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Translated by ethidda of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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Underneath the immortal realm, there were many other realms. One of those, the most similar to the ShenZhou continent, would be the eastern continent in another realm. Many of the people there were very average. They were said to have the same origin.

This realm was different from the other realms in that the spiritual energy had been leaking from it continuously. So there had been fewer and fewer cultivators. An unknown number of years later, this realm’s spiritual energy had been completely depleted. Cultivators could hardly ascend. In the end, they, along with the immortal realm, became myths to the people, just like the dragon clan from back then.

Even though there was no spiritual energy, the mortals used their own intelligence and actually invented a different type of power, and were able to live a similar lifestyle.

Especially in the last hundred years or so, there has been rapid development. Their technology seemed to improve daily, even tempting those in the immortal realm, who regularly snuck down in order to tour.

The honest Lord ShanHe had taken on the heavy mantle of taking care of the dragon clan for many years. Now even his father Lord Zhenbao had run away, not leaving even a shadow of his dragon. He was extremely angry and decided to have the yellow dragon temporarily take over his position, so that he could bring his beautiful harem 1 to the eastern realm for a vacation.

Everybody knew, Lord ShanHe’s beautiful harem had only one person.

This was how he was different from others in the dragon clan, especially different from his father, Lord Zhenbao. It made it so that no matter how much Lord ShanHe would fight with brute force, there would always be a group of fans in the immortal realm who supported him most loyally.

On some day, Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu descended to DongHai City 2 . This location was on the coast and was the water species’ favorite city.

This realm had the same origins as ShenZhou, but went down a different path. Now they were not similar. Even though Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu had heard about this from other immortals, they were still very surprised when they saw it for themselves. And they discovered quickly that they might not be able to easily blend in.

Xiaoshen felt for Lord Zhenbaon’s location. “It’s not a problem. Let’s go find Lord Zhenbao and have him make arrangements!”

The two were both wearing long robes with large sleeves. They didn’t feel wrong walking down the street, but there were many people wearing shorts and short sleeves beside them. But occasionally, there were some who were dressed like them. And they would stare at them, mostly looking at their faces.

The crowds on the streets were an endless stream, shoulder to shoulder. Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu held hands, lamenting, “It looks like no matter where or when, dragons are still eye-catching.”

Shang Jiyu looked up and all around. It was true. On the main streets and the alleys, everywhere, one could see dragon silhouettes, and people telling each other, “Happy year of the dragon.” This realm also once had dragons live here. Different from when Lord Zhenbao had led all the dragons away back then, they had been forced to leave due to the spiritual energy here being thinner and thinner.

Even though the situation had changed, the human habit of making offerings to dragons seemed to have been preserved in the culture.

There were humans handing out papers into their hands. “Hottie, it’s xx Hot Spring Resort’s grand opening. Whether eat, drink, or play, a dragon will be serving you!” 3

Xiaoshen was surprised and stared at the paper he took. “A dragon will be serving? Lord Zhenbao is working here?”

Shang Jiyu also looked at it carefully and then said, “It should be a boast. It doesn’t look like Lord Zhenbao’s here.”

Xiaoshen also nodded slowly. As for boasting, humans were the same everywhere.

They came to a place, where the humans were mostly young men and women, and most of them were carrying books.

“Is it only DongHai that’s like this, or is it like this everywhere?” Xiaoshen asked with interest. It seemed the humans here were capable and were able to print many books. They were studious just like the Yuling cultivators they knew before, except they didn’t study the way to cultivate.

Shang Jiyu also felt nostalgic, in this kind of an atmosphere. Then he saw someone and said quietly, “Look, that’s…”

Xiaoshen turned around and saw several human youths were clustered around a tall man. His hair was much too short compared to Xiaoshen’s memory of him, only a short length. He was also dressed in the local style, but it was clearly Lord LuHua.

Xiaoshen came because he sensed Lord Zhenbao, but for Lord LuHua to appear where Lord Zhenbao was wasn’t that unusual either… 

Xiaoshen even waved at him. After all, they had been father and son for a passing moment.

Lord LuHua said a few words to those humans and walked in front of Xiaoshen. “Lord ShanHe and Jiyu came, too. Are you here to look for your father?”

“Yes. I had felt that he was nearby, but I suddenly can’t find him,” Xiaoshen said.

Lord LuHua’s expression darkened. “Really? How about this? You go sit in the library for a bit. I’ll help you go find him.”

“Ok. Thank you, Lord LuHua.” Xiaoshen pretended that he didn’t know what might happen to Lord Zhenbao. “Library… You mean there?”

He pointed to a place that was very like the Yuling Library. There were many books there.

“That’s right.” Lord LuHua watched them leave. At that moment, several of the humans who had surrounded him returned. They said curiously, “Professor Lu, do you know them? They don’t look familiar… Which school are they from?”

“They’re my son and his boyfriend,” Lord LuHua said, seeming proud.

