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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu said that he was in good health and nothing was wrong with him, but Cyno did not believe him and was extraordinarily determined.

Gu Yu had no choice but to compromise.

He hoped the examination fee here was not too expensive since he already owed Cyno a lot of money.

The good thing was that he was in good health and only had to pay for the examination.

Cyno’s gaze fell on the teenager in the passenger seat, who had his hands on his knees and looked especially good.

Gu Yu tilted his head and looked at him suspiciously, Why are you not driving?

Cyno leaned closer to him causing his fingers to curl nervously, and his heart thumping. The man’s breath brushed the side of his ear and that half of his face suddenly reddened. He slightly panicked, moving away.

“Click…” Gu Yu only backed up a little when from his left side came a crisp sound, followed by his body being wrapped in a layer of light green transparent orbs.

Gu Yu looked toward the sound in surprise. The green button on the left handrail had been pressed and Cyno withdrew his hand, and he retreated back to his own seat.

What Cyno wanted to do was to get a little closer and hold the person instead of pulling back, but when he saw Gu Yu’s embarrassed look, he couldn’t bear to.

You can’t scare the little one.

Observing Gu Yu’s surprise, he explained, “This is a protective shield. In case of a traffic accident, you will be safe.”

Gu Yu understood, equivalent to the modern seat belt. His dark eyes curiously surveyed the orbs, reached out and poked one, but felt nothing, they were just like air.

Cyno adored his little gesture, the curious and careful teenager poking at the protective shield was so cute.

He gripped the steering wheel with his palm and resisted the urge to rub the teenager’s face, “It will only become solid when it is hit. It is usually open to ensure safety and will not affect the movement.”

Gu Yu nodded, pursed his lips in embarrassment, and put his hands back on his knees.

He must look like a hick when he was like this.

He quietly glanced at Cyno, who had a slightly curved mouth and soft eyes. He was not at all disgusted or looking down on him.

Gu Yu’s eyes curled up and he smiled at Cyno.

It was so nice to not be hated.

He remembered the first time he rode in a minivan. A fellow girl got carsick and asked him to help open the window, he didn’t know how and almost opened the door.

The mocking laughter and disgusted looks from his classmates still floated in his mind.

Cyno warned, “Sit tight, I’m starting.”

Gu Yu nodded, with a smile on his lips.

Cyno was so gentle with him because he now knew that he wasn’t an artificial female.

The first two times he rode in the car, Cyno didn’t turn on the shield for him and drove without notice. He must have thought he was an artificial female and didn’t have to worry about safety.

A quarter of an hour later, Cyno parked the car in the parking lot and said to Gu Yu, “This is the Imperial Central Hospital. The glandular department is top in the Star League, you… Your body will be fine.”

Gu Yu blinked. The glandular department? Did Cyno think he had a problem with his glands?

But what are glands?

He touched his throat, around here, he only knew about tonsils.

Cyno saw his little gesture and thought to himself, The little mate is really trying to cure the dumbness.

He held Gu Yu’s hand. When Gu Yu subconsciously struggled, he explained, “The hospital is big, don’t get lost.”

The hospital was full of people, so he had to declare his sovereignty to others, so as not to have people, who didn’t have eyes, to think about the little one.

Gu Yu pursed his lips and wanted to say that he was not a child and did not need to hold hands to prevent getting lost.

But Cyno was already pulling him towards the hospital. If he continued to struggle and gesture his thoughts with his hands, it would take a lot of time again.

He looked at the hand that was being held. Cyno’s palm was large, with strong bony joints, and he felt safe being held like this.

He blushed slightly and followed Cyno inside.

Cyno deliberately chose the less crowded path and walked for ten minutes, passing nearly ten buildings, before reaching the gland department building.

But the situation seemed to be a bit wrong, the gland department building entrance was surrounded by a group of people. The air was also filled with a number of aerial cameras, and hospital security were asking the crowd to leave.

Gu Yu subconsciously moved closer to Cyno, and their arms were pressed together.

Cyno reassured, “It’s okay,” he looked at the crowd, eyes growing cold, “these people are journalists.”

Gu Yu wondered, ‘Is it a doctor-patient dispute?’

At this time, a hospital interior car drove to the entrance. Two police officers jumped out of the car, then a skinny chestnut-haired teenager of about one meter seven-eight came out.

“There’s another one!” Someone in the crowd noticed the movement behind them and shouted.

The crowd suddenly boiled over and a huge group of people ran from the entrance towards the car.

“Oh, it really looks exactly like an artificial female! May I ask if you are a transgender female? Can you tell us about your experience?”

“Get out of the way!” The officers, who escorted the teenager, scolded the agitated-looking reporters.

Hospital security guards quickly stepped forward to help, and soon, another group of security guards came to reinforce the whole crowd, bringing it under control as the teenager was escorted into the building by the officers.

Gu Yu looked at the teenager, puzzled, what is a transgender female?

How much gender division is there here?

Cyno was also looking at the chestnut-haired teenager, who had gloomy eyes and a pale face, and looked in a bad way.

He looked over at Gu Yu with a slightly relieved expression, glad that his little mate had arrived at his villa by mistake.

Cyno led Gu Yu into the building and went through a special passage straight to the third floor, the glandular clinic area.

