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Chapter 166: Tenth World (10)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

When he was hit by a critical blow, Zheng Kun couldn’t even spit out anything else, so he leaned on the big tree to breathe out, pale and delicate. His appearance had been looked over, and there was not a bit of ‘male’, as strong as he should be, which would indeed attract many male beasts who couldn’t find a female partner to covet.

After all, such a weak chicken’s constitution was as good as that of a female, and one didn’t have to worry about being raped or even killed by the other side when they got up. It was really the best starting point.

When he dragged his limp body back to the tree house, he saw Bai Duan, who was the same slim figure as him, fighting with a black porcupine with sharp spikes on his body. He was overturned three times times, but was still able to retreat before the sharp spikes, then Zheng Kun was even more desperate to know his constitution.

As an otaku who had never been associated with sports, let alone the fierce and ferocious Bazel, even Bai Duan, who looked like a teenager and looked weaker than himself, could beat three of him at a time. Zheng Kun really had to think about how to live in this dangerous world.

Sitting down against the thick trunk of the big tree, Zheng Kun’s whole body exuded a sense of decadence. Noticing his condition, Bai Duan, who was tired of playing, mercifully let go of the porcupine and let it escape as soon as it was saved. Then he turned to Zheng Kun and handed him some fruits, “Eat?”

Zheng Kun looked up at Bai Duan, who was standing in front of him. He thought that the boy was as beautiful as an angel, “Thank you, thank you!”

These wild fruits really saved Zheng Kun’s life. He vomited so much that there was nothing in his stomach but acid. More importantly, he didn’t want to eat any meat products at all.

After a few sour and sweet wild fruits, Zheng Kun finally picked up his spirits and felt a strong, cordial and warm care.

This was the first time Zheng Kun had felt the concern of others since he came to the world. His eyes were red, and he almost cried a few tears. His affection for Bai Duan had also soared from the original ‘companion of the benefactor who saved him’ to ‘tender and considerate little angel’.

Eating the wild fruit clean, even licking the juice off his fingers, Zheng Kun’s face finally improved, which satisfied Bai Duan.

Sitting cross legged next to Zheng Kun, Bai Duan held his chin in the palm of his hand, “After eating something delicious, is your mood better?”

“Umn.” Zheng Kun replied with a smile and nodded. Although his heart was still full of gloom, the simple and innocent angel could improve his mood and he didn’t want to let him down at all, “Much better, thank you!”

Bai Duan was also very happy that his kindness was accepted by others. He had a little more patience with Zheng Kun, “Next, do you want to go somewhere?”

“No.” Zheng Kun shook his head in a daze, and his brow that had just stretched out began to wrinkle involuntarily… “I don’t know what’s going on here, and… my strength is also very poor, there is no way to live independently… “

“Not all the beasts here are very powerful. Those like Bazel who can occupy a large territory by themselves are very few. Only those standing at the top of the food chain can do so.” Bai Duan shrugged his shoulders and comforted him, saying, “For example, rabbits, goats and other relatively weak beasts are all living together, caring for each other and protecting each other. There are also hidden rules here. Even natural enemies will not directly attack tribes, but will only pick single prey in the wild.”

“If so, then I can join a tribe!” Zheng Kun’s eyes brightened, and finally found a way to live.

“I’m a mink. The mink tribe is not far from here. If you need me to, I can introduce you there.” Bai Duan looked at Zheng Kun, who was excited, and said calmly, “But I can only serve as the introducer. As for whether the tribe is willing to accept you or not, I don’t have any say — after all, in order to protect the safety of the tribal people, most of the tribes will not accept outsiders of unknown or even different races.”

Hearing Bai Duan’s words, Zheng Kun also found his reason from his excitement, “What kind of outsiders can be accepted by the tribe?”

“For example… one who can bring great benefits to the tribe and make the people live better? ” Bai Duan tilted his head. “Specifically, it’s up to you to think about it.”

Zheng Kun nodded solemnly and expressed sincere thanks for his help to Bai Duan. Then he began to ponder how to bring benefits to the mink people. Bai Duan also gave some suggestions from the side, which benefited Zheng Kun a lot.

So, when Bazel came back with some fresh fish and some wild fruits, he saw his little lover and Zheng Kun sitting under the tree ‘side by side’, close to each other, and suddenly had a sense of crisis that he was going to be pushed away.

Putting the fish and fruit in place, Bazel came to the two people, and the cold aura from him suddenly froze Zheng Kun, and he dared not spit out another word again.

Suppressing the ‘love rival’, Bazel leaned over and picked up Bai Duan, “Okay, after dinner and a little activity, it’s time for you to go back to sleep. You just became an adult, and you are still growing up!”

Bai Duan shrank in Bazel’s arms, only felt that he meant something else and unconsciously clenched his buttocks.

Taking his little lover away from the ‘love rival’, Bazel spread his wings and flew to the tree house. Along the way, he swept Zheng Kun’s face with his wings. The sharp feathers almost cut his skin.

He silently turned to look at Zheng Kun, who was swept by the strong wind and whose face had turned red. Bai Duan blinked, acutely aware that Bazel’s mood was not right, “Are you not happy?”

“How can I be happy to see you talking to others so happily?” Bazel snorted and asked — now, more and more, he regretted that he had softened his little lover’s heart and rescued Zheng Kun from the snake. It was hard to do a good thing. As a result, not only did he bring back a big light bulb, but he was almost covered with green clouds!

