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Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shang Jiyu was slightly startled. He didn’t understand why he was pushed back. Could it be that Xiaoshen didn’t recognize him? He shouted again, “Xiaoshen?” 

Yet Xiaoshen was no longer listening to him and was completely caught up in the idea of seizing the opportunity in front of him. 

He pressed him down again. One would know how great a dragon’s strength was by just remembering how back in the days during the Luopin gathering, people would brag about how they had a dragon’s power. This, in addition to their solid and incomparable scales, would be enough without the use of spiritual power to crush a large group of lower level cultivators. 

Although Shang Jiyu had already reached the Don’t Submit (ninth) Stage, he lost focus and thus submerged into the pond. 

Shang Jiyu, “……” 

“Hahahahahaha ah.” Xiaoshen laughed so hard that the jade color of his eyes looked as if it would seep out any moment. 

It wasn’t that he was old fashioned, but their dragon race didn’t have marriage ceremonies like humans did. At most, they would invite the Dragon King to give them his blessings and confer a title, but Lord Zhenbao had long ascended to the heavens with the rest of the dragons. Thus, Xiaoshen only knew of one method to marry a human and that was like how it went in the story: to pick up the person from underneath the water and bring them back to the Dragon Palace. 

As he still has not taken over the Yuling Sect yet, it was probably better to stick with the old customs. Since it said underneath the water, then underneath the water it is. 

Xiaoshen contemplated silently, my first wedding was an extreme failure – it was more like a cheated wedding. The next five times were grand scale accidental weddings and were hidden away as reserves. The second time must go smoothly without a hitch. 

May Lord Zhenbao bless this dragon. 

Xiaoshen jumped into Baizhang Pond and treaded a bit on the ripples, then saw Shang Jiyu, who he pushed into the waters, sink below. His white robe and sleeves bloated and floated in the water like the tail of a large fish. Xiaoshen quickly swam toward him and picked Shang Jiyu up from the water. 

Yes, the ceremony was complete! 

It was difficult for Xiaoshen to hide his excitement as he grabbed onto Shang Jiyu and touched his face. 

Shang Jiyu turned his face around and opened his mouth in a rather pleased fashion as a few bubbles escaped from his mouth and said, “So you thought about it and still liked me more?” 

Xiaoshen, “…………” 

Wrong! Not this one! I picked up the wrong wife ahhh! 

A Dragon King picking up the wrong wife was like a bolt of lightning appearing out of the blue on a sunny day! 

Xiaoshen cried without tears. Why did they change again? 

How would he know that throughout the entire day, these two had secretly fought for control of the body? First, it was because one was mad that they changed once, but in a short period of time, they changed back again because the other lost focus. 

Xiaoshen instantly crumbled. 

Why was his path of marriage filled with bumps and holes? 

Shang Jiyu reached out his hand and embraced Xiaoshen only to be pleasantly surprised that Xiaoshen unexpectedly didn’t resist. Just now when Xiaoshen threw himself at him, Shang Jiyu had felt quite tranquil and serene, like a clear flow of water. Now that he had Xiaoshen fully in his embrace, he was incomparably satisfied. 

Of course, ‘he’ was obviously very displeased…… 

Who could have imagined that this delicate looking youth had a body that was quite tough? Due to his short stature, all Shang Jiyu saw as he looked down was a head filled with jet-black hair and ears as white as snow with their tips colored in a faint blush… The displeasure Shang Jiyu felt when he was rejected before had all but dispersed. “You’re quite strong to the point where even I was almost unable to block you. I need to see if my arms are bruised.” 

He rolled up his sleeves and saw that there was actually a faint bruise forming. If one didn’t know better, one would have thought he was hit by a rock. 

“What should we do about this?” Shang Jiyu egged him on. “Rub it for me?” 

This damned wife… I’m out of luck too… I’ve just had ten thousand years of bad luck…… 

Daomi had once said that an ex-wife was like a sheep while the current wife was like a wolf, but why did he feel like his ex-wife was more like a wolf and the current wife looked like a tiger? 

Xiaoshen resolved to treat this the same as last time when he saved those people from the waters; he won’t tell this Shang Jiyu that he was fortunate enough to have become a dragon’s bride. 

“You can heal it by using your spiritual power.” Xiaoshen pushed him away. “Let’s go. Let’s go!” 

