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Chapter 42: Fish Fillet Seafood Congee

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to adopt the little snow-white fox


In the early morning, the audience’s growth far exceeded Gu YuMian’s expectation. He was a little surprised and soon returned to his normal rhythm. He wanted to talk about today’s arrangements with the audience.

“Today, I made an appointment with the Academy of Sciences to visit at 9:30 in the morning until 5:00 in the evening, and I will go around the Upper Urban District after. TuanTuan is going to school in the morning,” Gu YuMian scratched the little snow leopard’s chin, and the little snow leopard yawned lazily. “First, we will pack TuanTuan a small package.”

The little package was like a satchel. The little snow leopard could carry it easily.

Gu YuMian filled it with little snacks like cheese salmon and cat biscuits, a small thermos, and an information magnetic card to prevent children from getting lost and to help them find their home.

He helped the little snow leopard comb his hair neatly — Gu YuMian considered it well. Children needed face when they went out. Neat and clean children would be popular at school.

When Gu YuMian did these things, the little snow leopard looked at him with his half-open gray-blue eyes. His gaze was careless and a little indulgent. Sometimes Gu YuMian found his show of disobedience funny.

There was a smile in his eyes.

Both the baby panda and fox were asleep. The audience was watching through the long lost view of the snow leopard.


[It’s so sweet and I’m happy to see Mianmian when I got up early!] 

[Can Mianmian smile a little bit more? I forgot to put sugar in my coffee.]

The number of spectators had skyrocketed and there were so many bullet screens that it was hard to see each one.

“By the way,” Gu YuMian looked at the time, “I have more than an hour left. I can cook fish fillets and seafood congee for breakfast. TuanTuan, have some congee before you go.”

The little snow leopard, of course, had no objection. He rubbed his head and ears against Gu YuMian’s palm. The little fox and baby panda could get up and have congee. They could make more congee and take it to the researchers who were not free to have breakfast in the Academy of Sciences.

He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but Gu YuMian thought that the kitchenware in the house prepared by the Academy of Sciences was too complete.

——Even though the steamer and oven were used, they even had a casserole set up he had never seen in the interstellar age before.

“The fish fillet and shrimps should be prepared first and marinated.”

Gu YuMian cut the fish into thin slices with a knife in one hand, and the fish was a light pink and neatly sized. He used cooking wine and a trace salt to remove the fishy smell, and then he coated them in egg yolk to ensure the taste was fresh and tender, while the shrimps were shelled and peeled to remove the vein, and slightly frozen.

“The congee needs to cook for a while.”

In this era, there were few people who ate rice and noodles, but fortunately, Gu YuMian found rice on the vast Internet. Pearl rice had been soaked and washed. Gu YuMian first boiled it in a cooker with clear water, then cooked it directly over high heat. He stirred it until it boiled, and immediately turned it to low heat.

Technology shortened the time for cooking congee. Gu YuMian controlled the fire to make the congee boil without overflowing. He first boiled it with cold water and then lowered the heat. This could ensure that the rice grains absorbed enough water and became fragrant, soft, and thick.

The fragrance of the white congee itself made many audiences’ mouths full of saliva, not to mention after Gu YuMian uncovered the pot. He first added some mushrooms and scallops, took a long spoon and stirred it, and then directly put the marinated fish and shrimp into the congee with shredded ginger, and added a small spoon of sesame oil. When it was almost done, he added some greens and onions.

Soon, a pot of fish slices and seafood congee was simmered on the stove until it was boiling and made a gurgling sound.

Uncovering the lid, the food inside was thick and soft. The glutinous rice congee was full and blooming. In the congee, there were white pieces of fish, tender red shrimp, and freshly cooked greens. The bright color made people salivate.

At the same time, a delicious and rich seafood congee fragrance overflowed in an unrestricted manner!

The little snow leopard who had dozed off woke up at this time and looked up, waiting to be fed. And the little fox and baby panda who were sleeping on the soft bed were also awoken from their sleep. They were also moved by the fragrance and were about to wake up completely.

[The quilt is Soft: My God, is this edible? When can we eat it? I’m ready with my dry bread. I can chew on it at any time!]

The audience couldn’t help it. A large portion of ‘Aaah,’ ‘expectation’ and ‘eat fast’ exploded on the screen. The growth rate of the audience, which was originally very scary, rose in another order of magnitude.

Gu YuMian took a long spoon to taste, added a little more salt and cooked it for a while, then filled a small bowl and heated it to give the little snow leopard some congee, fish slices, and shrimps.

After a while, the little snow leopard squinted contentedly and nodded his head to express his satisfaction.

