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Chapter 86: The urge to cry while drooling

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo can smell the love  ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄


That night, Gu YuMian had a long dream and woke up in the middle of the night.

Finally, the children didn’t have to be pushed to the sofa anymore. They found a warm place beside Gu YuMian. Little Tangyuan leaned against Gu YuMian and held the paw of the little fox. The little fox slept with the little husky’s belly up. The few fluffy cubs snored together.

And he was hugged by the other.

Shuo Han was very strong when holding Gu YuMian. He encircled Gu YuMian in his arms from the back, his arm was across the front of his chest and waist, leaning his head against Gu YuMian’s neck, and kissing his earlobe gently. He seemed to think that Gu YuMian would disappear at any time, so his posture was not so much like holding the person he liked, but more like a ferocious dragon protecting his only treasure.

Of course, the only treasure was not so perfect. It had scratches and flaws, and it was not good at glittering. But the dragon couldn’t see the flaws, and regarded it as the best treasure in the world.

It was a poor and lovely dragon. This metaphor made Gu YuMian want to laugh again.


Shuo Han would turn into a human in the middle of the night to hold him so Gu YuMian didn’t feel very surprised.

There was no rejection.

Was it natural because he had lived with TuanTuan for so long? But it was not like that, Gu YuMian could gradually put Shuo Han and TuanTuan together, because they were one person in the first place, and after he accepted it, it was not so difficult.

Shuo Han’s hair while sleeping was a little disorderly, rubbing against Gu YuMian’s neck. Gu YuMian couldn’t help reaching out, and his index finger and thumb twisted the ends of his hair.

“Your hair is so soft.”

This was what he wanted to do before.

Looking at Shuo Han through the open bathroom door, there was a hazy fog in the bathroom. At that time, Gu YuMian could not see the eyebrows and eyes of Shuo Han clearly, but felt that they were more gentle and moving than the moonlight.

There was an attraction that Gu YuMian couldn’t resist.

Gu YuMian wanted to stretch out his hand to get rid of the condensation and have a good look at him. His fingers passed Shuo Han’s ear in his hair, stopped, and outlined from the brow to the end of the eye. He frowned as he slept. Was there so much to worry about?

The shape of his eyes were beautiful. He didn’t look fierce when they were closed.

His lips looked good too, but they didn’t smile often.

Gu YuMian’s fingers followed the bridge of his nose and stopped slightly on his lips.


The bright moonlight went through the screen window and fell on the ground.

At last, Gu YuMian reached out his hand and gently pressed it on Shuo Han’s lips. He couldn’t help laughing, “How lovely.”

Recently, he thought Shuo Han was cute.

It was really strange to think that a man in his nineties was ‘cute’ and ‘considerate’ in appearance and character. The truth was, he had a bad temper.

But it was lovely to follow him; it was lovely while he was clumsy in nursing YuanYuan; not skilled when bathing the children, when his cuffs were wet, very lovely; and now, when he woke up, he had to force himself to pretend to sleep… he was lovely, too.

Compared with TuanTuan’s soft white belly and paw pads, it was not inferior.

Gu YuMian turned around, found a comfortable position in Shuo Han’s arms, and fell asleep slowly.


A few minutes later, Shuo Han’s ear to the base of his neck was burning and he calmly opened his eyes.

The second Gu YuMian opened his eyes, he woke up.

His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down several times.


His heart beat could not be recovered.

He might need to do a brief analysis of the history and culture of Ancient Earth, or go out to fight immediately, no matter who he was with.

… But he was reluctant to let go.

Shuo Han held Gu YuMian clumsily and rigidly. Gu YuMian used to hold him when he was sleeping. At that time, he was very familiar with him. Now it suddenly became difficult — mainly his breathing. He hesitated for a moment, and his optical computer unfolded a single rainbow shard in front of his left eye.

He asked the question, [Why is it difficult to breathe? ]

Answer 1: [You are ill. Lung respiratory disease with reference line mutation… Learn more {links}]

Answer 2: [Maybe you’re too old and my grandfather has it happen often.]

Shuo Han, “……”

He added with a stinking face, [Why is it hard to breathe when holding him?]

Answer 1: [The single deer refuses to answer this question.]

Answer 2: [Chalimon, single bird refused to answer this question. Shit, I thought poster was here for help. He was here to show his love.]

