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Chapter 34: His Majesty’s Private Badge.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo was screaming throughout this entire chapter


Gu YuMian felt happy at this time.

This was the way to spend the weekend. The family going out to the restaurant, and then going for a walk. However, the beauty was that the meal was coming to an end. Gu YuMian was wondering where to take the baby snow leopard and panda to play. Suddenly, the optical computer sent a message.

[Shuo Han: Do me a favor.]

Gu YuMian, “?”

Last time, Gu YuMian saved Mr. Shuo’s Star Network communication account because he sent the little snow leopard to the Starry Sky building, but this was the first time he had contacted him.

Little Tangyuan was nibbling on a crystal shrimp dumpling in his two claws. He gawked at Gu YuMian. The little snow leopard lay lazily on his shoulder and dozed off.

Since the other side sent text messages, he thought it was not convenient to call or video call. Gu YuMian thought about it and replied, [Gu YuMian: Excuse me, what is it? Hm?]

Although he was confused about why Shuo Han chose to ask for help, he didn’t seem to know the other very well. But Shuo Han had helped him twice before. Because of his love and reason, Gu YuMian wanted to help him when he had something to do.

After about a minute and a half, there was a reply, [Area C, under the South Cross, urgent.]

Gu YuMian, “……”

Well, it seemed that it was a matter of words.

But area A was too far away since he lived in area D. He was now eating in area A. Area D and area A were closest to each other, and they were separated from area C by area B, which were almost across half of the Lower Urban District.

Besides, he had another problem.

[Gu YuMian: Is it dangerous?]

He would decide whether he would take the children or not.

He didn’t want to leave the baby snow leopard and baby panda at home alone for too long. Although there was a security system, Gu YuMian was not sure about doing it. If it was just like repairing a tire and borrowing some money, it was okay to take them with him but it was going to area C.

But the other side’s reply was different from Gu YuMian’s expectation.

[Shuo Han: Dangerous.]

Gu YuMian’s brain was full of scenes of several young people fighting in matador society. He tried hard to remove the image that was too inconsistent with Shuo Han’s temperament from his brain. Since it was dangerous, it was better to send the children home and try to make a quick decision.

In an hour and a half.

Gu YuMian first sent the snow leopard and baby panda home, set up the security system, and then took the suspension device to area C. It was also the first time that he met a traffic jam in the interstellar era the peak of weekend travel, and area C was the most prosperous area in the Lower Urban District, with limited public suspension devices.

He was supposed to arrive in twenty minutes. It took an hour. But it was fine to sit on the suspension device. Gu YuMian opened the news software and started to watch the news. This was a way for him to absorb the information of this era.

[Is the famous star seriously ill in bed, why?]

…It was about Ershisi Guo. Gu YuMian knew about it. The title here was quite the style of the UC news department.

[The price of natural food will rise.]

[From the announcement of the chief secretary, His Majesty will stay in the Upper Urban District for three months to watch over the development for the next decade.]

His Majesty? Upper Urban District?

Gu YuMian remembered that although he had lived in this constitutional monarchy for so long, he knew little about its superstructure. Gu YuMian opened up the Star Network search.

Unexpectedly, no photos of the Emperor could be found on the Internet, and there were only a few official materials, even his surname had not been mentioned.

——Hall IV, awakened at the age of twenty, graduated from the first military academy in the capital at the age of eighteen. Psychic rating SSS (highest known).

“Wakened at twenty and graduated at eighteen?” Gu YuMian wondered, “He didn’t awaken before graduation?”

The average age of awakening of the star dwellers was fifteen years old, and twenty years old was the latest age of awakening. If they didn’t awaken before they were eighteen years old, they would be judged as ‘very difficult to awaken.’

Gu YuMian looked up some other materials and found that none of the first thirty years of His Majesty’s life was better than that of the countless people who respected and feared the Emperor.

When he was a child, he suffered a lot in his youth, and took on numerous repugnant ‘patricide’ successors. For seven years, he fought on the front lines. After winning the victory, he was confronted with various forces that coveted Capital Star.

The only photo that could be found online was an image of his back.

The tall and straight Emperor had his back turned to the camera, was surrounded by the people cheering and holding bouquets warmly and the ministers were bowing. He was followed by the officialdom and the church people far behind, and everyone seemed happy.

Only the man in the middle of the picture was completely split from the surrounding atmosphere.

