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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


After the school built the ball park, the school life became more colorful and time passed faster. Soon it was the end of December, and due to the New Year in January, all schools moved up their fourth quarter holidays by one week.

It was a bit colder in Splendor City, but with a low of 15 degrees, it wasn’t too cold.

Gu Yu sat in the living room wearing a loose knitted shirt, leaning back on the cushion, looking at the search results, a bit regretful.

It really doesn’t snow in Splendor City.

He looked at the pictures of snowy scenes from the rest of the galaxy and thought about the opportunity to visit various places in the future. He switched between the pictures and his eyes fell on one of them.

In the picture, there was a blanket of snow, and four beast cubs were running in the distance, with footprints all over the ground behind them, and the ones near them were already covered up by snow.

One of the cubs was a colorful feathered tribe, with the appearance of a large rooster, but his body feathers had seven colors. The colorful feathered cub was jumping into the air, seven-colored feathers slightly floating, amongst a series of bamboo leaves.

The rest of the several fighting with snowballs, which were falling to the ground.

It looked very lively.

When he saw the cubs, he subconsciously covered his abdomen. His eyes moved to his stomach, and then abruptly moved away. More than four months into his pregnancy, his belly hadn’t changed much in three months, but at four months, it was filling up like a balloon.

It made him confused, nervous and scared.

He thought he was completely ready, but when the changes became apparent, he realized that he wasn’t ready. He held his forehead, his brow furrowed slightly, focused on his thoughts.

Orson sat across from the couch, hid the worry in his eyes, and opened the message he received.

Marshal: [Is Little Yu feeling better? Are you sure this is normal? I really can’t comfort him?]

Orson looked at the barrage of questions, fully understanding Cyno’s anxiety: [Pregnancy syndrome is normal, he cares about you, and if you comfort him, he’ll know you’re worried about him. It will add stress to him, and he will make it worse if he fudges his emotions for your peace of mind.]

Marshal: [Do I just pretend I don’t know and do nothing?]

Orson: [You’ve done a great job of making him feel loved and cared for, reassuring him that he’ll come out of it on his own.]

Marshal: [I hope this day comes soon, contact me in time if something happens.]

Gu Yu propped his head up and thought for a while, before turning off the terminal. He got up and said to Orson, “I want to go see MoMo.”

The tension in his heart was always much less when he was with his best friend or with Cyno, who felt that life hadn’t changed at all. Especially since MoMo was pregnant like him, it made him more relaxed.

Orson’s eyes lit up slightly, “I’ll contact the escort.”

MoMo lived very close by, so the escort team didn’t need to make a big deal about it, and Gu Yu arrived in no time. MoMo was very happy to see him and prepared a lot of food for him, looking curiously at his stomach and touching his own.

“Am I going to be the same as you next month? The baby is growing up!” MoMo was excited.

Gu Yu nodded, MoMo’s pregnancy would be four months next month.

“Can I touch it?” MoMo had an expectant face.

Gu Yu froze, “Yes.”

MoMo carefully put his hand on his belly, “If the baby is big enough, it will move in the belly.”

Gu Yu instantly tensed up, “He hasn’t moved.”

MoMo laughed, “Maybe it’s still too small,” he withdrew his hand and took Gu Yu’s arm, “Yu don’t need to be nervous, the nurses check it every day, it will be fine.” He asked in a small voice, “Is Yu throwing up? You face doesn’t look too good.”

His pregnancy vomiting had ended and he had gained a lot of weight now.

Gu Yu shook his head and smiled, “No.” The baby had been well behaved, and his pregnancy wasn’t hard. He hesitated, looked at MoMo and inquired, “Are you afraid?”

MoMo wondered, “Scared of what?”

Gu Yu wrinkled his brow and gestured at his stomach, “For many years, your stomach was flat, and suddenly, it becomes different.”

MoMo drifted off, “Yu is not used to it, right?” He smiled, “I might not be used to it either, but it won’t scare me, just the thought of him being my baby will make me look forward to it.”

Gu Yu froze and looked to his stomach, his expression gradually relaxed.

MoMo took his hand, “Yu, don’t think too much, did you forget what the physiology class said? During pregnancy, you need to maintain a good state of mind, otherwise there will be pregnancy syndrome, anxiety and tension. These emotions are not good for the baby.”

Gu Yu hugged MoMo, “Thank you, I feel much better.”

