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Translated by ethidda of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xiaoshen returned to the Dragon Palace with a dark expression along with those two dragons.

He really did not want to go. He had ascended at a really bad time, but he couldn’t just avoid the issue either.

This whole time, Shang Jiyu only felt compassion for Xiaoshen in his heart. He rubbed his shoulder. “Sigh, your dad…”

“Sigh, what is Lord Zhenbao doing?” Xiaoshen also sighed and grumbled unhappily. “If he can’t handle it, then he shouldn’t have conned so many people!”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

He started to speak but stopped. Never mind. These two were truly father and son. 

So when Shang Jiyu had worried about Xiaoshen leaving him behind and ascending by himself, it really wasn’t unfounded. With Xiaoshen’s family and upbringing, that he could stay by him and not abandon him, it was already a miracle amongst the dragons. Plus, their relationship was more than the usual. 1

“It’s Brother Xiaoshen! Brother Xiaoshen finally ascended!”

The two so-called “childhood best friend” dragons, because they were the first to be in contact with Xiaoshen after he ascended, used chicken feathers like authority tokens 2 , and led the way for him calling out like this. 

—As for “childhood best friends”, they definitely were not childhood best friends. Xiaoshen had beaten up every dragon who was around the same age as him. If that made someone his childhood best friend, then he would have way too many childhood best friends.

Shang Jiyu also finally could be said to have understood his “innocent and lovable, even-tempered with others” cultivation partner’s reputation within the dragon species.

Those dragons who saw Xiaoshen, their first reaction was to run away. Their second reaction was then to suppress this thought, and to stay and greet Xiaoshen respectfully, fearful of standing taller than him.

“Brother Xiaoshen is as dashing as always, and you look like you got much thicker.”

“Boo hoo hoo!”

“Why are you crying?”

“Of course I’m crying out of happiness. Boohoo… Aren’t you?”

“Sob, yes.”

Some also looked at Shang Jiyu. Some of the dragons knew that Xiaoshen had a cultivation partner in the lower realm, and guessed that it was probably this person. They couldn’t help but look at him with shades of pity in their eyes, but they didn’t dare to make it obvious. They tried hard to smile.

Xiaoshen boasted to Shang Jiyu, “See how happily they smile after seeing me!”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

“I already heard about Lord Zhenbao’s situation. Since he is now hiding, after the event, I will be his substitute and oversee everything in the court.” Xiaoshen said to the dragons. “I want to understand the overall situation in the immortal realm, first.”

These dragons were trembling, but they were still able to respond sharply. Immediately, an official stood up. “Yes, Lord ShanHe.” 3

The other dragons also stood up together, answering ShangHe Jun.

Shang Jiyu, “……”

Lord ShanHe? How come he already had a title? Could it be that they had been hoping for Xioashen to take up the mantle and clean up the mess?

Xiaoshen saw his confusion. He said quietly in his ear, “That is the Ying dragon, or the yellow dragon, and the one who assists the Dragon Emperor… Every Dragon Emperor’s title is made by them, and they can feel it intuitively.”

And their intuition is very accurate. Never mind that the other dragons seemed a bit confused, thinking: didn’t Brother Xiaoshen enter the Way of the illusions and should have such a title? If not this, then he would probably be CanBao/Lord Tyrant… 

As everyone knew, Xiaoshen due to guarading KaiMing Mountain, and his history with Shang Jiyu, and also that he understood the way of Mountain and River 4 , the way Ying Dragon called him was the most suitable.

“Um, are there related books and pictures? Show me,” Xiaoshen asked.

“Of course.” The yellow dragon brought in a large, thick, and heavy book. “This is the record of Lord Zhenbao’s ten thousand years of cons. Your Highness can use this as reference to get a general understanding of the various races in the immortal realm.”

Shang Jiyu, “…??”

The yellow dragon was very considerate. He realized that Lord ShanHe’s cultivation partner was not very familiar with the dragon race. He said with a friendly smile, “Master, because Lord Zhenbao’s cons were widespread and clever, one only needs to look at what he’s done in the past ten thousand years, and would know the movement of power in the immortal realm, the history of the various relationships and resentments, and even the immortal realm’s geography.”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

Is that so… Reading a book about Lord Zhenbao’s cons was equivalent to reading the rise and fall of the various races in the immortal realm in the past ten thousand years?

