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Translated by ethidda of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The Terrace of Ascension.

The immortal who was to welcome others was napping against the jade pillar. Today, another two cultivators successfully ascended and arrived. They came from Shen Province in the human realm. He had to meet them and register them in the book, but because he had been gambling all day and all night recently, he had no energy. They said tomorrow, a group would ascend from the demon realm. There was a lot of work, and the guests from the demon realm were difficult to deal with. This was really too much to ask of him.

Sigh. This was all because of His Highness the Immortal Emperor. Immortals would not normally get tired from gambling, but he disliked that everyone was so addicted. Every one of them had that obnoxious face (but they really didn’t!), so he made a royal edict, an iron-clad rule: If one kept gambling, even an immortal and feel incomparably fatigued, forcing everybody to take breaks. 

He wondered what the two cultivators coming today were like. In this immortal realm, it was not all as perfect as the cultivators in the human realm imagine it to be. There were still territories, sects – and being allied in the lower realm sects and clans did not mean that they would be on the same side in the immortal realm – they were sometimes even more brutal. After all, nobody had anything to do… 

Any new arrival would need to make connections. Or they can be a wandering immortal, but it would be the same as being a wandering cultivator in the lower realms. They could do as they please, but they would have no backing, and depend only on themselves.


A sound woke up the reception immortal. He stood up abruptly and saw that a human stranger stood before him, tall and handsome. This should be the newly ascended immortal. So he hurried to say, “I’m the immortal on duty for reception today, San San. You’re probably the new person, just arriving at the immortal realm…”

He looked around a bit, “Huh? Weird. There should be two new people coming today. Do you know the other one?”

“I do.” Shang Jiyu nodded. “He said he’s going to play for a bit in the clouds, and that I should go ahead and register, so that the reception immortal wouldn’t have to wait too long.”

“Ah… It’s fine, it’s fine.” The reception immortal was not upset at all. His face was full of smiles.

Hearing that the other one who ascended also liked to procrastinate and play around, but also clearly knew the procedure in the immortal realm, he was not an average ascender. Therefore, he didn’t dare to treat them casually and said very politely, “It’s all the same if I register your first. There are a lot of forms to fill.”

He guessed the other person knew this too, and didn’t waste any time.

The reception immortal first asked for their names and which sect or clan they belonged to in the human realm. He silently nodded along in his head. He had heard of this Yuling Sect. Most of those who ascended were humans and got along pretty well. No wonder they were so familiar with the immortal realm.

He also had some naturally created information here. After looking through to verify, he said in surprise, “Are you human or not? How come you look like a human, but here it says that you are the other ascending person’s… belonging? What does this mean? Are you a weapon spirit?”

What new thing had the human realm come up with? A weapon spirit can independently ascend now?

“Wrong.” Shang Jiyu said simply, “We have been cultivation partners for a long time. Moreover, I’m not actually really human.”

The receptionist immortal made a hum. This ascender still hadn’t said exactly what kind of spirit he was, but no matter what, this was enough of a shock. The world was huge and anything could happen. It was not completely unheard of for a sword spirit or similar to fall in love. And maybe even fall in love with his owner. But to become so human that he couldn’t tell from the difference, at least from appearance, that was very unusual. It seemed like his path to immortality was something else.

He glanced at him a few times, and could not suppress his curiosity. “Then your own… cultivation partner, how does he treat you normally? There are a few such couples here in our immortal realm. The owner would always keep their bad habit and order their cultivation partner around arrogantly.”

Mentioning Xiaoshen, Shang Jiyu smiled faintly. “He wouldn’t. He’s innocent and lovable, even-tempered with others. He wouldn’t order anyone around arrogantly.”

“Wow, wow, wow, then you really are lucky.” The reception immortal heard this and congratulated him right away. “In this world, balance is the most difficult. Balance between yin and yang, in order to achieve a Great Way, but not everybody is able to cultivate the Great Way. So, between lovers, it is also often that one is stronger and one is weaker. A pair like you, born unequal, but so loving with each other and even able to ascend together… It’s obvious what you said is true.”

He was so wordy, but Shang Jiyu still nodded along graciously. The reception immortal thought that this family was gentle and easy going.

At this moment, two youngsters walked by with their arms around each other’s shoulders. Their shirts had wave patterns on them and there were horns on their foreheads. It was obvious they were dragons.

Those two young dragons looked undisciplined, but they were actually very sharp and felt Shang Jiyu’s gaze. They said to the reception immortal, “This is a newly ascended one? From which realm?”

“Same realm as you!” The reception immortal introduced, and also wanted to help Shang Jiyu make a good connection.

