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Chapter 82: Emotional

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is SCREAMING


The man in front of Gu YuMian was very tall. He was dressed in a dark military uniform, with straight trousers and a pair of military boots. He was also sharp and forceful in his beauty.

Gu YuMian was already a tall figure among the human beings, and this man was more than half a head taller than his height. His figure was the kind of powerful and long-lasting cultivation, and at this time, all the momentum rushed out without any disguise.

The water glass in the room exploded with a bang!

All the fish were in the seagrass and coral were shivering.

Just now Gu YuMian could feel ‘strong’, but at this moment he felt ‘weak.’ On the biological level, everything he could do may be nothing in front of this person.


The man’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down in front of him. He held Gu YuMian between his chest with strong arms and kisses, and the wooden door behind him. Usually cold and untamed grey-blue eyes, just like burning up, became a kind of more blazing blue, but one thing was certain——

It was Shuo Han.

Or Xue Tuan.

At this moment, Gu YuMian felt like a fool.

As the witch said, the lies were exposed.

Shuo Han seemed to want to kiss Gu YuMian’s lips, but even if his brain lost its sense due to agitation, he did not want to see Gu YuMian’s eyes and reacted subconsciously.

So he hung his head and buried it between Gu YuMian’s neck and clavicle, kissing and gnawing.

Gu YuMian lowered his eyes.

He put his hand on the man’s forehead and pushed him back. In fact, his strength was not strong — even if it was strong, it was nothing to the other side.

However, the sense of resistance conveyed in it still made the man withdraw a little even if he was very reluctant.

“Are you TuanTuan?”

No answer.

They looked at each other for more than ten seconds.

Gu YuMian’s voice became determined, “You are TuanTuan.”


“Let me go first.” Said Gu YuMian.

After a long silence, the man finally said, “I won’t let you go.”

Gu YuMian’s wrist, which he held, had a circle of blue and purple marks.

The man just looked down and let go like he was burning.

But he quickly held Gu YuMian’s hand firmly, and gently pressed and rubbed his wrist, making all the pain and traces disappear. He held Gu YuMian’s hand in one hand, and put the other hand against Gu YuMian’s nape. He didn’t let him back away and forced him to look at himself.

It was like he was afraid of Gu YuMian escaping and never coming back.

Both of them were very short of breath. One was that the brain was dazed and trying to accept and digest this huge amount of information.

The other’s thought was much simpler.

I can’t let him go.

Gu YuMian looked into Shuo Han’s eyes, and somehow suddenly understood what he was afraid of.

“I won’t go,” Gu YuMian slowed down his voice, thought for a moment, and reached out to touch his head. “I just need to calm down and think about it.”

Gu YuMian twisted his hair around his thumb with his index finger. His hair was unexpectedly soft, which was similar to the hair around Xue Tuan’s neck.

But he still couldn’t put Xue Tuan and Shuo Han together.

Shuo Han refused, “Just think about it here.”

Gu YuMian said, “I need some space.”

There was a long lost feeling of anger. The anger of being cheated for such a long time burned in Gu YuMian’s chest, but it conflicted with his habitual, near unconditional indulgence toward Xue Tuan.

There was a sudden pain in his head.

Gu YuMian needed to work hard not to say things that hurt too much, “When you become a human being, why don’t you listen to me?”

Shuo Han stopped. Gu YuMian’s face was a little bit hard, and finally there was no smile.

The silence lasted for about half a minute.

Shuo Han held his hand around Gu YuMian’s nape. The strength was very light, and it slowly relaxed.

Gu YuMian could see that he was very reluctant.

The man’s eyes were still red, which may be a cruel and irascible expression in others’ eyes, but Gu YuMian only felt as if Shuo Han had just cried and was somewhat pitiful.

Shuo Han seemed to be even more awkward and changed into TuanTuan. He rubbed his plush ears against Gu YuMian’s palm, hoping that Gu YuMian would change his mind.

However, it was not implemented because of the serious discrepancy of body shape.

Gu YuMian reached out and pushed his hand away. He turned and opened the wooden door.

