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Chapter 31: Waiting to Soar

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The overall technology level of the interstellar era was beyond Gu YuMian’s expectation, but it often made him laugh and cry in some places, mainly in entertainment and life. Perhaps because the Oliver Empire fought with the Zerg for many years, until twenty years ago, while it was still a time of war, the main scientific and technological development force was focused on the heavy industry and military industry.

At this time, there was no soybean milk, and naturally, there was no soybean milk machine.

“This is a soaked soybean. I have been soaking it for seven hours ever since this morning,” Gu YuMian said, picking up an oval shaped soybean from the clear water. “Now that it’s soft, soak it for a while to improve the pulp yield.”

Gu YuMian held the snow leopard’s little paw to let him touch the soft soybean. The snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and moved his long tail around Gu YuMian’s wrist.

Without a soymilk machine, Gu YuMian found a grinder that was originally used to grind peanut flour, and put the soaked soybeans into the grinder to break them. This process was very quick. After all the soybeans were broken, the slurry was poured into washed and sterilized white gauze.

[A Yellow Pear Flower: Oh, it turns out that soybean milk refers to the milk grinded from soybeans. One of my classmates in the history department seems to have said that there was a way of eating it in Ancient Earth called “bean sauce”.]

[Light Bulb: My mother has tried to grind soybeans into juice. It’s dark food. It’s bitter and fishy. The taste is very astringent?? Don’t lie to me since I don’t read much.]

“It’s not bean sauce,” Gu YuMian said with a smile when he heard the familiar title. “Mn. If it’s raw soymilk, it’s really bitter. Cook it a little more, and make sure it’s cooked enough otherwise you may get an upset stomach.”

Gu YuMian forced the ground milk out of the white gauze, so that the raw soybean milk and the soybean dregs were separated. At this time, the raw soymilk smelled really astringent and a little fishy. He added some water to the raw soymilk, poured it into the small pot, and boiled it directly at a high temperature.

After a few minutes of boiling it, he turned it to a low temperature and sprinkled half a spoon of sugar into the pot. When the lid was opened this time, the keen audience found that the color and taste of soymilk had changed, but before they could observe it carefully, the lid was closed again.

In another few minutes.

“Okay,” Gu YuMian took the eager snow leopard down to prevent him from burning himself from the steam, and then opened the cover of the small pot. “Now it’s good.”

——At the moment when the lid was opened, the smell of hot soymilk wafted out!

The astringency and fishiness that originally belonged to raw soymilk were no longer present, only the sweet taste of the soymilk which was fragrant and thick was left. The boiled soymilk presented a pure white colour, not as thick as milk, but with stronger liquidity, and a fresh and sweet taste.

[Fragrant Rose:!! Surprised!!! It smells good. It’s a new color!!! When can I drink it??]

“It’s still hot, don’t worry,” Gu YuMian said. “Let’s take the soymilk, yogurt and sweet potato puree to the sun room, eh?”

Gu YuMian skimmed the hot soymilk from the pot and put it into the container. He took a small tray to hold the soymilk, the drinking glasses, and the small porcelain plate with the sweet potato puree, and also brought the two cubs to the sun room.

The tray was placed directly on the wood floor of the sun room. Gu YuMian held the baby panda and the little snow leopard, stepped into the soft and warm mattress on the ground, and sat cross legged. The little snow leopard took the first place in Gu YuMian’s arms. The baby panda could only hold Gu YuMian’s hand.

The temperature of the soymilk was just right now. Gu YuMian poured a glass each for the baby snow leopard and panda, and then let them drink.

A moment later.

The baby panda paused, and after a while, his tone was happy. His round head rubbed against Gu YuMian’s palm, and he even took the initiative to hold the glass and began to drink tons of soymilk. The little snow leopard also nodded with satisfaction.

[Fig Pigeon: Good to drink!!! And I’m not bored at all. I thought it was thick like milk! No matter in the morning or in the evening, I would feel comfortable having this in my stomach.]

[My Family Has a Fish Pond: SZD! 1 It’s so good. This taste, this light sweet!!]  

