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Interstellar Rare Species

by Poor and Humble Servant Girl

Year: 2019, JJWXC

Genre: BL, M-Preg, Interstellar, Birth, Non-Humans, Transmigration,

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 76 Chapters + 3 Extras (Complete)

Translator: Addis

Editor: Lhachril

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~


When Gu Yu woke up, he found himself transmigrated to a werebeast planet and becoming an ‘artificial female’ given to the imperial marshal.


While the males on Brilliant Splendor are so capable that they can freely switch from beast to human form, the females were too fragile in human form and lost the ability to become human during the catastrophe.

It was the most common desire of the males – that their partners have human forms.

To satisfy this desire, a new product appeared on the market: artificial females – biological robots that are identical to natural human females, equipped with intelligent chips, and capable of responding to stimuli.

Planet Law stipulates that, in order to ensure the birth rate of the young, if one does not marry on their own by the age of eighty, they will be issued a partner by the Star Network.

Brilliant Splendor’s oldest prime bachelor, Marshal Cyno Bruce, made a decision that shocked the network when he was about to turn eighty.

Marry an artificial female.

Cyno: Marry a beast female, no way! As for artificial females? Well, it’s cheap and it will not be a hindrance.


Really fragrant! _(:з”∠)_ Baby, let me hold you!

Chapter 1: Trader

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


“Ah…” Before the scream had dissipated, Gu Yu felt a sharp pain, followed by falling into unconsciousness.

After an unknown amount of time, his consciousness returned.

“Sensing that you have an unfulfilled and strong desire, Celestial Systems will provide you with an opportunity to realize your dream. But you need to pay accordingly, are you willing?” The mechanical voice seemed to come from nothing, no distinguishable direction, and seemingly everywhere.

Gu Yu thought confusedly, Dream? Does he really have a chance to realize his dream? Is his dream of becoming a singer too far-fetched for a mute?

“You are given ten seconds to think about it. After the countdown is over, if you don’t choose, you are considered to have given up. 10, 9…”

‘I do!’ 1 Gu Yu replied quickly. He didn’t have time to think. Nor did he want to think. If there was really a chance to realize his dream, he definitely didn’t want to give it up. Even if it was a dream within a dream, he was not willing to give it up.

The feeling of pain seemed to remain in his consciousness. The moment he rushed over to push the girl from his school away, he was ready to die.

The girl was the goddess of the school. They were not familiar with one another and the girl did not even know him. But he knew her, she was a senior in the music department, and on that basis alone, he could not be indifferent when he saw her in danger.

His dream was not destined to come true, but the girl was able to fulfill hers.

When Gu Yu woke up, he was lying on the floor. There was a high white ceiling above his head, which was carved with ornate dark patterns, not like a hospital. He turned his head in confusion, trying to take in his surroundings. He was not expecting to be greeted by a face with closed eyes.

Gu Yu did not know why he used his left hand to feel something soft next to him. He looked over and saw another person’s arm. This person had particularly conspicuous red hair. He scrambled to apologize with his hand but before he could finish, he stopped. The person whose arm he had pressed into, was not awake.

The red-haired boy was lying next to another light gray-haired boy, also with his eyes closed.  Both had very delicate faces, like characters from a comic book. He turned his head to look at the man who was face to face with him who had chestnut hair and was still sleeping unaware, with a dark-haired boy beside him, also asleep.

A sudden suspicion rushed through his mind, and for a moment panic set in. He secretly reminded himself not to panic. He watched the chestnut-haired boy carefully and was relieved to find that the boy’s chest was rising and falling. He looked at the rest of the group again and they were all breathing.

He reached out to wake up the chestnut-haired boy, his hand was outstretched and then withdrawn.

It’s annoying when one disturbed another’s sleep.

He got up gingerly, stood up straight, and froze, looking down at himself with disbelief in his eyes.

Wasn’t he hit earlier? How could he be unharmed?

