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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


They were finished! He was more illiterate than they thought!

At this moment, despair was spreading.

“Although the ink essence approved… But how can the Master be so rashly chosen?” A deacon racked his brains to find a way to get rid of Xiaoshen since he couldn’t accept it. “Besides, Xiaoshen has just joined the sect, and even belongs to the demon clan. The main reason I disagree is because he isn’t an official disciple of the Yuling Sect.”

The more he said, the smoother he spoke. Yes, he was right.

The Library Master was usually also an official. It took hundreds of years for him to take this position. How long had Xiaoshen been here?

Another official examined deeper, “No, I’m afraid there’s another reason why the ink essence would choose an incompetent person. Patriarch, what do you say?”

This guess also sounded reasonable. There were many opportunities in the cultivation world. Especially in their Yuling Sect, those who picked up ancient magic weapons since childhood, and had more than ten per person, were not few. Although these ink essences were a specialty of Yuling, it was because they never stepped out of Yuling easily. Maybe they had some hidden habits, which hadn’t been discovered yet.

Xie Kurong was silent. He believed that Xiaoshen was saved by his ancestor and had a deep relationship with the Yuling Sect. How could he be regarded as an ordinary person? Maybe being acknowledged by the ink essences was also related to the ancestor. 

But it was also only a theory. The fact was that Xiaoshen was still illiterate and had not recovered his cultivation. They felt he was not fit to be the Library Master. It was hard to accept.

Xiaoshen didn’t care, “Actually, I don’t want to be the librarian.”

That position would not allow him to investigate freely. He looked at these people quietly. Besides, what was the point of being the Library Master? Later, would they all call him ‘your highness’? He remembered those long winded ghosts who wrote books praising Buddha all day long every day.

It suddenly occurred to Xie Kurong to ask the ink essence on Xiaoshen’s head, “What do you think?”

The other people also realized that their discussion was endless, and would finally seek the opinion of this ink essence. If it said it was not okay, then they didn’t have to take him.

If so, bookkeeper Han wouldn’t be in suspense for three years.

The sword ink essence had a reaction. It stood up from Xiaoshen’s head, arms held out, clenched its hands on Xiaoshen’s hair, and looked at everyone seriously.

That was its answer.

Xie Kurong asked, “You recognize Xiaoshen? Can’t choose another one?”

The ink essence sat on Xiaoshen’s head and nodded seriously.

Everyone sighed, how could it be like this?

They were finished.

A deacon said angrily, “Anyway, I still don’t agree! I think we should wait a few more years for him to take over, at least until he knows more words. Otherwise, even if he takes office, he will not be able to take up the responsibility.”

Why would the ink essence choose Xiaoshen for no reason? They couldn’t unjustifiably protest. Besides, he didn’t have any good excuses.

“Who won’t?” The voice made everyone feel a little bit numb. Turning around, they saw it was Shang Jiyu stepping into Hong Meng Hall.

Shang Jiyu’s white clothes were like snow, but his tone was very frightening, “Chen Zhen’s cultivation speed is this fast? Have you already broken through the Don’t Submit (ninth) Stage?”

Chen Zhen, who was the unsatisfied deacon, “…” He felt disheartened, then he bowed his head in shame and said, “No, no, Martial Uncle.”

“You were just bragging then.” This was obviously a statement.

Chen Zhen was as red as blood and said, “No, I dare not.”

He was crazy. How could he know that Shang Jiyu was going to leave Biqiao Peak all of a sudden when he was free? He was ridiculing him. He felt really unlucky.

“Martial Uncle, we were just discussing the position of Library Master, the position that has been suspended for three years. The ink essence chose the demon youth who just entered the outer gate. I think it’s not proper and also strange.”

“I think he’s good.” Shang Jiyu said.

Everyone, “……”

Even Xie Kurong was stunned by this light and floating sentence. If Junior Martial Uncle said so, these deacons certainly dared not refute.

It wasn’t against the rules, but the people Shang Jiyu liked were the most unruly…

In other words, before hearing the ink essence, it was Shang Jiyu who had broken his habit and lifted the ban for Xiaoshen.