This time, Shuo Han was satisfied with the answer.

He nodded reluctantly.

Think about it, he asked again, [Male, what does it mean to be praised as “cute” by the person you like?]

Answer 1: [There are three situations: 1. She treats you as her younger brother. 2. She used you as a spare. 3. She thinks of you as her brother’s spare.]

Answer 2: [Girls are praised as cute because they play, boys are praised as cute almost never. Lovely is another way of saying good person card, poster is dead.]

Answer 3: [Cute means ‘you are okay, but we are not suitable for love’~ You should stay strong~]

Maybe it was this question that aroused everyone’s resonance. Those who were active at this point were college and high school students. Twenty years ago, after the end of the war, the overall education atmosphere of the Empire was relatively lax. Young people who had no work pressure were the best at emotional problems.

In addition, Shuo Han’s Star Network account was the most advanced VIP in all real name anonymous areas, and soon received hundreds of replies, all of which were the same content.

——Shuo Han was advised to ‘be strong.’

Shuo Han, “……”

Shuo Han, “………”

Half a minute later, since he and his fiancee had recently decided on a marriage date, Mr. Finnick had become one of His Majesty’s main targets: for example, at two o’clock in the morning, he was still checking the financial report.

Let alone, he received His Majesty’s communication in the middle of the night.

Finnick’s arms were covered in goosebumps, “Your Majesty, it’s me. Excuse me…”

Shuo Han said coldly, “My optical computer is broken, and a lot of error messages are popping up.”

Finnick, “Huh? But your optical computer is customized by the royal family. In theory, it will not be damaged, and the damaged information will be fed back to — “

Shuo Han interrupted, saying only two words, “It’s broken.”

Fennick immediately, “Okay.”

The greatest experience accumulated from years of survival was that what His Majesty said was always right.

“What’s more, the educational burden of this generation of young people needs to be strengthened,” Shuo Han said expressionless. “It’s too easy for them to study. Are these fools the only ones who raise the educational welfare and fund set up by raising taxes? Tomorrow, draw up a plan for me.”

Finnick, “Okay. “

Which ‘young people of this generation’ had provoked His Majesty?


The next day.

‘Bon Voyage! Ancient earth?’ had only seven days until they began to shoot — this variety show boldly adopted the most popular live broadcast mode at present, a seven-day variety show, which had twelve hours of live broadcast and twelve hours of private time every day, and another clip was broadcasted every week, so it was ready to start shooting.

On this day, all guests had confirmed that they would officially gather on Ancient Earth in a week. In addition, today was also the awards ceremony of the rookie competition that many people were looking forward to.

Even from 4 a.m., audience members and fans from all over the stars arrived at the ceremony early and waited in line for the first chance to enter.

It was incredible.

“Drunk men don’t want to drink…” At seven o’clock in the morning, Sugar Sugar looked out of the window and saw a long queue. She couldn’t help but gasping, “Are 60% of them coming for MianMian?”

“At least 70%, or even 89%.” Colleagues said.

It was not a big deal. First of all, the New Year’s awards ceremony didn’t have such a grand occasion. Second of all… 

——Gu YuMian’s fans were really recognizable.

They usually held a small version of Gu YuMian and a few dolls of the cubs, wore T-shirts, held posters related to Gu YuMian and so on. They were very quiet and polite in the long line. And most of all, unlike other anchors who mainly had people of a certain age and gender, Gu YuMian’s fans were students of all ages, from junior high school to senior high school, middle-aged housewives with their husbands and children, and even several old aunts, sunset red sisters.

The official opening was nine o’clock. These fans were neither tired nor noisy. They just waited quietly. Their quality was quite good.

… Just then, there was a commotion outside the door.

“Ah, there are two hours left,” the girl at the beginning of the line chatted with her companion. “It’s almost time.”

They were two girls who stood in line at 4 a.m. with the names of ‘Throwing Cosmetics’ and ‘White Pear Blossom, Lili.’ They were also loyal fans of Gu YuMian’s live broadcast. They were commentators in almost every show.

Just as they were becoming drowsy, the two girls suddenly heard a familiar voice behind them, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Girls, “…”

They turned their heads slowly.

Girls, “…!”