Shuo Han, a man in his nineties, followed Gu YuMian’s steps and asked him nervously, “Where are you going?”

Gu YuMian didn’t answer. Shuo Han followed Gu YuMian step by step and turned left and right. He paused and said, “It’s late. It’s the sea outside and you can’t swim. Those three fools… The cubs are still sleeping.”

Gu YuMian couldn’t just walk away. 

Gu YuMian, “……”

Why so much nonsense?

The identity of the two people seemed to be completely transferred. It was Gu YuMian who told them earnestly before and Little Xue Tuan had listened impatiently.

“Stop.” Gu YuMian walked into the bathroom and raised his voice. Shuo Han stopped unconditionally.

Gu YuMian was quick to close the door.

But at last, Shuo Han stopped him. He held the door frame in one hand, frowned, and stressed uneasily, “Thirty minutes. I’ll kick the door in if you don’t come out.”


The door slammed shut in front of Shuo Han.

Shuo Han was not discouraged at all and repeated in a loud voice outside, “Thirty minutes.”

Gu YuMian was getting angry and laughed.

In the bathroom, Gu YuMian turned on the shower, and the water temperature turned to the maximum. He stood under the shower without taking off his clothes, and allowed the hot water to pour over himself from head to toe.

It was not a lie to Shuo Han. He really needed to think calmly and alone, which was his habit when thinking about important things.

Outside the bathroom, the tall man stood in silence for a while, and then for a few moments, seemed a bit at a loss. He obeyed his inner thought and tested it with mental power. There was no way to leave the bathroom except for the oxygen delivery pipe and exhaust pipe.

But he didn’t let it go.


This evening, maybe after the father and daughter left, Shuo Han’s mood began to go wrong — Gu YuMian mentioned “miss”, which made him uneasy for no reason.

After that Little Mermaid’s fairy tale, he was not a child. Of course, he knew the original ending of the story. 1

Perhaps the seeds of uneasiness had been planted a long time ago. All in all, Shuo Han had been dragged into a long dream by various factors, where he had been lost, missed and searched for countless times.

In the end, the dream was interrupted by the mental power released by Gu YuMian.

The spiritual power of a person who was completely compatible was special enough, and even more serious, it may arouse the phenomenon of atavism again.

When he woke up from his nightmare, he could not be as skillful as before. All the carefully woven lies were exposed.

“Tsk.” Shuo Han looked down at the door handle of the bathroom.

There were twenty-eight minutes left.

He had some regrets. Thirty minutes was too long. At that time, he should have said a shorter amount of time.

In his life before meeting Gu YuMian, the word ‘regret’ never appeared in his dictionary.

Cowards regret.

The weak who can’t control their own destiny will regret.

He was different.

He will hold everything he wants.

But Shuo Han suddenly realized that it was different this time.

He couldn’t control Gu YuMian, just like a man who couldn’t control his weakness. Because he cared too much, he was too important, and so soft. If he hurt him with a little force, his heart would hurt more than a hundred times more.

Now, it was Gu YuMian who controlled his emotions.


Upper Urban District, the old house of the Guo family.

“Uncle Seven…” Wearing a Tang suit, the brown and white panda, Guo Shi’san, stooped through the curtain. He took the bowl of medicine and sat in front of the bed, holding up the half asleep and half awake 7th Guo to drink his medicine.

The average life expectancy of an interstellar person was 500 years old. 7th Guo was 585 years old this year. Any race could live a long life. But disease was inevitable.

In the interstellar age, the Guo family still kept the old custom. When an elder was ill, he needed to be taken care of by the younger generation. He couldn’t pretend to borrow human hands — either servants or intelligent robots.

It was very rare but today’s 7th Guo’s spirit was not bad. It was his most sober day in two months.

“Little Shi’san.” 7th Guo nodded and asked, “What’s the progress over there? By the way, how is Little 24?”

“No news yet.” Guo Shi’san said.

“As for Little 24… There is no danger to his life, but I don’t know where he has gone.”