Xie Kurong also ignored the officials who looked at him foolishly and wanted to ask what happened to Shang Jiyu. He said, “The Library Master position has been vacant for three years, and the disciples have complained for a long time. They are in a hurry to advance in their cultivation. Since there is Junior Martial Uncle’s guarantee, I think it’s necessary to invite Xiaoshen to be the Library Master.”

The officials were speechless, but no one dared to come forward.

Xiaoshen actually had Shang Jiyu as a backer. That was impossible! The patriarch had thrown responsibility out of the way. It was a pity that there were quite a lot of magic tools that the Library Master could distribute every year. They all had their own candidates.

There was a saying in the world of cultivation that ‘dao was cultivated and immortals piled up’.

Which sect’s good seedlings were not supported carefully to make their path of cultivating more magnanimous.

Under the eyes of Shang Jiyu, Xie Kurong gave Xiaoshen the token of the Library Master and said, “Xiaoshen, you still need to learn to read as soon as possible. Our Library Master has always been half a teacher to the disciples of the sect. You can’t fail these studious disciples.”

Xiaoshen took the token absently, even reluctantly. He whispered to Daomi, “I really don’t want to do it. I can’t be a bully with this.”

Daomi, “……”

No, he thought, Brother Xiaoshen had been very domineering for a long time, especially when he was complaining

After leaving Hong Meng Hall, Xiaoshen took a look at Shang Jiyu. “Why is it you?”

Well, ‘he’ was not the one he liked.

There was a slight delay in Shang Jiyu’s step, which naturally revealed his displeasure and regret. It was clear that he came to support the youth… That was the plan.

“Besides, the Master-whatever, I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to work.” Xiaoshen was even a little aggrieved. Once again, he complained that if a dragon needed to work, he would send others to do it for them. What’s more, those people thought he couldn’t do it well.

“You’re really going to push your way.” Shang Jiyu raised his hand and lingered gently on Xiaoshen’s cheek. He was obviously weak, but he had an extremely keen sense of things, as if he was sure that he would not hurt himself. He was so arrogant.

His hand was about to touch Xiaoshen’s hair, but the movement stopped when it reached the dark mass. The sword ink essence also looked back at Shang Jiyu, wrinkled its nose, and its little big facial features showed disgust.

Seeing the ink essence, Shang Jiyu glanced back at it with disgust.

One big, one small, the two both had faces of disgust.

Looking at the thing, Shang Jiyu flicked his fingers indifferently, the ink essence flew out, and there was a seemingly small sound in the air.

Xiaoshen, “……”

Xiaoshen said angrily, “Why are you flicking it?”

The sword ink essence finally stopped a foot away, and its body stabilized in mid air. Stepping on its ink sword, it staggered back and was caught by Xiaoshen.

Shang Jiyu chuckled, but he didn’t pry Xiaoshen’s hand open and held himself back from playing with the ink essence again. “Don’t you want to know who is the one who placed that restriction on you?”

Xiaoshen wanted to leave. But hearing this, he stopped at once. “What do you mean?”

Of course he wanted to know! He was so badly toyed with by the red robed man.

“Have you heard of the effect of Yuling Sect? Although the restriction imposed by that man is very ingenious, no technique can come out of nothing. There must be a trace to follow. There are countless books in the library. There are various analysis and comparison articles of countless schools. If you search through it, you will definitely find a text about it. In this way, we can at least speculate about the background of the man.” Shang Jiyu said, “Being a Master, you’d have access to everything, there are some things that can’t be accessed by normal people.” 

I see. So, the library was really a good place for Xiaoshen. After ten thousand years of sleep, he had no idea about the development of the human world. However, there was a convenient place where the history of ten thousand years was written in ink.

With the exception of Xiaoshen, who was illiterate, everything else seemed excellent in the sect. However, in Xiaoshen’s eyes, everyone in the Yuling Sect owed him. If he couldn’t read, did it even matter? These people could read and he could enslave them in the future.