All people were colorful, and he was the only one who was completely gray.

This man, in his strong military uniform and royal cape, stood arrogantly and alone, until, step by step, he walked to the highest throne.


Gu YuMian checked the photo information. This photo was taken in the year 232 of the new Ephemeris. The hundred year war with the Zerg had been ended by the young monarch. He returned to Capital Star from the border. This was a welcoming ceremony. No wonder the people seemed so happy. The era of peace had arrived.

Looking at this picture, Gu YuMian felt shocked. After the shock, he had some inexplicable and unexplained bitterness.

Maybe it was the loneliness in the picture that resonated in his heart.

Gu YuMian wanted to check further, but the sound of the suspension device arriving at the station rang out, so he had to put up the optical computer and lower the suspension device. South Cross was a sculpture on the square of the largest business district in District C.

Capital Star was really prosperous, at least he had never seen such a scene on Takk’s streets. Online holography technology was so developed, according to Gu YuMian’s guess, the streets should be deserted, but they weren’t.

Gu YuMian was afraid that he wouldn’t find him at first, but this was a worry because Shuo Han was a real eyesore in the crowd. He didn’t wear a uniform today. He wore a street style pullover and overalls. Shuo Han had long legs and wore a pair of Doc Martin boots. He was waiting for him with a lollipop in his pockets.

His face alone was enough to be eye-catching. What’s more, he was lazy but arrogant. There were so many people around him but there were no creatures passing through within a three meter radius of him. From time to time, some people were surprised and there were many girls attracted to his appearance, but no one dared to approach him.

Gu YuMian had just walked into the square, Shuo Han suddenly raised his eyes and looked at him from across the crowd and the large distance. His gray and blue eyes lazily had a layer of anger and haziness. The second he raised his eyelids and saw him, the haze disappeared.

Gu YuMian was stunned.

——The other side was looking forward to seeing him. Gu YuMian was filled with this idea.

Shuo Han watched Gu YuMian approach carefully.

“Mr. Shuo.” Gu YuMian came to him and coughed softly, “Are you okay? What’s the urgency?”

The man lowered his eyelids and stared at him for a long time. Suddenly, he stretched out his right hand with fingers slightly open and palm upward.

Gu YuMian, “?”

He thought it was a handshake. Was it? Gu YuMian hesitated to reach out his hand because of his social politeness. When he was about to meet the man’s palm, Shuo Han first grasped it, involuntarily clasped Gu YuMian’s fingers, and exerted his strength to pull Gu YuMian in his direction.

Gu YuMian finally found that Shuo Han’s face was a little too pale and his eyebrows were slightly furrowed, “It hurts.” His voice was a little imperceptible in a low voice, which sounded in Gu YuMian’s ear, “…Pick me up.”

Gu YuMian didn’t know what the situation was. The next second, the man’s tall and powerful body fell down. The cedar scent mingled with a light tobacco smell, and there was a strong alcohol smell drilling into his nose. Gu YuMian was frightened.

Shuo Han was taller than Gu YuMian and had a larger build. Gu YuMian had a hard time supporting him. From a distance, it was like Shuo Han was holding Gu YuMian in his arms and whispering something in his ear. They were like a couple of lovers who couldn’t help themselves.

The eyes of passers-by’s became ambiguous.

…This embarrassed Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian, “…Mr. Shuo? Mr. Shuo?? Shuo Han?”

He didn’t answer him. It was just a good thing that Shuo Han was standing there waiting for him.

In an hour.

A private hospital in area C.

After hearing what the doctor said, Gu YuMian finally figured out the whole story. The doctor said Shuo Han fainted due to intoxication caused by excessive alcohol intake, including sudden stiffness, unconsciousness and so on.

The response of different species to alcohol was different. Theoretically, everything was possible.

Shuo Han’s ID card said that he was under the age of twenty-five. Those only thirty and above could be guilty of drinking too much, and young people regarded drinking as a shameful thing no wonder Shuo Han waited for him instead of asking other friends, subordinates and even police inspectors.

“Sorry.” Shuo Han slightly pursed his lips and rubbed his eyebrows with one hand. He seemed to be annoyed at his mistake just now.

Gu YuMian shook his head. Looking at such a man with his long legs curled up in a small hospital bed, his heart was tired, but he was a little helpless and felt like laughing.

