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The Two Omega’s Heats

 兩個Omega的發情期 by 寫肉專業點

Genre: BL, ABO, Smut, Yaoi, OxO

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Complete, 15 Chapters

Translator: Addis

Editor: Sulo

~~~~Brought to you by ExR~~~~

Chapter 1 – 3: The Two Omegas

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Xie Lin sat at the table, drinking milk and looking at the person opposite him. They had been together for three days, and the other man said no more than ten words, which made him more curious about what kind of person he was. He has a normal sense of smell. He can smell that the other is an Omega. However, it seems that he has not been in heat and will never be. However, he is really beautiful. When he first saw him, he felt that his eyes were bright.

“Xiao Xie, school starts tomorrow. What else can aunt do?” Aunt Qin cleaned up the kitchen and came to see the two young masters.

Xie Lin takes back his eyes and says to Aunt Qin with a smile, “Put it all away.” 

“Such a good child. Why were you expelled?” Aunt Qin likes this happy young man very much. Usually, the home is too stuffy. After Xie Lin arrived, the air in the house became lively.

“Because I’m gay.” As an Omega, Xie Lin chased after ten Omegas in a row, but they all rejected him. Some of them reported harassment and the group of old men in the school couldn’t bear his behavior, so they found an excuse to expel him.

Fortunately, his mother still has some contacts, so she had him transfer to X City and live with his mother’s friend’s son.

Xie Lin is not ashamed. He just thinks those little omegas don’t have good taste. Why do they have to find an Alpha? Omegas are the ones who know Omegas best. How happy they could be together?

As he spoke, he looked at the man opposite and noticed that his hand was shaking slightly.

It seems that there was a slight response.

It was the first time that Aunt Qin came to know the reason. She thought Xie Lin was too wonderful and she said a few words casually. When they finished their meal, she left, leaving Xie Lin and Ning Yan alone.

Xie Lin’s daily routine is learning. Although he has some problems with his sexuality, his grades are good. However, in the view of today’s society, his ability is higher than the normal omega. As an Omega, he had good grades and good looks. He also pursued other little Omegas. Did he want to become an Alpha?

There are not many excellent students, and he is one of them. Although the teacher wanted to keep him, he was still afraid of the complaints of other Omegas one after another. Xie Lin didn’t want to stay there. The University in X City is also good, and Ning Yan is in it. However, he is not a teacher but works in the laboratory. His main research area is genetic diseases.

“Brother Ning is going to the laboratory today. I’ll see you off.” Xie Lin stands up and looks at Ning Yan with a smile. Ning Yan is still silent, but after thinking about it, he nods.

As a good-looking, highly educated, and capable Omega, Ning Yan has a fatal weakness, that is, his limbs are not coordinated enough and his sense of balance is poor. Therefore, he is unable to drive steadily. Most of the time, he takes the subway to the university to work. Xie Lin had come by a car when he arrived and when he saw Ning Yan going out to take the subway, he offered to drive him to the university.

“Tell me before you leave work at night. I’ll pick you up again. It’s not safe for you to be alone at night.” Xie Lin says with a smile to Ning Yan, who looks away slightly, as if afraid of being stabbed by the light in his eyes. 

He seems to be deeply impressed by what Xie Lin said and answers, “Mn, I’ll trouble you.”

Ning Yan’s voice is not as cold and not hard to approach like his personality. It is magnetic and gentle. It is just right for his face. So Xie Lin always likes to listen to him, but there are very little times he actually speaks.

The two separated. Xie Lin went back to study and was ready to return to school, while Ning Yan began another busy workday. It’s just that one more person in the family seems to have changed something.

Xie Lin successfully returned to school. Thanks to his personality and appearance, he was accosted by three Alphas on his first day. However, he was not interested in these Alphas, so he ignored them. Originally, Xie Lin wanted to make friends with a few Omegas in class. However, after thinking about it, he gave up and got in touch with a Beta first. It’s better to have more than one friend.

The cafeteria of the school is usually divided into two areas, an Omega area, and an Alpha area. The main purpose is to prevent the disturbance caused by someone’s heat, and Betas can sit anywhere. Xie Lin and several classmates went to the cafeteria for lunch. The students introduce him to which window is delicious and which aunt gives more dishes. Xie Lin accepts the recommendations, orders the cafeteria’s signature dishes, and sits down with the other students.

“Don’t you live in the school dormitory?” A classmate asks, and Xie Lin shakes his head.

“I live in my brother’s house, so we can take care of each other easily.” He says with a smile, and the students begin to guess what kind of brother he has. Maybe he is as good-looking as Xie Lin?

Everyone was eating happily. When they left, Xie Lin suddenly saw a familiar figure.

At this time, most people have had lunch, were preparing for their lunch break or going to the next class, but Ning Yan just left the laboratory and came to eat, so there were fewer choices. He had come only because the others left him, making him realize that if he worked too hard, he might have not remembered about lunch until evening.

Xie Lin sees Ning Yan and Ning Yan also sees Xie Lin. Their eyes meet for a moment. Ning Yan is wearing a pair of flat glasses, which is quite different from the feeling at home.

