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Chapter 33: Crystal Shrimp Dimsum and Kung Pao Chicken

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


[There’s a Family in the Mine: The anchor suddenly appears, I like it!!! Fortunately, I didn’t take a nap.]

[Girl Star: The background is not at home today. Is MianMian out for fun?]

[Small Cloud Clip: Here we come! Bring out my dry bread and white rice. Please have lunch today.]

[User 15289: I was recommended by my colleague to see if it’s really as magical and mind blowing.]

[Vivian: Looking forward to sending fireworks.]

Even though the broadcast didn’t have a notice in advance, the number of people quickly climbed to 200,000 within three minutes a number that surprised Gu YuMian a little. In the past, when he was on Takk, the most populous summit, was only 500,000 viewers.

How many fans did he have last night?

Little Tangyuan, who became a human baby, lay in the cradle and slept hidden away. This live broadcast was from the perspective of the little snow leopard.

“When we went out to eat in a restaurant, there was something that happened. The live broadcast should not last long. You just have to look,” Gu YuMian said. “Besides, don’t just eat dry bread and white rice. It’s better to have a balanced diet. Today, we are making crystal shrimp dimsums and kung pao chicken. Let’s start without much talk.”

The chef apprentice grabbed a new apron and handed it to him. Gu YuMian thanked him and then gathered around to start the preparation work. The big kitchen was also divided into a dozen translucent kitchens, one of which Gu YuMian borrowed.

The chef apprentices couldn’t do anything at all. The prawns were still frozen with shells on. The synthetic prawns were airlifted from another planet, so the freezing was normal.

An apprentice came over and asked him, “Mr. Gu, can you microwave this shrimp or thaw it in hot water?”

Cooking in this era was very precious and they could only learn from teachers. They hadn’t talked about it yet. Although there were gourmet anchors that would do it online, many of them actually hid a part of it and so they couldn’t learn anything.

The snow leopard lay on Gu YuMian’s shoulder. He was awake now. He glanced at the man lazily and yawned. Gu YuMian scratched the leopard’s chin.

“…” He smiled helplessly, “No, if you put it in hot water, it will cook halfway and become elastic, and the microwave oven can’t easily control the temperature.”

Apprentice, “Oh!”

Gu YuMian rinsed the prawns with cold water, first defrosted them, then put them in cold water immersed in some white wine. Then he put the whole thing into the refrigerator’s fresh-keeping layer for thawing.

“Mn, while we wait for the prawns to thaw, we will make the kung pao chicken first.”

He was born in the south of the Yangtze River, studied in Sichuan, and ate mostly sweet and light dishes at home. However, Sichuan cuisine was more or less involved in his cooking. Gong Bao chicken was one of them. At first, he went out for a snack in the evening when he was a student. Later, he got to know his boss and learned this skill.

For him, kung pao chicken was also a dish full of memories. Every time he tasted it, he could think of all kinds of ideas that he and his friends used to travel around the world, as well as the taste of iced beer in summer.

“This synthetic chicken breast needs to be patted dry first, cut into small pieces, and then it will taste better,” Gu YuMian explained. “Then we can mix in the marinade.”

Gu YuMian held the handle of a knife, tapped the chicken breast meat with the back of the knife, and then turned the knife to dice it. The seasoning was mainly cooking wine, vinegar, white pepper, a trace salt and raw egg, and then it was tossed with a little starch to add a crunch. Gu YuMian also added a small spoon of sesame oil, and mixed them together in a porcelain bowl.

He pulled up his sleeves and poured in the diced chicken into the bowl to marinate.

“It takes about ten minutes to marinate. In this period, we will first fry the peanuts. TuanTuan?”

The chef apprentice occasionally passed by the outside of Gu YuMian’s small kitchen. His intention was to steal the teacher, but he didn’t expect that he would be completely attracted to Gu YuMian. He knew it was not polite, but…

——The man laughed and looked over.

——He looked very gentle like he was wearing the apron at home. 

——His fingers were long and his palms were warm. What would the feeling be if he let him comb his hair or roll in his arms?

One of the apprentices couldn’t help it. When he passed by the third time, his fluffy tail came out from behind him.


The little snow leopard that fell asleep on Gu YuMian’s shoulder instinctively felt the threat, and sat up. Gu YuMian’s apron was tied with a knot at the back, and the little snow leopard narrowed his eyes slightly and swiped at the knot with his displeased claws.

