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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Xuan Wuzi was angry at Xiaoshen’s bandit logic, and said angrily, “I’m illiterate? Well, let’s see what our new Library Master can do with his education!”

Xuan Wuzi’s words were eloquent, and even though he didn’t have much body weight, Xiaoshen was a little smaller than him, so he felt very cool saying those words. He even took out his own book, and planned to read at this door in the future, to carry out his words and see what Xiaoshen could do within the library.

There was still some noise on the scene. Xiaoshen was the illiterate who was surrounded by the Yuling Sect this morning. Before the sun went down, he had become the Library Master of the library with the most complete collection in the whole cultivation world. Who dared to believe this was the new guardian?

Just now, he unilaterally announced that Xuan Wuzi had no culture! How naive!

Daomi saw the commotion, but he did as told. At this time, he stretched out a pair of black wings behind him, flapped them several times, and flew up in the air. He said in a loud voice, “Everyone! Listen to me!”

“Don’t listen to this starling,” someone shouted from the middle of the crowd. “It takes him at least one hour to say two sentences.”

Daomi, “……”

Since he couldn’t find out who said that, Daomi became very angry. “I’ll make a long story short! There hasn’t been a Library Master for three years. I believe everyone is eager to ask if it is fair!”

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone was quiet.

This was the key point. In the Yuling Sect, self-study was a very important practice. It was not uncommon to go to the library without one’s master.

Daomi saw that they had settled down and said, “Brother Xiaoshen has been recognized by all ink essences, so he has been given a heavy responsibility. I think the ink essences must have seen brother Xiaoshen’s talent.

There are geniuses in the world. How do you know that brother Xiaoshen will not make rapid progress in learning and become the number one person in Yuling in the future? In that case, it’s another success story for Yuling!”

It was hard to say that there were many fortuitous encounters these days.

Xiaoshen could be the Library Master. This reason had some credibility. Everyone knew that Daomi was the patriarch’s person. It seemed that they could only accept this explanation. No matter how inconceivable, or even how unconvinced they were, it wouldn’t change this fact. This position couldn’t be opened again.

Daomi was also right, that is, the Library Master was finally in the library, and they could borrow books again!

A Library Master’s stinginess was a given, as long as they did not end up like Xuan Wuzi.

So Xuan Wuzi was treated as invisible, like he was part of the scenery. They didn’t bother with him.

Xuan Wuzi, “……”

Daomi calmed the crowd down and said, “According to tradition, the Library Master will persuade students when he takes office. How about Xiaoshen—”

Xiaoshen asked in a low voice, “What does persuade mean?”

“…” Daomi whispered, “Just ‘to encourage everyone to learn’. If you don’t know, educate yourself.” Thinking about it, Brother Xiaoshen didn’t study hard on his own.

Xiaoshen didn’t know what to say. He wanted to put an end to this. Suddenly he thought of something. With a nod, his jade belt turned into a ball. It slowly deformed, expanded and softened, then floated to his feet and lifted him up.

At the same time, Daomi found that it was not a jade belt at all, but a cloud belt, transformed to appear very smooth. It seems that it was made by brother Xiaoshen. It was a little unusual. He could make clouds into magic weapons.

Xiaoshen also felt the mood of Xuan Wuzi. He said, “I ask you, what’s the most important thing in life?”

Everyone discussed several thoughts in detail and gave various answers.

There were countless things they could say, like ‘knowledge’, which was the first choice, of course. To the Library Master’s question, the responses ranged from ‘heart’ to ‘desire’ and so on.

“No,” Xiaoshen said earnestly, “It’s repaying debts!”

Everyone, “???”

Xiaoshen, “I hope you think about it. Go in!”

No head, no brain, what to do… Everyone rushed into the library, and Xiaoshen could only think about their debt. They didn’t know until later why Library Master attached so much importance to their moral education (although Library Master himself was not particular about it).

Xiaoshen was promoted to Library Master. Another invisible promotion was Daomi’s. After all, he was the one who was responsible for the literacy of the Library Master.

Xiaoshen was learning really fast. He used to know the human language. So he only needed to recall the words one by one.

Daomi was surprised and he even suggested that they can continue with some poems and verses, and at the same time, learn the meanings of idioms and recite them once a day, but Xiaoshen didn’t like those very much.

As for the responsibilities of the Library Master, it was not difficult.

Xiaoshen only talked to Yu Yi and these ink essences were very enthusiastic to help him do things: sort out and find books, and even determine whether disciples were qualified to read some of the ancient skill books. If they wanted to add new books in the future, they could also give those to them.

