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Chapter 13 – 15: Marking Each Other

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo likes this omega x omega pair, rare find

When the sun poured into the room, Xie Lin’s leg was still on top of Ning Yan’s body, his sleeping posture askew. He pulled the quilt and approached Ning Yan. Ning Yan unconsciously held him in his arms and kissed him on the forehead.

They were still trying to get back to sleep when Ning Yan’s cell phone suddenly rang. He picked up the phone and his voice immediately woke Xie Lin who wanted to get close to hear something. He hears Ning Yan’s mother asking him if his heat is over and whether he is still with Little Xie.

“Mn, it just started yesterday.” Ning Yan says with a smile. When Ning Yan’s mother said something else, he put his mobile phone in Xie Lin’s ear.

“Come and live with YanYan for a while. The elders want to see you.” Ning Yan’s mother’s voice is very gentle, he can also hear the voice of a man nearby. He thinks it’s Ning Yan’s father.

Ning Yan lived in X City after graduation. His parents lived in the next city. Like Xie Lin’s mothers, they were busy with their work, so they didn’t have much time to meet.

“Mn, when the holiday is over, I’ll drag brother Ning Yan over, or he’ll stay in the lab again.” Xie Lin had first come to know Ning Yan’s mother, and he was also very fond of this aunt.

“We’ll go to your house for a while, and then you and I will go to my home. My mother is very curious about you.” After hanging up, Xie Lin speaks, not rejecting meeting his parents. They would soon get married, so meeting their parents was a sure thing.

“Mn.” Ning Yan nods. After being disturbed, they woke up and could not continue laying in bed. They got up to make breakfast.

Xie Lin takes the meat out of the refrigerator and cuts it into thin strips. Ning Yan is panning the rice. They cook porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat. They heat the egg xiao-bao’s made by Aunt Qin. They fill a plate of pickled cucumber and go to eat.

After breakfast, Ning Yan went to the study to deal with his work, and Xie Lin went back to his room to study yesterday’s homework. The morning passed by like this. At noon, they ate and watched TV. They saw the news about the six genders equal rights organization. They had put the developed medicine into major hospitals and it could be used free of charge.

In addition to calming down the storm, the government ordered the arrest of the leader of the organization. However, an hour later, the arrest warrant was revoked.

The following protests and demonstrations were held one after another, and even X city was affected. However, it had nothing to do with Ning Yan and Xie Lin. When they were making coffee together, Ning Yan could smell Xie Lin’s pheromone. In a word, green grass mixed with coffee, a special scent.

Ning Yan found out that he was beginning to develop heat symptoms and subconsciously wanted to carry Xie Lin back to his bedroom, since he preferred to be in the bedroom more than anywhere else. But Xie Lin wanted to lie down in the same place where he was in heat, so after a seesaw battle between the two, he finally decided that it was better to stay on the sofa.

Xie Lin is lying on the sofa, slightly propped up, while Ning Yan is lying on his body but in the opposite direction. Xie Lin rubs Ning Yan’s penis to make it stiff. He rubs the glans with his cheek, then holds it in his mouth, sucks gently, and smacks his lips intentionally, as if it is delicious.

Ning Yan takes a breath and stretches Xie Lin’s leg. He kisses the soft flesh on the inside of his thigh, circles his hole with his fingers, and touches his calf with the other hand, all while watching Xie Lin’s body turn crimson.

They comfort each other. Xie Lin swallows half of the stem into his mouth and imitates the action of sexual intercourse. He moves back and forth happily. However, he is having a good time. Suddenly, he feels that his hole is cool. What’s in it? It’s not Ning Yan’s finger.

He subconsciously shrinks his legs, but it is stretched out again by Ning Yan. The cool and smooth thing is pushed into his body by Ning Yan’s fingers. Xie Lin’s penis turns hard. He thinks about these beads he had bought which are made of glass. They are arranged from small to large. The distance between the first two beads and the back is a little longer.

