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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Billiard room at the female school

Merlin followed Cilo’s instructions and practiced playing billiards for several games. When he hit a ball into a pocket, he raised his eyes for a moment. He thought of a similar scene during the blind date event, and the way Harvey had looked at him came to mind.

Like the eyes of a beast looking at its prey.

All of a sudden, a trace of heat rose up from the bottom of his heart. He frowned, got up and squeezed the back of his neck. After a while, the heat still didn’t dissipate, but instead increased at a slow pace. He lowered his eyes and drank water, looking very calm.

He was very familiar with this feeling, his estrus was coming.

The initial stage of estrus was only slightly uncomfortable, so minimal that females who were not familiar with it, always ignored it. Two days after entering the initial stage, the heat would surge. And of course, if stimulated in the process, they would go directly from the initial stage to the middle stage, into mania.

“How about having lunch at my house?” he suggested.

The rest of the group had no problem with this. Grand Duke Joop enjoyed life very much, and the cook at home was particularly good.

The five of them went back to their bedrooms to clean up before going to Merlin’s house for lunch and then to their respective homes.

Merlin sat on the couch with his hand on the back of his neck, his thumb rubbing the back of his neck unconsciously, pondering over the ‘agreeable males’ and trying to pick one to get through the heat.

However, after eliminating a large group of males in his mind, he could not find the right one. The way Harvey looked at him came to his mind somehow. He tsked, holding his chin in thought, and was somewhat surprised to find that he didn’t seem to resent Harvey much.

He pondered for a moment, then his eyes lit up.

Other world males! There was no better male for the job than this identity! No worries about being pestered at all when you’re done.


As he thought about it, his terminal vibrated slightly. It was a message from Elou, a screenshot of the marriage certificate accompanied by the word, “Merlin!”

Immediately after that, Kevin also sent him a message.

The next moment, he received another message from Kevin forwarded by Guy.

Kevin’s message, obviously, was sent to a group of friends.

Merlin stared at the light screen for two seconds and got an idea.

He dialed Guy’s comm, “Brother, I’m moving to the villa for a few days.”

Guy asked, “Why?”

“I’m in heat,” Merlin said directly, “and it’s not convenient to stay at the mansion.”

Guy said suspiciously, “You’re not really going to find a male to spend it with, are you?”

“Why not?” Merlin asked, “The inhibitors are getting worse.”

Guy stumbled and inquired, “Who do you want?”

Merlin declared, “Harvey.”

“What!?” Guy’s voice snapped and then he said flatly, “No. Grandfather won’t approve.”

Merlin changed his position and lay across the floor: “He’s perfect for the job. It would be too easy for the males of Brilliant Splendor to wind me up, and the other world representatives would always go back to their own planet.”

Guy suddenly felt this was very reasonable, but thought of the way Harvey looked at Merlin, not quite at ease. “He’s got it in for you.”

Merlin asked: “Brother, do you want me to find one that doesn’t think about me?”

Guy was silent for a moment, “I’ll go to the villa with Grandfather. The mansion is safer. I’ll talk to Grandfather about this.”

Merlin smiled, “Thank you, Brother.”

“By the way,” Merlin added, “before talking to Grandfather, check Harvey for me. If there is a fiancée or something, forget it.”

Not long after, Merlin received a communication from Duke Joop. He hooked his lips and smiled, it seemed that Harvey was completely single.

Grand Duke Joop was very serious, “Protect yourself. If that boy dares to bully you, activate the alarm and have the guards beat him to death!”

Merlin soothed, “Don’t worry, Grandfather.”

Grand Duke Joop reminded, “Don’t let anyone know about this.”

“Okay, Grandfather. You have his contact information, right? Send it to me.”

Grand Duke Joop lightly grunted, “It’s cheap for that kid.”

After getting Harvey’s communication method, Merlin hesitated for a while before contacting Harvey directly. If the early stage of the rut was resolved, the duration would be much shorter, and he could maintain his composure, and not go completely out of control.

Harvey sounded puzzled, “Who is this?”