——The hot and fresh rice congee was soft, tender, and fragrant. It was boiled into the salty and fresh fish slices, and dried shrimps. It had a thick taste of rice and was sweet and glutinous. The taste of the fish was soft, fresh, and tender. The shrimp was crisp and fresh, all of which retained the original flavor without a fishy smell. 1

On this winter morning, to start with such a bowl of congee, it made the whole body warm — starting from the stomach, gently awakening the spirit from sleep. Not only the taste, but the whole feeling was amazing.

The barrage was about to explode into fireworks.

[Meow Meow Meow: Aaaaaaaaah!!]2

[Junior B: Aaaaah! Although I have a clear understanding of the skill level of anchor, I can’t help wanting to eat it every time. Kneeling! Aaaaah! It’s delicious and comfortable!!!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: So comfortable, and beautiful color! What did you call this one? Congee? Wuwu, if I had studied hard at that time, I might have been able to eat the congee made by MianMian in the Academy of Sciences.]

[There’s a Cloud: The fish and shrimp are fragrant and smooth, the rice is soft and warm. Is the name ‘seafood congee?’ Sending five fireworks.]

[aufcn: This was recommended to me by my friend!!! Although I have to go to work at nine, I’m satisfied!! I’m fine!]

It was half-past eight. Gu YuMian had just been on air for half an hour, and the number of audience members would soon reach 30 million. Just over half an hour, without any moderation, his broadcast had directly rushed to the top of the real-time popularity list in the living area!

Gu YuMian couldn’t help but smile and divide some congee into fresh-keeping boxes, saying, “If you have a chance in the future, please taste it yourself.”

Gu YuMian was thinking that things in Elbet’s Restaurant were not stable at the moment. If there was a chance, he wanted to add this not too difficult fish congee to the menu later. 3

The audience only heard him say that there would be a lottery in the future, and they all agreed with both hands and feet. There was a lot of ‘good’ and ‘looking forward to the lottery’ in the barrage, and many gifts exploded.

He was keeping some congee to be brought to the Academy of Sciences. Gu YuMian let the little snow leopard lay on his shoulder firmly. He went to the living room with the entire casserole dish held with his insulated gloves and called his other two children to get up for food.

Not far away, the little fox curled up in a ball with his big tail, woke up first, sat in the bed and pondered for a while. His paws carefully pushed the soft belly of the sleeping baby panda to remind him to get up for breakfast. The baby panda smelled the food, rubbed his eyes, and soon sat up in a daze, staring at the fox with his round eyes.

“QiuQiu, YuanYuan, here’s breakfast.” Gu YuMian took off his insulating gloves, put down the casserole dish, and came to hold the baby. “I will visit the Academy of Sciences in a moment. We will have a full meal first because I don’t know what time we will be able to have lunch.”

Before Gu YuMian arrived, the little snow leopard jumped from his shoulder to the bedside. The little snow leopard sat up and looked down arrogantly at the two little guys. His tail swung and his throat gave out a very low reverberation. The other two children listened with dull eyes.

He was like the boss of some bad organization scolding his younger brothers.

The audience, “Hahaha!”

Gu YuMian, “……”

Of course, he remembered to open the live broadcast privacy setting project of the baby panda, but he forgot about the fox. Someone immediately asked him where the cub came from.

“QiuQiu is the mascot of the Academy of Sciences. He came to play at our house.” Gu YuMian explained. The audience members all knew that there were arctic foxes in the Academy of Sciences, but only a few knew that the chief and the little arctic fox were related to each other.

“TuanTuan.” Gu YuMian asked the little snow leopard to sit on his shoulder and looked at the small Tangyuan, who was simple and round to hold. The little fox, whose tail was fluffy and shy, looked at him. There was a sudden pressure, and it was hard for Gu YuMian not to hold his tail either.

Finally, he managed to pick up the little Tangyuan first, and then let the little fox get into his arms, and walked to the dining table in the living room to put them down.

There couldn’t be any more children at home, Gu YuMian thought.

This was the first morning Gu YuMian spent with the audience in the studio.

The little milk pot heated the milk for the baby panda and little fox. It made a gurgling and bubbling sound on the stove. The steam and milk fragrance gently encircled the whole space. Gu YuMian took the children to have congee and breakfast and chatted for a while.

The snow just stopped falling outside the window, the sky was blue in the Upper Urban District, and the sound of broadcasting news in the morning was a reassuring background sound.

The mood of the 30 million audience members had also stepped into a slow and peaceful rhythm. They were ready for all the things and highlights of the whole day after this reception. They were even looking forward to it.