[Tourist 04: Younger Brother, I came after seeing the forum. I originally thought that this kind of super slow live broadcast of farming would be boring, so why do I watch it with relish??! PS, this soymilk is too good to drink!! QAQ]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s sweet and great, and the beans are delicious. It’s really good to drink.]

The barrage quickly rolled over again and again, overlapping with various gift effects. Because there were so many speakers, most of the barrages couldn’t be displayed completely.

——There was no other reason. This soymilk was really good to drink!

The hot soymilk had a delicate and smooth taste that flowed through the mouth. It was fragrant and thick, and not weird at all. A trace of sugar was boiled into it, which emphasized the light fragrance and mellow beauty of the beans. What’s more, when they drank a few mouthfuls, it brought them a feeling of comfort, freshness and no burden. It kept the spleen and stomach warm and made all their nerves relax.

It was not unreasonable to have a family drink that had been popular on Ancient Earth for several years.

And that’s not it. While the soymilk was good enough to drink, the taste of the yogurt and sweet potato puree that came next was even more surprising.

“Don’t drink too much at once,” Gu YuMian scratched the snow leopard’s chin. “Let’s try the yogurt and sweet potato puree. I think it’s delicious, too, okay?”

Of course the audience said yes.

Milk-white transparent light yogurt in the warm sweet potato puree wrapped in a layer of strawberry and cheese, and placed next to the small night light, was a lovely and attractive sight. Gu YuMian took a small silver spoon and scooped out some yogurt and sweet potato puree from the edge. The orange soft sweet potato puree and white flowing yogurt was mixed together, and the sweet and sour smell was on the tip of his nose.

One spoon went into the mouth.

First the audience tasted the sour, sweet and mellow taste of yogurt, then bit down, only to find the delicate sweet taste of the sweet potato puree twined at the tip of the tongue!

The sweet potato, which was roasted and boiled to a soft and fine glutinous state, and then pressed into a puree, had a very good taste. It was a mixture of sweet and glutinous sweet potato and slightly sour and strong yogurt, which covered each other’s shortcomings. One bite was enough to make people think this was unforgettable.

The finishing touch was the strawberry and cheese pieces wrapped in the sweet potato puree. The crisp strawberry and cheese could be occasionally tasted in the delicate puree, which was a pleasant surprise for people.

The little snow leopard narrowed his eyes slightly, and the speed of his tail wagging accelerated. The cute and calm little appearance suddenly sprouted to Gu YuMian.

——The key point of the yogurt sweet potato puree was the combination and taste. Because it was very simple, it seemed that they could make it themself. The audience didn’t think this dessert would be delicious. The expectation was not high, but the final result was far beyond the expectation.

A moment later, the audience:

[Vivian: Ah ah ah ah!!!! Sweet potato puree is great. It’s great to eat it with yogurt, and sometimes you can eat strawberry bits.]

[Junior B: Brother!! How did you do it??! How do you make what is delicious and what is comfortable? You are so amazing!!]

[Alarm Clock Ticking: Since I entered the live room half an hour ago, I have eaten the fifth steamed bread. How can I really eat what the anchor makes?]

[Cute: I think it’s a self-entertainment act to launch a barrage now. There are too many barrages. No one can watch anything now.]

At this time, the number of bullet screens and gifts exploded. The explosion was almost saturating the screen. For half a minute, in order not to affect the viewing experience, the system even automatically turned off the bullet screen temporarily.

——Because of the double support of natural recommendation and artificial recommendation, coupled with his own strength, the popularity of Gu YuMian’s live room was soaring with the rising traffic in the evening. At this moment, the audience had reached as many as four million!

Four times more than the one million half an hour ago.

What Sugar Sugar and her backstage crew could see was that Gu YuMian’s online audience was very active most of them had interactions such as sending messages to the bullet screen and gifts. Although there were four million people, the total amount of gifts on that day had exceeded that of an anchor with many millions of viewers.

Of course, the rookie competition was to find the best rookie anchor from all over the world, and the average was not bad. There were millions of anchor audiences in other regions, but Gu YuMian’s data was still very prominent.


After eating dessert with the baby panda and the little snow leopard, Gu YuMian could finally take a breath.

“Ah…” Gu YuMian held up the snow leopard under his ribs, and also held little Tangyuan. He lay back in the bed on the ground, “Rest first.”