Gu YuMian, wearing a baseball cap with a little snow leopard yawning on his shoulder, carried several bags of things — and a little robot helped him carry more. He raised the brim of his hat, smiled at the girls, and handed them two delicate little paper bags, “This is a cheese tart. It may be a little cold, but it should be delicious. Thank you for coming today.”

He was as warm as the morning sun. Tall and slender body, light brown eyes with a smile bent up, lips raised, wearing a hoodie and overalls looking like a student, but the temperament and speaking made him feel like a super reliable big brother.

Very gentle and handsome.

The two girls were so nervous that they couldn’t speak. Their whole faces were red and faltering——

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Can you come out any time? No, no, no, don’t you have to prepare something else… Er… It’s really fragrant. Thank you, Wuwu. Can you shake my hand?”

“Of course.” Gu YuMian smiled, shook hands with the girls gently and meticulously, and continued to send cheese tarts to the back.

Behind Gu YuMian, “WTF, I won’t wash this hand.”

“I’m going to get my mom’s Hukou book. I’m really in love…”

The two girls were typing and sending microblog posts and on the bullet screen. [AAH!] They were so excited that they didn’t know what to do!

The official live broadcast had been opened, but because it hadn’t officially started, there were some Starry Sky promos airing.

[Throwing Cosmetics: Aaaaah! I saw MianMian!! Fuck, he is more handsome than the live broadcast!!! This is the feeling of heart!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: Wuwu, I thought I could only have a look at the awards stage for a while. I never thought I would shake his hand. Wuwu! My life is worth it. And the cheese tarts are really delicious! They were freshly baked in the morning!!]

Immediately, a large number of comments bombarded the silent broadcast, because those who could not grab tickets and could not come to the scene were excited.

[Broad Bean: Look at this lemon. It’s big and sour.]

[augjcj: I’m more and more regretful about what I said. How could MianMian really give everyone a snack?]

Yesterday, he promised to send dessert, but they thought it was in the form of a lottery. They drew a few lucky audience members on the spot. After all, with many people, how could he bring so much?

And there was no food in the venue, so if they wanted to give food, they needed to send it in advance, and then let everyone eat outside.

Even if someone wanted to send something, it should be sent by a small robot… 

They didn’t expect Gu YuMian to come here two hours ahead of schedule with snacks! Wasn’t he tired?

And it was better seeing him live!! With little TuanTuan!!

It was no exaggeration to say that the whole team was in a commotion. The audience in the back row already knew what they were going to face, and they were very excited all at once — but they still had the respect to stay still, and there was no pushing forward. Originally it was boring in the queue, and now it suddenly became very interesting and full of expectations.

The on-site photographer had an idea and cut off the live propaganda film, and changed it into a direct shot of the on-site and indoor preparation process outside the queue.

Sure enough, the audience numbers began to soar!

——Even if they didn’t really feel it, it was good to see how Gu YuMian was in other scenes and how he interacted with the audience.

And it was really interesting.

For example, Gu YuMian touched the head of a child. Gu YuMian’s face was gentle when he talked to little Xue Tuan with his head on his side. The lovely picture of little Xue Tuan rubbing Gu YuMian’s hair.

Of course, there were also funny pictures of little Xue Tuan’s instant hair blowing up when the sunset red aunts were too happy that they couldn’t lose their mouths and introduced themselves to Gu YuMian one by one.

In the morning, the number of people passed 400 million in the blink of an eye.


Two hours later, the award ceremony officially began, and Gu YuMian finally delivered cheese tarts to all the fans.

If it was up to him, he wouldn’t have it start until he had passed all of them out.

There were four winners, each with a lounge.


Because they got up early today, the fox, baby panda and husky didn’t wake up. He didn’t take them with him when he went to send gifts. He asked the children to come to the dressing room and sleep for a while.

Gu YuMian leaned back into the pile of plush.

Little Tangyuan was sleeping on the tail of the little fox, rolling into Gu YuMian’s arms and sucking his claws. The little snow leopard smiled, went to the edge of the sofa, and brought back the little husky who was about to roll under the sofa.

Gu YuMian looked at him with a smile, and the little snow leopard’s movement stopped immediately, and then his walking became a little rigid.

Gu YuMian, “……”

So cute.

Sugar Sugar had put the ‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ contract on the table. Gu YuMian took a look and didn’t expect that there would be changes when the variety rules were written:

“There are eight guests in total, seven of whom are from all walks of life, and another specially invited guest from the Academy of Sciences. During the seven days of filming, Ancient Earth’s development project will be suspended. There will be special guests as NPC, the total number of which will fluctuate from 1 to 50.”