Gu YuMian’s live broadcast had also quietly ascended the home page’s real-time popularity list, slowly climbing up the ranks. 

“Then we’ll go out and go to the Academy of Sciences.”

It was exactly nine o’clock in the morning. Gu YuMian helped the three children comb their hair and tidy up their appearance in turn. The baby panda was carried into the bassinet. The snow leopard lay on his shoulder and the cute little fox, QiuQiu, was cuddled in his arms.

Gu YuMian made a final check for anything he had forgotten and pushed the door open.

——The sun was shining down. It was a fine day today.


Just out of the door, looking up, they could see the magnificent palace and the tower suspended in the sky. There were fleets patrolling around the clock. The streets were covered with snow, but the automatic snow melting device made the roads unobstructed, and there were few people out and about.

The little snow leopard was picked up by the people from the school in the Upper Urban District. Now, as long as the two children were taken care of, Gu YuMian could be very relaxed.

“Mr. Gu, do you need someone to pick you up?” The assistant called and asked him, “Er… Do you know the way? “

Gu YuMian didn’t really know the way, but he was extremely cautious when taking the children out. So he had checked the route several times last night — not to mention the distance of only about one kilometer. He thought it should be okay. “It’s no trouble, I’ll be there in a moment.”

The assistant thought it was fine, after all, the chief was also there, so they couldn’t get lost, “Okay.”

[There’s a family in the mine: Eh, there are so few people in the Upper Urban District. Even if it is early in the morning.]

The temperature outside was still a little low, so Gu YuMian wore a woolen coat and a scarf. Because he wore a lot of clothes, his movements were slow and he gave off warmth.

Gu YuMian held the shy and introverted fox in his arms, covered the baby panda, and explained, “Ten percent of the population in the Upper Urban District are aristocratic royalty, and the rest are servants and migrant workers of the aristocracy.”

Perhaps because of the constitutional monarchy, this should be a place with the most advanced technology, because the existence of aristocracy was a little behind the Lower Urban District. At this time, the nobles were sleeping in or socializing, and they would not go out. So the streets were full of migrant workers.

“The Academy of Sciences is in area B,” Gu YuMian explained to the audience in a low voice, “because area B is very close to the palace, you need to pass the checkpoint. This section may disclose personal information. I’ll turn off the live broadcast for about ten minutes. Sorry, everyone.”

Gu YuMian’s consideration was very comprehensive, after all, passing the customs really involved a lot of private information. Although the audience was interested in seeing it, they were also very considerate and would wait for him.

It was the same as going to the airport and through security.

Although Gu YuMian was a human, he had been looked at with many different eyes. Of course, it was not very friendly. Maybe the relationships between humans and those in the Upper Urban District was even weaker. Everyone was busy with their own affairs.

When passing through the security device, the staff scanned Gu YuMian’s electronic pass and personal information, thought about it, and suddenly asked him to show his paper pass.

Gu YuMian, “……”

It was true that the Upper Urban District pass had a paper with a stamp, which may be put in the bag, but he had never had to check the paper before. Gu YuMian was not sure if he brought it.

Gu YuMian was wearing thick clothes now. He had to hold the fox and look after Tangyuan. It was a bit troublesome for him to look for anything. The people behind him didn’t offer to help, he just looked at the time impatiently.

As soon as the little arctic fox was in a crowded place, he became stiff and nervous. He was easier to deal with when he was held by Gu YuMian. But Gu YuMian had to put him down and touched his ears, “QiuQiu, go to the cradle and squeeze in with YuanYuan. I’ll find the pass while you hold him.”

The little fox gave a chirp.

Gu YuMian shifted his bag to the front of his body to look for it. It was filled with milk bottles, paper towels, and so on. Gu YuMian wore a lot of clothes and was worried. He couldn’t find it for half a minute. The people behind seem to be more impatient.

That was when —

There was a sudden silence behind him. Everyone had become silent. It was like when Moses made his way through the sea, and the sound of army boots stepping on the ground from afar began growing closer. 

Gu YuMian was not paying attention. A tall man was standing at a close distance behind him. He lowered his grey-blue eyes and fixed his gaze on the young man’s face and pale lips.

Gu YuMian finally realized something was wrong with the atmosphere.

Just as he wanted to turn around, his right hand was suddenly, slightly clasped.

The next second.

“Use this.” The man leaned over and whispered to him. The voice was low and magnetic and sounded lazily in Gu YuMian’s ear.

The smell of cedar shrouded him, unlike any other men’s perfume.

Gu YuMian’s hands were covered with mittens. The slender and cool fingers clasped Gu YuMian’s right fingers from behind, handed the pass to Gu YuMian’s palm, and closed his five fingers around the card. It was a very intimate and secretive embrace, which could not be defined as one from a friend. Only lovers would have no problem in the position.

