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withChapter 30: Sweet Potato Yogurt

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants Gu YuMian’s cooking


At half-past six, half an hour after the start of the rookie competition, the audience was 100,000.

With such a large population of the whole Capital Star, it didn’t seem like a lot but Gu YuMian had been on air for half an hour now.

Anyone familiar with the broadcast rules knew what was going on.

“Half an hour before the start of broadcasting is the screening period of natural and artificial recommenders…”

Half an hour before the start of the broadcast, the live room hadn’t been entered into the system, so it wouldn’t be recommended. Generally speaking, the audience in this time, in addition to the start of the broadcast, had skyrocketed the old fans who used to stay in the spot had entered the live room, and the audience would tend to be stable within half an hour.

As a rookie anchor, Gu YuMian had far fewer old fans than 100,000.

The publicity of that advertisement and the official publicity of Starry Sky were indeed useful, but it couldn’t be so powerful only in the past night. Besides, it was only half an hour. Many people didn’t know that Gu YuMian was on air.

On Takk, Keri counted the data with her fingers, “About 80,000 of the 100,000 fans are new audience members from the Capital. With this momentum, it won’t be a problem if the audience breaks a million in an hour.”

What was the concept of breaking a million in an hour?

After the recommended position, the new audience members would flow in. The general recommended position would start within the first hour. First on the ‘latest live broadcast,’ then on the popularity computing system to compete with other anchors for the ‘real-time popularity list’ and ‘current-day popularity list,’ as well as the system allocated manual recommended position.

At present, the top-ranking anchor, the regular visitors of major advertising endorsements and reality shows in the whole star could maintain an average audience of about 50 million. In the first hour, in addition to the old fans, there would be hundreds of thousands of audience members.

But Gu YuMian was a new guy.

A lot of people on Takk thought they were going to faint.

In the live studio, Gu YuMian was not affected by the results or comments from the outside world, and the rhythm was still stable.

Pieces of the red Dongpo pork were neatly placed on the lotus leaf in the white porcelain bowl, and he poured the thick sauce over the top, making it look bright and beautiful under the light. Mixed with lotus leaves and boiled rock sugar white wine, the sweet and mellow pork belly made the audience want to eat it with their fingers.

When using chopsticks, the body of the bamboo chopsticks even slightly sunk into the pork, and the mellow and fragrant sauce flowed down the chopsticks.

Gu YuMian simply changed to a small porcelain spoon, held a small piece of Dongpo meat with the spoon, blew on it to cool, and fed it to the little snow leopard, “TuanTuan, come and taste my masterpiece? Be careful.”

Dongpo pork belly was one of Gu YuMian’s best dishes, he was a professional. Ever since the age of four, he had begun to stay with his grandparents. Even with his eyes closed, he knew how to cut the product, how to pick the right seasoning, and what temperature everything needed to be.

The snow leopard glanced at him, pulled the handle of the porcelain spoon, then stretched out his paw and pressed it on Gu YuMian’s wrist. Then he lowered his head and tasted it very carefully.

——The first thing that spread between his lips and teeth was the fresh and mellow flavor of the rock sugar and pork belly.

The half fat and half thin pork belly was steamed and immersed in the rock sugar liquor, which was crisp but not crumbly, sweet and glutinous but not greasy. The sauce was sweet and had melted into the delicious pork belly. The cut, which had been carefully selected, was thin and tender. And there was no need to bite down with a little force. The taste of the first bite was immediately amazing!  1

A few seconds later.

The little snow leopard’s long tail stopped in the air, then began to move faster. He squinted his gray-blue eyes in satisfaction and nudged Gu YuMian’s hand.

… One more piece.

[Fig Fruit Pigeon: Ah ah ah ah ah ah, is this real??!! It’s soft, flavorful, and not boring. I almost swallowed my tongue! 5555!!]

[Junior B: How can it taste better than I can imagine? Brother, I’m dizzy. I’d like to give you an early greeting!!!!]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s so amazing that I can’t think of words to boast. It’s really delicious. It’s hard. This dish should only be in the sky. No fireworks are not enough to explode our admiration. Here are five fireworks for you.]