All he had to do was sit there with a swagger and stamp with a token from time to time, but later even this job was left to the ink essences.

The disciples who came to the library were stunned. Before this, nobody has ever seen these ink essences so attentive!

They were transformed from the texts of the great Confucians and well-known practitioners. They inherited their essence of culture and spirituality. Maybe they have some variations and different hobbies because of the different works. But they have one thing in common: pride.

Specifically, they would be particularly picky, and they were extremely demanding about the borrower’s cultivation and knowledge, they had to be worthy of these classics. But now, facing a tortoise who didn’t know big words, they were currying favor with him, and flattered him so much that he could fly.

Xiaoshen was reading a simple calligraphy book. A disciple from the outside came in with a thick book. It was a reference book. He recently started studying a cultivation experience written by an ancient practitioner. The grammar of some quotations were not clear.

Several ink essences on the table looked at the disciple with a little disdain. It seemed that they didn’t particularly recognize his level of learning, and couldn’t understand why the book was borrowed last time.

The disciple wanted to put the book on the table and said to the rogue sword-wielding figure, “Ink essence, please get out of the way.”

The little black figure completely ignored him, which surprised the other side. Although the ink essence usually didn’t pay attention to them, it wasn’t so hard to talk to.

“It’s Yu Yi!” Xiaoshen said, dissatisfied, “What ‘ink essence’? Who cares about you?”

Yu Yi also nodded seriously. It was famous now.

Outer disciple, “……”

He didn’t know that this ink essence had a name. He was afraid that every ink essence would have a name in the future. He would have to remember them one by one.

“That… Yu Yi, please make way.”

Yu Yi had been studying ink on the desk. At that moment, he pushed the inkstone away and jumped into Xiaoshen’s hand to make room.

“Master, Library Master, I want to return this,” the outer disciple said with his head lowered to the sitting Xiaoshen.

Xiaoshen said one word, his body slightly lifting, then leaned over, “So thick, can you understand it?”

The disciple glanced at the cloud slowly floating under his chair, “……”

He took another look at Xiaoshen’s introductory literacy book and took a deep breath, “Working on it, Library Master.”

“Then work harder, don’t let the book down. It’s not easy to grow so thick.” Xiaoshen instructed him.

Disciple, “……Yes.”

Xiaoshen nodded.

When a couple of ink essences heard the order, they brought over the Library Master token on their shoulders, trotted up the thick volume, and stamped the book together. A faint golden mark appeared on the book, then the little black figures busily jumped down and ran to register another book.

Xiaoshen thought, what was Xuan Wuzi talking about, it’s not hard being a Library Master at all!

After studying for a while, Xiaoshen asked the ink essences to bring him all the books related to the spirit bracelet, and threw those to Daomi. He couldn’t read them by himself. So naturally, he forced Daomi to read them all, and then summarize the useful information for him.

Daomi’s face was green, but in order to coax Xiaoshen to study, he could only grit his teeth.

Yuan Wuzi, who had been watching for a long time, had finally realized that Xiaoshen wouldn’t fail at the Library Master’s job. At least at present, he himself was the only one who was unlucky. Xuan Wuzi first hated the dog-legged ink essences, but then felt very regretful. Why did he talk big just now?

He didn’t want to be banned from borrowing books! He still had many skills he had to learn!

Xuan Wuzi sneaked in to pester Daomi, “Junior Brother……”

In the past, Xuan Wuzi wouldn’t call Daomi that. Daomi hadn’t been formally initiated, so calling him a senior wasn’t really appropriate.

Daomi turned left, pretending not to hear.

Xuan Wuzi hurried to the left, “Junior Brother!”

Daomi wanted to turn to the right, but Xuan Wuzi had good eyesight. He has predicted his movements first, then quickly moved to the right and looked at him sincerely.

One of Daomi’s pupils flew to the upper left corner and the other to the lower right corner. Xuan Wuzi couldn’t meet any of his eyes.

Xuan Wuzi, “…………”

There was no way to get Daomi to speak anymore.

Xuan Wuzi went to the Lord to see if he could change his mind…

He shouted, “Brother Xiaoshen!”

But how could the Dragon King care about him?

Actually, most of the people in the Yuling sect had a high status. Even if they were careful, they should know when to act dignified and say grand words. This new Library Master was straightforward. He couldn’t wait to write it on his face.

Seeing him coming, the chair was rising higher and higher.

Xuan Wuzi looked up, his neck about to break, “……”

Before the end of the afternoon, Xiaoshen left.

The disciples in the library begged him, Library Master is being unreasonable. No one who cultivates the truth could work at sunrise and rested at sunset. Besides, you arrived at noon and didn’t even stay for the whole day.