“Oh? From our hometown! No wonder he looks human.” The two dragons came over hand in hand.

“He’s not a human.” The reception immortal was grambling friends with them, so he said so right away.

Hearing this, the two dragons didn’t really care much about this one whose human form looked very authentic. There were many dragons with great powers. They looked at each other and then couldn’t help but laugh, and said in admiration, “They all say that us dragons are sentimental. As long as it wasn’t our species, it was possible to get married. It was quite unusual to be in love with a weapon spirit and such, and mostly in the monster/spirit clans. I didn’t expect that the human clans would do it too.”

They thought instinctively that Shang Jiyu’s cultivation partner was also a human, and therefore gave Shang Jiyu a human form.

“Exactly what kind of spirit are you?”

“Your master has such a great appetite. When he comes up in a bit, why don’t we go back together and you can be my guests?”

Shang Jiyu heard them, and it seemed they were ridiculing him, no matter how he listened. They said guests, but there was no respect in their tone. Rather, it seemed they were looking for a show. So he lost the kindness he had for them due to them being the same species as Xiaoshen, and stopped answering.

Of course the two dragons were looking for entertainment. They flanked Shang Jiyu, as if observing a thing. “Hey, hey, answer quickly! Or were you originally a gourd spirit, and dislike talking?”

The reception immortal felt his forehead sweating. He had wanted to introduce them to each other, but didn’t expect something like this to happen. He thought to himself that Shang Jiyu was good-tempered, so hurried to stop the dragons. “You two, please give me some face…”

Just as he finished, Shang Jiyu smiled faintly and unsheathed the sword at his waist. “Want to know?”

The force of the sword was so forceful that they were forced to retreat several steps. They looked at Shang Jiyu disbelievingly.

The reception immortal froze. He was different from what he thought, not getting along after a few words and even pulling out his sword. He hurried to make nice and changed who he tried to talk down. “It has been a long time since there were dragons in the human realm. Fellow cultivator, you might not be able to tell, but these two are dragons!”

The two dragons also recentered themselves, and said coldly, “It looks like… we really have left the human realm for too long. It looks like all the clans in the human realm have forgotten how ill-tempered us dragons are.”

Shang Jiyu was about to raise his sword, but sensed something. He looked to the right. His expression had well-hidden deerision. “Then, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

The two dragons hadn’t had a chance to head over to look yet, when they heard a clear voice ring out, full of malevolence. “Have I left the dragon clans for too long, so that the different colored dragon clans have all forgotten how bad-tempered I am?”

The dragons, “……”

The reception immortal saw the two dragons who normally dominated and did whatever they wanted suddenly shrank back, then ran away yelling and screaming in fright. They even mumbled something like, “Ah!! He ascended!!”

“Help, help!!!”

They didn’t run fast enough. Two rocks from who knew where hit them in the back. Dragon scales were known for being sturdy, but the two both fell head first into their own shit, and couldn’t even crawl anymore.

Receptionist immortal, ??

What was this? What were they… Did they know Shang Jiyu’s owner?

He turned around, but only saw a young man in green clothes, with delicate and adorable features. But there were two dragon horns on his forehead.

The receptionist immortal was shocked. “How could there still be dragons on Shen Province?!”

Xiaoshen glanced at him as if smiling, as if not.

That Xiaoshen had stayed in the human realm was a secret of the dragons. Even though he was an immortal of the upper realms, he did not have a high status. He did not know all the ins and outs of the dragons’ affairs.

It was today that the receptionist immortal learned that there were still dragons in the human realm, and based on the behavior of the other two dragons, this dragon might have unusual status. He knew that he might be touching on dragon secrets and didn’t dare to ask anymore. He said weakly, “My apologies. Your Highness… let me help you register.”

“Hm.” Xiaoshen picked up those two dragons and sat on them like a bench.

The two had completely given up and didn’t dare to fight back either. They could only say quietly, “Brother Shen, long time no see. Brother Shen, I didn’t mean it, I didn’t know…”

“Brother Xiaoshen, we’re all childhood friends. You’ve beaten up… played with us since we were little. You know we don’t mean what we say.”

Xiaoshen found them too noisy, and casually hit them so they passed out.

Reception immortal, “……”

The reception immortal took another look at Shang Jiyu, who’s expression was as usual… 

I shouldn’t have trusted you! The other dragons saw him and started screaming and crying… Yet you said your cultivation partner was innocent and lovable, even-tempered with others? He was probably only even tempered with you!!

Upon registering, the reception immortal learned that Xiaoshen was actually an azure dragon. He felt a shiver go through him. “Azure dragon? Then are you related to Lord Zhenbao?”