[There’s a Family in the Mine: Hurry up!! Another piece of Dongpo meat!!! Seeing the live broadcast from Mian Mian, the fried chicken in the high-end restaurant suddenly doesn’t seem fair! QAQ]

[Bald Scientific Research Dog: My eldest brother is watching this live broadcast eating white rice. I thought he was exaggerating. I climbed up and had a look… Now, fuck, give me a pot of soil I can eat with relish!!]

Too many barrages came out at the same time, and the gift effects exploded in turn. Gu YuMian couldn’t see what the audience was talking about at all even if the interval frequency of the barrage was set, it didn’t help, which made him a little helpless.

Gu YuMian didn’t pay much attention to the data at this time. Otherwise, he would find that the reason why there are so many bullet screens was that the content was good, and the audience was skyrocketing.

——After half an hour’s shielding period, Gu YuMian was listed on the real-time popularity list of the living quarter, and the traffic of this recommendation began to lead to Gu YuMian’s live broadcast room. From half-past six to now, the number of spectators had increased by tens of thousands in just a few minutes.

As Keri guessed, millions of people would be watching in an hour.

“Mn, don’t worry. I’ve made a lot today. You can eat slowly.” Gu YuMian scratched the little snow leopard’s chin. But the baby panda was very curious while holding his bottle. He stretched out to hold Gu YuMian’s arm and asked Gu YuMian to feed him.

What could Gu YuMian do? Who could resist the coquetry from the little Tangyuan? He patted his head and cut a small piece of Dongpo pork to feed the baby panda against the angry sight of the little snow leopard.


A moment later, little Tangyuan opened his eyes and rolled onto his white belly on the spot to show that it was delicious. Gu YuMian scraped his nose and said, “Okay, YuanYuan should drink your milk. Be careful not to upset your stomach.”

In addition to Dongpo pork as the main course, Gu YuMian also served a dish of stir-fried bamboo shoots.  2 This dish was easy to make. Wash the bamboo, slice it, and blanch it. Put it in cold water immediately and then dry it. Heat it in olive oil, add onion and a little salt and stir fry the bamboo directly, but the taste was exquisite.

The characteristics of stir-fried bamboo were fresh and salty, light, and refreshing. After eating the Dongpo meat that had a strong sweet, soft, and savory taste, and then tasting a refreshing, light but tasty fried bamboothe taste was absolutely unique.

Gu YuMian thought it was very delicious, and the repercussions of the barrage were very good. The little snow leopard even unconsciously scratched his head under Gu YuMian’s palm.

[Vivian: The Dongpo meat is really delicious!! However, I realized that the anchor set up the privacy protection settings for little Tangyuan. Up to now, we still don’t know what kind of animal little Tangyuan is.]

[Girl Star: It’s so cute that two fluffy babies compete for favor. 555 I’m rusty. I don’t know if I should envy MianMian, Xue Tuan, and Tangyuan.]

[Lights up Drunk: The taste of stir-fried shredded bamboo shoots is excellent, and it’s not only delicious but also inexplicably comfortable as a whole!]

It was just before nightfall. In the late evening, the soft twilight sprinkled on the floor from the ceiling window. Gu YuMian was holding the snow leopard in his arms, and the baby panda was lying on his lap, holding the milk bottle and drinking the milk.

The background sound of the news on the TV light screen was noisy and lively. In the kitchen, the sound of stewed pork ribs soup with kelp  3 as it steamed felt like every scene in the house.

“YuanYuan rolled on the ground again today? There’s a lot of grey on you.” Gu YuMian whispered.

The little snow leopard glimpsed at the little Tangyuan, while the baby panda stretched out his paws to touch his ears. Gu YuMian knew that he couldn’t understand, but he thought that his cubs were lovely in every word and deed, and he couldn’t help laughing. As he fed the snow leopard dinner, he took a small brush to help the baby panda brush the dust and knotted hair on his body, and then talked about the exciting things he came across recently and the small things in his life.