Gu YuMian, “?”

He thought for a moment, and lifted up the little snow leopard under his ribs and let it step on the edge of the cooking table. Gu YuMian simply untied the apron, and, using the detachable cloth of the apron tie, he tied a bow around the neck of the snow leopard.

The material of this small cloth strip was special. Gu YuMian had touched him, and he felt more comfortable. The snow leopard looked like a gentleman with a small bow tie.

Gu YuMian looked at him for a moment, bent his eyes and smiled, “Lovely.”

Gu YuMian summed up the principle of getting along with the snow leopard TuanTuan always had a hundred reasons to be angry. In any case, he could only coax him.

“My family’s TuanTuan is lovely.” Gu YuMian first lowered the transparency of the translucent kitchen wall so that one could not see the inside from the outside, picked up the snow leopard and kissed his ears. “Don’t be unhappy, I’ll make you delicious food, okay?”

There were some inexplicable soft and waxy timbres in the clear and sweet words, which were more gentle when his voice was lowered. He looked good when he smiled. His eyelashes were shining. The whole person was warm.

… He felt like he had been hit in the stomach.


After a moment of rigidity, the little snow leopard could not bear to look away, jumped on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and lay down lazily.

His ears were flat against his head and a little hot.

At the same time, the bullet curtain slipped over a large area.

[Cat’s Meow: Aaaaaaah! MianMian praised me for being cute!!! He really has wine in his little dimples. It’s sweet and tantalizing. Wuwuwuwuwuwu!]

[Vivian: Is little Xue Tuan jealous? Hahaha! Anchor looks really good in an apron. If it was my home, I’d rather show him to others!]

“Okay,” Gu YuMian smiled and everyone was in the warm atmosphere. “Let’s fry peanuts. This needs boiling for a while.”

Gu YuMian put the peanuts into boiling water, peeled off the shell after a period of time, and directly fried them in a hot pot. When the peanuts were fried and their crisp surface was a light golden yellow, he turned off the fire and controlled the oil temperature.

In ancient China, fried peanuts were often used as appetizers. The smell was unspeakable, and many audience members smelled it.

[Cluck: Ah! These peanuts are delicious. Is it fried as a snack?]

“No, it’s part of the dish,” Gu YuMian shook his head. “Mn, as before, the onion, ginger and garlic will be cut into pieces for use.”

There were no dried peppers here. Gu YuMian had to replace the several dried peppers with fresh ones. After frying the peanuts, he heated the pot again, added olive oil, drained the fresh little peppers, and stir fried the pepper until they turned a brownish red.

Sichuan cuisine was characterized by their many side dishes, spicy taste and bright color. Because it was for children to eat and he was afraid of gastroenteritis, Gu YuMian added only a small amount of the peppers. Just enough to leave a small taste and color.

Then he added the cut onion and a small amount of garlic to stir fry. He added the ginger to the high heat to enhance the flavor. When the hot oil made a ‘zizi’ sound and the scent of various vegetables were soaked together, did he then directly stir fry the chicken.

The diced chicken was quickly fried until it was golden brown on the surface, and the color and taste of pepper and vegetables were added. The hot oil bubbles directly popped. The spicy, salty and fresh taste was accompanied by the tender chicken and the final taste of the stir fried ginger and garlic. It spread quickly and wantonly!

The little snow leopard moved his nose and opened his eyes to look at the pot. Even the little Tangyuan, in his sleep, moved and sucked his fingers.

Audience: “!!!”

It was different from most of Gu YuMian’s dishes so far. The food used to be sweet, light and delicious, but this time it was completely spicy. They couldn’t help but secrete saliva!

[Gugugugu: Aaaah! I want to eat!!! It’s so fragrant, it’s not scientific!!!]

Not only the audience couldn’t stand it, but the fragrance spread out from the crack of the door, and the chef apprentice outside couldn’t help it.

They had been helping in the kitchen for so long and smelled such a delicious dish for the first time!

“What we pay attention to is to be fast and accurate,” Gu YuMian said with a smile in his eyes. “It’s a dish with a strong flavor. If you take out the chicken too soon, it’ll get cold.”