After an hour of eating and talking with MoMo, Gu Yu went home and went to the holographic room to write a song. He suddenly wanted to write a children’s song.

There was a soft knock on the door and he turned his head to see Cyno standing by the door, his eyes falling on him.

Cyno saw him looking over and walked towards him.

Since Gu Yu’s stomach became obvious, Cyno was very careful, always knocking on the door when he entered the room, worried that suddenly walking behind Gu Yu would scare him.

He wrapped his arms around Gu Yu, “Are you hungry? Today, a batch of deep-sea fish was shipped from Ratter, and the meat is very tasty. You might like it.”

Gu Yu’s heart warmed up. He grabbed his hand and smiled at him, his emotions were no longer tense and his thoughts were much clearer. Thinking back on how Cyno had behaved in recent days, he was touched and a little heartbroken, “I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Cyno looked at his smile with pleasure and kissed him on the lips, “No need to be sorry.”


Soon it was the New Year.

At zero hour on January 1, 2386, Kona sent out a wide message announcing that the development of the conversion agent had made great progress and was expected to be available within six months.

This news caused a huge sensation, everyone in the Star Alliance was excited, and the atmosphere of the New Year was even stronger.

Gu Yu and Cyno went to the palace to have New Year’s Eve dinner with His Majesty and Cilo, and in the following days, took turns to go to the homes of friends and relatives for dinner, which had been lively for half a month.

After taking a bath, Gu Yu stood in front of the mirror and turned his body, “Have I put on a lot of weight?”

He said and touched his face.

Cyno poked his finger on the side of his face with a smile in his eyes, “There’s a bit of meat, keep up the good work.”

Cyno was very happy that Gu Yu’s appetite had increased since his change of heart. 

Gu Yu compared the top of his head, “I am now one meter eight, if I grow fat, it will be very ugly.”

After being able to morph freely, his physical fitness was better and he had grown a bit taller. His height had stabilized at one meter eight.

Cyno rested his chin on his shoulder, “No, you look good no matter what.” He gently put his hand on Gu Yu’s stomach, “Next month, you will stop transforming and going to school, right?”

Gu Yu was about to answer when his stomach suddenly moved. He froze. Cyno sensed something was wrong with him, “What’s wrong?”

“The baby is moving!” Gu Yu was a little excited.

Cyno also froze and hurriedly withdrew his hand, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Gu Yu shook his head, and though he was nervous, he laughed, “It’s normal. According to reason, he should have moved last month.”

He was still a little nervous, but Orson said the baby was healthy and probably just very quiet.

Since the fetal movement, the two have added another activity to their evenings.


In February, Gu Yu and the association made an official announcement that he was suspending his help with the beast’s female transformation because he was past the six-month mark in pregnancy.

The netizens were very sensible, understanding and very grateful to Gu Yu.

Kona’s New Year’s wide statement said that it would have been difficult to study the conversion agent without a converted natural female as a reference.

This was all because of Gu Yu.

After Gu Yu gave birth, plus family leave, he would stop helping with the transformation for at least six months, so the various other world representatives would accompany the last females out this time.

Only the researchers would stay.

Merlin watched the message from Harvey and switched to the surveillance video at the gate, where Harvey stood with the guards watching him warily. He hesitated for a moment and asked the head escort to let him in.

Harvey walked into the living room and Merlin leaned back on the couch to look at him, his right eyebrow raised, “Something wrong?”

Harvey bent over, his left hand against the arm of the couch, his right hand against the back of the couch, confining Merlin completely within his reach, his eyes fixed on him.

“Be my mate?” He pleaded again.

Merlin rubbed his earlobe and smiled, “No good. Won’t you say anything else but that?”

Harvey ran his hand over the side of his neck, “Why? We’re perfect for each other.”

Merlin’s eyes narrowed slightly and he tilted his head, the side of his neck looked particularly long, “I don’t want to get married.”

Harvey said in a deep voice, “I’m going back to Bluewood tomorrow.”

Merlin’s eyes paused and looked at him, “Have a good trip.”

Harvey gritted his teeth and sounded frustrated, “Don’t you have any reluctance? Come back with me, I promise, I’ll treat you right.”

Merlin pinched the side of his face, hard, and he let go, “You go. My grandfather will be back soon.”

Harvey stared hard at him and lowered his head to kiss his lips.

