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Lifetime Gift
Lifetime Gift

Lifetime Gift by Matthia

Genre: BL, Fantasy, demons, 

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Complete, 8 Chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: UA

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A demon was in trouble, so he decided to summon on a human helper. 



Chapter 1: The Demon King

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Today, the Demon King killed three of his men. He was in a bad mood.

The first to die was the Demon King’s private chamberlain. The chamberlain stole the dragon blood gem and gave it to the demon warlock outside the city. They were in collusion and kept the Demon King in the dark.

The second person who died was the Demon King’s chef. Every day, the Demon King drinks tea with a little golden honey, a little chopped mint, and two drops of Purgatory Dragon’s snake blood. The chef poisoned the tea and replaced the Purgatory Dragon’s snake blood with the blood of a purgatory black lizard. The two spices taste very similar, and it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish. The blood of a black lizard is highly toxic, and a little bit is enough to kill an abyss mammoth.

The Demon King discovered the plot in time and poured all the tea into the chef’s stomach. Now, the Demon King regretted it slightly, he should have left the cook his life to interrogate him. It doesn’t matter. Anyway, he knows that a demon sorcerer must be behind it.

The third person who died was the Demon King’s counselor. She was a half-blooded demon, a mixture of demon and demon hunter. She had a beautiful face and a smart brain. Her only two shortcomings were that she didn’t know what loyalty was and had too many hands in different pies. Since her appointment, she had been very diligent and dedicated and had been tirelessly waging wars between the city of the Demon King and other races, other demon cities, and other aspects. She was so excellent that the Demon King didn’t want to kill her. Who knows, when she learned that the dragon blood gem had been stolen and witnessed the chef poisoning the Demon King, she not only did not take the initiative to report it, but also took a chainsaw to finish off the ‘poisoned’ Demon King.

Due to her years of hard service, the Demon King said that she could continue living, but she had to come up with a plan to help him get back the dragon blood gem.

The counselor agreed, and her advice was, “You’d better negotiate with demon Warlock. Recently, he’s getting stronger and stronger. Now he’s got the dragon blood gem. His power will be greatly improved. His demon army and undead army will also be further armed. In case they start a war, you will be finished!”

“Do you think I’m going to lose to him? Him? It was I who drove him out of the throne! I will never make peace with him!”

The counselor laughed tragically and bitterly, “You are finished! I’ve gotten in touch with him secretly! He said he will attack your city, eat your livestock, spoil all your soldiers, and marry all your wives and concubines!”

The Demon King trampled on one of her hind legs, “Are you sick, or is that sorcerer sick? Shouldn’t all wives, concubines, and soldiers be killed in general? Why does he have to reverse it? Also, I don’t have a wife!”

The counselor laughed, “Haha, you don’t understand! Which demon is afraid of death and which is afraid of war? What’s the deterrent for killing all the soldiers? This kind of rumor will only make your soldiers yearn for war! So, he didn’t use it! He’s going to scare your subjects! Now it’s all over the world. Your soldiers will be done one by one, one by one! Their morale has been greatly reduced!”

“You betrayed me…”

“Of course! You are stupid!” The counselor shrieked, “I have half the blood of a demon, chaos is my hobby and the taste of betrayal is so wonderful! I’ve wanted to betray you like this for a long time. Haha!”

The Demon King didn’t want to talk to her anymore, so he lifted his sword and cut off her head.

After killing the three, the Demon King sat on his throne and began to think about the whole thing. He blamed himself for a long time. Was I blind? Why did they think this psycho demon was smart? Why did I think the chef who was skilled at making poison was good? Why did I mistakenly think that the chamberlain from the street of thieves was credible? If I knew people clearly, I’m afraid the dragon blood gem would not have been lost so easily.

When it comes to the dragon blood gem, it’s a treasure in Demon City. Thousands of years ago, the whole cave floor where demon city is located was ruled by a dragon. This dragon was so huge that its wingspan was hundreds of miles long, its teeth were like a giant sword splitting the sky; ordinary demons were not its opponents at all. Among the demons, one hero didn’t want to be ruled by the dragon. He led many demons to fight against the dragon for a hundred years. The dragon was too powerful, and the demon hero was about to lose. At this time, he summoned a legendary mage from the ectopic site. With the help of that creature, the demon hero defeated the dragon and refined the dragon into a gem.

The gem contains the life of the dragon. Demons can use it to extract magic, accumulate strength, and heal wounds on their body and soul. Not only that, but the dragon blood gem also symbolizes supreme glory, a symbol of the Demon King.

The Demon King thought about it and decided not to be passive and wait for the demon warlock to rape his soldiers. He summoned all the counselors before his eyes and asked them if there was a way to fix this.

A black bat demon said, “There are many demon magicians in Baku Purgatory. If we want to deal with one of them, we might as well recruit some other mages. They’ll certainly know how to deal with their peers.”

“No,” said the Demon King, staring at him fiercely. “If you do this, the whole area, the whole cave floor, the whole plane will know that I am in danger! Even if I win in the end, I will still become a laughing stock.”

A scaled scholar tentatively said, “Otherwise… We can also, from the ectopic side… summon a human mage?”

The Demon King looked at him. The scaled-man is a kind of alien creature and lives on the same plane as human beings. They have certain demon bloodlines, but are not a member of a demon clan. The scaled-man in front of the Demon King was born in purgatory and was a native. When he looked at the Demon King’s cold eyes, he winced. The Demon King said, “Don’t be afraid. Go on, I’m a little interested.”