In the past, many Library Masters lived directly in the library!

Originally, many of the previous masters moved in here. There was a large courtyard built specifically for the Library Masters.

But Xiaoshen had an appointment with Shang Jiyu every night, so he ran to a boat, ignoring everyone.

At this time, everyone also discovered that no one knew where Xiaoshen was staying at all. He didn’t seem to live with the newcomers, who had just joined the sect.

Daomi also thought that the study time was too short. He followed Xiaoshen on the boat and kept on talking about how he was hoping that he would get up earlier tomorrow. Before he knew it, they arrived at Biqiao Peak.

But then he saw two boats in front of him and several monks standing on them, waving enthusiastically.

“Who are they?” Xiaoshen looked at these people strangely, as he was waving to them. Were they Daomi’s friends?

He felt like a stranger in a strange land. Daomi could see the monks who had decent levels of cultivation. He was worried at first, but he quickly guessed that something was up.

Sure enough, when the boat got near, the first tall and thin monk bowed his head and said, “Congratulations! Xianfu congratulates Library Master on entering the library. We came here uninvited, but we would like to celebrate your promotion. I’ve heard about it for a long time, but seeing Master in person, he does seem to resemble a cloud dragon!”

“Ha ha, Ying Yuanzi is here to congratulate as well!”

“Congratulations to Library Master…”

They were very lively as they talked over each other.

Even Yu Yi on Xiaoshen’s head was praised. Originally, the ink essence was just following Xiaoshen out of the library. But what a recognition.

Xie Kurong fooled people, saying that the day when Shang Jiyu unsheathed his sword, he was just testing it, but in front of some people the real reason couldn’t be hidden. Naturally, they knew that Xiaoshen lived in Biqiao Peak and they could wait for him there.

Xiaoshen didn’t know these people, so when he heard the leader boast about his cloud dragon posture, he was shocked. He soon thought that he was too worried. It should rather be that this person had a good eye and could see his greatness!

“Thank you very much.” Xiaoshen smiled and returned the salute according to the etiquette of the human race. Now, he has done a decent job, as if he was really a Library Master.

The monks didn’t expect the effect to be this good, and Xiaoshen didn’t care about them coming without notice and was smiling. They were also unintentionally pleasing. They didn’t know Xiaoshen’s temperament, but when praising members of the water race, just compare them to dragons.

It seemed that Xiaoshen was still easy to get along with. One of them immediately rushed to say, “I have been waiting for you for a long time. I wonder if you can go up and ask for a glass of water and wine?”

Well, that reveals the purpose. Daomi thought. These were the famous drunkards of the Yuling Sect, especially the chief martial uncle, Sun Xianfu. Their cultivators were as addicted to alcohol as to life, and their praises were in wine. When they were on the boat the first time, the engraving on the side Xiaoshen asked about, ‘the world ships carry people all over the world, and wine rewards people all over the world’, came from their direct disciples.

Martial Uncle’s master brewed great wine, and left all the treasures to his only disciple. These people could give up their lives if they encountered wine, the cold face of Martial Uncle didn’t even phase them.

Back then, Martial Uncle thanked them through closed doors, but those people were like flies, waiting for the opportunity to bother him, not letting go.

Speaking of wine, Xiaoshen remembered that when he came to Biqiao Peak the day before yesterday, Shang Jiyu said that he had some good wine for him to taste, but he didn’t have a chance to try it yet.

Now that he met these people, Xiaoshen was in high spirits again, “OK, let’s go up then! Daomi, too!”

I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly! Sun Xianfu was ecstatic, winked at his fellow disciples, and they happily followed Xiaoshen to Biqiao Peak.

They didn’t stop praising Xiaoshen from the beginning to the end. Like how they knew Xiaoshen was illiterate, but smart enough to use idioms.

Xiaoshen was very pleased by such flattery. He went to find Shang Jiyu and told him that he wanted to drink with others.

“I’ll drink with you.” Shang Jiyu knew someone had come. When outsiders entered Biqiao Peak, how could Shang Jiyu not know? Without his permission, these people couldn’t even get off the ship.

“I don’t want that!” Xiaoshen took a look at him and could easily tell which one it was. He immediately became rude and said, “Take out the wine quickly!”

The little black fellow was flying around him like a small meteor, jumping on his sword, like he was cheering.

With a lazy wave of Shang Jiyu’s hand, several wine jars appeared on the ground, then he hummed, “Look at you. I didn’t know I had a debt to repay.”

Xiaoshen picked up the four wine jars and ran away. Didn’t know he had a debt to repay? The whole Yuling Sect owed him. By the way, this wine might have been made from his water, which was equal to his.