Everybody said wow. They didn’t expect Lord LuHua’s son to be so old already. And Lord LuHua was so progressive, so accepting of the fact that his son had a boyfriend. They couldn’t help but become even more admiring of this DongHai University’s famous young, handsome talent.

Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu sat in the “library”. Together, they looked through several books, to get a sense of the humans’ current culture.

“It’s too bad there isn’t a record of Lord Zhenbao’s cons in here. Otherwise, we would know everything after reading just one book,” Xiaoshen said jokingly. Just then, they saw another familiar person enter in large steps.

“Lord CangHai?” Xiaoshen watched the person.

“You’re here.” Lord CangHai raised his eyebrows and threw him a card. “This is money for you to spend in the human realm. The passcode is your father’s original length.”

Xiaoshen didn’t get a chance to say anything before Lord CangHai already turned and left, with great style.

The students in the library all stared at them. Wasn’t he… the newly arrived honored guests who had been invited to lecture? What was his relationship with those two hot guys wearing traditional costumes?

It was as if Lord CangHai heard their questions. As he headed out, he said casually, “Those are my sons!”

Those people didn’t expect that their mutterings would get a response, and with such shocking contents. They turned sharply and started watching. Hm, hm, like this, there were quite a few similarities with Lord CangHai!

Xiaoshen waited for two hours, and thought maybe Lord LuHua couldn’t manage it, when Lord Zhenbao finally meandered over. His hair had also become shorter. And he was wearing a golden ring on his nose. He smiled at Xiaoshen. “You’re here.”

Xiaoshen also asked, “You got rid of him?”

“……” ZhenBao Jun glanced at his son, and said, “Let’s not mention that… These days, I teach here. If you just want to tour and play, I can sign you up for a tour group. If you want a more in depth experience, I will arrange to register you for school. How about it?”

“Then, let’s try some studying. I want to see how cultured the humans are here.” Xiaoshen was quite interested. “What about Jiyu?”

He had already made his choice, so Shang Jiyu also said uncaringly, “Let’s be classmates. We can always change it later, anyway.”

And so, DongHai University’s paleontology major, which hadn’t had applicants for two years, welcomed its only two students this year.

This major was very unpopular. In a normal class 4 , there were under ten students. Many classes were combined with other majors. Everybody was very interested in them, especially after they found out that not only were they lovers, one of them was also College of the Art’s Professor Zhen’s son.

“I don’t think that’s true. Not Professor Zhen’s sons. My bro told me earlier that they were Professor Lu’s sons.” 5

“Haha. No way. They are clearly both Mr. Cang’s sons.”

“…and in orthopedics?”

“I think that’s probably all incorrect. One’s last name is Lan. The other is Shang. They’re different from Professor Zhen and Professor Lu’s last names!”

This then became DongHai University’s biggest mystery for a while. Exactly how many wonderful fathers did Student Lanyu Shen have… 

After Xiaoshen started school, he went to school with Shang Jiyu everyday, just like a typical university couple.

They didn’t live in the dorms. They rented an apartment nearby. In the mornings, Xiaoshen would even want to sleep in. In theory, Xiaoshen had already ascended and wouldn’t fatigue. But it was his own fault for becoming addicted to the human realm’s cell phone games. Nobody knew how it was decided, but it fell under the Immortal Emperor’s rule for becoming addicted to gambling, that even an immortal dragon would tire after playing it for too long.

“I will break through my Way!” Xiaoshen said, as he continued to pull all nighters playing games.

“……” Shang Jiyu had nothing to say. If Xiaoshen really could endure it, then what would that count as? That he surpassed the Immortal Emperor who had made this rule?

Therefore, he was blurry eyed the next day and couldn’t get out of bed. Shang Jiyu dug him out from under the blankets and saw that he couldn’t even open up his eyes and was swearing, “Why would a university have something like morning study…”

He had never gone to any other school. He learned to say this from other students.

Shang Jiyu just gave him a kiss on his ice cold nose. “It’s time to go to school.”

Xiaoshen grumbled and didn’t want to get up. He wasn’t happy getting up early. He also wasn’t happy being told to stay home. It was quite interesting, that he had no good choices.

Shang Jiyu took a watering can from the windowsill and watered Xiaoshen a little.

The water flowed down his head and Xiaoshen instantly became more energetic, just like a seed that has sprouted. He stretched.

Shang Jiyu picked him up sideways and sucked away the extra water. Xiaoshen right away tucked into the nape of his neck, and then was put on the sink counter, and they started kissing.

It felt so great. Xiaoshen was feeling light headed when he suddenly remembered, “We’re going to be late!”

Shang Jiyu said in a low voice, “Actually… I learned a new word from our classmates yesterday.”

Xiaoshen, “Which word?”

Shang Jiyu, “Skip class.”

Xiaoshen suddenly understood. “That’s a thing… So that is a thing!”

Xiaoshen, who was experiencing humans’ university life, learned another important lesson: to skip class.

When they went to attend their major classes, a group of classmates asked, “You skipped morning self study?”

Xiaoshen nodded.

Classmate, “So why did you choose the paleontology major?”

