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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


8:55 a.m. – The square in front of the palace

The square was surrounded by tight security, with many people standing in the middle and the media in the forefront. Two lines of military soldiers stood in front of the crowd, separating the crowd from the podium in front of them.

At nine o’clock, a cacophony of voices erupted from the crowd.

Gu Yu was being carried by Cyno to the stage. He paused at the sound and smiled at the crowd before walking on stage. He was wearing a loose white knit shirt, his face looked soft and white, against his ink hair and black eyes. He had a very clean look.

There were many aerial cameras flying in the air, broadcasting the scene live to the stars.

This time, there was no limit, the whole star alliance was live.

The viewers watching the live broadcast saw Gu Yu’s smile and their hearts softened instantly.

[Little Yu is really good-looking. At first glance he is a good person!]

[Is there something wrong with the brains of the people who questioned Little Yu? In the future, don’t beg Little Yu to help your family’s natural females transform, and don’t be with the natural females transformed by Little Yu.]

The people who had doubts could not help but wonder. Such a clean and soft female does not look like a bad person! Were they really thinking too much?

Gu Yu and Cyno took the stage from the left, while Kona and the association staff took the stage from the right.

Cyno instructed the staff to set up the necessary equipment, then nodded to Gu Yu, indicating that they were ready. Gu Yu looked at the audience and the media and gave a short opening welcome, then went straight to the point.

“The reason for today’s conference is because of the video that Star Pirates posted on the Internet yesterday. That video made many people question me, and the purpose of the conference is to answer the questions. First of all, for the record, my hometown is not in the Star League, it is a completely different place from the Star League.

He pursed his lips, “Coming to Brilliant Splendor from my hometown was just a blink of an eye for me, and I was very frightened when I first arrived. Then I had my mate and friends and many people who liked me, and I was so happy that it all made me feel like I belonged.

“I worked hard to help the beast females transform, to make a difference, to get people to recognize me as an ‘outlander,’ and I thought I had,” he paused, “But I didn’t expect that a very large number of people would suspect me just because of a word from a notorious star pirate.”

He slightly lowered his eyes, and his voice softened, “To be honest, it’s a little hard for me.”

Gu Yu had thought about his statement in advance. He originally just wanted to cleanly resolve the doubts. But looking at the remaining Goodwill Points, then looking at his stomach, and thinking for a long time, he decided to pave the way. His words, naming his ‘merits’, made the audience think of how good he was. If he explained clearly that he had nothing to do with the Star Pirates, those who questioned him would be more likely to develop guilt.

And those who believed in him would be heartbroken and may also have a deeper Goodwill for him because of his attitude.

Gu Yu’s drooping eyes flashed with a hint of helplessness, it’s always the set that gets the heart.

[Little Yu is so heartbreaking!]

[Those who doubt little Yu can go fuck off, those actually making little Yu sad are not male!]

Cyno held Gu Yu’s hand in silent comfort. Gu Yu’s hand flipped upward and grasped Cyno’s fingers under the tabletop.

Gu Yu looked up, “Now, I’ll answer your questions one by one. I’ve read the news, and there are many people who think that I don’t allow males to be present when I transform because I’m worried that the males will find something wrong with me.” He swept his eyes over the audience, “Are there any people or media representatives present who also question this issue?”

A reporter from the city media stepped forward, “I collected many questions from the internet before coming here, and I would like to hear your explanation for this move.”

Gu Yu didn’t have the slightest reluctance, smiled at him, “Then let’s let the people who witnessed it together please come up to the stage.”

The reporter was invited onto the stage, and Kona attached the connecting piece to his neck and wrist, turned on the instrument, and expanded the light screen of the data display.

The light screen was very large, and the regular data on it was explained in simple words, so that even laymen could understand it at a glance.

All the data of the reporter’s body was very stable, and Kona smiled and said, “You are in very good health.”

The reporter smiled politely but looked a little nervous.

Gu Yu looked over to him, “Don’t worry, sit down and relax a little.”

The reporter sat down next to Cyno and asked Gu Yu, “What do I have to do?”

Gu Yu took the flute Cyno handed him, “Don’t do anything, just listen to me play a song,” he smiled, “after listening, you will get your answers.”

Gu Yu finished speaking, lifted the flute horizontally, opened the system panel, but did not use any evolutionary fluid, and began to use up Goodwill Points. By not choosing the evolution liquid, it was equivalent to not expanding the range, so the Goodwill Points worked only for the people he looked at.

Gu Yu looked at the reporter and blew a very tranquil tune. The sound of the flute was so soothing that those present were in a much calmer mood and looked relaxed.

Unlike the rest of the audience, when the sound of the flute died down, the reporter’s face became redder and redder and his body trembled slightly. The sound of the flute died down and the crowd came back to their senses. They noticed the reporter’s expression and were greatly alarmed.

[Oh my God, is there really a problem?]

[No, look at the light screen!]

On the light screen, all the data of the reporter’s body changed, and the automatically generated histogram showed clearly and distinctly that all the values had increased.

Cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle stamina, muscle flexibility…

These data points were no stranger to males, they were all components of physical fitness.

The crowd and the audience in front of the live broadcast were all stunned at the same time.

After a while, only then did someone react.

[Oh! This is a miracle! The music can actually make physical energy improve in a short period of time!]

