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Chapter 5: A Year Passes

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

With the help of the mage Arlette, within a few months, all the coal lamps in the palace of demon city were replaced by demon flame. The cold flame did not ignite objects, can last forever, and will not be affected by the wind. It was really very convenient. Arlette added a start rune to each lamp, making it easy for demons to switch it on and off as needed.

In fact, demon mages can also ignite flames out of thin air. They can let the pillar of fire break through the clouds and reach the vast void, but they can’t make the demon magic lamp that is integrated into daily life. However, human beings can make convenient demon lamps, but they can never display a stable and powerful pillar of fire.

After a while, demon cold flame lamps became popular throughout demon city. At the same time, there were many other things being promoted, such as elements that can automatically and regularly clean a room, blankets or cups that kept the temperature constant, a paper that won’t get wet, and energy pins that helped the holder resist the cold or heat.

The Demon King had a mage, a summoned ally, which was what was being spread among demons. At first, everyone thought that this meant that a war was brewing, but as the days went by, no one saw the signs of war. On the contrary, many interesting things appeared in the demon city. The demons were a little disappointed that there was no war, but the convenient and interesting new things soon conquered them.

After some time, some old counselors began to worry. They were very worried about one thing and didn’t know if they could tell the Demon King.

You know, the Demon King doted on that human ally, and he couldn’t hear anything bad about him. What the ministers were worried about was not a good thing, it may be misunderstood by the Demon King, as if they were cursing the ally.

If the Demon King got angry and killed them, it would be kind. The Demon King will probably confiscate their automatic cleaning energy machine, and they will have to return to the days of washing clothes and dishes. What’s more, the Demon King may exile them and drive them out of the cave floor. Then they won’t have an automatic hot water shower…

Strange to say, demons used to have no such thing for generations, and everyone still lived very well. But once they began relying on these items, they could no longer live without them.


The mage sent the Demon King a bunch of flowers.

This kind of flower is called a rose. It is bright red and fragrant and has tiny thorns on its stems. The mage wrapped the rose bundle in paper and tied a bow. The Demon King secretly felt that there was something wrong with the mage’s aesthetics…. Or is there something wrong with human aesthetics? He wrapped the roses in an ugly brown, uneven paper, and tied a bow with a gaudy bright pink band. Even so, the Demon King was very happy. It didn’t matter whether the bouquet looked good or not, it was true enough that the mage Arlette was cute.

Arlette’s looks were certainly not good-looking, but as a human being, which one was good-looking? However, just like the bouquet of flowers, just like the chocolate cake, whether these things looked good or not, the Demon King’s heart was sweet and drunk, just like drinking purgatory cherry wine.

“Autumn is coming, and this is the last rose in my garden,” Arlette told the Demon King. “Frankly, I thought about giving you a bunch of roses before summer, because once when I mentioned it, you said that there were no such flowers in Baku purgatory. Later, I was so busy that I forgot about it. Now when I thought of it, there weren’t many flowers left in my garden. I picked a few and felt full. Don’t look at the flowers, they’re not fresh, King.” 

“It’s good. I like it very much,” the Demon King put the bouquet under his nose. “It’s a pity that there’s nothing you can get from Baku purgatory. We have bigger flowers here.”

Arlette said, “Don’t send me flowers. The plant seeds you sent me were very useful.”

“By the way, did you say autumn is coming?” The Demon King asked, “So, is the temperature going down again?”


“It seems that you have only a dozen days in autumn.”

“Yes, then it turns into winter.”

On the Demon King’s desk was a picture book depicting strange creatures of another plane. In the book were some palm-shaped dry leaves. In autumn on the human plane, Arlette sent some leaves to the Demon King. He said that these were maple leaves, which were originally green and would turn red or yellow in late autumn.

One of the leaves was a golden yellow, the other between yellow and green, and the rest were still green. In fact, the Demon King wanted to see red leaves, but he didn’t say anything because he was afraid that Arlette might think he didn’t like the gift.

There were a lot of things he didn’t say. It’s not just about leaves.

Arlette once said that only demon law articles can be submitted across the plane, not paper and ordinary books, so he can’t take away the documents, he can only let the Demon King read them to him? So why can’t books go across, but other small gifts can? Why can leaves? Why can roses do the same?