Merlin raised an eyebrow and dropped his right hand to the left side of his neck, pressing down warningly, his fingertips sinking slightly into the flesh. Harvey’s body stiffened slightly and he slowly let go of him, gasping for air, helpless to do anything about it.

Merlin casually wiped the corner of his mouth: “If you don’t want your leg broken, you’d better leave now.”

Harvey stared at him for two seconds, lowered his head and kissed him on the forehead, pulled off the cream pendant necklace around his neck and put it in his hand. “I’ll wait for you until you want to get married, and I won’t give up.” He said his pupils abruptly turned into vertical pupils: “Do not marry someone else, and do not allow anyone to find someone else to spend the rut. I will return as soon as possible.”

After he finished, he got up and left with great strides, very fast.

As if afraid to hear Merlin’s refusal.

Merlin shrugged his shoulders, looked at the necklace in his hand, picked it up and sized it up, grabbed it in his hand and threw it into the storage space.

When Grand Duke Joop returned, he and Merlin chatted for a while, and then Grand Duke Joop suddenly asked, “Are you not feeling well?”

Merlin shook his head, “No, I’m fine.”

Grand Duke Joop spread his hands, “You can’t fool Grandfather. In the past five minutes or so you have changed at least five positions. You usually like to find a comfortable position and then not move. And you are constantly frowning.”

Merlin was slightly stunned and got up, “Probably too bored. I’ll go find KiKi and go see Yu and MoMo with him.”

Grand Duke Joop was pleased, “I’m good, right? Go ahead, just come back and have dinner with me.”

Merlin gave him a hug, “Okay, Grandfather.”

The next day, the other world representatives accompanied the latest group of natural females to leave.

Gu Yu did not need to attend classes or convert. So life was much slower and waking up in the morning was delayed by an hour later than usual. On this day Cyno had the day off and stayed with him.

During the nap, Cyno put his hand on Gu Yu’s stomach, “The baby is very quiet today.”

Gu Yu was nodding his head when his face suddenly changed.

Cyno jerked his hand back, his voice a rare stutter, “He- He kicked my hand!”

Gu Yu exhaled lightly and lifted his shirt up, Cyno put his hand on it very gently and lightly, and the moment he did, the belly there bulged a little. Cyno sat up on his knees and stared at his belly in amazement, moving his hand to the side, “Baby?”

His hand was kicked again. He looked at Gu Yu in a hurry, “Does it hurt?”

Gu Yu shook his head and stared at his stomach with a surprised look as well, “It doesn’t hurt.”

Cyno put his heart down and moved his hand, teasing the baby in his belly. The baby seemed to have rested well before and was very excited now, kicking wherever Cyno pointed.

Cyno was very excited when the terminal suddenly rang, and his face changed slightly.


During the holidays, except for urgent military matters, his communications were all in vibrate mode.


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June 28, 2021 12:35 pm

I feel a bit sorry for Harvey, but something as important as marriage shouldn’t be rushed, if Merlin’s not ready, his decision has to be respected. Rushing him won’t have any good outcome. If he knows deep down he’ll never be with Harvey though, he needs to make that clear, or it’s unfair. Throwing the pendant in the storage was a bit cold though.

June 28, 2021 12:37 pm

Gu Yu overcoming his nervousness is good. He and Cyno are lovely together; that baby will be spoilt 🤗
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Also, Gu Yu should be “one point eight metres” (1.8m). One metre eight (centimeters?) is as short as a child, which would indeed look very ugly with a pregnant belly! 😅

June 28, 2021 9:18 pm

Another lovely chapter! Time is just passing by quickly! I’m looking forward to the baby! Cyno and GY will be awesome parents! I think Merlín already likes Harvey, his father noticed his changes after Harvey left. I’m looking forward to GY accomplishing his dream of singing! I wonder what happened in the end!!!??

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Merlin gets on my nerves. She uses the poor guy because KIKI told her having sex was fun and she doesn’t want to use inhibitors because long term use can be detrimental to her health, knowing that the guy really cares about her. She treats him like garbage. Sorry but I’m on Harvey’s side. She should have just picked up someone off the street. Thank you for the chapter.

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Really enjoy that Merlin is being firm and not marrying because it is expected.

May 7, 2023 4:10 am

Merlin is smart. Stay cool, assess over time, don’t take the first offer and be single as long as you choose.

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