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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


It was a bright sunny morning in early winter. Shen Si scratched his head and walked to the balcony, where several pots of green plants were placed, and a new sunflower was blooming facing the sun.

This decorative sunflower was given to him later by Bai JunYi. Shen Si put this pot on the balcony with the other flowers, which were thriving and blooming vibrantly. It was worth Shen Si going all the way to the mountains to dig new soil to raise the flowers and getting dirty.

Yes, Shen Si didn’t move out, the Inspection Unit analyzed the formula of the agent provided by Shen Si, they determined the danger after doing an upgrade, using this agent to ensure that the playfield would never appear again. So that this place could become a real safe zone, it was said that the agent was also purchased by many countries, the price was extremely expensive.

The only thing was that the soil could not grow plants after the use of the agent, which remained unresolved. But as Ning Yangze said, in this extreme case, a small soil variation was no problem at all. Bai JunYi’s flower shop was still open because he didn’t need soil at all, just a seed to produce flowers, it was a pity about the greenery around the neighborhood though.

Now that it was winter, the leaves had fallen off already so it didn’t seem any different. However, next spring, the neighborhood would probably feel very dull.

The company still hadn’t dealt with the matter of Zhongjia Mountain, and Shen Si hadn’t received any notice to go back to work. As far as he knew, Yi Mingzi and Lin Qi were looking for other jobs. Since the compensation issued could support them for one or two months, there would come a time when they couldn’t hold on any longer.

Sighing slightly, Shen Si put on his jacket after taking it off the hanger and went downstairs. His watering can broke yesterday, and he needed to buy a new one today.

The moment he stepped out of the neighborhood, a cold wind instantly hit him. Shen Si immediately shivered from the cold. He wrapped his jacket tightly, then walked downstairs to the merchandise store, but found the door of the merchandise store closed with the words ‘transfer of business’ written on it in big letters.

“This place is closed, too.” Shen Si exhaled a breath and watched the white air disappear into the air as he turned to leave.

The impact of the playfield was very big, 10,000 people were controlled by obsession, doing irreparable things. Even if the Special Unit let them go back, most people found it difficult to accept these things, let alone continue to live in this place. This was still the place where the playfield had opened, by now most of the people in the community had moved out, and those who still remained here were only those who could not afford to move out and the mentally strong who didn’t care.

But the good thing was, because of this incident, the houses here were a lot cheaper, and there had been new people moving in, so it didn’t seem too empty.

Shen Si continued to walk forward. The original busy street no longer had its previous crowd of people, and even most of the stores were closed. A large number of staff resignations caused the big stores to not completely open for business. Shen Si walked for a while to find the stores that still operated and went in to buy the watering can.

When he put the shopping bag on his arm, Shen Si put his hand in his pocket, a cold wind blew, penetrating his jacket and hitting his skin directly, making Shen Si shiver.

The weather before the earthquake was surprisingly hot, and after the earthquake it was the other extreme, cold to the point of excess. The weather forecast a few days ago predicted that the temperature would drop to minus 20 degrees in the near future, which was an almost impossible temperature for the coastal provinces.

When he laboriously returned to his house, the temperature in the house made him shiver. He took off his jacket and hung it on the hanger, then took the new watering can to the bathroom and just intended to clean it once, when his cell phone in his jacket pocket rang. Shen Si put the watering can down and walked out, the caller was Yi Mingzi. 

Yi Mingzi? Had their company finally arranged work for them?

“Hello?” Shen Si picked up the phone.

“Shen Si, bad news and good news.” Yi Mingzi’s voice on the other side was full of helplessness, “Which one do you want to hear first?”

Shen Si sat back on the sofa with the phone in his hand, “I feel like the point of your call this time is this bad news.”

“You answered correctly, no reward.” Yi Mingzi sighed, “We lost our jobs.”

Shen Si leaned back and laid straight back on the couch, “…As expected.”

“The situation has changed too much, the line in Zhongjia Mountain is completely abolished, the rest of the business in the agency is also severely reduced. Not to mention us, even the agency can barely hold up. After all, no one has the heart to go out and play at this time of year.” Yi Mingzi sounded a bit lost, “What a pity, I still wanted to be a tour guide in the future until old age. I did not expect to lose my job so soon.”

“It can’t be helped.”

“But there is still good news, because we were dismissed, all three of us will get compensation.” Yi Mingzi forced himself to laugh twice, “Go to the company this afternoon to sign the contract, after that we are free agents!”

Shen Si tilted his head and looked at the ceiling, “I understand.”

Hanging up the phone, Shen Si did not move. He closed his eyes to think about the recent events.

The collapse of the world of unlimited flow, the return of the Survivors, followed by the opening of the playfields scattered around the world. An ordinary person had a 1% chance of gaining abilities within the playfield. The world was constantly generating changes because of these events, countless people were unemployed, and anxiety was piling up in the society and they could only wait for the rules to be reformulated.

“Do you want me to go with you?”

Shen Si sat up and looked to the side. At the second bedroom door, Xi Luo leaned against the door frame flipping through the book in his hand. He looked like he hadn’t woken up yet, he was dazed and confused.