The pop-up screen instantly exploded, and some of the small live streaming platforms directly jammed.

There were many shouts of surprise from the crowd, and even the soldiers in charge of guarding the military department couldn’t help but look excited.

Gu Yu did not look at the pop-ups, and was not surprised by the crowd’s reaction. He smiled at the reporter, “Are your muscles swollen? Do you want to fight with someone?”

The reporter nodded his head, looking excited.

Gu Yu said, “You’ve only listened to one song, so you’ve improved very little. Walk around and relax, you’ll be fine soon.” He paused, “That’s my answer.”

He looked to the crowd and explained, “The natural female transformation is three hours a day, it has to last seven days, and the males will be affected if they are in the infield. This reporter is experiencing only the initial reaction. The higher the elevation, the stronger the muscle reaction and the stronger the need of wanting to move. If males are in the infield, they will fight and it will become dangerous.”

He swept his eyes over the audience, “For safety reasons, that’s why I insisted that the males be on the outside.” He asked, “May I ask what other doubts arise from the words of the Star Pirates?”

A reporter asked, “Why do you have such amazing powers?”

Gu Yu looked at the man, “I don’t know, just like I can’t explain why we humanoids all have two eyes and a nose.”

Another reporter yelled excitedly, “Little Yu is the Son of the Beast God. Of course he will have magical abilities!”

“Excuse me, do you help males improve their physical abilities like you help beast females transform?” asked someone in the crowd.

Before Gu Yu could say anything, Cyno spoke with an expressionless face, “He won’t.”

Worried that what Cyno said would affect his image, Gu Yu hastened to answer, “Yes, I won’t.”

He looked at his abdomen with a soft expression and then raised his eyes, “Thank you all for attending this launch. I’m sorry, I’m a little tired. If you have any questions, you can leave a message under my Wide Word.”

[Don’t go! Please help me to improve my physical ability!]

[Help me!]

The pop-up call didn’t do any good as Gu Yu was swept up by Cyno and returned to the villa under tight security.

The two went straight to the bedroom, where Cyno hugged Gu Yu face to face and kissed him on the cheek, “Don’t feel bad for others.”

Gu Yu was so used to his intimate gestures that he didn’t feel shy, but froze because of Cyno’s words. He quickly realized that it was in response to his opening words ‘I’m a little hard to bear’.

He pursed his lips and whispered, “I’m not actually hard,” he said his intentions, quietly glancing at Cyno, “Would you think I’m bad?”

The white knit shirt made him look particularly soft, and his dark eyes looked at Cyno with a bit of nervousness, like a sheepish little rabbit.

Cyno rubbed the tip of his nose and a smile flashed in his eyes, “No, you’re very cute.”

How can he be so cute!

This kind of small choice, in Cyno’s opinion, was not even a scheme.

“Your words are too light, you should say ‘very disappointed’ and ‘very hard’ in order to accuse them of being white-eyed wolves.”

Cyno suddenly had an idea, and his eyes narrowed, “For all those who have suspected you, since they suspect you and are worried that you will do tricks on them, simply do not help them transform in the future!” He lightly hummed, “I’ll contact the information department to do the data processing. In the future these people will have no chance of any lottery.”

Gu Yu saw him open the terminal and asked in a whisper, “Wouldn’t that be mean?”

Goodwill Points changes enabled him to understand that there were not many people who questioned it.

Cyno raised his eyebrows, “Why not? Do you think I’m being petty?” He grunted lightly, “There’s room for negotiation on other things, but not on you! I’m just too stingy!”

Gu Yu couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t think Cyno was stingy, he just thought it was inexplicably cute. He leaned against Cyno and let him arrange it.

While the internet was heatedly discussing the physical improvement thing, Anseth released two new songs, all sung by Gu Yu.

Without any promotion at all, the buzz of the two songs skyrocketed.

Many people first picked them for the vocalist, yet after listening to the songs, they were pleasantly surprised. The style of the two songs were completely different from the mainstream style of Brilliant Splendor. They were not hot at all after listening to them, but very comfortable and very moved.

Thee first song was called The New Life. It was about coming out of loneliness and pain, gaining love and companionship, which brought infinite hope. It resonated with countless males who, once upon a time, were unable to communicate with their partners about their hearts and were lonely inside despite the company of their partners.

The appearance of natural females gave them hope for their future lives.

The other song, called Thanks for Liking – For the Fans, was light-hearted and full of joy. The lyrics were a straightforward expression of gratitude to those who liked them, and had a childlike innocence. This song made those who previously questioned Gu Yu feel deeply guilty and made those who trusted Gu Yu feel even more Goodwill towards him.

[Little Yu is really too soft to actually write a song just for us.]

[I’m so bad. I was obviously a fan of Little Yu when he was live, and I actually doubted him!]

Gu Yu looked at the rising Goodwill Points and breathed a sigh of relief.

The more Goodwill Points he had, the more relieved and less anxious he was. When the baby was born, he could spend more time with the baby.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Yu: I used the set, I am not so bad QAQ


Cyno: Cute, Want ~


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GREAT JOB!!! Let them regret their accusations! Cyno is right, they’ve questioned Gu Yu, they’ll regret it!

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Sue R
Sue R
July 1, 2021 1:29 pm

His fine character and conscience earned him respect and admiration,
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Cyno doesn’t stand for anyone messing with Gu Yu!
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