“It’s rare for you to help someone so zealously.” Bazel’s tone was rather gloomy and sour, which almost turned into substance.

In the face of the complaint from his ‘future partner’, Bai Duan coughed dryly and felt a little guilty. “I’m just bored and feel a little pity for him… Anyway, there is nothing else to do. Just helping him to pass the time.”

“Okay.” Bazel’s response was bland, and he obviously didn’t accept the explanation at all — more importantly, he also thought of himself who took Bai Duan home just from his words.

At that time, he thought Bai Duan was a little pitiful because he was bored. So he spent his time with a pet? As a result, this ‘boredom’ had to compensate for the whole body and mind. Up to now, there was no ‘repentance’.

In the light of his ‘lessons from the past’, Bazel had to remind his little lover, “Don’t help, sympathize and cultivate some feelings!”

“How could that be?!” Bai Duan embraced Bazel’s neck with a red face, pasted his soft face there and rubbed it pleasantly, “How can I like other people except you?!”

Although he was not fully enlightened as an adult, Bai Duan had long accepted his future of becoming a partner and living together with Bazel. Even though he didn’t know much about love, Bai Duan had already identified Bazel, and he would not allow a second person to enter except for Bazel.

After all, according to the customs of the beast society, before forming a partner, the male and female beasts could freely communicate with any opposite sex they enjoy, but once they had a partner and formed a family, the beasts would devote themselves to their partner — of course, such custom was not for love or other reasons, but for the stability of the tribe and the upbringing of their offspring.

Anyway, Bai Duan’s words effectively appeased Bazel’s jealousy. In other words, Bazel didn’t really see Zheng Kun. He didn’t feel that Bai Duan could still see such a weak chicken man with his own eyes.

For the later contact between Bai Duan and Zheng Kun, Bazel opened one eye and closed one eye, but did not stop it. He only took his lover back to the tree house at night to seek welfare under the pretext of jealousy, and did all kinds of shameful things to his little lover.

Although it had been decided to keep his young lover ‘pure’ until the beginning of his heat before eating him, there was no problem using other ways to satisfy his appetite before then. =_=

Bai Duan, who had no idea of Bazel’s ‘sinister intentions’, was really sorry to the other party and let him play with him. Such a naive and simple appearance made Bazel more and more unable to stop.

At the thought of what his lover would look like after all his memories were restored, Bazel felt that such a soft and lovely little lover was really… one day it would be gone… He must treasure this time well!

Therefore, Bai Duan spent his ‘happy’ time helping Zheng Kun pass time in the day and brewing sauce with Bazel in the evening. Zheng Kun was shocked at first, but he soon calmed down and accepted the reality when he thought of his ‘encounter’.

Compared with the peachy relationship between Bazel and Bai Duan, Zheng Kun paid more attention to his own survival problems — after all, he found that Bazel’s eyes were increasingly unfriendly recently…

Zheng Kun was a curtilage man. He was not good at communicating with people, but he had learned a lot from reading novels and playing games. He had played many survival games, and he also remembered many ways to fool the Aborigines through the protagonists. Now it was useful.

After asking Bai Duan about the living conditions of the minks, Zheng Kun decided to use ‘weapons’ as his weight to join the mink tribe. In this world, beasts knew how to use tools, but they did not know how to create weapons. All beasts were used to obtaining prey by their own animal type. Zheng Kun intended to make weapons.

Of course, such inferior weapons didn’t make any sense to large predators such as tigers, leopards and purple golden eagles, but they should be able to win the favor of smaller and less powerful races such as rabbits, sheep and minks. In particular, the nimble minks, if equipped with weapons, would be able to double their combat effectiveness.

Bai Duan agreed with Zheng Kun.

Although he had left the tribe, Bai Duan was still concerned about his tribe and hoped his family and friends could have a better life.

Therefore, when he saw the weapon design drawings that Zheng Kun had drawn in the mud, he gave his own suggestions seriously and without any concealment, and Zheng Kun was immediately shocked.

Zheng Kun knew a lot of things, but most of them were just ideas. He was not refined. However, after all, he had a wide range of vision, and could distinguish good from bad at a glance.

Looking at Bai Duan’s modification on the ‘drawing’, he upgraded his original simple and extreme ‘primary bow and arrow’ to several grades with only a few strokes. Zheng Kun was stunned and looked at Bai Duan with more and more incredible eyes.

“Well? What’s the matter?” After modifying the ‘drawing,’ Bai Duan raised his head, looked up at Zheng Kun and saw his strange expression.

“… How do you know these things?” Zheng Kun subconsciously reached out his hand, grabbed Bai Duan’s arm and said, “I mean, have you ever seen a bow and arrow?”

“No.” Bai Duan shook his head honestly, “I heard of it for the first time, but your idea is very good! I just think if you change it like this, the power effect of bow and arrow may be better.”

“Not maybe, but definitely! It will be more powerful!” Zheng Kun’s eyes were shining. “The first time you see a bow and arrow, you can make such an improvement? Brother, did you cross, too?” Speaking, Zheng Kun felt that such a possibility was extremely high, and even quickly supplemented the whole plot, “I am a crosser, you are a crosser! Before crossing, you must have been a technology emperor! It’s just that there’s something wrong with your crossing, so all your memories about the past are gone! However, even if the previous things have been forgotten, the learned things are still left in your mind. Once you see them, you will immediately recall them, it must be like this!”

Bai Duan, “……??????”

What crossing, soul, memory disappearance? Brother, are you okay?!

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