… The first two were okay. The third one? Special guests? NPC… Fifty??!

Although the main task of ‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ was to survive in the wilderness, in order to enjoy and entertain, it was impossible to leave the guests directly on Ancient Earth. It was planned that there would be similar tasks to guide the NPC’s.

But what it was no robots, and now there were as many as 50 guests?

I’ll ask Sugar Sugar if I have time.

After a while, Gu YuMian was informed that it was his turn.

He could only put down the problem temporarily and go out with the staff to receive the prize.

Of course, he couldn’t take the children with him.

Gu YuMian stood in front of the platform through the long and narrow backstage passage as instructed by the staff. Starry Sky’s award ceremony was in a retro style. It didn’t use the most popular full immersion viewing suspension award platform, virtual background, etc.

Gu YuMian stood on the pedestal, the whole platform rose slowly, and his vision gradually became bright—— Then, the tide of cheers and applause flooded him!

The podium was located in the center of the whole venue, surrounded by a 360 degree auditorium. The tiny light from the dome stopped at Gu YuMian’s eyelashes, plating a layer of light on the side of his face.

The big screen in the air reflected the situation in the studio at this moment.

Everyone could see clearly that in the second Gu YuMian appeared, hundreds of millions of bullet screens were sprayed out at the same time.

[ucan: Aaaah!!]

[Love Suits, Sleighs and Ice: Aaaah!! It’s a good angle to watch, aaah!! Peacetime broadcast looks totally different!]

[South China tiger will never blind date: Congratulations to MianMian! ]

[There’s a family in the mine: Sitting in the first row under the stage, I’m about to cry!]

Gu YuMian smiled and waved to the audience.


The whole award process was not long, but it was enough to enjoy, because after all, live broadcasting was the entertainment industry, and some entertainment projects were added in the middle. There were also on-site guests and off-site interactions. In addition to the winning anchors and fans, there are also other anchors and relatives.

Of course, the interaction with Gu YuMian was the cubs, because the whole process was too cute.

There were children’s belly ears and claws, little fox’s big tail, little Tangyuan’s wet big eyes when he looked like a human being, and little Er Ha foolishly swung his tail into an electric fan.

Of course, there was also the character of Gu YuMian when he interacted, especially the extremely double-edged small Xue Tuan, who showed his sharp claws indifferently to other anchors, but was praised by Gu YuMian with a few words, so that he would easily show his belly.

It was like dancing on everyone’s cute spot, causing screams on the scene and on the bullet screen!

Lunch was provided on the platform at noon. Gu YuMian also cooked dishes himself, because it was a relatively simple method, which could be done in a short time.

This was called garlic ribs.

The fresh and tender synthetic ribs were covered with garlic juice, and the garlic was stir fried. They were pulled out from the sizzling hot pot. The whole thing was oily and fragrant, and sprinkled with white sesame, which was crisp and smooth on the outside and tender on the inside. It had the right amount of garlic flavor.

The audience who failed to come to the scene was already tired of eating lemons.


This live video of the whole process of awarding awards has been saved for several days.

At that time, ‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ was about to be recorded, and the Guo family finally heard about the other guests.

When browsing the home page of the live broadcast platform, Guo Shi’er pointed to the clips of the rookie competition of the previous few days, in which the dish made by Gu YuMian was mainly preserved… 

Fragrant spareribs with garlic.

Marinated with oyster sauce and cooking wine, and then fried until even. The neat surface of the small row was crispy. With a kind of red sauce, the surface was bright and glossy, and the smell of wine, garlic and fried ribs was fragrant.

This clip didn’t capture Gu YuMian. The main thing was a pair of long and beautiful hands, which roughly edited the whole process of Gu YuMian’s production on site.

This human was Gu YuMian? Guo Shi’er had an impression of the boy. The Guo family went to see Gu YuMian when he was born, but he was definitely not the ancestor, so he had been ruled out in the past few months.

Of course, the more likely thing was that it overdrafted the force of cause and effect just like 7th Guo theory, so it was obviously very simple, but it became difficult.

But now… 

Guo Shi’er, “…”

There was a sense of familiarity.

An urge to cry while drooling.

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