At this moment, the mechanical voice sounded, “Traders stats are all normal, entering the newbie guiding stage.”

The moment the words were spoken, a panel appeared in Gu Yu’s brain, and on the surface of the panel was written ‘Dream System – Goodwill.’

The mechanical voice reminded, “Use your consciousness to think and you can enter the dream system.”

Gu Yu looked at the dream system. The screen transformed into a light green page, and at the top, it said ‘Total value of goodwill: 0.’

The bottom right corner was the goodwill value mall. Gu Yu looked over, the screen changed again, similar to the online mall, the top said ‘Goodwill Mall.’

The mall was only four by four and in the far left corner listed ‘oral words’ with a price of 10 goodwill at the bottom. The page showed that it had been obtained.

On the first row, the remaining three shelves were gray; the second read ‘writing’, priced at 10 goodwill; the third was ‘spiritual language dan’, priced at 100; the fourth was ‘cleansing Dan’, priced at 100. All the prices had a sensible value.

The second row of shelves were all black and he could not see what the goods were.

The mechanical voice came again, “Due to the world transformation, the trader’s situation is special, giving the basic goods ‘oral words’. The rest of the goods require the trader to work hard to buy with goodwill points. The order of purchase is a reasonable order to achieve your dream. After purchasing the first row, it will activate the second row of goods.”

Gu Yu looked at the item ‘oral words’ with hope in his eyes, and a line of explanation appeared next to the shelf, “Others can understand your words, and you can understand others’ words.”

He opened his mouth to try to speak, but when he still couldn’t make a sound, he pursed his lips. He looked at the rest of the items in turn, and after he figured out the function of each item, his eyes glowed and his hands clenched from excitement.

‘Writing’: able to read writing.

‘Spiritual Language Dan’: the ability to speak.

‘Cleansing Dan’: moistens the throat.

As soon as he obtained the ‘Spiritual Language Dan’, he would be able to speak! He really had a chance to realize his dream!

He asked in his head, ‘Excuse me, how do I get the goodwill points?’

The mechanical voice did not answer directly, but taught, “If you have doubts about any word in the system panel, you can check it with your consciousness and it will be explained accordingly.”

Gu Yu politely said, ‘Thank you.’

His eyes fell on the goodwill points behind the selling price, and a line of explanation appeared next to it, “Gaining the goodwill of others collects goodwill points. The trader initially comes with a goodwill effect: consume one goodwill point, ability to say one word.”

At the end of the explanation there is a line of remarks, “The initial attached effect automatically in effect, goodwill can not be locked. Speaking automatically deducts goodwill value, trader, please be careful.”

Gu Yu subconsciously pursed his lips, then the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He had encountered something extraordinary. He was already used to not speaking, so he was not worried about inadvertently consuming goodwill points.

Before purchasing the Spiritual Language Dan, he would definitely keep the goodwill points well.

The only thing was, how did he gain the goodwill of others?

Gu Yu became nervous as the image of being hated came to his mind.

He was able to speak as a child, but a high fever left him mute when he was left unattended, and then he was quietly thrown into an orphanage. He looked very cute so, at first, he was very popular with the children, but since he did not speak, the children only thought he was shy.

But later, when a child was in danger, he screamed in panic. He was red in the face and kept opening his mouth, but no sound escaped. This scared a lot of children, and after that, he no longer was liked by them. When he reached high school, he was ridiculed and his name was almost forgotten; Mute was his code name.

It wasn’t until college that his situation improved. His classmates stopped laughing at him and were even friendly to him. He knew that they pitied him because of his health, and even then, he was grateful. But none of them were kind to him because of goodwill. He couldn’t help but begin to wonder, could he collect it? Could he collect the goodwill to buy the Spiritual Language Pill?

The mechanical voice continued, “The newbie guide phase is over. Trader, please work hard. Call me in your consciousness if you have something. I am-” the voice paused, “003.”

Gu Yu hurriedly asked, ‘What is the payment I need to pay, please?’

