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Chapter 87: I’m serious

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo loves the image of Father Emperor Shuo Han 


The content of the award ceremony was very short, but the whole process was very long. After lunch, it was the interaction time between anchor and fans, which was not officially announced until 5 p.m.

Starry Sky had already prepared a meeting room next to the auditorium. Gu YuMian was there to sign for the ‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ variety show.

Dong Nan, the chief planner, also came in person, which showed the importance of the variety show and investors to Gu YuMian.

——In fact, Gu YuMian was the pillar of Starry Sky, and so young. His business potential had not even been fully explored, but he had so many fans, which was not inferior to many stars. What’s more, his personality and work were mature and gentle enough, and his enthusiasm was so high. No one gave him a negative evaluation.

They didn’t know if it was because he had a strong process, or because he was so likeable, or both.

“Can I ask about this NPC…?” Gu YuMian was referring to the contract, only this part was different from the contract he saw before.

Dong Nan nodded and said, “An NPC will not participate in the entire variety show, and the audience’s perspective will follow the guests, but an NPC will appear as some task guidance, key clues, egg surprises, etc. I can’t tell Mr. Gu about the specific identity of the NPC’s, but you can rest assured that the screening indicators of the NPC and guests are of the same high standard.”

Gu YuMian, “……”

He thought carefully for some time before nodding.

Half an hour later, outside the auditorium, Gu YuMian bought a suspension device by himself and stopped at the door. When the contract was signed, little Tangyuan and the little fox were taken by the staff. The little snow leopard didn’t stick to Gu YuMian, and continued to take on its own responsibilities as a parent. It watched the three children covetously.

Although little Tangyuan now had the appearance of a human baby, he relied on his natural charm and worked with the cute little fox and little husky to make the staff think they were too cute and keep filling them with snacks.

Little Tangyuan and the little fox were too embarrassed to refuse, and they were eating enough to fill their belly.

Gu YuMian pushed the pram and felt their bellies helplessly.

“It looks like we’re going to have dinner late tonight.” Gu YuMian said to the children as they walked out of the auditorium. As soon as he looked up, he found themselves surrounded by the crowd, “…”

“MianMian, can you shake my hand again?”

“Look here and smile! Aaaaah! WTF, he’s looking at me!!!”

“Can you stand with the cubs and let me take a picture to keep as a souvenir, please!”

It was reasonable to say that after the afternoon activity, the award ceremony should be over. Now, most of the people who stayed to wait for Gu YuMian were young girls, many of whom didn’t even live in Capital Star, so it was not easy to come here.

They didn’t know when they would be able to see the human and cubs next time. Everyone knew that Gu YuMian hadn’t left yet. How could they be willing to go home so early?

Seeing that the children didn’t show obvious tiredness and boredom, and that the little husky was still eager to stay, Gu YuMian agreed with good temper.

“It’s late now,” Gu YuMian gently urged, “everyone should go home early.”

Basically they were not quite satisfied. After a period of time, most of the girls turned around step by step, and went home with excitement and satisfaction. It was the last girl to turn. The girl was a strange face, very beautiful, nails painted with light purple nail polish.

She looked at Gu YuMian and the little snow leopard who was yawning lazily on his shoulder. Suddenly, she smiled and directly reached for the little snow leopard, “Little Xue Tuan, could you give me a hug?”

The little snow leopard’s yawn stopped in the middle of the air. His eyebrows wrinkled and his hair blew up near his neck.

That was his response.

Gu YuMian took a step back with the little snow leopard and shook his head, “Sorry, my family’s TuanTuan doesn’t like to be touched by strangers.”

“Ah… What’s the matter? The child is an albino. Can you knead your paws?”

The implication was that because he was an albino, they could do whatever they wanted to him.


Listening to this sentence, the smile on Gu YuMian’s face suddenly disappeared.

He seldom got angry or disliked any girl.

But he really didn’t like the girl in front of him.