At the age of twenty-five, in the age of StarCraft, he was considered a young adult. The first time he met Shuo Han, he felt that he was very powerful, but after coming in contact with him a couple of times, he didn’t think that it was the same thing.

Maybe he was a rich second generation who was in a rebellious period and behaved a little bit out of the ordinary. Capital Star had many powerful families, so his attitude last time made sense.

“It’s okay. You should pay attention to yourself in the future. Don’t take anything too dangerous, and be careful about making friends.” Many young people went astray just because they made bad friends. Gu YuMian thought for a moment and said, “By the way, I’ll buy you something to eat. Wait first

Shuo Han suddenly held his wrist, his skin was very cold. When he touched his hand, it was like a piece of ice. His broad and long hand encircled Gu YuMian’s whole wrist in his palm.

He looked up at Gu YuMian and asked, “How do you make friends?”

Gu YuMian, “…” 

Gu YuMian thought about it before answering, “When you choose friends, you should pay more attention, choose the right ones, and…”

Shuo Han looked at him carefully.

It was near the evening, the golden red light came into the ward and landed on the man’s pupil. He looked at Gu YuMian as if he was listening attentively, his eyebrows slightly raised, and his eyes indulging.

Towards the end of Gu YuMian’s speech, Shuo Han, who had been silent, finally spoke, “Can you be my friend?”

Gu YuMian didn’t respond for a second, “What?”

Shuo Han looked at him with his eyelids slightly drooping, and repeated it carefully and word by word, “Can you be mine?”

The evening wind swept up the white screen, and the bouquet at the head of the bed swayed slightly in the wind.

Gu YuMian was stunned. “…”

The question was, can I be his friend? Why did he omit the word ‘friend?’ It sounds so strange.

“Of course I can be your friend.” Gu YuMian smiled. “Okay, I’ll buy you something to eat.”

Shuo Han didn’t seem very satisfied. He looked at Gu YuMian for a while, slightly pursed his lips and nodded.

Gu YuMian walked out of the ward, but he had doubts in his heart. He opened the monitoring system at home to see what little snow leopard and little Tangyuan were doing.

——The little snow leopard was curled up on Gu YuMian’s regular pillow to sleep, while the baby panda was playing with the little robot at home with a bottle in his arms, looking at the door from time to time uneasily.

Gu YuMian’s heart settled down.

Thanks to the advanced interplanetary medical treatment, the serious symptoms were gone after one or two hours’ sleep in the treatment cabin. Gu YuMian finally came home before six o’clock. At the same time, he had one more thing in his hand, which was given by Shuo Han. He said that he would like to thank him for coming to help today.

Gu YuMian looked at it and felt it was not too valuable, so he took it.

At six o’clock sharp, Gu YuMian arrived home.

“Mn,” said Gu YuMian, standing in the bathroom, holding the thing from Shuo Han and gesturing in the mirror, “TuanTuan, what do you think this is?”

The little snow leopard was lying on his shoulder, yawning sleepily, lifting his eyelids to look at the mirror. The baby panda slowly moved in, reached out and hugged Gu YuMian’s calf, making a small whirring sound to hold him.

Gu YuMian quickly picked up the chubby baby panda and touched his head, put him in the baby cradle prepared in every room, and continued to look in the mirror.

“It looks like a tattoo sticker.” Gu YuMian murmured, “It’s a bit out of the mainstream.”

What Shuo Han gave him was a piece of transparent and hard material with a pattern printed on it. Gu YuMian thought about the past. What was this rebellious process of making friends with a boy?

The pattern was very beautiful. The shape was a rose and sword, and it gave him a feeling of complexity, nobleness, and arrogance.  1

Snow Leopard, “…”

Tattoo sticker?!  2

The baby panda held Gu YuMian’s hand and looked at the film strangely. The little snow leopard was about to fall asleep. At this time, he opened his eyes, sat down on the shoulder of Gu YuMian very seriously, and put out his paws and pushed his head to express his dissatisfaction.

Every Emperor had his own personal badge, which was never given to others, but when he did, it was only once in his life. That’s what Fennick reminded him of last time.

Gu YuMian said it was a tattoo? How absurd.

The more Gu YuMian looked, the more he felt like it was a tattoo sticker. He couldn’t think of any other possibility. An internet search also did not find relevant information.