Their encounter is just a moment, both sides do not stop, until a classmate excitedly says, “Elder brother Ning is really suitable to play the role of a doctor studying abnormal diseases.”  

Handsome men shine everywhere, so even if Ning Yan wants to be buried, there are still many people who know him.

“Shouldn’t an Alpha play this villain?” Xie Lin pretends to be casual, which attracts a burst of laughter from the student.

“Alphas are busy mating every day. They don’t have this temperament, and elder brother Ning is really handsome. If I was an Alpha, I’d like to chase him.”

Xie Lin smiles and says nothing.

That night, he drove to Ning Yan’s lab, carrying food packed from the canteen.

“Elder brother Ning is still busy. I’ll call him for you.” The laboratory management is very strict, ordinary people can not enter. Xie Lin also knows that, so he waits at the door while reviewing the content of today’s class. After a while, Ning Yan comes out.

Ning Yan is wearing protective clothing and glasses for the experiment, which adds a bit of gentlemanly temperament. Xie Lin remembers what his classmates said during the day, that he was suitable for acting as a doctor studying abnormal diseases. At that time, he didn’t agree with it, but now he thinks it is true.

He’s beautiful.

“I brought you dinner. Will you eat it here or take it up?” Xie Lin says, and Ning Yan looks at him.

“You go back first. I’ll be late today.” Ning Yan talks a lot this time. A colleague was passing by after work and he just heard him talking and looked at them in surprise.

Ning Yan didn’t have any abnormal reaction because of the other person’s surprise, while Xie Lin didn’t care and continued to say what he wanted to say.

“I will go to the classroom for self-study. You can tell me when your work is done and we can go back together.” Xie Lin says. If he was not Omega, others would think that he was here to pursue Ning Yan.

But Ning Yan knows that Xie Lin may actually be trying to pursue him, and it’s more interesting and fun. When he first arrived here, he was not familiar with the pace of life, and he was used to declining Alphas.

However, Ning Yan didn’t refuse. If Xie Lin often came for a walk, it could at least block the pace of other suitors. After all, the laboratory is a clean place, so it is easier to let Xie Lin find him.

Because of Ning Yan’s default, Xie Lin would deliver meals every day and then study in the nearby classroom. It’s safe for them to go home together in the evening. In this way, after a month, some students in Xie Lin’s class heard that Xie Lin seemed to be in love with Ning Yan, but when faced with questions, Xie Lin only said, “I’m an Omega.”

The days passed by in a hurry. On the weekend, Aunt Qin’s family had something to do, so she didn’t come. Xie Lin accidentally overslept. When he woke up, Ning Yan had already gone out to work.

People always pretend to be smart in the first few days. After a long time, Xie Lin can’t help sleeping in. After all, weekend mornings are so precious since he doesn’t have to go to school.

He thinks Ning Yan is pitful. He goes to work actively every day, even during holidays. Xie Lin is full of sleep, with his hair in a mess, frying his last egg in the kitchen when he hears the doorbell. He turned off the gas, and when he saw it was a takeaway, he took it.

When seeing the delivered cake, Xie Lin sends a message to ask Ning Yan whether he bought it. Ning Yan replies that there is no other food in the house so he should eat something and pad his stomach first. When he is free, he can buy some other dishes.

So Xie Lin opened it and ate it. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for him to take another piece. Soon, he realized that something was wrong, but when he told Ning Yan, he couldn’t seem to explain what.

“I think… There’s something wrong with me.” Xie Lin’s voice trembles slightly. Ning Yan also notices that something is wrong with him. What happened to him?

“Grab an inhibitor.” Ning Yan says, “Close the doors and windows, and be careful not to let anyone in.”

Xie Lin says his body keeps having hot flashes. He has a reaction below. Fortunately, he has enough inhibitors, so he went to take one and felt that he slowly calmed down.

Once he calmed down, he closed the doors and windows and saw a sneaky figure. However, Xie Lin certainly wouldn’t go out at the moment. He sat down and kept calm. After a while, Ning Yan came back with the police.

The police caught the sneaky man and took the cake back to collect as evidence. After finishing their work, they left, leaving Xie Lin and Ning Yan alone.

“Did that someone try to give you medicine and I ended up taking it?” Xie Lin says with a wry smile. It’s not good to be forced into heat.

Ning Yan nods. He has always lived here by himself. As a single Omega, he is easily coveted by others. To be honest, the attempts and methods he has encountered are more than that.

In order to take care of Xie Lin, Ning Yan didn’t go to work again and stayed at home for the first time. Originally, he thought that the matter was over. Xie Lin’s inhibitor had already worked, but he didn’t expect that after dinner, Xie Lin’s face would turn red and he would start groaning with pain.

The police informed them that the cake had been baked with a drug to promote an Omega’s heat, and inhibitors may increase the symptoms.

After listening to the police, Xie Lin wants to call an ambulance to go directly to the hospital, but he is not alone now. He has a Ning Yan beside him.

Ning Yan, who goes into heat because of Xie Lin’s pheromones, gets close to him. However, his body in heat is not under his control at all, and he just wants to make the person above him get closer.

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