“Merlin Joop.”

Harvey was surprised and amazed, “Merlin, you’ve changed your mind and are willing to be a mate?”

Merlin ruffled the blond hair at the end of his eyes: “No. Do you have a moment?”

“Yes,” Harvey answered immediately.

Merlin explained bluntly, “I’m in heat and I need a male to help me through it. But no interference when it’s over. Will you?”

Harvey was silent, and his breathing became much thicker. With a suppressed tone, “Non-interference?”

Merlin raised his eyebrows, “If you don’t want to, I’ll find someone else.”

“I do!” Harvey gritted his teeth, “No one else.”

Merlin pinched his earlobe, “You don’t have the right to interfere with my actions. Don’t see me as your property. I have absolute freedom of thought.”

“I see,” Harvey paused, “Where are you?”

“I’ll send you the address. You come alone and send me a message when you arrive. Things are confidential.”

Hanging up the communication, Merlin sent the home address to Harvey.

The butler robot turned to him, “Master Merlin, the things the Grand Duke bought for you have arrived.”

Merlin got up and suddenly panicked a little after reading what his grandfather had bought.

Why did he need so many nutrients? And all these salves were to be used on him? He regretted his choice a little. Should he have continued with the inhibitors?

The robot inquired, “Young master, should I bring them to your room?”

Merlin pondered for a moment, “Mn, put them on the bedside table.”

There was nothing to fear! The inhibitors were wearing off, and it would always come to this. It would be over soon anyway, and it was much better than having to get married.

It wasn’t long before he received a message from Harvey, [I’m here.]

Merlin turned on the surveillance video at the front door of the mansion and had the head escort let the man in.

Harvey walked into the living room and Merlin stood up from the couch, his head tilted toward the stairs, “Follow me.”

Harvey locked his gaze on him and followed him to the room on the second floor, second from the right.

The room was very large. The floor was covered with the most expensive and rare blankets of the Star Alliance. The whole room was in light tones. The side near the balcony had nothing but large pillows that were soft at first glance.

The room was empty, but all the furnishings were pricey and very atmospheric.

Merlin recalled the basics of physiology class and pointed to the right hand side, “I’m going to take a shower first, make yourself at home.” He walked to the bathroom door and turned back, “By the way, do you need to have clothes brought to you?”

“No, I brought them.” Harvey pulled clothes out of the storage carrier along with ointment and nutrients.

Merlin glanced at him and went into the bathroom.

Not long after, Merlin came out of the bathroom wearing a light and soft bathrobe, the hem of his bathrobe only reached a little above the knee, showing his very long legs.

Harvey’s eyes were dark, and he picked him up directly, lay him on the bed, and pressed his whole body along his.

Merlin’s heartbeat was out of control for a moment. He pushed against Harvey’s shoulder and kicked him, “Go take a shower.”

Harvey grabbed his wrist, and his expression changed a few times, before he gritted his teeth, “You really decided to do this?”

Merlin looked at him askance, “You can leave if you regret it.”

Harvey gave him a stern look, “No regrets.” He got up and went into the bathroom.

Merlin’s slightly tense body relaxed and rolled over onto his stomach, pulling the soft pillow with him and burying his face in it. He was actually a little nervous. And a little excited!

He felt his heart’s pace which was completely different from his usual, and it was a bit of a novelty. As he was thinking about this, he felt a slight pressure on his back, followed by a wet heat on the back of his neck.

He shrank and made an uncontrollable sound.

He was stunned by the sound of his own voice, which completely turned his perception of himself upside down.

Breathing heavily, eager yet restrained, Harvey turned him over and stared into his eyes, “Don’t be nervous, I won’t mess around.”

Merlin realized then that his face was tense and he grunted, “I’m not nervous.”

Harvey slid his fingers from the right side of his forehead down to his chin, “Really? You’re amazing.” The moment the words left his mouth, he kissed him.

Merlin then knew for the first time what was so great about it. He finally understood why KiKi said it was great. It was great!

