?

He put his arm around Gu Yu’s shoulder and comforted him, “It’s okay, the past is all in the past, the case is being investigated by the police, and the person who hurt you will be caught soon.”

He thought about it and asked, “Do you have any relatives? I can help you find them.”

Gu Yu stared at him blankly as he shook his head and waved his hand again.

Although he wasn’t certain what Cyno was talking about, he must have misunderstood.

Cyno automatically translated his actions, shaking his head = no relatives, waving his hand = no need to look.

Cyno held him tighter and then patted his shoulder, “Don’t be sad.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, looking vulnerable and touched. Cyno was really too kind.

He pushed Cyno’s shoulder, Cyno followed his force and backed away slightly, Gu Yu shook his head at him, then smiled.

He wanted to tell Cyno that he wasn’t sad.

Cyno looked at his warm, soft smile, and even though he kept reminding himself that Gu Yu was male, he could not help but feel tender, as he hugged him in his arms.

“Cry out if you’re sad, don’t laugh.”

Gu Yu was confused, his nose was full of the man’s scent, strong and extraordinarily secure. After recovering, he thought about Cyno’s words and was full of doubts.

He pushed Cyno away and moved to the side, asking with hand gestures, What happened?

He gestured twice before Cyno guessed what he meant.

Cyno said, “I know who you are,” he did not go into explicit detail, not wanting to reveal Gu Yu’s trauma, “I will find someone to get you a personal terminal as soon as possible.”

Gu Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up. He was going to have an ID card!

Cyno wasn’t kicking him out after knowing he was a human being, and was even having someone get him an ID card. That was great!

Gu Yu looked at him gratefully and was about to say thank you, but then he thought of one thing.

Cyno was already married to him! If he had an ID card, Cyno’s partner status would change from artificial female to human.

In this way, divorce must be very inconvenient. The reason Cyno chose to marry an artificial female was to make divorce simple, right?

He couldn’t give Cyno any trouble.

Gu Yu thought while gently turning the ring. The light screen popped open in front of his eyes, and he clicked on the first column, then pointing to the column with a small peach heart, his finger on x.

Cyno could only get divorced from him while he was still an artificial female.

Cyno instantly understood what he meant. According to reason, because of the misunderstanding and it being a male marriage, normal people would solve the misunderstanding by choosing to divorce.

But looking at Gu Yu’s actions, Cyno’s expression turned ugly. He stared at Gu Yu’s beautiful face. Even if the other party was a male, he was not willing to divorce. He was not interested in artificial females and beast females, mainly because he could not really communicate with them.

Not communication that was personal, thoughtful and unique, rather than the programmed response of artificial females.

After the natural females disappeared, the only ones who could really communicate were the males. But the males were naturally mutually exclusive, and he never considered being with them.

However, now there was an accident, and he didn’t reject Gu Yu, he even liked it.

He thought that there could never be a more compatible partner than Gu Yu.

“No divorce.” Cyno shook his head.

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded with surprise, he thought Cyno would be happy.

Cyno’s heart sank. He forgot that the little mate himself was also male, and while he could accept to marry a male, the little mate might not.

His jaw was slightly tense but his voice softened, “I’m sorry, but if I divorce too early, I will soon be forced to marry again. Can you help me a little? Even if you want to get divorced, it will have to wait until after my birthday, the eighteenth of next month, less than a month away.”

Gu Yu smiled and nodded. Cyno had helped him so much, this little favor he was willing to do. He thought about it, pointed to Cyno’s wrist, and then pointed to himself, shaking his hand.

Cyno pondered what he meant, “You mean, don’t get a terminal?”

Gu Yu nodded. 

Cyno, “Why?” He was so happy to get the terminal before.

Gu Yu pointed at the small peach heart.

“Are you worried that with the terminal, it will be inconvenient for us to get divorced?” Cyno was not too happy.

Didn’t he want to keep the information of having been married to him on the terminal?

Gu Yu’s eyes curved slightly because he understood the meaning and nodded.

He couldn’t bring trouble to Cyno.

Cyno said, “The information in the ring will be entered into the terminal at that time. We were married, it can’t be hidden.”

Gu Yu froze and looked at him apologetically.

He should have known that when Cyno proposed the wedding, he should have refused more vehemently.

Cyno vaguely felt that something was wrong. Shouldn’t the young partner be angry? How come he seems to feel guilt?

He frowned, since the boy could not communicate with words, maybe something was wrong. Cyno thought about it, got up and said, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

The transgender females were caused by the use of pharmaceuticals. One was likely to recover through treatment, so his mute disease may also be cured.

Although after the cure, his little mate had a high chance to grow into a real male, so between now and then, he would be completely different.

But he couldn’t let the little mate stay in this unhealthy state.

Gu Yu didn’t understand why he had to take him to the hospital when he was fine. He waved his hand and gave himself a thumbs up to show that he was extra healthy.

Cyno looked at his cute look and liked him more and more. He even had a selfish desire to keep him like this.

Gu Yu received the Goodwill Points +2 alert, froze, and then blushed a little.

Cyno’s eyes darkened slightly and he stepped forward pulingl Gu Yu’s wrist as he went. He was deeply convinced that he had to be quick, otherwise he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to refuse his little mate. That dark thought, too, would grow stronger.

The little mate obviously did not want to go to the hospital, he was likely to be stimulated in the process of becoming a transgender female.

Maybe there were other problems with his body. He thought of Gu Yu’s pale face on the wedding day, and became more uneasy.


They must go to the hospital to see what is wrong. 


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Sue R
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Thanks for explanation at start of chapter. I was definitely confused.
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regarding the world setting explanation, I though natural females were the human form?? and the ones that can’t transform to human are beast females??

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