[Girl Star: Anchor has worked hard today. He has made so much delicious food, materials and props. Do you have to prepare them early?]

[There’s a Family in the Mine: Mian Mian was really attentive. He is happy and I’m happy to watch the live broadcast. The more slow-paced this live broadcast is, the more it tests the anchor’s preparation and various lessons. Fireworks for you!]

[1551: It’s hard to accept that Mian Mian needs to rest early, I really want to continue watching! QAQ it’s OK to be live without doing anything, please. The atmosphere of this studio and the feeling from Mian Mian is too comfortable. Unzip the artifact.]

The sun room was decorated by Gu YuMian. It was not like the original simple style. Several beds of warm bedding were laid on the scrubbed wooden floor, and various kinds of cartoon cushions and throw pillows were stacked in disorder. Several small night lights were directly placed on the ground. The sun room was transparent on three sides, and the lights mixed with the moonlight fell all over the ground.

After drying the bed for a whole day, it gave off a warm feeling from the sun. As soon as he lay on it, he fell into the soft quilt. This familiar scent made Gu YuMian feel very comfortable.

Especially since, in his arms, he was holding his own fluffy and lovely children.

The little snow leopard’s paw pad was pressed on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, leaning against his shoulder socket with half-closed eyelids, and dozing off. His long tail swept across Gu YuMian’s earlobes intimately. The baby panda leaned on Gu YuMian’s arms, and the little paw was loosely holding Gu YuMian’s right hand.

It took a while for Gu YuMian to think of the business: “By the way, let’s wash our paws. TuanTuan, Yuanyuan who wants to go first?”

The little snow leopard was still dozing off lazily, and was stuck in Gu YuMian’s arms. The baby panda first cheerfully answered. Gu YuMian asked the small robot at home to bring a small wooden bucket with hot water in it, and put the soft drying hot towel aside.

He folded the towel and put it into the water. Then he took it out and wrung it gently. He crossed his legs and let the baby panda sit in his arms against his knees. Then he held the baby panda’s little paw in one hand and covered it with a warm wet towel with the other.

The baby panda’s paw pad was soft and tender. It was stained with a little dust when bringing over the quilt. Gu YuMian held the towel and gently wiped his paw pads, then the fluffy part and the dust on the small claws. He was patient, light and slow, as if he was not bothered at all.

Through the holographic device, nearly ten million viewers now shared all the senses with the baby panda.

The sense of substitution was so strong.

The moonlight sprinkled through the transparent glass in the sun room, and the soft and warm mattress sent out a good smell. The water was soft and the white air was steaming. The young man’s warm hand was holding his paw steadily. The other hand was holding a towel and gently wiping with his fingers and hands. The clean and gentle breath in his arms was wrapped up.

“Sleepy?” Gu YuMian touched the baby panda’s ears. His voice was soft because it was lowered. He also held the little snow leopard in his arms and his hair fell down. The snow leopard rolled his head, and his ear was close to Gu YuMian’s palm. Gu YuMian couldn’t help bending his eyes and holding both babies in his arms.

“Sleep if you are sleepy, I’ll wipe your paws after a while. I’ll take you to the warm quilt. Or if you’re not sleepy, I’ll tell my family’s Yuanyuan and TuanTuan a few more stories. The soymilk is still hot. Please let me know if you want to drink it, or if you want to eat something else.”

The moon was gentle and the wind was gentle.


More than nine million people were shocked.

This atmosphere, this scene, this sentence, was like unlocking the last line of defense.

Taking off all the burdens and worries gently, and having a complete confirmation in their heart someone who wanted to sleep would hold back in the bed for a while, someone who wanted to roll around, someone who wanted to drink soy milk for dessert, or who wanted to play coquettish, everything would be tolerated and unconditionally supported.

In the holographic mode, they could feel themselves being held, being taken care of, indulged, and even loved. This was the death of most of the social animals who were working alone and under great pressure.

It was 8 p.m. on Friday evening. The main group watching the live broadcast were the students and office workers who had been busy for a whole week. Being squeezed by someone, being crushed by pressure from family and life, unable to afford credit card bills and rent…

Who didn’t want to be a baby and be taken care of?