She shouldn’t be his audience either. If she really saw his live broadcast once, she would not be unaware that every child at home was a treasure in Gu YuMian’s heart. It was too late to pet and coax him.

He didn’t particularly like the word ‘albino’.

“Wow!! Woof, woof, woof, woof!”

The little fox, little husky and little Tangyuan were not fools either. They were just wagging their tails at the beautiful sister. Now, the little husky had a fierce grimace.

People Gu YuMian didn’t like, he didn’t either.

The little snow leopard’s eyes had narrowed, and there was a layer of light in his pupils.

The girl stretched out her hand and looked at her fingernails, bored. After waiting for a long time, she didn’t hear Gu YuMian speak. She was a little impatient, and she said, “Anchor Gu, why are you so stingy? It’s just —”



The girl stared, “Why?”

Gu YuMian said mildly, “Because I will get jealous.”

Other people couldn’t rub the paw and belly of the snow leopard, can’t hold it, and can’t kiss it, because Gu YuMian will be jealous.

She was so mean.

And she didn’t deserve to touch him.

The wind stopped slowly.

Gu YuMian’s hand was pulled up.

The little snow leopard on his shoulder disappeared.

Shuo Han’s fingers were cold, but his palms were hot. He pursed his lips, first with his five fingers between Gu YuMian’s fingers, and then clenched his hand.

On the other side, the girl was stunned by the unexpected answer.

Then she looked up.

She saw more than she could ever see.

The man with great momentum and extraordinary beauty. His face was as cold as frost. His grey-blue eyes glanced at her without any emotion. Then he turned his head, reached for Gu YuMian’s hand and brought him into his arms.

It was just a very light look, but suddenly caused the girl’s whole back to bend because of excessive fear, and she froze. She quickly began to sweat all over, and could not help trembling.

Obviously, it was so horrible, but Gu YuMian’s eyes were so tender, nervous and excited.

It was frightening and he was envious.



It was nearly seven o’clock by the time he got home.

Gu YuMian would arrange dinner as soon as he came home.

The cubs were crying for food. The little husky felt very sorry that he was just stopped by Gu YuMian and failed to bite the girl just now. He and little Tangyuan were jumping on the sofa unhappily. The little fox held a book and looked at them anxiously.

Shuo Han did not have the same momentum of scaring the girl before. He was a new unskilled father. He was all thumbs and said something that was not very threatening. Because he was absent-minded, he had to take a look at the kitchen where Gu YuMian was from time to time.

Little Tangyuan vomited a mouthful of milk on him, then looked at him in horror, Shuo Han did not respond. While wandering, he took the towel to little Tangyuan and wiped his mouth and clothes at will.


Shuo Han’s brain was full of the word.

He would be jealous, stingy, and not always so good tempered.

… I also care about him.

His heart couldn’t slow down.

“Shuo Han.”

Gu YuMian came out after supper, took off his apron and called him, “You come with me.”

Shuo Han immediately stood up and entered a state of high tension, almost walking to Gu YuMian with his hands and feet at his sides.

Gu YuMian reached for something from the cupboard and looked at him curiously, “What are you so nervous about?”

Shuo Han, “……”

Gu YuMian opened the gift box with the tie he had chosen.

“Your birthday hasn’t arrived yet but I’ll give this to you first. I’ve prepared other gifts.” Gu YuMian said, “Well, you lower your head.”

Shuo Han was taller than Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian reached out to help Shuo Han with the tie. The white and slender fingers were nimbly shuttling through the tie. Shuo Han lowered his head slightly.

Shuo Han lowered his eyelids.

His Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

It took a lot of effort to not kiss him.

At dusk, the smell of warm food wafted over. The children dozed off in the living room across the door, and there was a very subtle snoring.

Finally, after Gu YuMian finished everything, he rubbed Shuo Han’s hair, bent his eyes and couldn’t help laughing, saying, “It’s very suitable for you”.

Shuo Han reached out and held Gu YuMian’s hand.