Harvey hugged Merlin sideways and buried his head in the side of Merlin’s neck, wanting to swallow him in his stomach. His intended partner was amazing, bold, passionate, open, and a perfect match for him.

Merlin kicked him, “Move.”

Harvey nibbled lightly on his neck, “Wait.”


Merlin reached out and looked at the time, less than eighty hours from the beginning to the end of the rut, making it more efficient and comfortable than an inhibitor.

He was just a little tired. He covered his mouth and yawned, his light gold eyes half-squinted, “I’m going to sleep.”

Harvey turned his face and kissed him on the cheek, “You sleep.”

Merlin grunted softly, “Come on, how can I sleep like this?”

Half a dozen times, Merlin lay on his pillow, and vaguely said with a muffled voice, “Don’t wake me up when you leave,” He barely opened his eyes, “Thanks.”

Harvey gritted his teeth and then nibbled on his shoulder, “Still satisfied?”

“Yeah, not bad.” Merlin’s head tilted to the other side and waved his hand, “Any more noise and you’re bad.”

Harvey was angry and wanted to laugh, but listening to his steady breathing, he rubbed his brow in frustration, kissed him on the side of his face, and left him to sleep.

Merlin woke up refreshed, cleaned up, the sheets changed, and the man was gone. He swept his eyes around the bedroom, feeling very satisfied. He was suddenly a little sorry to think that the other world representative would leave after all.

Three days later, he continued his classes, and KiKi pounced on him as soon as he saw him, “Merlin, are you okay?”

Gu Yu was also a bit worried, “Grand Duke Joop gave you a leave of absence without saying why. Are you not feeling well?”

MoMo and Cilo also looked at him with concern.

Merlin wrapped his arms around KiKi and smiled, “It’s fine, I was just going through a rut.”

Gu Yu, who already knew a lot about natural females, was surprised and lowered his voice, “You really found a male?”

Merlin nodded, “Mn, it felt pretty good.”

KiKi came closer, “Is Merlin going to marry him?”

“Marry?” Merlin raised an eyebrow, “No.”

MoMo smiled gently, “Merlin will definitely find a partner he likes in the future.”

Knowing Merlin’s specific situation, the group did not continue to ask questions. After all, Merlin wasn’t going to get married, and it was even more embarrassing to know who the other person was.

The five of them walked into the classroom and Merlin swept his eyes, “Little Bear hasn’t come to class yet?”

Cilo replied, “He just got married. He won’t be here for at least a week.”

A week? He was already feeling tired after three days.

Merlin squeezed his arm. Was he not as fit as Little Bear, who slept every day?

This was not scientific!


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

I was worried about the sub-cp stealing the show, so I originally wanted to put all the extras, but then I read the comments and thought that almost all of the sub-cp’s emotional lines were in the extras, so I decided to try to insert them into the text in chronological order _(:3∠)_.


Merlin: I am a tiger, I should be very strong╭(╯^╰)╮


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June 27, 2021 4:50 pm

I love Merlin’s personality! So bold and sure of himself! Harvey will need to continue to work extra hard, but I know he will get there! Looking forward to their next interaction! I’m glad things seem to be going well for Splendor, more natural females and independent!

June 27, 2021 5:17 pm

Go Merlin!
Harvey needs someone like Merlin, or else I think he’d be a bit of a bully.
Thank you for translating this chapter.

June 27, 2021 6:45 pm

harvey must be plotting something to get merlin after this…hihihihi

June 27, 2021 10:18 pm

I’m glad the author did that. It’s a little annoying when authors treat their side characters as accessories for the main cp and don’t bother to flesh them out. I feel they’re weaving the storylines fairly well.
Thank you for the chapter!

June 28, 2021 1:07 am

Actually, I miss Gu Yu and Cyno, but at the same time I’m glad that the other friends are doing good. Great job Merlin, put him where he should be, you are not his possession, and he should know that even, if he’s trying to do something about it!

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 7, 2023 3:45 am

Merlin is a boss. His independent personality is one of the best I’ve read in a BL novel.

Adding the side stories in makes sense. Really adds to the timeline.

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