Xiaoshen had already begun to imagine the scene when he beat up the red robed man.

“Then do you have something to say to me?” Shang Jiyu encouraged him meaningfully.

Xiaoshen cunningly said, “Although I can find clues, you still made up your mind to make me the Library Master, so I don’t have to thank you.”

“I didn’t want a thank you,” said Shang Jiyu.

Xiaoshen didn’t look up. “That’s even more nonsense!”

When Shang Jiyu narrowed his eyes, others, seeing his evil appearance, were usually too scared to even beg for forgiveness. However, Xiaoshen kept his head down and poked the stomach of the ink essence. The annoying little black fellow liked to be very close to him. Maybe it was also because of his identity.

There was something stirring in Shang Jiyu’s heart. He couldn’t help lifting Xiaoshen’s face in a threatening way, “Think again.”

Xiaoshen really didn’t understand. In addition, he still hated Shang Jiyu, so he screamed, “Don’t want to!”

Seeing Xiaoshen’s expression, Shang Jiyu felt it was very familiar and thought about it carefully. It wasn’t just the way he was looking down on everyone that was endearing. His teeth were itchy and he felt helpless for a while. “You really hold grudges, don’t you?”

He couldn’t forget such a thing.

Xiaoshen didn’t care about his tunnel vision, “Yes!”


On his first day in office, Xiaoshen, the Library Master, got up at noon.

In fact, it had nothing to do with Xiaoshen. He had slept for more than ten thousand years and didn’t want to sleep at all, but Xiaoshen looked at his side, and Shang Jiyu held him in his arms. His breathing was even. Today’s sleeping time was extended unintentionally.

The rogue sword ink essence was jumping on its ink sword and flying around the bed. If it could whisper it would have but the rhythm of his movements were fast as if it was urging Xiaoshen.

Xiaoshen removed Shang Jiyu’s hand and climbed off the bed with his hands and feet. Just at the edge of the bed, his ankle was suddenly held by a warm hand!

Xiaoshen looked back and saw that it was none other than Shang Jiyu. His eyes were clearly closed. After the strange silence, he silently released his hand, without opening his eyes.

Even without saying a word, Xiaoshen recognized which Shang Jiyu it was.

He seemed to not be aware of his actions, subconsciously holding Xiaoshen.

Xiaoshen sat in the same place and stared at Shang Jiyu for a while, then he came to his senses by the angry ink essence.

“Let’s go.” Xiaoshen jumped down and ran out.

Xiaoshen could control the boat freely by himself. Now he didn’t need Daomi to pick him up. This Lord remembered.

The rogue sword ink essence, stood on Xiaoshen’s shoulder against the wind with the sword on its back. It looked very natural and unrestrained.

“Um… Although you all look different, each of you is called ink essence, which makes it a little hard to distinguish you.” Xiaoshen looked at the little black fellow with a sword on his back and thought, “Let me give you a name.” Xiaoshen said, “You are transformed from Yu Zhao. Why not call you Yu Yi?” 1

The ink essence nodded and opened its mouth to utter words that no one could understand. It approved of the name. It could be seen from afar that the ink essence was jumping on its sword and flying to the front. It seemed that it was very excited. It waved to Xiaoshen, telling him to catch up quickly and flew forward.

When Xiaoshen arrived, he saw that there were many disciples waiting.

They had been here since early morning. The word, that the Library Master had finally been appointed, had spread. But somehow, on the first day of taking office, he did not show up.

It was easy to have a maverick talent among those who had the ability to become the master. It was a common thing for them to have a bit of a strange temperament.

So who took office? No one had seen anything that announced any information about the person.

Was he like Ying Yuanzi, who was drunk all his life and constantly late because of it?

Or was he like He Xi, the confused Taoist who always remembered the wrong time?

There were not many people who met the conditions. They could count them on one hand. 

Anxious, they didn’t even want to wait in the library. Instead, they stood outside and looked at the incoming boats, looking for the figure of the Library Master.

Xiaoshen came by boat, which attracted some people’s attention.

Look, here comes the illiterate.