Hw wanted to know if Gu YuMian liked him or not.

Why a tie?

Why reach for his hair and face in the middle of the night?

Why say Shuo Han was cute? Why resist being held by Shuo Han?



Gu YuMian opened his mouth.

His optical computer blinked.

Gu YuMian pressed it.

Shuo Han, “……”

Suddenly, Shuo Han’s optical computer flashed.

Shuo Han turned it off with a cold face.

Then Gu YuMian’s optical computer flashed, Shuo Han’s optical computer flashed, and Gu YuMian’s optical computer flashed again.

Two minutes later, Gu YuMian helplessly answered the phone, “Hello?”

“Mr. Gu, I’m really sorry to disturb you. I’m Ling Xiao — er, the person in charge of your family’s Er’er……”

Next to him, Shuo Han connected the communication without expression, and said directly without waiting for the opposite side to speak, “You have been suspended.”


Seven days later, ‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’ officially had it’s opening day of shooting and broadcasting. At eight o’clock in the morning, all the guests set out from home, and they would gather on Ancient Earth at eight o’clock in the evening. Of course, it was not necessarily that all people must go to Ancient Earth to see it. Maybe there would be guests and NPC in the middle of the meeting.

The recording started from the moment when the guests were ready to go out. The long-awaited list of guests were also officially unveiled. Due to the fact that the starting points of the eight guests were not the same, they were broadcast separately, and then the guide chose to switch the lens.

Two professional hosts were responsible for the commentary. All the live platforms and dozens of popular variety channels of Star Network were broadcast at the same time. From a week ago, posters and promotional films could be seen everywhere.

This variety show was really a big hit. After the happy theme song and opening video, the number of audience increased to nearly one billion, and the bullet screen was also very active, gathering all kinds of fans.

[Little Squid: Aaah! Who will be there? Will my family love beans?? Theme song is good to listen to!!]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: If there is my family’s MianMian, I would die with no regrets, orz ]

[Hailan: I have always been interested in Ancient Earth, looking forward to this variety show! 233]

“Hello everyone, welcome to our ‘Bon Voyage! Ancient Earth?’” The host’s commentary went online immediately, saying these words with an active atmosphere, and soon went straight to the main topic, “The first guest should be ready. Let’s have a look —”

He hadn’t even finished speaking.

Even when the host looked over, he was as shocked as the audience.

The camera first focused on a pot of congee.

It was a very common congee of fresh meat, but the boiled rice grains were fragrant, soft, waxy, full, mellow and thick. With the heating, the surface of the rice grains bulged and broke one by one. With the addition of bamboo shoots and mushrooms, and the fresh and tender thin meat rolls, it tasted salty… 

A lot of the audience became agitated at once.

Congee, that’s right. It must be——

Zoom out.

Gu YuMian was holding a lovely fox, and a snow leopard was sitting on his shoulder. The husky and Tangyuan circled around the living room because of the excitement of the beginning of the journey.

The gentle and handsome young man said hello with a smile, “Hello, I’m anchor— No, guest Gu YuMian, this is TuanTuan, YuanYuan, QiuQiu and Er’er of my family. Please give me more advice in the next seven days.”

Audience, “…”

A few seconds later, the audience, “!!!”

The other side, at the Upper Urban District Guo house, several fat pandas lay in disorder, with several layers of clothes folded on their bellies and various sunglasses, decorations, scarves and so on spread around.

They had been trying on clothes nervously since yesterday. They were not satisfied with it no matter how they tried. It was for them to see their ancestor. They all wanted to wear all the nice clothes in their the wardrobe.

The camera was in place.

Shi’er and Guo Shi’san didn’t want to move at all. They watched the live variety show and escaped from reality. Their hometown dialect was coming out.

Guo Shi’er, “Shi’san, you zuohezi can’t move.”

Guo Shi’san, “You also say Laozi, you are not like this turtle.”

Guo Shi’er, “I’m nervous…”

Guo Shi’san, “Same…”

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