Actually, Lord Zhenbao chose this major for them. Xiaoshen also didn’t understand. “I don’t know. I didn’t see what it was like here ten thousand years ago.”

Even if this realm had the same origins as ShenZhou, there weren’t a lot of similarities even ten thousand years ago.

Classmates went along, “Haha, funny.”

Xiaoshen found that there was still a kind of dragon in this world that’s gone extinct, called a “dinosaur”. 6 It looked a bit similar to one of the dragons of the dragon clan. But according to what Xiaoshen learned from his books, it should be completely different.

Xiaoshen told Shang Jiyu in secret, “I suspect it also is a descendent of a true dragon. But I just don’t know what other species it was also born from!”

Shang Jiyu thought so, too.

“This dinosaur is probably good at fighting, too.” Xiaoshen imagined a [??] 7 shape. “But it wouldn’t be able to beat us.”

The classmates heard this and treated it as jokes, especially with the childish way Xiaoshen acted. It was too different from what they were saying. “Haha, gangster.”

“What do you mean?” Xiaoshen asked.

“Just now what you were talking about, beating people up…” The classmate suddenly didn’t know how to explain. “Sigh. But really, Brother Shen, you haven’t really done work like that, right? Like those, with an azure dragon on the left, a white tiger on the right, and a Hello Kitty tattoo on the chest.”

Xiaoshen was still unperturbed when he heard them mention an azure dragon. He was sure nobody had discovered his identity. But then he heard, what-was-it, “Hello Kitty” and started doubting himself. In this world… there was another force to be reckoned with, comparable to an azure dragon called “Hello Kitty”?

Until later, when Xiaoshen saw Hello Kitty in the claw machine, did he learn who this legendary figure was, and was deeply confused. Didn’t it look very easy to beat up? Exactly what right did it have to be mentioned in the same breath as an azure dragon?

Paleontology was part of the college of science and engineering, but Student Lanyu Shen and Student Shang Jiyu were famous in DongHai University… for being literary geniuses. They received awards from departments in other colleges, especially in ancient literature. One could only say that they were truly the family of the college of arts’ Professor Lu.

According to Professor Lu’s students, they had heard Professor Lu and Xiaoshen and Shang Jiyu converse in classical Chinese. 8

In the minds of many of the students, they had probably focused solely on studying since they were young. They were academic geniuses who had never been distracted by other things. Besides taking the time to have a romance, they had probably never learned anything else. Even video gaming was taught to them by their classmates after entering university.

Towards these types people, can people really just let them have it easy? Of course they had to continue and teach them a necessary skill: mahjong.

Xiaoshen had been busy with official work in the immortal realm and never learned to play mahjong. In contrast, after coming down here, he became addicted to these things and wouldn’t even stop playing games. So much so that the customer service called him multiple times out of concern. After all, Xiaoshen had spent a lot of money on Lord CangHai’s card.

Unfortunately, Xiaoshen’s luck was not very good. He kept losing money. His expression became darker and darker, and he changed seats with Shang Jiyu multiple times.

Shang Jiyu’s expression was one of helplessness. He had been dragged along because they were three, missing one. 9 How did he know why he always won?

They played for an entire night at a classmate’s form. Shang Jiyu won again, and Xiaoshen was the one who lost money again. The classmate to the side took a look and started laughing. “Brother Shen, what exactly is going on? Aren’t you purposely letting your boyfriend win? Dang it, you’ve got a single suit, single dragon!” 10

Xiaoshen, “Nonsense!”

This classmate knew that they had never played Mahjong before. “Really, really. Look…”

Humans had always had many words that included ‘dragon’. Xiaoshen had heard plenty of them. But hearing it now just made his intellect fail directly. He yelled, “I’m the azure dragon!”

Saying so, he leapt forward and flew out, having transformed into a long dragon, his body the color of jade.

Shang Jiyu laughed helplessly. He also jumped out. “I already told you. Gamble a little to have fun. Don’t get too serious about it.”

Xiaoshen howled as a dragon. “Then let’s just go home. I’m welching, welching!”

The students at the windows held onto their Mahjong pieces, their expressions frozen in shock, “……”

Wow, this was the ‘single suit / azure colored, single dragon’?


The author has something to say: 

I also finished writing all the extras. Haha~ Muah. Then I’ll see you in “I Got Popular After The Part-Time Job in Hell”.


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Translator Notes:

  1. T/N: lit. back palace
  2. T/N: lit. Eastern Sea/Ocean
  3. T/N: “xx” is a stand-in for an unspecified name.
  4. T/N: as in the students graduating that year, not students sitting in the same lecture hall
  5. T/N: It is implied that one is the son, and the other is the son-in-law.
  6. T/N: In Chinese, a dinosaur is a type of dragon.
  7. T/N: Original had blank boxes.
  8. T/N: think Latin, but maybe more convoluted
  9. T/N: Referring to almost all games requiring four people to play.
  10. T/N: “single suit” also sounds like “azure colored”


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