“Wait! You still haven’t explained what you pushed me into the waters for?” Shang Jiyu suddenly said. 

“Who pushed you! The one I shoved was—” Xiaoshen turned around but stopped his sentence halfway. His eyes looked aside dishonestly as if something was off. 

Shang Jiyu as expected, also realized there was something peculiar going on. His eyes narrowed. What did he mean? Don’t tell me that pushing someone into the water is a good thing? 

Xiaoshen’s thoughts spun rapidly and finally found the right phrasing, “I wanted to go with him to visit Jin Qianzi again. I still haven’t seen what an underwater dwelling in Yuling Sect looks like yet. I want one too!” 

From Shang Jiyu’s expression, it was hard to determine whether or not he bought that excuse. He deeply said, “Really?” 

From the other side, Jin Qianzi had just lied down to take a nap when he was roused again by the two people outside his home. He opened his doors exasperated, “Are you guys going to leave or not! What else do you want to ask? Can you finish your questions all in one go?!” 

This pissed off large fellow was angry to the point that yellow streaks appeared on his cheeks, making him appear even more sinister. 

This time around, Shang Jiyu had thought that Jin Qianzi was about to punch something… 

Xiaoshen, “May I come inside?” 

Jin Qianzi, “Sure.” 

Shang Jiyu, “……” 

This was the second time. It was obvious that it had nothing to do with him. He peaked at Xiaoshen and suspected that Jin Qianzi was unconsciously influenced somehow. How strong was Xiaoshen’s true dragon’s blood? Otherwise, if he wasn’t part of the tortoise clan, how did he hit it off so well with Jin Qianzi? 

Shang Jiyu had never seen a situation like this… 

Jin Qianzi was a bit depressed too. He unconsciously responded with agreement and then said with a dark face, “I have never liked being surrounded by too many people. There’s only me here so there’s no snack or anything to receive guests.”                                                                                                   

Shang Jiyu, “…” Though Jin Qianzi’s face appeared cold and stiff and his words weren’t friendly either, compared to his past style, just him explaining why there weren’t any snacks was even more strange. 

“It’s fine. I just ate.” Xiaoshen walked in. He might as well take a look at Jin Qianzi’s dwelling while he was here. 

Not only did Jin Qianzi’s home have nobody else, but him, it was quite minimalistic as well. There were only some corals as decorations and from the looks of it, the most valuable thing here was a precious jewel. 

Xiaoshen carefully examined it. Wasn’t this a dragon pearl? 

Dragon pearl was the pearl underneath the chin of a black dragon. The black dragons lived underneath the abyss and in reality, this dragon pearl didn’t grow out under their chins. If a dragon could grow pearls, then wouldn’t that make them clams? 

It was only because the deep abyss was too dark, the black dragons would always carry a pearl underneath their chin or around their body, thus, over time, everyone believed that the black dragon itself had a pearl attached to its body… Furthermore, a dragon pearl that was worn by a black dragon all year round would gain a bit of the dragon’s energy as well. There wasn’t much use to it, but the pearl was something that other water clans all competed for and chased after. 

Xiaoshen remembered Daomi mentioning that the water clans nowadays all liked to claim a connection to dragons and asked with keen interest, “Your home even has a dragon pearl. Don’t tell me, you’re a descendant of the dragon race?” 

Jin Qianzi raised his chin and said, “I’m not! I loathe those clans who boast that they have the true dragon’s blood running through their veins. You are what you are. What’s the point of masquerading as some fake dragon?” 

That was unexpected. After returning, Xiaoshen thought he should tell Daomi that not all water clan members were the same. 

Jin Qianzi added, “Hmph. My grandfather was the Grand Chancellor of the Dragon Palace. If it wasn’t for the fact that the dragon race had ascended to heaven, I wouldn’t be here right now. So, even if I didn’t have true dragon’s blood running through my veins, I’m a vassal of the dragon clan! This dragon pearl was the one the Dragon King had gifted to my family.” 

Xiaoshen, “…Ah…” 

It was hard for Xiaoshen to really nitpick. The dragon race was a nostalgic bunch. That was why, when anyone mentioned the Dragon Palace’s grand chancellor, more often than not, they would be talking about a turtle. For example, back in the days in his Lanyu Lake, there was a grand chancellor from the turtle clan, but he had long died of old age and didn’t leave any descendants. 