The interior of the hospital was much like modern times, but much larger. A wide walkway was lined with rooms for various functions, and the hallway was capable of driving three cars side by side.

Cyno’s destination was clear, and he headed straight for the specialist rooms.

There were not many people in the hallway, and the ones he met were tall, but to Gu Yu’s surprise, they all had pets with them.

There were all kinds of pets, many of which he did not recognize. They varied greatly in size, from small ones only the size of a hand to large ones close to three meters tall.

But when he noticed that the pets were wearing shoes on their feet and decorations on their bodies, he realized that he might have misunderstood.

These animals were probably not pets, but beast females.

He was stunned by his own thoughts. If it was true, then that little hamster-like animal just now could also be married to a human?

That’s too amazing!

As he was thinking about it, the door of the consultation room on the right front was abruptly slammed open and the sound of an angry yell suddenly reached his ears.

“Ah… Get away from me!”

Gu Yu was startled and subconsciously clenched his palms.

The moment the voice quieted, a red-haired teenager ran out of the consultation room, but within two meters, he was grabbed by a tall man.

The man wore a white coat and was about 6’2″ tall. He grabbed the red-haired boy’s hand, waving at him as he restrained him, his voice mild with helplessness, “Calm down, we are just checking your body. We won’t hurt you.”

The red-haired boy’s eyes glowed red, as if he could not hear anything, struggling violently, “Ah… Get away! Get away!”

Gu Yu’s heart was beating wildly and his face was slightly white from the teenager’s manic appearance.

The man in the white coat said to the nurse who was following him, “Prepare the sedative.”

After saying that, he was ready to return the teenager to the consultation room when his gaze swept the hallway and noticed Cyno, and his movements stopped.

Cyno nodded at him, “Dr. Qin.”

“You’re here to see a doctor?” Dr. Qin could not hide his surprise.

Cyno looked at Gu Yu, whose face was white, and then at the teenager who was frantically struggling in Dr. Qin’s grip, “You handle that first. I’ll come to you later.”

Dr. Qin glanced at Gu Yu, nodded, and took the red-haired teenager into the consultation room, where the teenager’s voice was completely isolated after the door closed.

Gu Yu tugged on Cyno’s sleeve and pointed at the consultation room door with a puzzled look.

What kind of illness is this?

Cyno couldn’t help but rub his hair. The teenager’s hair was soft and he was a bit in love with it, “Don’t be afraid.”

He led Gu Yu to a VIP waiting room, which was warmly decorated with thick sofas and lush greenery.

Gu Yu began to relax, Cyno poured him a glass of water, “Wait for me here, I’ll be out for a while.”

Gu Yu held the glass of water and nodded. He guessed Cyno was going to find Dr. Qin. They obviously knew each other. Cyno looked at his well-behaved appearance and couldn’t resist rubbing his head again. Gu Yu blushed and inclined his head, pursing his lips lightly, he felt like Cyno treated him like a pet.

Cyno’s eyes flashed with a smile, then he pointed to his ring, “Contact me if you need anything, don’t go anywhere.”

Gu Yu nodded again.

After Cyno left, Gu Yu slowly sipped his water and thought back to what he had seen at the hospital.

The people here all seemed to be extraordinarily tall. The slightly shorter teenagers he had seen were either artificial females or… transgender females. He wondered what the identity was of the red-haired teenager just now.

“Bang…” The sound of an object hitting the ground interrupted his thoughts.

He looked over and saw a book had fallen on the floor from the bookshelf to the left of the couch. He put down his glass of water, picked up the book and was ready to put it in the bookshelf, but found a ball of fur on the third row of bookshelves. The small round ball was soft with a fluff at the end. The fur ball was shaking, causing the books next to him also to shake. The nearest book was already half off the edge. If it continued shaking like this, it was expected to fall down soon.

Gu Yu was surprised. He studied the ball. Based on the small ball-shaped tail, he decided that the ball of fur seemed to be a rabbit. But it was covered with long white hair, which did not match the rabbits he was familiar with.

Looking at the shaking fur ball, Gu Yu couldn’t help but reach out and gently stroke the fur ball’s back.

Suddenly, two fluffy ears stood up, and the fur ball turned its round head to reveal its big white teeth and squeaked viciously towards Gu Yu.

The tone of voice was very fierce, but its voice trembled. There was a slight clash of teeth.

Gu Yu looked at the fierce hairy thing and gently stroked his back with a friendly smile.

The fluffy ears slowly dropped until they stuck to the sides of its head, lining the slightly bulging face with a round bulge, which was especially cute.

Gu Yu noticed that the fur ball gradually stopped shaking and his eyes slightly curved.

The hairy rabbit blinked its red eyes and dropped its head. It lay on its stomach and stared at Gu Yu. After a while, he raised his front paws and pointed to the ground, his black eyes looking at Gu Yu expectantly.

Gu Yu laughed. So he was afraid of heights.

He rubbed the soft head of the hairy ball and carried it down the bookshelf. He sat on the sofa, put the hairy ball on his lap, gently rubbed the back and tidied up its long fur.

The Goodwill value +2 alert flashed by, and Gu Yu looked at the fur ball in surprise, opened the system, and another line was added to the table.

KiKi, 2.

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