Gu YuMian’s brain emptied for a few moments.

The narrow passage was not so airy. The air was a little hot…

He subconsciously followed the man’s movements and looked down. It was a stamped paper pass with his name on it, but it was not the temporary one that the Academy of Sciences had helped him with that only lasted a week: this one looked permanent.

Shuo Han looked down at Gu YuMian’s reaction, and a moment later, his brow rose slightly.

All the people who waited at the back were looking at them without making a sound.

The whole space was quiet


Ten seconds later.

The little fox finally plucked up his courage to come out of the cradle. He went to see Gu YuMian nervously and anxiously but saw a completely different picture from his imagination.

The human youth, who had always been very steady and flexible, had a look of consternation in his light brown eyes, a little shortness of breath, and was a little unnatural in his movements. He didn’t know if it was because of embarrassment or something else, but there was a light reddish flush on his earlobe.

Ten minutes later.

From the narrow passage, Gu YuMian held the lovely fox and finally breathed out.

It was really boring there. Maybe in addition to the sense of relief that the situation just now was over after someone helped him, his heartbeat very fast, and he also felt a shake in his identity as a straight man of more than twenty years.

But now that the feeling faded, he was back to normal and could think calmly.

They were on their way. Shuo Han glanced at him lightly and said, “The pass comes with property.”

It was the villa on Floating Island. One could buy property in the Upper Urban District with a pass, but Gu YuMian didn’t know about it and may not use it even if he knew about it.

Gu YuMian smiled and nodded, “Thanks for the pass.”

He didn’t want to talk about the real estate and the gifts, so as not to quarrel.

“Shuo Han, what are you doing in the Upper Urban District?” Gu YuMian looked at Shuo Han, and he couldn’t help but feel some doubts in his heart, “It’s such a coincidence?”

A few days ago, they met in the Lower Urban District and both came to the Upper Urban District. What’s more, it was a bit of a coincidence for Shuo Han to show up with his pass this time.

“I live in the Upper Urban District. I had to go to the Lower Urban District for work before.” Shuo Han didn’t explain it very seriously.

Gu YuMian: Really…

“It’s too bad.” Shuo Han answered the other question. He looked at Gu YuMian with half-drooping eyelids and carelessness for a while. “I was looking for you.”

Gu YuMian, “Why?”

Shuo Han stopped.

Gu YuMian walked a few steps forward without feeling, then turned around and looked at him

Shuo Han’s gray-blue eyes stared at him for a long time, reflecting the deep winter blue sky, and suddenly appeared lighter as he smiled. It was a bit like a little taunt, but that expression was not cold, even a little emotional, which made Shuo Han’s beautiful appearance more lazy and charming.

Shuo Han stepped forward two steps, and his bony fingers gently passed through Gu YuMian’s hair. He raised his head and looked at him seriously, “Because I want to see you, can’t I?”


Little Tangyuan was sleeping in his bassinet and the little fox was curled up into a ball in Gu YuMian’s arms. His fluffy tail shook and he raised his head in confusion. Gu YuMian had to admit that maybe this was just not the reason why the air at the gate was too stuffy.

He felt a few wrong beats in his heart.

Even if it was irrational, he forgot all the questions and doubts he had just now.


Twenty minutes later, half-past nine in the morning.

Shuo Han took Gu YuMian to the door of the Academy of Sciences, watched him enter the door, stopped for a while, and then turned to his suspension device. Through the corridor was the inside of the Academy of Sciences. Gu YuMian walked in the corridor, and the live broadcast had been reopened.

There was such a gap in time, but the number of spectators was just slightly less than as had originally been before. Once opened, it began to grow rapidly.

“Hello everyone,” Gu YuMian said hello to everyone. Although he was working, his ears were still a little red inevitably. “I’m sorry, I just met some small accidents, the time was delayed, and I’ve kept you waiting for a long time.”

[Wuwuwuwu. It doesn’t matter. I was just worried about what happened to MianMian. Was my family’s MianMian bullied??]

[It’s okay to be in the Academy on time!! Looking forward to it!]

Gu YuMian was not a romantic type of person. He tried to adjust himself, and soon pulled himself away from this new mood — maybe just for a while, and then he could think about it when he was free because there were more important things now.

He was looking forward to the Academy himself.

Gu YuMian held the fox in his arms and waved with his claws.

“Then we’ll go in.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Fish and Vegetable Congee
  2. This is the author’s nickname, so she’s basically telling everyone she wants to eat some.
  3. Shrimp Congee


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