“Since it’s a tattoo sticker, I’ll just stick it anywhere,” Gu YuMian said. “It shouldn’t be too obvious. I’m so old. Where do you think I should stick it?”

His index finger scratched over the pattern. In the next second, there was a light fluorescent blue light on the pattern, which floated out from the transparent film!

Gu YuMian and the baby panda, “!!”

Was this a high-level phantom projection? Why was a tattoo sticker so complex?

One man and one panda stared at the ‘tattoo sticker’ in the same daze. The snow leopard looked at Gu YuMian and stretched out his claws to press the pattern in the air. Gu YuMian was afraid that he would fall down and hugged him.

He never thought that the little snow leopard would really push the pattern, but the little claw suddenly turned sideways. The pattern settled on Gu YuMian’s clavicle. 3

Snow Leopard: “…”

Gu YuMian, “……”

The rose and sword with complicated patterns turned a dark red. Gu YuMian’s skin was white, with faint blue blood vessels. The clavicle was clear and beautiful, so there was a kind of inexplicable color, air and beauty.

Gu YuMian felt that his clavicle was a little hot for a while, like something subtle was injected into the blood vessels and spread to the brain, but it was not strong, so he didn’t think much of it.

The little snow leopard looked at it and suddenly lowered his eyelids. The tip of his ears were a little hot.

Gu YuMian looked at the leopard for a long time and nodded reluctantly, “It’s okay.”

It was a little effeminate.

He pulled up the collar of his shirt, covered the pattern, hugged the little snow leopard who seemed to feel bad, and the baby panda who was happy, and walked out of the bathroom.


It was seven that night.

Gu YuMian received a text message just before the live broadcast.

[Hello, the account with the number of 4365 has chosen to transfer the ownership right of ‘Elbet Restaurant’ to you unconditionally. Would you please accept the transfer?]

Gu YuMian closed it before he even finished reading it. Was it a fraud message?! Who would send him a restaurant with a market value of more than 100 million for no reason? He was in a hurry to start the live broadcast and cook, so he didn’t think about it.

“How long before the first round of the rookie competition is over?” Gu YuMian thought about the four week process. “It’s too long.”

He was ready for the live broadcast at night. He held the baby at home and took a look at his computer in the background before the broadcast. He didn’t expect to receive a text message from the official as soon as he went online.

[Starry Sky Platform Rookie Team V: Mr. Gu YuMian, how do you do? Due to your excellent performance in the first round of the rookie competition, if you can enter the top 10 of the platform wide popularity list again today, you will get the opportunity to be directly promoted to the next round.]

Due to the presence of Gu YuMian, it had seriously affected the balance of the competition. Although the second place tried to improve their popularity and draw prizes in various ways, the gap widened again after Gu YuMian suddenly had a live broadcast at noon. This was also a blow to the enthusiasm of other anchors. Seeing that the second anchor was going crazy, the others started to slack off.

After a discussion, they came up with a way to promote him directly.

Gu YuMian, “……” Okay, okay. However, the conditions for direct promotion were not so easy to achieve. Gu YuMian felt that his first two broadcasts were based on luck.

He took a look at his comprehensive popularity today, and was also shocked. Today, he only had a live broadcast for less than an hour at noon. At that time, he didn’t see much data… Why was it so high? The average online population was five million, which meant that by the end of the day, the number should soar to □ □ million.  4

For every ten million-plus viewers, it was a problem for an anchor.

At the end of yesterday’s live broadcast, Gu YuMian crossed tens of millions of hurdles and entered the top ten of the day, but that was three or four hours after the start of his broadcast. It was not nearly as dramatic as the first hour.

Gu YuMian was not surprised, thanks to the terrible traffic of Capital Star.

At 7:00 p.m., Gu YuMian was ready to start the live broadcast again, “Hello, I’m anchor Gu YuMian.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. sword and rose
  2. Anyone remember those temporary tattoos? You could get them from cereal boxes back in the 90’s in America. My sister and I used to fight over who would get the ones from the 25 cent machines from the mall. They would kind of look like this. They would only last 1 or 2 days max after putting them on with a wet towel and were so gross once they started peeling, you’d get mad and scrub them off.
  3. Untitled-1Shuo Han basically gave Gu YuMian a permanent wedding ring without him even knowing. Bad Emperor Vinegar Jar.
  4. □ □ is in the original text: 人数应该飙升到了□□百万.


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