Although no one had ever mentioned it to 7th Guo, he knew that Little 24 was missing, and Guo Shi’san was not surprised by this——

From the end of the panda family to now, every generation, all the children, awakened the ability of “foreseeing”. The ability grew with age.

Even a month before the end of the world, the coming of the end of the world was predicted. Therefore, in the area of Sichuan where the disaster broke out extremely seriously, they were able to survive.

They were also the only race that could awaken and predict in the whole universe. They did not have enough ability to protect themselves. They were coveted by many evil minded races. Later, they were forced to evolve the ability of automatic camouflage.

In addition, there was also telepathy between the panda race. Of course, it could not achieve direct dialogue, but at least it could transmit each other’s mental state.

“I can feel from telepathy that he is in a good state. It’s just that his intelligence is getting worse than before. But there is no danger, and he is in a good mood, so we haven’t tried to find him.”

Guo Er Shisi, although both human and animal shapes looked young, was already a full grown man. There was no reason for those at home to keep an eye on him at all times. Although he was missing, he had not deliberately looked for help.

In addition, the previous 18th Guo also had no news. Colleagues called the police many times, but the pandas knew that he was OK through telepathy — then two years later, the boy suddenly wanted to go to ash Earth Star to “pursue art”.

Of course, if any member of the family sent out a signal for help, everyone would rush to help.

“As for his agent… Well, don’t say these unhappy thoughts.” Guo Shi’san smiled and shook his head.

That agent didn’t want to call the police in the first place. After waiting for a month, he realized that it was not easy. Guo Er Shisi might not come back for a while and could not continue to be squeezed by him to make money for him, so he jumped off the wall and showed his original face.

He didn’t care about the safety of Guo Er Shisi at all, only about his own money. After all, he owed a lot of gambling debt. Without Guo Er Shisi, the money tree would be finished.

First, he wanted to lie that Guo Er Shisi was not missing, but was really ill. He made up a video and tried to cheat the Guo family and fans. There was a lot of trouble.

At last, the Guo family came out and said that Guo Er Shisi was all right. It was only for a while that he was resting and terminated the employment relationship with the agent, which ended the farce.

But the agent didn’t seem to give up, and they didn’t know what he was planning. The Guo family didn’t have much energy to deal with it for the time being.

After all, they had more important things to do.

Guo Shi’san helped 7th Guo up to drink the medicine, then he violently coughed for a while, Guo Shi’san quickly patted his back.

“Uncle Seven.”

7th Guo waved, “I’m okay.”

Guo Shi’san, “By the way, why did you suddenly mention the matter of Little 24?”

Although 7th Guo also had the feature of a chubby panda, he was much thinner than Guo Shi’san that once participated in sumo wrestling. At this time, he wryly smiled and touched his belly, “I sometimes think that we are likely to be misled by cleverness…”

“Why do you say that?” he said.

“The more you predict about him,” the voice of 7th Guo became weaker and weaker, and it was obvious that he was about to fall into another deep sleep, “the more likely you will run counter to him…”

“Uncle Seven. What do you mean?” His brain was thinking at full speed, and his back had a cold sweat unconsciously.

“Think about who in our family hasn’t been able to predict him… He may have come…” 7th Guo finished saying this sentence with closed eyes, his breathing had become even, once again sleeping.

Guo Shi’san suddenly rose.

The more you predict him, the more you will run counter to him!

Among all the powers in the interstellar age, the ability of “foreseeing” could be called cheating level, and the general powerful ability would pay a corresponding price, but the Guo family had never paid a price for so many years.

They were very long-lived, healthy, and their offspring were thriving, and they have accumulated a lot of wealth.

But perhaps the price had been quietly paid.

They didn’t use the power easily due to the restriction of family rules, but all the pandas in the Guo Family who were looking for Gu YuMian would inevitably use the ability of prediction, and want to know where and when they could meet him… 

But maybe the more they used the power, the more they put off the time of meeting.

Because it was overdrawn by the power of cause and effect.

Even a simple thing would become especially difficult.

This principle was a little mysterious, just like a person who won a lottery and won a prize that may be difficult to win again later. The circulation of cause and effect was conserved. There were two possible reasons why the whole universe had been turned to the sky.

