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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu smiled at Cyno, and continued to browse. There were many replies under the comments questioning why the males stood out of range.

[It’s really problematic to say that the ability to help transform the female of the beast should also be beneficial to the male, right? It’s strange to stand outside the range.]

[Yes, caretakers are not allowed to accompany them during the sessions. This rule is very inconvenient, right?]

[Not completely true, Marshal has stood in range. Of course, Marshal was fascinated. Perhaps he found a problem, but did not tell anyone.]

The response was like a debate, each with their own point of view. Gu Yu continued to read the rest of the comments. The most panicked were from the families with natural females, some of whom were so scared that they went online and asked, [Is that virus contagious to them? What are the consequences?]

Of course, in addition to the panicked masses, there were also very sensible people.

Gu Yu read the obviously unkind comments with great care, and as he was doing that, a message arrived from the small group.

Merlin: [Yu, I believe you. My own feelings I know best.]

Cilo: [Get some rest and don’t think too much. His Majesty and Marshal will take care of it.]

MoMo: [Yu, I believe you too. My baby moved today~]

KiKi: [Wow, that bad guy is so ugly, talking nonsense, angry!]

Gu Yu’s eyes curved: [Thank you. You guys don’t get nervous, and don’t go out. I will explain clearly.]

The rumors on the Internet grew, and Kona and the top research institutes joined together to issue an announcement that the natural females were healthy and that there was no virus.

While some were reassured, others saw this as a means to appease the people. Some even called for Gu Yu to be arrested and tortured about the virus. Gu Yu watched the rapidly declining Goodwill Points but was in an unexpectedly calm mood. He knew very well that many of these Goodwill Points were the ones he had initially received simply because he was a natural female.

These Goodwill Points were only superficial, and were not solid.

Unlike the fans of modern popular public figures, where even if they really did something wrong, those fans would support them strongly and would try to come up with evidence to defend them, he learned early on that only Goodwill earned on merit was truly solid.

Just like in modern times, some people had been curious because he was mute and had become friends with him. Yet it didn’t take long before they would stay away because those people didn’t want to be friends with him because they liked who he was, but only because he was ‘special’.

He looked at the 600 million Goodwill Points that were still dropping, calculated the time and felt a sense of urgency.

He was due in June, and the concert could only be held after that. He came to Brilliant Splendor in April. There was only one year and ten months left before the three years deadline.

But the most important thing now was to solve the current problem.

He looked to Cyno, “What happened to the natural female that Belu had abducted?”

Cyno said, “Saved by Harvey.”


Harvey led two assault teams to attack the warship where Belu was. His vertical pupils stared at the rocking warship, looking very cold and ruthless.

Belu steadied himself and flew to process the video and upload it to the stars.

“Boss, should we fight?” One of his men asked.

“Fight my ass!” Belu roared, “Don’t get carried away just because our operation was successful. If we hadn’t squatted for months, studied their escorts, and hit them by surprise, do you think it would have been so easy?” He sulked, “Brilliant Splendor must have sent reinforcements. Just flee!”

The starship quickly left in the opposite direction of Brilliant Splendor, and one of his men stated, “Someone is catching up.”

Belu looked at the monitor in front of the console, and his fierce face showed an unquestioning smile, “Now it’s our turn to comply and let the natural females go.”

The handlers laughed heatedly, “The boss is honest.”

The moment the word ‘honest’ fell, he casually picked up the nearest natural female, who screamed. The smile on his hand deepened as he threw the natural female straight off the starship.

This was how they let the natural female go.

Harvey’s pupils contracted sharply, “First team 02, save the females, the rest continue to chase.”

A mech ejected from the small warship and caught the natural female in mid-air who was unconscious because of the shock.

Immediately afterwards, Belu threw the natural females out one by one, and a small group of the chasing force were held up in order to save those natural females.

Harvey was furious as he led the remaining group to continue the chase.

This was an oversight on his part!

Originally, the delegation and the natural female escort planned to go together, but he was too annoyed to be pestered by the natural females and ordered that they should go separately.

The escort went first and the delegation went after.

He delayed leaving, as he kept looking at the communication, hoping for a message, only to end up waiting for nothing. Finally, he could no longer wait and the delegation left.

If he had gone with the escort, the star pirates would have had no chance to take advantage of the situation, or if he had left earlier, he would have been able to provide support in time for the battle.

Now, not only did they lose people, but they also frightened the natural females and dragged Cyno’s mate into the situation.

He knew very well that Cyno’s mate and Merlin had a very good relationship.


Harvey gritted his teeth and locked his gaze on the starship in front of him, his eyes fierce.


Gu Yu watched the news for a long time, pondering how to deal with it as he watched.

Kona contacted him and reassured him, saying that he trusted him completely. For their technicians, the data did not lie.

Cyno had a short meeting with Kona and the relevant department staff.

Afterwards, Kona posted a lot of information in the association’s official Wide Word, showing all natural female body data, as well as scans, comparing them with healthy males, and explaining in a professional tone that everything was normal.

This move appeased many people.