Xiaoshen took the book and asked, “Where’s the marital estate that Lord Zhenbao prepared for me? I’ll live in the Dragon Palace for now, but prepare the marital estate for me too. When there’s time, I’ll go with Jiyu to see if there’s anything that needs to be changed. We’ll move there sooner or later.”

“Yes. It’s not far from here.” The yellow dragon talked a bit about the marital estate. “I’ll have someone go clean up the ChengMing Palace right now, so that Your Highness can stay there temporarily.”

“Ok. If there’s anything else, let’s talk about it after I finish reading this.” Xiaoshen’s original plans had been completely disrupted. As for finding Yu Yi, Fang Cun, Chen MiaoXiang… He thought he’d better first digest this conning record.

He brought Shang Jiyu to ChengMing Palace and started studying this book.

Shang Jiyu glanced at it a few times from the side as well. The other dragon had talked about it in generalities before. The record here was more detailed.

Even though he hadn’t met Lord Zhenbao yet, just reading this book, he was already sighing about his abilities… To be able to con one marriage, that person would be considered sly. In ten thousand years, he was able to promise his son to a race’s 3 or 4 different generations, 5 or 6 different people, and to con them so thoroughly that they genuinely believed it… Then one could only sigh in respect.

So when Xiaoshen had conned Luo Pin without any suspicion, he had finally figured out that this was hereditary from Lord Zhenbao.

Xiaoshen looked through most of the book and then turned his head. He decided to go with Shang Jiyu to their marital estate to take a look.

“ShangHe Jun, um, um… the Immortal Emperor is asking for you, because of friction between us and the demons.” Xiaoshen only just stepped out and the yellow dragon came to report.

Xiaoshen also already roughly knew that part of the demons’ territory borders the dragons’. There were no demons in the human realm. They lived in a different realm. So Xiaoshen had never met demons before.

And according to Lord Zhenbao’s records, it hadn’t been that long since he last conned a demon.

Lord Zhenbao and one of the demon kings of the demon race made a marriage agreement, and even boasted that he could probably give birth to a new species of “demonic dragons”, who would have the best features of both species, kill any and all enemies, and conned the demon king into being ecstatic about it.

And also because of this, the demon king gave many benefits to the dragon species.

Such as, at the border between the two races, there used to grow [plants with] heavenly spirits and earthly treasures. Traditionally, each race would fight, using their prowess, for them. These last few years, the dragon race had gotten them easily.

Xiaoshen only just took up the post, and now had to go debate with the demons. This made the yellow dragon sweat for him. But it was only a bit, because in general, the dragons felt that Xiaoshen wouldn’t be taken advantage of.

“Jiyu, guard our home. I’ll go meet with the demons.” Xiaoshen hardened his expression. His face which still was a bit delicate now seemed much more serious. He changed into his robe, put on his golden crown, and followed the yellow dragon to the meeting. 

Even though they were both “kings/Jun”, obviously, in this realm the most powerful was the immortal king. He was the ancient grand immortal, the lord of this entire realm, and his mansion was the sky beyond the heavens.

Xiaoshen rejected the yellow dragon’s suggestion and did not bring many guards, just the one yellow dragon. They arrived at the outside of the Immortal Emperor’s palace and informed him that the dragon race’s new king Lord ShangHe had arrived. Right away, they were shown inside.

Xiaoshen strode in and entered the golden palace. He saw the great immortal at the throne at the very top. But that face, Xiaoshen felt that he couldn’t see it clearly no matter what. Clearly, there was nothing obscuring it. So he thought to himself, no wonder he was the immortal king.

And the cultivator lower down, he could see clearly. This person was dressed all in black. His eyes were a dark purple and his skin was on the dark side. There were several silver lines on his cheeks and a horn on his forehead, also with a silver pattern. This must be a demon.

Xiaoshen met this person’s eyes. This demon just smiled coldly. “The dragon race chose a random thin dragon as the dragon king, to be the scapegoat, and to let me believe that Lord Zhenbao is never coming back?”

Hearing this attitude, Xiaoshen knew that this person already knew that he had been conned by Lord Zhenbao and that he was smoldering with anger.

Xiaoshen didn’t even answer himself. He gave the yellow dragon a look.