The Demon King also gave Arlette a lot of non-demon items. Such as food, such as Jinsha, such as black pearls rarely seen in the human plane. Everything arrived safely, and Arlette often gave feedback on which snacks are better. It was clear that none of these things have been damaged. Are books the only ones that can’t be delivered, and everything else can?

Despite his doubts, the Demon King didn’t want to say anything. He didn’t know if Arlette found these flaws? Or did he find out already, and was just pretending that nothing happened?

Arlette had never done anything harmful to demon city and had been helping as much as he could. Demons in the city have never seen this human mage, but they all began to like him because of the various demon magic items. The Demon King decided to trust Arlette. Maybe Arlette had a problem.

This autumn was shorter than last year and the mage didn’t send maple leaves again. Winter was coming soon. Arlette said it snows near his home, but it was too fast for him to show it to the Demon King.

It rained occasionally in the purgatory, but it never snowed. Demons have never seen what ‘snow’ is. The Demon King had read about snow in literature and he knew the principle of snow and that it would be a magnificent spectacle in the pale sky. However, he also knew that snow is always accompanied by an unbearable cold.

Arlette was busy making a kind of guardian demon. In winter, his hands were always cold. The Demon King told him to light a fire, Arlett said that even if the fire was lit, it would be the same. Human beings were so delicate.

So, the Demon King asked him to extend his hand and covered the mage’s hand with his two biggest hands.

They did this a lot last winter. Arlette laughed and said that even that didn’t make him warmer, and even got in the way of his work. If his hands were cold, his gestures would be stiff and his casting would be slow. If he extended them to the Demon King, he would not be able to do any work.

“Then wait and do it. What’s the rush?” While answering this question, the Demon King was covering the mage’s right hand with his two upper hands and turning over the book on his knee with his two lower hands. Recently, he was not very busy, and many affairs in demon city were on the right track. He began to study the ancient literature of summoning and space.

He hoped to revive the plane path of that time and strived to expand the summoning entrance. Even if he couldn’t bring the mage here, at least let him reach out his two hands.

After the long winter, spring came again.

Demon King didn’t communicate with the mage every day, but their conversations were regular, and happened every few days. Sometimes, the mage was too busy to appear according to the rules. The Demon King couldn’t help but feel anxious and reached for him.

The Demon King touched the slender human arm, and the mage’s response was sluggish.

“Are you sleeping?” the Demon King tapped him on the arm.

“Yes,” He could tell from the voice that Arlette was still a little confused, “if there is nothing urgent, I’ll sleep a little more… “

“Don’t worry. Go to sleep.” The Demon King gently held the mage’s hand. “Actually, I’m fine. I just miss you a little.”

“I miss you a little bit too,” Arlette said with a nasal voice, “but I’m so sleepy. We’ll talk when I wake up. “

The Demon King felt the mage’s hand move in the palm of his hand. He changed the angle, and the finger stretched out to his fingers and tightened. The palms of the two hands were opposite and the fingers clasped and intertwined.

In the middle of summer, one day, Arlette became ill. It was said that he spent a long time in the sun taking care of the demon medicinal plants in the yard, and fainted under the sun. The Demon King gave him medicine that the people in Baku purgatory used if they also had a fever, which was especially effective.

Recently, the demon was very busy, “King, you need to take a break. What experiment is so important?”

“Haven’t I been focusing on ancient summoning and space? It seems more and more popular recently. I want to expand this channel.”

“You have to be careful. Once the space demon method goes wrong, it’s not fun. Human beings have long been afraid to try it.”

“I know, so I’ll try again and again in the sandbox force field, and when I’m sure, I’ll use the mirror.”

Arlette’s heatstroke was really slow to heal. Purgatory creatures can be alive and kicking in an hour with that sniffer, while the human mage has been sick for a full week. During this period, the Demon King was unable to carry out the experiment, he was always worried about Arlette’s illness and could not calm down.

After the long summer, there was new progress in the Demon King’s experiment. Arlette’s illness was long gone.

Recently, at the suggestion of the Demon King, Arlette invented an activated pen that can automatically record several minutes of spoken word on paper. It can not only record but also run to dip ink before it is completely out of ink. It can even recognize seven or eight languages, adapt to various language speeds, and directly translate between different them. The only drawback is that it can’t sense whether there’s any paper under it, so users have to stare at it, either turn it off in time or continue to give it paper.

At the same time, the worries of the ministers were growing.

They’re still worried about something. There was a problem that they have been worrying about, but have not dared to speak out on.

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