“First of all, he’s actually on the list that we’ve already excluded from screening.” Guo Shi’san muttered.

There were not many human beings in the interstellar age. The Guo family would pay special attention to all human beings and the races close to human beings. Many newborns had been identified as “not ancestors” when they were born, such as all the newborns of the Gu’s generation.

In order to save time, these people who had been screened early were not in the scope of searching at all.

It was dark under the light.

“Second, because foreknowledge overdrafts the power of cause and effect, and uses the power from the panda, the time to meet him will be postponed… Without using foreknowledge, we may have seen him…”

So, who might not have used foreknowledge?

Who didn’t show up at the old house meeting last time?

24th Guo!


Gu YuMian didn’t come out on time in thirty minutes.

He had too many things to think about.

In fact, both TuanTuan and Shuo Han were ‘very good’ to Gu YuMian, although the way was not so right.

Shuo Han would clumsily buy a lot of things to show his favor to Gu YuMian, and care about his ideas. So would the little snow leopard. He would clumsily comfort him when he was sad, and did something when he thought he was bored.

In this way, Shuo Han also had an explanation for his inexplicable favor.

If there was anything to be angry about, it was that he felt cheated.

But he didn’t fail to understand Shuo Han’s thoughts.

Warm water poured down, Gu YuMian closed his eyes and let the water drop from his forehead to his chin and neck.

“The first cub, presumably forced.” Gu YuMian said to himself, “Otherwise, why did he join me… Shuo Han’s character was there the first time.”

He thought of the little snow leopard who happened to be at home on that rainy day.

Forced to have the cub for a while, he lived with Gu YuMian, and when he could become an adult and speak out, he had missed the right time.

Shuo Han’s judgment was actually right. He was acutely aware of the human heart.

If it was just over a month and TuanTuan said that he was actually an adult and didn’t need his care. At that time, Gu YuMian would be mature and calm to say goodbye to him, and he would be able to keep his mind and draw a clear line and become an ordinary friend.

But Shuo Han may not want to be an “ordinary friend”.

So he began to weave lies.

“Cub state and adult state, memory should be the same, but in cub state, his thinking will be more naive.” Gu YuMian tightened the switch of the shower, picked up the bathrobe and put it on.

The bathroom lights were lit up over the tiles.

In this second, the wooden door was kicked open.

Shuo Han’s boots crunched on the wooden floor.

When he came in, Gu YuMian happened to be tying the bathrobe belt, revealing a large white and delicate porcelain chest and beautiful clavicle. There were traces of Shuo Han’s reddish kiss on the clavicle, which was ambiguous and fascinating.

Shuo Han stopped suddenly.

Gu YuMian didn’t respond. Instead, Shuo Han narrowed his eyes first and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down clearly.

Grey-blue eyes went dark, his thin lips clenched.

“You —” He didn’t know what Shuo Han was trying to say. Shuo Han paused, his voice hoarse. “Hinting at me?”

Gu YuMian, “…………”

Gu YuMian’s thoughts were interrupted for a moment. He shook his hand a little and fastened his belt quickly.

Good. It’s really different.

If it was TuanTuan here, even with red ears, he would run up to his shoulders, stretch out his paws and press against his ears — no, stop, stop.

Gu YuMian glanced at the time.

Just after thirty minutes, was this man counting down to the second in his heart?

Gu YuMian didn’t answer. Shuo Han stopped for a moment and came closer.

Gu YuMian, “… I don’t understand you.”

“What do you not understand?” Shuo Han raised his eyebrows slightly.

He went forward several steps, pushing Gu YuMian against the wall of the bathroom, and then reached for his nape.

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Translator Notes:

  1. The Little Mermaid doesn’t get with the prince in the original story. The Prince finds a woman he likes more and marries her. The Little Mermaid is told that if she can kill the Prince and his wife, she will get her voice back and her happy ending. However, the Little Mermaid cannot bring herself to kill the sleeping prince lying with his new wife, and she throws the dagger and herself off the ship into the water just as dawn breaks. Her body dissolves into foam, and the story ends.


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