Now that you mention it, there were now three suitable head chief prospects to choose from within the Yuling Sect…  

Aye, let it be. Lord Zhenbao had said that as a Dragon King, one must understand the art of managing subordinates. He would just let them compete amongst themselves. 

Xiaoshen once again felt as if he had matured, then merrily went along with Jin Qianzi’s words and encouragingly said, “I was saying that you looked like a grand chancellor and in your prime too.” 

“Yes, I’m in my prime, yet there’s nothing for me to do. You must know that back in the days, my grandfather has taught me how to manage a Dragon Palace and such spells… but there’s no use for it here.” Jin Qianzi listlessly said, “Now, all I do besides cultivating daily, is sleeping. Furthermore, it has been a long time since someone dared to create a ruckus in Yuling. It’s boring.” 

And he knows how to build a house?! A plus! 

Xiaoshen patted his shoulders, “At least your rest area is very spacious.” 

Baizhang Pond was still a pond, but in comparison to the Royal Pond, it was much larger… 

Jin Qianzi’s face actually reddened a bit, “Aye, I don’t know why but I feel much better after talking with you. Rest here some more.” 

“Next time. I need to go back and sleep.” Xiaoshen still remembered Shang Jiyu and his nightly promise. 

Jing Qianzi sent them off to the surface with regret and waved his hands goodbye, “Come again!” 

“Before your teacher ascended to the heavens, didn’t she leave her valuables to you? Like those wines?” Xiaoshen asked Shang Jiyu on their way back.

“Of course.” Shang Jiyu nodded his head. 

Xiaoshen could have waited for the other Shang Jiyu to come out before questioning, but he couldn’t wait and asked, “Can you let me see them?…” 

It was said that Chen Miaoxiang lost the water, but Xiaoshen thought about it more closely and believed that there was merit to start from Chen Miaoxiang and her belongings. Maybe it was stored away inside a spirit tool of hers. This probability was higher than the one where the water was randomly lost somewhere in some corner of Yuling. 

If he really couldn’t find it there, then he would go and turn over every inch of land… Xiaoshen thought to himself, if only I could regain my powers earlier, then I could pressure the entire Yuling Sect to help me find it. 

Shang Jiyu casually took out a box, “It’s all in here.” 

Though the box looked small, it could fit a lot. 

He didn’t ask a single question and his frank and straightforward manner pleased Xiaoshen beyond his expectations. Xiaoshen quickly received the box and looked inside, “Woah, your teacher left you a lot of life-giving lingzhi.” 1 

A normal lingzhi could be found in many places, but a life-giving lingzhi could only grow from years of absorbing the spirit of war and battles, and often only talented swordsmen and such cultivators had the ability to grow something like this. 

These lingzhi symbolized the owner as a dangerous and remarkable person from all levels, thus some exaggeratedly described the life-giving lingzhi growing from the soil of the underworld. 

“If you want to eat it, go ahead. I have no need for it.” Shang Jiyu casually commented. 

“Okay. I’ll slowly eat them.” Xiaoshen said, pleased. Even though he picked up the wrong one, this Shang Jiyu was unexpectedly virtuous. 

After they returned to Biqiao Peak, Xiaoshen lied on his stomach on the bed, looked around inside the box, and discovered that Chen Miaoxiang was really quite strange and clever. 

She refined a lot of bizarre spirit tools. He didn’t know how many spirit tools this thing could fit, and there were a lot of collectibles and treasures inside as well. One inside another and so much that Xiaoshen was dazzled. 

My life is so hard. 

I only want to find my water. 

Xiaoshen immersed himself in the task and when he felt despondent, he would eat a bit of the herbs that Shang Jiyu said he can eat freely. 

Sunset arrived in a blink of an eye. 

Xiaoshen was still painstakingly looking for clues as he snacked on lingzhi once in a while, when a hand reached out from behind and landed on his shoulders, “Life-giving lingzhi holds a lot of evil spirits. Don’t eat too much.” 

Xiaoshen turned his head and looked at Shang Jiyu. He immediately felt wronged to the point that he almost cried, “You! Why did it take you so long to appear? Where did you go earlier?” 