Xiaoshen, “He’s my dad.”

The reception immortal was shocked. “Wh… what?”

Xiaoshen looked at him strangely. People getting shocked in the human realm was one thing. What did this immortal have to be shocked about. “What’s the matter?”

“Noth… I don’t know either…” The receptionist immortal said nonsensically. “That… That is, you’re all done registering. Since you have relations in the immortal realm, and also fellow members of your species, then this lowly immortal won’t get into your business. Good bye!”

He mounted a delicate white deer and then ran away with the sounds of hoofbeats.

What was going on? Xiaoshen thought something was off. “No, let’s first go find Lord Zhenbao.”

Originally he had thought there was no rush to see Lord Zhenbao. That he should first go find Fang Cun, Chen MiaoXiang, and so forth.

Grandmaster Fang Cun and Chen MiaoXiang both succeeded in ascending. They should be in the immortal realm. Even though he didn’t know if the two of them had met each other up here yet, they were both people who owed Xiaoshen quite a lot… Was it enough for the Yuling Sect’s members to just repay their debt? Clearly, that wouldn’t be enough.

But seeing how the receptionist immortal acted just now, Xiaoshen worried that something happened to Lord Zhenbao. He decided to first clarify what happened to Lord Zhenbao.

Xiaoshen had never been to the immortal realm before. There were no bounds or borders here. And there were many clans and powers from different realms. But luckily, there were two unfortunate folks he was sitting on. He just needed to wake them up.

Those two dragons opened their eyes to see Xiaoshen, and both painfully closed their eyes again.

Xiaoshen pulled on their dragon horns. “I’m asking you, where’s Lord Zhenbao? Just now that receptionist immortal heard that I am Lord Zhenbao’s son. Why did he have this expression that he didn’t dare answer?”

They answered weakly, “Lord Zhenbao has disappeared…”

“What?” Xiaoshen’s expression changed. Even Shang Jiyu frowned in worry. Was there some plot or dragon clan power struggle going on here?

“He didn’t. He went into hiding! It’s like this,” one of the dragons explained in a rush. “After Lord Zhenbao brought us to the immortal realm and settled down here, he also made connections with various forces of power here. During this time, Lord Zhenbao secretly made a marriage pact with other powerful other clan members between their children, as proof of their alliance. He told them that he actually still had a son in the lower realm, who was very exceptional, and would ascend in a bit. Of course, at that time, you couldn’t have ascended for a while and Lord Zhenbao couldn’t follow through on his promises, so it was just put on hold. You understand. In the last ten thousand years, he tricked a lot of people. Nobody even knows why he tricked people for ten thousand years, but people continue to fall for it! Haha! Only some of the elders later decided that he must not even have a son.”

Xiaoshen, “……”

Shang Jiyu, “……”

He was Lord Zhenbao, after all, Xiaoshen thought to himself, to make so many marriage pacts with one son. And for everyone, he said he’ll ascend in a bit, but he didn’t ascend for ten thousand years.

He said helplessly, “Then if he’s disappeared now, was it because he’s worried I’ll get mad at him?”

Shang Jiyu was also very unhappy.

What was this? Xiaoshen stopped picking up brides himself, but in the time they didn’t know about, Lord Zhenbao found a bunch more for him?

“Of course not! Lord Zhenbao is a kind father!” The other dragon said in a hurry. “A few years ago, didn’t you send that Yu-something to bring a message? That fish said you have a cultivation partner in the lower realms. Lord Zhenbao felt then that if he kept using you to trick others, that when you ascend, it wouldn’t be good for the relationship between you and your cultivation partner. So he stopped doing it.”

Xiaoshen thought about it, and said firmly, “Ha, so he was worried about my temper.”

Well, he was a dragon. Shang Jiyu also wasn’t so unhappy anymore.

That dragon laughed along. With their respect for Lord Zhenbao, of course he wouldn’t answer Xiaoshen. “Anyway, then Lord Zhenbao changed and tricked people himself. He got engaged seventeen or eighteen times over the years, across demonic clans, bird clans, ancient divine clans, and even claimed that he can give birth. Anyway, a lot of people got tricked… It seemed that recently something ha-ha-happened again. Because this time it became a big problem. Even with Lord Zhenbao’s tenacity, it was difficult for him to weasel his way out of it, so he left to hide out until it blew over.”

The other dragon also used this chance to flatter him, “Brother Xiaoshen and Sis-in-law came at just the right time, so that you can manage the situation for Lord Zhenbao!”

Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu, “……” 


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