Looking at Xiaoshen’s departing back, Shang Jiyu’s face turned increasingly gloomy.

Although Xiaoshen was going to drink, he didn’t want to spend more time with him even for a moment. He was a little annoyed. He looked at the annoying rogue sword ink essence chasing Xiaoshen while flying, and he bounced it away with sword qi.

The little black fellow flew out, smashed on Xiaoshen’s collar and hung upside down, like ink stains.

“That’s it, that’s the taste… The Fuxi wine, which has been brewed for a hundred years, will not be used as a magic medicine in the world, it was brewed to quell sorrows!” Sun Xianfu was ecstatic, holding the newly opened wine jar. Suddenly, as if remembering something, he raised his hands in praise, his eyes never leaving the wine, “Mister is truly a great husband with divine powers.”

Of course, the rarest thing was for someone to speak positive words about this boy Shang Jiyu!

Xiaoshen also smelled the wine. He could tell if there was a lot of water in it, and with the other scents mixed in, it became very strong.

Wine was invented by the human race. Xiaoshen also saw some dragon people drink it, but he was not keen on it. He didn’t drink it himself, so he didn’t know why they were so excited.

The dazed Daomi finally came to his senses. He was just looking at Brother Xiaoshen’s room. Everything in here was arranged by him. He hadn’t come for a while, but the location of the decoration didn’t change at all, including the bedding.

It’s strange that Xiao Shen didn’t even need to rest

It wasn’t until Xiaoshen came back that he put it off temporarily and reminded them, “Uncle Sun, Uncle Ying Yuanzi… You mustn’t overdo it! “

These two and a lot of good wine… Not a good combination.

“No, no, no!” Sun Xianfu was afraid that Xiaoshen would change his mind, so he turned to him and said, “I, your Uncle Sun, have always had the capacity as big as the sea!”

Seeing the confusion in Xiaoshen’s eyes, he explained, “I drink more than the sea, which is called magnanimity! Ha ha, it’s like you haven’t drunk wine before. Even if it’s a small amount, you need to drink it slowly, otherwise you will be down after a few cups. “

Xiaoshen’s eyes suddenly became eager to try…

No one can claim to be magnanimous in front of him, although he has just learned the word.

“Come on, I wish Mr. Xiaoshen, the Library Master, can surpass himself and become better and better, and have all his heart’s desires be fulfilled!” Ying Yuanzi silently lamented. He had never said such an uneducated toast in his life. He was still listed as one of the candidates for Library Master. The serious kind, unlike Xiaoshen.

Everyone raised their glasses and drank.

“Thank you.” Xiaoshen hadn’t experienced this kind of human banquet before. It was quite interesting. He didn’t know what should be said in return. After drinking a full cup, he just thought that it wasn’t anything special. No wonder it’s not popular with the dragon race.

Daomi only had a few drinks, but it was still too much. This Fuxi wine was strong; it was still a hundred years of fine brewing.

But Sun Xianfu and some of them were drinking more and more vigorously. Brother Xiaoshen also drank one cup after another, like nobody’s business. As a result, Sun Xianfu first advised, but later was quite dissatisfied, suspecting that brother Xiaoshen had cheated with the identity of his water race and secretly scattered the wine.

Xiaoshen, “Do you know how big the sea is?” The competition went into full force, all of them against Xiaoshen by himself, drinking heartily.

Daomi felt his scalp go numb. You can drink so heavily, without any food accompanying it?

In the end, Xiaoshen was still steady, and some drunkards were unconscious. A few people said today was really enjoyable. Unexpectedly, our holy master is here. He didn’t blush even after drinking so much Fuxi wine. They walked out on their hands and feet…

Xiaoshen, on the other hand, triumphantly folded his arms and stepped on the stone pier, thinking, I am exactly as great as they said.

Daomi was stunned and murmured, “No, it’s like watermelon for the king to eat – roll and climb.” 1

He quickly realized his mistake, and apologized to Xiaoshen, “I’m sorry, Brother Xiaoshen, I didn’t mean to offend!”


Xiaoshen couldn’t understand people’s words very well, but he could understand the implication of this sentence!

Wangjia Shen (very princely) was fine, but Wangba Shen (bastard)??


The author has something to say:

Twisting the hips, one review a night, happy all day!


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Translator Notes:

  1. This is a pun/metaphor. “It’s really like turtles eating watermelons. Those who climb, climb. The ones who roll, roll.” However, calling someone a tortoise (Wangba) is an insult. And saying people are crawling or rolling, means they’re moving in a very unseemly/laughable way.


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