There was only one last step left. When he was about to take the chicken from the pot, he stir fried the peanuts and mixed them well. When the color and degree were just right, Gu YuMian poured in the mixed sauce and sesame oil, and his wrists moved quickly and turned it evenly. Then, he turned off the heat and got it out of the pan.

The color of the whole dish was tan and agate, which was placed on a white porcelain plate.

——The golden diced chicken was slightly crispy. Under the kitchen light, the surface was shining with hot oil and soy sauce. They could smell the hot, salty and delicious scent with a little sour and sweet taste. The fried peanuts were dotted among the diced chicken. The visual and olfactory smell was double attractive. At a glance, they felt hungry!

One after another, the bullet screen rolled by at full speed. Most of them were ‘ah, ah’, and ‘hurry and eat it’. Their enthusiasm was unprecedented. The little snow leopard sat on Gu YuMian’s shoulder and held out his claws to press against his cheek, saying that he wanted a taste.

“Hold on, it’s still a little hot,” Gu YuMian couldn’t resist the demands of the cubs. He took a small piece and blew it cool before carefully feeding it to the snow leopard. “Eat a small piece first and then you can eat more later.”

The little snow leopard’s eyes narrowed slightly after eating the chicken from the chopsticks, and his long tail swayed gently around Gu YuMian’s wrist. It was a very satisfactory performance.

After the chicken was eaten, the first feeling was a very suitable spicy flavor. The diced chicken wrapped with starch and fried till it was golden yellow and slightly scorched, tasted tender and incomparable. The meat quality had a kind of unspeakable smoothness. There was a little bit of sour and sweet in the strong and spicy taste, but there was no spicy feeling. Even people who didn’t like spicy food at ordinary times could accept and love it.

The finishing touch was the crispy fried peanuts, just a little bit mixed in with the diced chicken, and the delicate and crispy taste perfectly matched each other.

The audience went crazy.

[Throwing Cosmetics: !!!! Ah ah ah! How can it be so fragrant? Aaaah!!!]

[South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Good smell, good look, and although it’s delicious and spicy, there’s also a lot of oil and sauce, but it doesn’t feel greasy at all? I just think it’s refreshing and delicious!!!]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s fragrant, spicy, strong but not greasy, full of color, fragrance and flavor. Giving five fireworks and anchor fuel.]

[25 Baker Street: I can’t help it. I’d like to eat white rice first!! MianMian, hurry up!!!]

Maybe it was because the dish itself was spicy and hot, and the cooking process seemed very crisp and fast-paced. Today’s performance was very exciting from beginning to end.

With the accumulation of the whole day yesterday and the excellent quality, Gu YuMian’s popularity was also growing rapidly today. It had only been half an hour and he wasn’t in any recommended positions. However, the number of people had passed one million, and there started to be an increase in the gap with the second place money broadcaster again!

“Mn, there is only one dish left. Today, TuanTuan and Yuanyuan are hungry. I’ll make crystal shrimp dumplings. I’ll tell you more next time.”

Gu YuMian said he’d do it quickly, but he didn’t expect it to be really fast.

The thawed prawns were rinsed, peeled and dried. The prawns were marinated with ginger powder, cooking wine and a little salt. The rest were all chopped into a fine mince. The mushrooms and fat meat were also chopped into a mince. All of them were added to the marinated prawns. He cut the bamboo shoots and added them to the mix for seasoning.

“Then there’s the preparation of the crystal dough, which needs to be thin.”

He mixed the wheat starch and glutinous rice flour ten to one, added boiling water and flour, kneaded them well, and covered them for a short period of time. Gu YuMian quickly and flexibly mixed the starch and olive oil into it several times, and then divided the dough into small pieces to make them flat, and began to make dumplings.

Gu YuMian made twelve half-moon shaped dimsums with fast and accurate movements. The tiny one in his palm was another dumpling, which made people dizzy. Then, he waited for the water in the steamer to boil, padded the steamer drawer with several layers of gauze, applied a layer of oil, put in the wrapped shrimp dumplings, and would take them out of the pot in a few minutes.

When he could no longer explain it carefully, Gu YuMian cooked very fast, and the whole process was amazing!

[There’s a Family in the Mine: With cooking and marinating time, he had only used, from making to cooking, ten minutes?! It looks so cool. How come I feel like I’m watching a super professional?]