“What’s the point of you accompanying me?”

“I’m an S-Rank Survivor, I have privileges.” Xi Luo didn’t even raise his voice a bit, not at all repulsed by the fact that he had privileges, “It can prevent accidents.”

“High school students should just stay home and study honestly, I can handle myself.” Shen Si put the phone on the table, then went to the bathroom to continue cleaning out his newly purchased watering can.

Xi Luo shrugged as he turned around and went back to his bedroom, flipping through his books without stopping.

After cleaning the watering can, he filled a jug of water and went to the balcony to water the flowers. After watering, Shen Si reached out and wiped the water vapor off the glass of the balcony, revealing a clear and transparent glass surface. On the other side of the glass, Shen Si could see the God of Light’s store and the delicate flowers blooming in it at a glance.

As Xi Luo said, S-Rank Survivors had privilege, and that privilege worked in every situation because the power of S-Rank Survivors was indispensable to the current world.

They could be the last guarantee, and for this reason the higher-ups had been befriending them. Moreover, not only to the higher-ups, but even to an ordinary person, S-Rank Survivors were also a very well-known existence, as they could do anything with their great strength.

For example, a certain organization that gradually began to advertise its operation in the forum.

“It’s cold, but the sun is nice today.” Shen Si looked up at the sky, “Good, I’ll go to the office early to do the paperwork and come back before the temperature drops.”


The procedures were done quickly, Shen Si stood at the door looking at the contract in his hand then looked back at the company. The last time he came here, there were still people coming and going. Now there weren’t many people inside and the boss was personally doing the procedures for him, sighing throughout. Shen Si and the others listened to him complain about this unlucky period for an hour.

It was probably true that they were in an unlucky period.

“So, we’re just going to scatter?” Lin Qi leaned on the door frame and looked at the contract in his hand, “I really can’t believe it, obviously a few days ago I was still bothered that there were too many people signing up for tours, it’s only been two weeks and I don’t even have a job.”

“No way, the agency can’t hold up.” Yi Mingzi sat on the steps helplessly pressing his temples, “What do you plan to do after?”

“I studied this line in college, but I guess it’s not easy to find a similar job, so I’ll plan later.” Lin Qi came over and sat next to Yi Mingzi, “What about you, Shen Si? What are you going to do? You are still young, there is still time to do anything.”

Shen Si thought about it, “Let’s talk about it afterwards, I want to stay at home for a while first.”

“That’s right, the situation is very unstable now.” Yi Mingzi let out a bitter smile, “Stay at home if you can, just hope that nothing else happens.”

“This is not a solution either, how else can we live without a salary.” Lin Qi lowered his head and complained in a low voice, “My children are still in junior high school, and my wife’s job seems to have changed recently. For an ordinary person, this situation is enough to make people distressed.”

Shen Si did not say anything, he stood in the same place with the two people for half an hour. Half an hour later, they went their separate ways. Watching the two people go in different directions, Shen Si black eyes shone with a little helplessness.

Yes, this period had caused enough stress for ordinary people.

He did not have to worry about money for the time being. After giving away the formula for that agent, the Special Unit forcibly gave him a sum of money. Originally they were ready to directly recognize him on the post, but were stopped by Shen Si. Shen Si did not intend to be in the limelight. If they really let those anxious people see his name on the forum, then he would presumably soon be able to see his birthday posted up there.

He put his hands in the pocket of his jacket and walked out. In just a few steps, Shen Si stopped in his tracks. A familiar person was standing in front of him.

Jian Nian was standing in the cold wind in his windbreaker, his thin body looked shaky, his pale lips looked extraordinarily sickly with his face. When he saw Shen Si, he curled his mouth and smiled very happily, like a small child who saw his favorite thing, “Shen Si, what a coincidence!”

Shen Si took two steps back and chose another direction to leave as if he didn’t see him.

“Don’t be so heartless, even if we can’t be lovers, we’re still friends who grew up together!” Jian Nian trotted after him, he pulled Shen Si’s sleeve, his fingertips were cold like a block of ice.

Shen Si tried to pull the sleeve out of his hand, “I don’t think we can still be normal friends.”

“Not even a chance to be friends? Don’t be so hurtful.” Jian Nian smiled bitterly, “I’m really sad.”

“Let go.”

Jian Nian stared at Shen Si and let go of his hand after a moment, “I won’t pull you, don’t go yet, this is not the Yijiang District, why are you here?”

“Dismissal procedures.” Shen Si held up the contract, then turned around and left, not intending to stay here any longer.

“Then do you want to know why I am here?” Jian Nian suddenly spoke.

Shen Si didn’t stop, as if he wasn’t even going to listen.

“You should also know about that organization in the forum.” Jian Nian continued to speak, he looked at Shen Si’s back, his dark eyes were full of fondness, “that new organization is formed by Survivors. The rules of the world are changing, and both Survivors and ordinary people are trying to find a way to survive that suits them. “

Shen Si paused in his steps.

“Don’t come here in the future.” Jian Nian smiled like a small child who had been given candy. “There may be a playfield that will open here at any time.”


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