“Whether Lord Zhenbao returns or not, the dragon race cannot continue without a leader,” the yellow dragon said, guessing at Xiaoshen’s meaning. “Lord ShanHe is temporarily stepping up as the Dragon King, as the leader of our dragon race. How dare an outsider comment? We kindly request that Lord CangHai watch his words.”

Lord CangHai looked at Xiaoshen scornfully. “Then… what’s his name… Lord ShangHe, let’s talk about it. When will the dragons return the Broken Flame Medicine Immortal that you owe?” 

Xiaoshen’s expression didn’t change. He said, “It probably depends on when Lord Zhenbao returns.”

He didn’t even know that this Broken Flame Medical Immortal was. He guessed it was probably some benefit that Lord Zhenbao cheated him out of.

Lord CangHai’s expression darkened. “That is what I am saying. Either you return the Broken Flame Medicine Immortal, or you hand over Lord Zhenbao to marry… to me.”

Xiaoshen, “We don’t know where Lord Zhenbao is either.”

Lord CangHai, “Give that Lord Zhenbao!! I refuse to believe that he wouldn’t tell any dragon where he hid himself!”

Xiaoshen retorted, “Tell you so that he can wait for your threats?”

Lord CangHai said fiercely, “Then let’s go to war.”

Xiaoshen said, “Originally, Lord Zhenbao and you had a marital agreement, and even said that he would give birth to a demon dragon for you. So you gave him so much. Now, Lord Zhenbao has disappeared. How do you know that he hasn’t kept to his promise? What if he returns, with a little demonic dragon? Then wouldn’t you have wronged us?”

Lord CangHai, “……”

No wonder this thin dragon was the dragon king. His sophistry was quite similar in style to Lord Zhenbao, and he would say such nonsense, without blushing at all.

Lord CangHai’s black aura almost became tangible. “Don’t think that I would tolerate every dragon…”

He said bitterly, “Lord Zhenbao conned me, that he can give birth to a child. Now the truth has been revealed that he said this to everyone. You’re a bold, thin dragon, to dare to bring this up. Are you mocking me?”

Xiaoshen said helplessly, “The truth that’s been revealed is that he said this to many people. He didn’t say he wouldn’t birth a child for you. What if he returns with seventeen or eighteen little dragons, and gives each of you one? Besides, you are asking him to return things you gifted him. Even if Lord Zhenbao annuls the marriage with you, I think it would be completely reasonable.”

Lord CangHai Jun was furious. The worst was hearing this last sentence. He immediately wanted to start violence.

At this point, the immortal king who had been watching silently said abruptly, “Lord ShangHe… What is your relationship with Lord Zhenbao?”

“Your Majesty, Lord Zhenbao is my father,” Xiaoshen answered.

CangHai Jun was stunned for a moment. He hand paused in midair.

The immortal king didn’t seem surprised, and then he said, “CangHai, this is a promise between you and ZhenBao. Why involve the innocent? You should go back.”

“Your Majesty.” Lord CangHai was startled and finally reacted. He looked at Xiaoshen disbelievingly. So this meant Lord Zhenbao really could give birth? Moreover, that beloved son he had promised in marriage countless times actually existed? He never expected that Lord Zhenbao’s words actually had a bit of truth in them. His thoughts churned quickly, as he said in a rush, “Child, I was the first one to have a contract with your father. You should know, I’m actually the…”

But the immortal king waved his sleeve, and a light cloud sent him and the yellow dragon out of the immortal palace.

Xiaoshen was secretly pleased. The immortal king was really a good king. He got rid of Lord CangHai. Otherwise, they would’ve started fighting, and that would’ve been tiring.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Xiaoshen thanked him immediately.

The immortal king stepped down off his throne. The face he originally couldn’t see clearly now became clearer and clearer. The face was clear and handsome, with anoble air. He said kindly to Xiaoshen, “You’re still a thin dragon, but you have to support a huge dragon clan. It’s not easy on you either.”

Who was Xiaoshen? He was Lord Zhenbao’s son, and who entered the Way with illusion. The immortal king said just that one sentence and didn’t say anything else. Even he felt that something was off. Right, why did he also send the yellow dragon away earlier?

“Your Majesty, please speak directly!”