When waking from a coma, he remembered very clearly that he was given the opportunity to realize his dream. He knew something was required to pay. Also, 003 has been using ‘trader’ to address him.

003 explained, ‘It’s too early to talk about payment. I’ll tell you when you get all the goods in the first row.’

Gu Yu responded, ‘Thank you.’

003 didn’t say anything more. Gu Yu looked the system over carefully, finally lingering on ‘Total Goodwill: 0’ for two seconds, then turned off the system.

He surveyed the room. It was a large luxurious room, surrounded by many things, many of which he had never seen before. The corner shone with light, so he walked over and there was a wooden box on the floor full of jewels.

He suddenly realized that this seemed to be a storage room.

With this thought, his heart beat wildly and he walked quickly toward the four people lying on the ground. Midway, he passed a standing mirror, which was very tall, at least two and a half meters, and showed his figure.

He took a step and surveyed the person in the mirror. Black hair and black eyes, it was himself. Even his clothes were the same white casual clothes he was wearing before. He looked relieved and quickly walked to where he woke up. The four men were asleep in exactly the same position as before.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but frown. It’s too incongruous. In such a gorgeous house, why would someone be lying on the floor?

This sense of incongruity made him a little panicky, he squatted next to the black-haired boy next to him and pushed the boy’s arm. The boy did not respond so he increased the force, but there was still no response.

He couldn’t help but pat the boy’s face, praying in his heart, Wake up!

The boy opened his eyes abruptly and turned his head to look at Gu Yu, with a sweet smile at the corner of his mouth, “Hello.”

Gu Yu also smiled, the corners of his mouth curved. He gestured a greeting with his hands.

The boy did not respond, keeping his sweet smile and still looking at Gu Yu.

Gu Yu thought he didn’t understand and smiled shyly, but soon his smile froze as he noticed something was wrong.

The boy’s smile was still sweet, but the curvature of the mouth did not change at all. Even the blink of his eye maintained a frequency of two seconds, too regular.

He hurriedly moved back a step, but the boy’s posture still had no change. If not for the boy’s breathing, as well as the touch he felt, he would have thought the boy was mentally disabled.

Even if it’s not mentally disabled, there was something wrong.

Gu Yu stood up and ran towards the door to get out of this weird place, but the door wouldn’t open. He was terrified inside, but as his face tried to collapse, he habitually made himself look calm at all times.

He stood by the door and looked in the direction of the remaining four people. For a long time, those four people did not move, which gave him a little peace of mind.

”Beep–” After a long time, a sound suddenly came from the door lock. Gu Yu’s black almond eyes widened abruptly, and he took a step backward.

The door was pushed open by a tall man. The man was dressed in a black military uniform. He did not wear a military cap, revealing his short white hair. Underneath his harsh eyebrows were a pair of light blue eyes that swept sharply towards Gu Yu.

When he saw Gu Yu, the sharpness dissipated and swept a circle inside the room.

Gu Yu’s heart tightened and he subconsciously raised his hand to explain that he didn’t know why he was here.

Only, when his hand was raised, it was grabbed by the man, who raised his eyebrows, revealing an untamed temperament. “So it’s not false advertising. It really can react accordingly.” the man said as he squeezed Gu Yu’s hand. “Ai, the touch is not bad. It’s hard to distinguish the real from the fake.”


Gu Yu was so embarrassed that he blushed slightly. Before he could think about what the man’s words meant, he was pulled by the man to go outside.


Domineering and titillating Marshal gong/seme  VS Panicking on the inside but with a calm surface, soft and adorable shou/uke

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Translator Notes:

  1. Because Gu Yu is mute, his dialogue will be ‘…’ instead of “…” so that one can differentiate.


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I enjoyed the first chapter, very intriguing! I can tell this is going to be an interesting read! He is mute and has to earn goodwill, but as 003 said there is a price to pay! I’m glad that he has a second opportunity to accomplish his dream! Can’t wait to see how the story unfolds! Thank you for the translation!

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