Even if they couldn’t, they wanted to have a harbor and a place to hide when they were most helpless. They wanted someone to accompany them to listen to their complaints, make a simple but delicious meal, pass them a cup of warm soymilk, serve them a bunch of small desserts, and take a hot towel to help them wipe their tired hands.

The whole scene was silent.

… Until a dozen seconds later.

Many emotions accumulated to a certain extent, the number of bullet screen comments and the number of spectators in the slow stagnation, once again began to soar in geometric multiples!

[Maiden: Who! Wait! Don’t! Stop! I!!! I’ll go to Little Xue Tuan’s and TangYuan’s house to steal the man! Ah ah ah ah, I’ll get the man too!!!!]

[Vivian: Na ha, another crazy one! I mean myself, I’m crazy!! How could there be such a human? It’s said that humans have been established as an endangered species recently. Can we adopt them?? Give me Gu YuMian!!!! I can adopt him!!!!]

[Water Boat: I’ve been stuck for ten years. It’s really amazing. It’s amazing. I felt like I was at a crematorium again and again! Anchor’s family is still short of cubs. I’m applying as a 57 year old golden retriever. I’m ready to work.]

[A Curtain of Dreams: Thank you, Anchor Gu. I’ve been watching your live broadcast recently. Insomnia, dreaminess and many psychological problems are common. This is a gift that my husband bought with his money. Here are five fireworks for you.]

[Cat’s Meow: How miserable my aunt is!! I also added five fireworks. I really like the live broadcast from Mian Mian!]

Countless gift effects exploded one by one.

In the blink of an eye, the number of viewers almost exceeded ten million, and the real-time popularity list of Gu YuMian’s live studio in the living quarter rose to second place. This time, it directly went to the real-time popularity recommendation position on the homepage, and a large number of new viewers poured in.

——Ding Dong.

Before long, Gu YuMian’s live studio was once again on the Capital Starry Sky platform, ranking in the Top 10 of the popularity list that day. The first time could have been passed off as luck, but in a short period of time, his live studio broke the popularity rolling of several top current anchors for the second time.

It caused a platform wide sensation.


Meanwhile, Starry Sky platform headquarters.

Sugar Sugar refreshed the backstage data again and again, and the more she looked at it, the more she felt like she was dreaming. “What’s the competition for now? Just give the trophy to MianMian and everyone can go home to work. It’s unnecessary. It’s really unnecessary.”

Each anchor in the rookie competition had certain strength and luck, and the average level was not low. But when they met Gu YuMian, all abilities far exceeded the targets, new types, new themes and new live content, they were lucky enough to keep all traffic and audience completely stable.

If a King entered a game for peons by mistake. How could the others play?


On the other hand, Takk’s Starry Sky platform division.

Keri ordered a firework from the Internet, and the office leader took out the champagne from the cabinet. Everyone poured a glass, and everyone clinked their glasses.

“It’s stable,” Many people almost wanted to wipe their tears. “It’s really stable this time.”

The potential stocks bought at the lowest price not only took off like a rocket, but also met three or four limit plates.

Now, let’s settle down and wait for him to fly.


In an hour.

Gu YuMian’s house.

The live broadcast was coming to an end, and everyone was sleepy. Gu YuMian said thanks and good night to the audience, and then closed the live broadcast.

“I’m really tired today…” He breathed out as he lay in the bedding, holding the baby panda and the little snow leopard, and soon fell asleep. The baby panda soon rubbed against Gu YuMian’s arms, touched his round head and fell asleep.

The only one who didn’t sleep was the snow leopard.

His gray and blue eyes were open, and his little claws pressed on Gu YuMian’s cheek, and looked down at his human, with a hint of calculation in his laziness.

The live barrage reminded him of one thing.


Half an hour later, a man in uniform, holding an optical computer, walked out of the sunroom and dialed a number in the corridor.

“Hello?” In a mansion hundreds of kilometers away, Fennick was sitting on standby. “Your Majesty, what can I do for you?”

There was a long silence.

It wasn’t long before a low, lazy voice sounded, “Look into it. Can humans be adopted?”

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