As long as that uneducated person was not successful in his studies… He was the only illiterate person in Yuling Sect that everyone talked about.

Yu Yi shuttled through the sky. Xiaoshen followed its route and passed through the crowd. Everyone looked sideways at each other, and then continued to see if there was another boat in the distance.

Daomi also waited the whole morning. He sat at the door, bored, and dozed off. He hurriedly went to Biqiao Peak to find Brother Xiaoshen several times, but he couldn’t go up without the permission of his martial uncle… Now Daomi didn’t dare to send messages to Shang Jiyu casually. He thought that Brother Xiaoshen was going to let him hang in the air in order to avoid another situation.

Finally, he saw the figure of Xiaoshen. He was surprised and delighted, “Brother Xiaoshen, you are here. I thought…”

Xiaoshen just wanted to talk and saw Xuan Wuzi who was hiding in the eye of the crowd. “Hey, you! Halt!”

Xuan Wuzi was also waiting for the Library Master. As soon as he saw Xiaoshen, he wanted to go inside and hide. Unexpectedly, Xiaoshen’s eyes were so good that he caught him.

There were people all around. Seeing Xiaoshen calling Xuan Wuzi, they all looked at him curiously, and he seemed angry.

Xuan Wuzi also went out and said, “What are you doing?”

Xiaoshen found that this was the first advantage of being the master, that he found, besides the possibility to find clues of the identity of the red robed man. He could mess with Xuan Wuzi.

Xiaoshen said, putting his hands on his waist, “Call me Dad!”

Xuan Wuzi, “…???”

He was angry and smiling at the same time. He was backed by his martial uncle and smashed his ruler, but even if he was powerful, he couldn’t be so domineering and unreasonable. “You can kill a scholar, but you can’t humiliate him, don’t even think about it!”

“You dare to resist? Thank the Patriarch!” Xiaoshen roared.

“The Patriarch can’t make me call you Dad!” said Xuan Wuzi in shock.

Xiaoshen took out the token of the Library Master, “How can he not? I will be the Library Master here from now on.”

In addition to ‘Library Master’ on the token, there were other small words. It was the sentence: ‘It depends on the ancient books to know the story of ten thousand years’.

Xiaoshen still didn’t want to go in after two rounds, but at the same time also slowly calmed his head. With Xiaoshen as the center, his voice began to disappear gradually. At last, the whole place was still, and everyone saw his token.

Like other officials’ tokens, the Library Master’s token was made of gold, and it also was layered with arrays, which were hard to copy. If they couldn’t denounce it as a counterfeit, how could the ink essence sitting on Xiaoshen’s head be imitated? It was the rogue sword ink essence.

But even Daomi was puzzled, and said weakly, “Brother Xiaoshen, what does that have to do with being called Dad?”

“Didn’t you say that?” Xiaoshen wondered, “Patriarch said that everyone should call me Master from now on. What did you say to me last time about teachers and apprentices being like father and son?”

Soon, Daomi was sweating, because he was in charge of a collection of secret books, he used to instruct disciples to learn. He said that he had a half-master relationship with everyone and they would call him Master.

But this understanding was clearly…

“Brother Xiaoshen, you misunderstood me. It’s different!”

“Eh, it is?”

Xuan Wuzi said in a trembling voice, “How could I accept it? Do you know all the words on the token? Huh?”

There was a lot of noise around.

Now, it didn’t matter whether he called him Dad. Xiaoshen didn’t know the complicated words. How could the Yuling Sect lose to so many well-known practitioners? Were the ink essences blind?

Xiaoshen looked at the token, and let alone recognizing some of it, he didn’t know any of it.

Xiaoshen immediately said, “I declare Xuan Wuzi illiterate. He will not be allowed to borrow books in the future!”

Xuan Wuzi, “……”


The author has something to say:

Xuan Wuzi: ??? I was just telling the truth…

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Translator Notes:

  1. Yi means “thoughts” or “intentions”. Yu Zhao was a famous dead patriarch, and the ink essences are transformed from his “intentions”.


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