So the scaled-man continued, “It is said that the hero who defeated the dragon a thousand years ago summoned a human mage. Human mages are different from demon warlocks. Our demons are good at instant divergent magic, such as fireballs as big as volcanoes, poisonous fog covering the whole city, frost blocking the whole mountain range, etc. The fireball of human beings is only the size of a giant’s butt, and the ice wall can only temporarily trip a person, plus the enemy can just go around. Although the demon’s method of human attack is too weak to see, they are good at control and deception. They can manipulate the enemy’s mind, improve the attributes of weapons, and improve their own defense ability. They even use the demon method to light the lamp, use the demon method to make delicious food and colorful clothes, take a bath with the demon method, and learn the language of all planes and creatures with the demon method. In short, their casting system is different from ours. If we can summon a human mage, maybe he can help? Also, he’s not a purgatory creature, so he won’t leak secrets, and the human body is so small and fragile that it cannot rape all our soldiers.”

The Demon King glared at him. “How do you know about the raping of the soldiers?”

“It spread outside…” The scale man shrinks again.

After this conversation, the Demon King thought seriously. The purgatory of the hundred caves is not connected with the position of human beings. A long time ago, an ambitious human mage broke through the barrier between the two worlds. As a result, human beings and demonkind launched business and talent exchanges, carried out a lot of cooperation in scientific research projects, signed a nonaggression treaty, and planned a several hundred-year mutual benefits plan. Unfortunately, in the end, war broke out between the two worlds. Both human beings and demons were defeated, and the channels for summoning were destroyed one after another. Since then, demons and humans can no longer summon each other.

According to the backends, summoning is still feasible, but the method is not widely spread and the success rate is too low, so demons have not summoned humans for a long time. It is said that human magic originated from many different planes, including purgatory in the hundred caves. Therefore, human mages have been exposed to purgatory elements to some extent, which means that as long as a demon’s summoning is successful, they will find a mage, not a farmer or a warrior – a non-mage would never have been exposed to purgatory elements, so they will not be captured by the summoning spell.

It’s also coincidental that there is a forbidden book in this demon city, which records the methods of summoning human beings. Although the success rate is low, the steps are not difficult, and there are not many things to prepare. For the Demon King, who had been through many battles, it seemed that there was no risk in trying.

So the Demon King decided that he would summon a human mage.

The Demon King wanted to summon in a private room and forbade other demons from participating. In case of failure, he didn’t want to face ridicule. He prepared all the magical tools, danced the summoning dance, killed three iron horned rhinoceros, and stood in front of a tall mirror. The large mirror was necessary for summoning. Once the path is opened, the mirror becomes the medium, and the summoned mage will come out of the mirror.

After all the spells, the Demon King held the mirror with one hand and read the spell. The mirror started to shake and turned into a slow-moving whirlpool. The Demon King reached in and grabbed a warm object; It was a human hand. It must be a human hand! The Demon King was ecstatic. He really summoned a mage! He stepped back and pulled back his arm. He caught the human’s right wrist in his hand and appeared on the side of the mirror.

“Wait! It hurts… ” The Demon King heard a voice. It was a man who should be very young. He was a little panicked. What he said was… the common language of purgatory?

This showed that the person opposite must be a mage! It is said that human mages can speak several languages. The Demon King pulled the arm again, trying to drag the mage out, but it seemed that it wasn’t possible? He heard a thump as if someone had hit a closed door.

“Don’t drag me,” the man said across the mirror. “I can’t get through.”

“Why can’t you?” asked the Demon King.

“You are a Demon?” asked the man.

The Demon King triumphantly introduced his identity in an aristocratic tone and briefly described the summoning technique. After hearing this, the human sighed, “Then you must know that summoning from the outside world can go wrong very easily, and right now the connection between the purgatory of the hundred caves and the human plane is too weak. This summoning skill can only remain like this for the time being. I have established a relationship with you, but I can’t get through it, nor can you.”

“Why?” the Demon King was worried, and he put a little more strength into his hands. The man let out a cry of pain, and then the Demon King lowered his head and found that the white wrist had been pinched red by him.

“After being locked by the summon, I can’t run away,” explained the human mage in pain. “Even if I take my arm back, as long as you reach into the mirror again, you can hold my wrist again. No matter where I am or what I am doing. So, can you be gentler? I’m a mage. Do you need me to cast a spell for you? But now, you are breaking my hand.”

“How do I know you’re not lying? I heard that human mages are very cunning. If we don’t pay attention, you will cheat us or induce us to make decisions that are not good for us. What if you’re lying to me?”

The other side sighed, “There must be magic books over there, and there must be relevant details in those books. You are in charge of everything. You must have taken some time out of your busy schedule to cast the spell, so you must not have read the detailed rules of summoning, have you? If you read it carefully, you will know that I didn’t cheat you. I’m not even afraid to die. What’s the point of lying to you?”

The Demon King frowned, “I didn’t say I wanted you dead.” He was still worried, so he continued to hold the mage’s hand with his, and used his three other hands on the other side of his body to turn through the book, looking for what the mage mentioned.

He soon found it. Although he had no time to read it word by word, the general principle in the detailed rules was exactly the same as what the mage said. The Demon King was satisfied for the time being. Instead of grasping hard, he gently held the mage’s hand. The mage didn’t pull back his hand, and even moved his finger, as if exploring the Demon King’s palm.

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