The shrimp dumplings were half moon shaped and the crystal skin was as white as snow and thin as paper. It was even translucent. The steamed red shrimp, minced meat and bamboo shoots in the stuffing were indistinct. One by one, it looked like a work of art in the bamboo steamer.

Gu YuMian gave the little snow leopard a taste as usual.

Different from kung pao chicken, this dish was like the usual dishes Gu YuMian mostly made, fresh and light, but it was still very delicious. When the thin skin was broken, there was a burst of immediate fresh flavor. The taste of frozen shrimp with white wine was crisp and smooth. It was very tender and delicious when mixed with minced meat and bamboo shoots!

The little snow leopard nodded.

[Red in the snow: Ah!! This dish was so beautiful. It’s translucent and fragrant. It’s different from the chicken just now!!! It tastes delicious!!]

[Junior B: I almost swallowed my tongue again, gah.]

[Rabbit Can’t Be: Delicious!! Really delicious!!]

When the crystal shrimp dimsums came out of the pot, the live broadcast was less than an hour in, and it had climbed to the top three of the real-time popularity in the living area, and the number of viewers had soared to two million unprecedented viewers!!

“Okay,” Gu YuMian smiled, took the snow leopard in his arms, pushed the baby panda’s cradle with one hand, opened the kitchen door and said to the chef apprentice and waiter outside, “Please help me with the dishes… “

He met a dozen pairs of bright eyes.

Gu YuMian, “…”

“Of course!”

“I’ll take it!”

“Is it your turn? I’m the oldest chef apprentice. I’ll do it!”

There was a device to deliver the dishes directly to the private room, but it needed the chef’s AI certification. The chef wasn’t there, so he had to serve it himself. The apprentices and the waiters were arguing to help, almost fighting.

Moreover, unlike cooking at home, Gu YuMian had attracted unprecedented attention from the kitchen to his private room. Some of the private rooms floating in the air were transparent. These transparent private rooms had small windows, and they could scent the wind. The original intention was to feel the feeling of nature with the change of virtual environment until a ray of fresh fragrance flowed into the nose.

The chefs were in the hospital together. The customers were all waiting for food and they were very hungry. How could they stand it?

“Customer service, why do they have food? It’s more delicious than I’ve ever smelled before!”

“What kind of food are they eating? Is it a new style? How much is it? I want it.”

“That’s very nice. The red dish with hot pepper is very delicious. Did you change the chef secretly??! Why give them a small stove?”

[Vivian: Is this the Elbet Restaurant? Hahahaha! I can fully understand the feelings of the other customers!]

[There’s a family in the mine: It’s not as good as one tenth of MianMian’s, but it’s the best restaurant for cooking in the whole downtown area. It’s miserable.]

Twenty minutes later.

The baby panda woke up. Gu YuMian wanted his family to have a quiet meal. After cooking for an hour, he waved goodbye, “Mn, that’s the end of the live broadcast. Happy weekend, everyone. See you in the evening.”

[I haven’t eaten enough!] 

[See you at night! It’s only five hours to see MianMian again, happy!] 

[Thanks for the hospitality Mian Mian!]

Under the special gift effects and farewell speech, Gu YuMian ended the live broadcast.

The baby panda cradled vaguely into Gu YuMian’s arms and held his milk bottle. Gu YuMian fed him a small crystal shrimp dimsum this was sized specially for Tangyuan, shaped very small and easy to digest. After eating the shrimp dimsum, little Tangyuan’s eyes were slightly open and round, and he was happy enough to make two noises.

Snow Leopard, “…”

He pushed away the round head of the baby panda again.

Although there were small conflicts between the children, the overall atmosphere was very harmonious, and Gu YuMian was very satisfied.


The other side.

The big boss of Elbet Restaurant listened to the whole event and searched the previous videos of Gu YuMian on the Internet. The more he watched, the more excited he became. “Can you hire Mr. Gu to be the chef? It’s all right. “

Secretary, “In theory, it’s okay.”

Boss, “In theory? What do you mean?”

The secretary typed a document on the screen and said, “But it seems that our restaurant is going to be purchased, and then the ownership will belong to the Royal Family, and the buyer of the Royal Family seems to have decided to transfer the ownership to Mr. Gu unconditionally.”

“What do you mean?”

“It means that Mr. Gu, whom you just planned to hire,” the secretary points to the screen, “may become our boss.”

Boss, “…”

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