However, soon, another news story broke out that a family of ordinary people who won the beast female conversion quota suddenly went into a seizure, and the neighbors called the police to restrain the person.

Their family had won the quota, and given it to their only beast female son, who was now a natural female.

And this natural female, at the end of the holidays, had returned home at the end of January.

The news was like a drop of water in a frying pan, causing a huge reaction.

Families of natural females rushed to the hospital for medical checkups.

Speculation about Gu Yu’s bad health swept back in, even more fierce than before.

Cyno reacted quickly, and the military ministry gathered a list of all natural females and their family information from the association, and assembled the families at the hospital under the Ministry of Health as quickly as possible.

The Association and the Ministry of Health repeated the medical examinations for them, and all physical reports were made public.

At the same time the police elite started to investigate the family who had gone crazy and released the results of the investigation as quickly as possible. The new fruit bought by their family had been tampered with.

Cyno sat on the couch next to the bed and grunted coldly, “More small actions make it easier to reveal the footage.”

Gu Yu nodded, “Although the purpose was to stimulate conflict, they left traces, which was equivalent to giving us evidence to explain.” He looked at the comments under the police department announcement and said helplessly, “There are actually people who doubt the authenticity.”

Cyno stated, “Someone is leading public opinion online. The information department is tracking it and has already found out where that person is.”

Gu Yu was not surprised. He shifted the cushion to a more comfortable position, “What exactly does Belu want to do? His words can only cause a momentary confusion…”

He said as his voice lowered and did not continue to finish.

He realized that the reason it was ‘momentary’ was solely because Cyno believed in him wholeheartedly.

If Cyno suspected him, things would not be simple, especially since he was now six months pregnant, but any slight accident would be painful for Cyno to know the truth.

Cyno’s eyes were filled with a cold intent, “He is the stink bug in the gutter. Harvey, with a team of people, are chasing him into hiding. After Watts Star, he has lost a lot of strength, and this is likely the only way to stun me.” His expression softened, “You sleep for a while. When you wake up, I will accompany you to dinner.”

Gu Yu had been sitting for a long time and now had back pain. And things had also been figured out, so he did not refuse, “Okay.”

Cyno moved the cushion behind his back to one side, helped him lie down slowly, and kissed him on the side of his face.

“Don’t worry, after the person leading the public opinion is caught, the Ministry of Information can quickly control the topics. The farce will soon be over.”

The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth curved, then he closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep, which was much later than his usual lunch break.

An hour later, Gu Yu woke up and Cyno was sitting on the couch, wrinkling his brow as he watched the light screen. He blinked his eyes to wake up and slowly sat up, “What’s wrong?”

Cyno helped him up, waited for him to get out of bed, and put a thin jacket on him.

“Harvey stopped Belu, and both sides fought. Belu died and Harvey was seriously injured. The special forces arrived in time to bring Harvey back to Brilliant Splendor.”

Gu Yu asked, “Where are the rest of the Bluestar people?”

Cyno explained, “The escort and females returned to Brilliant Splendor before Harvey. They are all in the hospital. Naturally the females were in shock. There is nothing serious physically, so Bluestar will send someone to pick them up.”

Gu Yu briefly cleaned up, and the two went downstairs to the kitchen.

After the meal, Gu Yu browsed Star Network. The discussion was controlled and did not continue to ferment, but there were still many people who were asking questions.

Cyno worked with the department to address each of the issues that had raised questions, such as whether the virus and natural female transformation had side effects.

The Ministry of Health and the association published many data comparisons, stating very clearly and unequivocally that everything was fine. Meanwhile female students, who have always avoided public statements, have been streaming in to say that they feel all right and have no discomfort.

Merlin, KiKi, MoMo and Cilo each posted a wide range of posts, with both individual and group photos.

They looked very good and healthy, and clearly stated that they believe in Gu Yu.

Gu Yu looked at his friends’ quotes and gave each of them a like.

As he continued to read on, the netizens’ doubts were gradually dispelled, yet there was still one unexplained question. Why were the males kept away during the transformations?

[If there is a fear of what the males will do to the transformed females, it is too strange to exclude even a caretaker, right? There isn’t even a caretaker for them during the transformation process.]

[Does it mean that males also undergo incredible changes?]

[It’s possible!]

Gu Yu looked thoughtful, rubbed his hand on his abdomen, and looked at Cyno, “I want to hold a conference tomorrow to explain it clearly.”

The more he delayed, the faster the rumors fermented. He wanted to solve it as soon as possible without wasting time on this matter.

He still had a lot of work to do, and with only three songs written so far, he needed to focus on writing.

Cyno insisted, “You don’t have to step in.”

Gu Yu laughed, “My statement will have the quickest effect. They want to know what will happen to the males in the range, just let them know.”

This time, he understood more than ever that the shallow Goodwill was not solid, and that any ability he had could give him added weight.

Cyno hesitated, “Okay, I’ll arrange it.”

Gu Yu smiled and messaged Herman: “The two songs I gave you, let’s release them tomorrow at noon.”

“OK, they’ve both already been produced.” Herman replied quickly.


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