“……” The immortal king chuckled and then sighed. “Since Lord Zhenbao told me that you were going to ascend soon, I prepared some gifts to send to you with Lord Zhenbao. I didn’t expect that he would be entangled like he is, scared of appearing. Do you have a way to find your father?”

Xiaoshen, “……”

The immortal king laughed embarrassingly. “Others don’t know that your father and I had already decided to be together forever, child…”

Xiaoshen: I treat you like a great immortal, but you actually want to be my dad??

Xiaoshen was not stupid. He was not fooled by the immortal king’s kind demeanor. He even thought, no wonder Lord Zhenbao was scared to even show his face this time. Clearly, it was because he had conned such a powerful mark and conned the immortal king!

He insisted, “I don’t know! I only just ascended!”

Xiaoshen finally convinced the immortal king. He thought that Lord Zhenbao’s cultivation included conning and being pursued and even those had much improved. Even the immortal king had been cheated.

Carrying a bunch of gifts that the immortal king forced onto him, he stepped out of the immortal palace and saw that Lord CangHai hadn’t left yet. His head was bowed and he was kicking rocks. He heard him coming out and looked up immediately. He smiled slightly, a soft spring breeze caressed his face. “Son…”

Xiaoshen, “??!”

Lord CangHai seemed like a different person from before. If it had been any other dragon taking Lord Zhenbao’s temporary duties, they would not have been well treated.

However, Xiaoshen was Lord Zhenbao’s own son. Lord CangHai still said that he wanted the dragon race to hand over Lord Zhenbao, but how could he possibly offend Lord Zhenbao’s only child? They were all going to be a family down the road.

Lord CangHai was even regretting, why was he so forceful with Xiaoshen before? Now they were at an impasse.

Xiaoshen was taken aback. Wow, the demon could change attitudes so quickly. “Don’t randomly decide someone’s your son!”

He wrinkled his nose, and pulled the yellow dragon along as he left quickly.

Lord CangHai was still yelling behind him, “What we said before doesn’t count! I’ll also be sending this year’s Broken Flame Medicine Immortal to my son as a first meeting gift!”

Xiaoshen rolled his eyes.

Back at the dragon palace, Xiaoshen returned to the ChengMing Palace in exhaustion, to rest. But he saw Shang Jiyu come out. “Xiaoshen, Lord Zhenbao returned.”

“What?” Xiaoshen was shocked. Lord Zhenbao dared to return?

Along with Shang Jiyu, another person exited. He wore green clothes. He was very big and tall and there was a horn on his head. He saw Xiaoshen and said with a smile, “You must be Shen’er…”

Shang Jiyu suddenly felt wary. “You are?”

This person suddenly appeared at ChengMing Palace, and he had horns. His cultivation was higher than he could guess. He (Shang Jiyu) thought he wasn’t an outsider. And the first words out of his mouth were that he wanted to see his son. Of course Shang Jiyu assumed this was Lord Zhenbao. But when the first thing Xiaoshen said after seeing him revealed that this was also first time seeing Xiaoshen.

Sure enough, Xiaoshen stared at the person. “Who are you?”

This person said, “You might not have heard of me before. I’m LuHua Jun. But no need to stand on ceremony. You can call me dad…” 

“Go, go, go away!” Xiaoshen was furious and drove him out. “What nonsense! I only just ascended and the news has spread already?”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

He also had a bit of a headache. So it wasn’t a dragon horn, but a deer horn? 5

As Lord Zhenbao’s son, the moment Xiaoshen took the position, the tension between the dragon race and the other races were unexpectedly… much relieved. And because at the moment, nobody could find Lord Zhenbao, Xiaoshen just received an incredible amount of gifts.

After he reconciled the many gift lists, Lord ShanHe fell into Shang Jiyu’s embrace and said unhappily, “Boohoo, I’m so sad. Why is the immortal realm like this? Everybody wants to be my daddy!” 6

Shang Jiyu, “……”


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Translator Notes:

  1. T/N: probably referring to Jiyu being Xiaoshen’s water.
  2. T/N: meaning, pretended that they have more authority than they do
  3. T/N: ShanHe = Mountain River
  4. T/N: Shan = Mountain, He = River
  5. T/N: Lu in LuHua means deer.
  6. T/N: Presumably, this is a thing about face. If everybody wants to be a generation older than him, then he would not have much face.


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