It was an ordinary scene that most people had experienced.

But somehow people couldn’t open their eyes.

From the first angle view, the baby panda could hear all kinds of hot and noisy sounds, news broadcasts, cicadas, and Gu YuMian’s steady breath. The mellow smell of the pork ribs soup with kelp was at the tip of his nose. On this pleasant summer evening, the rays of the setting sun that fell on his body were warm and gentle.

The hand of the young man holding the small brush was soothing. The soft brush felt like a light wind, a ray of which blew through the skin.

At this time, the audience had reached 700,000, but even with so many people, it was not noisy.

——Everyone was quiet.

The breath and heartbeat sank into the fireworks and night of this world, the satisfaction and sleepiness after a meal climbed up the nerve endings, a lot of sounds were faintly heard in the ear before fading one by one, leaving only a comfortable silence at last.


——It was one thing in the eyes of the audience, another in the eyes of professionals like Sugar Sugar and Keri.

“… It’s great to be able to control the field and master the rhythm.”

In addition to professional skills, it was also essential to be an anchor with several hidden abilities. For example, having the skills of crisis management, such as control and so on.

Gu YuMian’s live broadcast seemed to be slow in pace and uncomplicated in content. It was just cooking, eating, and chatting. But in fact, the Dongpo pork belly at the beginning attracted a small peak. At this time, the rapid growth period of the audience’s barrage, and the audience’s mood was extremely warm.

But just like the bowstring drawn too tight, it was not good to keep the mood in the studio fast-paced. The audience would soon feel tired. The wisest thing to do was to leave the audience with the content they wanted to follow, and the rhythm should be relaxed.

It was easier said than done, but Gu YuMian achieved it. He could let it go and get it back.

And now, it was ending.

From the official backstage of Starry Sky, they could see Gu YuMian’s data, which was almost against the sky even in this stage of live broadcasting, which could be called the ‘transition,’ his audience number was still snowballing, and what’s more, the audience retention rate

Up to 87%.

Whether it was because of curiosity, boredom, mistakes, or any other reasons, regardless of the professional race of men, women, old and young, nearly ninety percent of the people chose to stay.

The dinner was coming to an end.

“After dinner later, TuanTuan and YuanYuan will go to the yard to help me take down the sun-dried quilt,” Gu YuMian said, holding two cubs. “There will be snacks later… Let me see. How about yogurt, sweet potato puree, and soymilk?”

Because it was a little cold at night, Gu YuMian was afraid the original plan for the yogurt ice-cream would be bad for health, so he replaced it. It was just that today’s dinner was also Chinese food. It was okay to have another Chinese dessert as a night snack.

“By the way, let’s sleep on the floor in the sunroom for Children’s Day tonight, eh?”

There was floor to ceiling windows on both sides of the sunroom. The ceiling was also transparent. At night, they could directly see the stars in the sky.

He didn’t know why, but it gave Gu YuMian a sense of freedom and reminded him of his childhood. Going to a friend’s house, and a few people laying on the floor with pillows, eating snacks, playing games, watching movies, and talking about topics that were rarely talked about. Sleeping on the floor with a soft sun quilt to look at the stars, Gu YuMian thought he would see the elves on the ground.

He was not alone in this feeling, and the response of the barrage was extremely warm.

[I can lay on the floor!! There’s a feeling of whispering with my little sister back when I was a girl.]

[Ah, although I still don’t know what yogurt, sweet potato puree, and soymilk are, I blow them up in advance.]

[I’m looking forward to spending this evening with MianMian = 3 =]



The other side.

At the same time, the most active Entertainment Forum in the Lower Urban District of Capital Star also held several posts to discuss the new round.

As one of the most cutting-edge and emerging human anchors, Gu YuMian soon got a special post, with a misleading title: [A new human anchor, live cooking chat, a slow pace, 40 minutes now the audience is close to 400,000? This is a fake feed.]