Xiaoshen let out deep sobs and his tone was so bold and confident with justice on his side that Shang Jiyu was at a loss for words. Immediately, he helplessly said, “I don’t know either… You wanted to go with me to tour Jin Qianzi’s abode?” 

Yet Xiaoshen’s major grievance was simply that he disappeared and caused him to pick up the wrong wife. This was difficult for him to say out loud and he could only look at Shang Jiyu with a face filled with grievance. 

It should have been their big day…… 

Shang Jiyu suddenly felt as if he made a huge blunder as he was stared down by those misty jade eyes and was the cause of Xiaoshen’s pitiful and sad gaze. He brought Xiaoshen into his embrace and said, “I’m sorry.” 

As soon as he apologized, Xiaoshen unexpectedly changed his view and thought to himself that in reality, he couldn’t blame Shang Jiyu. He was being too impatient… 

Xiaoshen rolled up Jiyu’s sleeves, saw the faint bruise, and mumbled, “I used too much strength.” 

Xiaoshen opened his mouth to lick the area and wanted to use his dragon’s saliva to cure the injury. 

However, he immediately remembered that he would reveal his actual identity if he did that and thus, the tip of his tongue merely peaked out and looked as if he wanted to speak. 

Shang Jiyu only saw the youth open his mouth slightly as he stared at his arm and the soft red tip of his tongue appeared like some sort of shy creature. He vaguely felt his mouth becoming dry all of a sudden and his fingers lingered on Xiaoshen’s chin. 

Xiaoshen appeared confused yet at the same time clear as he looked at him. 

Shang Jiyu was even more distracted and incensed by his inner desire, then he slowly lowered his head. 

Xiaoshen’s eyes widened as he saw Shang Jiyu leaned closer and thought that Jiyu’s mouth would touch his own lips the very next second. He callously closed his eyes. If he wants to bite me, then go ahead. He can’t break the skin anyhow. How bad can it hurt? It’ll serve as compensation… 

Shang Jiyu had almost touched Xiaoshen before he suddenly stopped. 

This familiar pause had Xiaoshen recall earlier when the other Shang Jiyu and him were at the human race’s city and that other Jiyu too suddenly came closer and stopped. Now that he thought about it, did that guy want to bite him too? 

This time, since he sat in his embrace, Xiaoshen could clearly feel Shang Jiyu’s body turn rigid. It was as if he was in a confrontation with something and just when Xiaoshen didn’t have time to react, Shang Jiyu suddenly came close again and his lips landed on top of Xiaoshen’s. 

It was like the gentle flow of water, from the confluence and fusion of the two river sources; from the first touch, it was cold and unfamiliar and then it quickly rolled together with the waves until they became indistinguishable from each other. 

Xiaoshen first opened his eyes suspiciously. He didn’t understand why Shang Jiyu didn’t use any strength at all. Soon after, under this ambiguous tempo, he vaguely understood – this was the way humans interacted with each other. 

Only, why was the intimacy amongst humans this comfortable? It was the first time he experienced this type of infatuation and felt like he returned to the deep ends of the great river and his whole body was comfortably submerged in icy water. It was as if he was floating and his entire body became soft. 

He became relaxed, so he couldn’t help his instincts and tightly clung onto Shang Jiyu… 

After a while, Shang Jiyu let Xiaoshen go and both their faces had a faint reddish glow to them. 

Xiaoshen’s face was hot as he bashfully said, “I was almost unable to breath…” 

Shang Jiyu, “Me too.” 

Xiaoshen, “?” 

Shang Jiyu sighed, “Can you hold off a bit? You coiled on me too tight.” 

If there was a way he could have persevered, he would have……


The author has something to say: 

Xiaoshen gets kissed until he blushes, Shang Jiyu gets strangled until he blushes.

This shows us how important it is to have a good body for dating……                                                                                          


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Translator Notes:

  1. A valuable reishi mushroom, known for its medicinal purposes. The older it is, the rarer it is.


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AHA! Just as I foretold! The other Shang Jiyu showed up instead of the one Xiaoshen likes! >:D

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February 23, 2021 12:27 pm

“Picked up the wrong wife”? Did he really? 😏

Somehow I ship Xiaoshen with the other Shang Jiyu more than the one he likes. 😅

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In theory, Xiaoshen hasn’t picked a wrong bride since both Jiyus share the same body. 😂 Thank you for the chapter!!!

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