Guess with your fingers; it must be a troll in an anonymous forum. As for the purpose, it didn’t need to be said that it was to discredit Gu YuMian’s reputation and trample on his sudden popularity. However——

It was counterproductive.

[1L: Last year, government officials rectified the live broadcast market. After checking all kinds of data swiping and improper content, I hope you know [link], the system will automatically clear the false data, once every three minutes.]

For such a big thing, Starry Sky had already sent people to guard the media to refute the rumors the first time.

But after dispelling the rumors, the whole building’s direction was changed.

[2L: There’s no fake data now. How can an anchor be slow? It’s a human. It’s forty minutes and four hundred thousand viewers? This is exploding??! I’ll go to watch it.]

[3L: I’ll go too. I’ll come back later]

[4L: Me too.]

So more traffic was introduced into the live broadcast from the forum. Most people who were curious and went to look never came back to repost their responses.

They were all locked up in the studio and didn’t come back.

[256L, Fuck!! Immortal!!! Thank you for letting me see such a fairy!! Although I know, you are a troll, but still want to thank you! wuwuwu!!]

Only a few people come back to leave comments like this, which made people confused. At the same time, it continued to attract a large number of curious viewers to enter the live room to start a new cycle.

Original Poster: “…” Fuck.

It was seven o’clock in the evening. The number of real-time viewers in Gu YuMian live room was now 1.02 million, ranking seventh in the real-time popularity of living quarters. This set a new record for the fastest growth of a Starry Sky broadcaster.

At the same time, because the popularity was high enough and all indicators were up to standard, the system automatically assigned the recommended position to Gu YuMian the ‘Star Anchor’ with the most considerable exposure rate in the whole living area. However, it was not on the home page.

… The second round of skyrocketing started with the popularity of the studio.


Gu YuMian’s quilts were in the yard. Without support, they were directly used as mats. The quilts were thin, and the baby snow leopard and baby panda had more than enough strength to carry them. They could always eat more later.

What’s more, two fluffy cubs with lotus leaves on their heads were walking home with quilts. They looked so cute.

… If you ignored that snow leopard occasionally pushed Tangyuan to sit on the ground when Gu YuMian didn’t pay attention.

Gu YuMian, “…”

“TuanTuan, YuanYuan, you have worked hard,” He squatted down to take the quilt, rubbed the small heads one by one, and picked them up together. “Let’s make yogurt, sweet potato puree, and soymilk, and then bring them back to the sunroom and eat them while playing.”

[Lemon Cat: Soymilk? What is it? I know yogurt and sweet potatoes, but it’s the first time I heard that they could be put together? Fly rubbing hands, will it taste better than Dongpo meat before?]

“Yogurt and sweet potato puree is very simple,” Gu YuMian smiled. “It’s delicious, too. I like it very much.”

As night fell, Gu YuMian turned on the warm yellow kitchen lamp. The baby panda was sitting on his usual chair, stretching out his claws to hold Gu YuMian’s hand from time to time, while the little snow leopard lay lazily on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, dozing off.

Gu YuMian steamed the sweet potatoes in the pot, then peeled them and pressed them into a paste. Gu YuMian chose yellow sweet potatoes with a wet, soft, and sweet texture. After being mashed into a puree, they showed an orange color and looked very delicate under the light. It was not difficult to imagine the taste of these sweet, soft, and waxy morsels.

After being pressed into a puree, he did not do anything else with it.

“It’s okay to mix a little cheese and fruit in the sweet potato puree, or add strawberry and blueberry puree,” Gu YuMian explained. “It will taste better, and it will be a surprise to eat.”

[There’s a family in the mine: I’m astonished now. I’m looking forward to it. orz]

[Anna Su: Gu YuMian, a man who waltzes on to my cute point and expectation point.]

What the audience said was so funny that Gu YuMian could not help bending his eyes.

It was really very simple to make sweet potato puree. After finishing it, he poured a layer of yogurt in and embellished it. Milk in the soft sweet potato puree was delicate and delicious.

Soymilk was a little more troublesome.

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