He quickly felt Ning Yan push the smallest bead down the entrance of his genital cavity because of the strong rejection. He also puts Xie Lin’s penis into his mouth and comforts him with his soft tongue to let him relax. Xie Lin takes a few deep breaths, relaxes, releases Ning Yan’s penis and pokes at the hole where he is already fully wet.

Ning Yan pushed the first bead into the genital cavity, then the second, and pressed the entrance of the genital cavity to make sure he contained the beads in completely. Xie Lin buries his head and licks Ning Yan’s hole. He twists back and forth. After a while, he pokes his tongue in and licks his inner wall.

Although Ning Yan doesn’t make a sound, Xie Lin can feel the contraction inside his body, the walls closing in, seeming to want to exclude him. However, the more Ning Yan repels, the more Xie Lin wants to go inside and taste him. However, in order to play a little longer, he still takes it slowly.

He feels Ning Yan inserting the glass beads into his hole one by one. At the beginning, the beads were small and unimpeded, but at the back, they were starting to get bigger and bigger. They also encountered some resistance when they entered. The beads sink into the back hole one by one. Xie Lin also pulls Ning Yan’s buttocks apart with both hands and presses his mouth at the entrance of the cave, licking it deeper to explore his reproductive cavity.

Ning Yan almost swallows Xie Lin’s penis into his mouth. Every time he pushes a bead, he devours the other person to the deepest place. His throat engulfs the Xie Lin’s glans. When the bead enters, he releases it again. He pushes the bead inward with his finger, and there is a crisp sound when the beads bump into each other, driving all the glass beads to stir in Xie Lin’s insides.

Xie Lin stretches Ning Yan’s inner wall with two index fingers, licks his genital cavity and stirs it vigorously. With his other fingers, he rubs his buttocks to make Ning Yan’s asshole contract, and he almost climaxes.

Ning Yan finally pushed the last and largest bead into the back hole and gently pulled the silk thread, causing Xie Lin to shiver. Xie Lin twisted his waist and took the initiative to thrust in and out of Ning Yan’s mouth. When he reaches his climax, Ning Yan pulls the string of beads out directly. A string of beads from big to small leave the back hole. Suddenly, it feels extremely empty. Xie Lin straightens his legs and swings Ning Yan’s penis to shoot his cum in his face, while Ning Yan swallows all the semen he ejaculates.

After the climax, they lick and touch each other. Xie Lin gets up, pours some coffee and takes it to Ning Yan to gargle. Ning Yan’s semen is still on his face. Ning Yan cleans him with a wet towel as he smiles. Xie Lin sits on Ning Yan’s lap and they hug and kiss each other. They feel that it is not so fun.

Xie Lin gets up from Ning Yan, lifts his leg to expose his asshole, and puts the breast clips on Ning Yan as he makes the other enter him. He places his nipple close to Ning Yan’s mouth and asks him to lick it. When the nipple gets erects, he puts another strawberry shaped clip on Ning Yan’s nipple.

The strength of the breast clip is very strong. It’s a little painful to put on it, but it makes things more exciting. The bell hangs below. Every time it rings, it causes a shiver to run up his spine. Xie Lin puts his hand on Ning Yan’s shoulder with satisfaction and gently swings his waist. Every time he moves, the clear sound amplifies and his pleasure gets magnified several times.

Ning Yan pokes his finger into Xie Lin’s asshole. With his rhythm, he stimulates his asshole. Xie Lin feels that the back hole is empty and needs Ning Yan to come in. However, Ning Yan’s body is reluctant to give up. He just wants to rely on his body.

“Can we come together?” Xie Lin asks Ning Yan. Ning Yan looks at him suspiciously, and immediately realizes that they were separated temporarily. Ning Yan lies on his back on the sofa. Xie Lin faces the sofa and inserts his penis into Ning Yan’s back hole. When he sinks in, Ning Yan holds his own penis and inserts into Xie Lin.

This posture is extremely awkward, and the insertion is not deep, but it can comfort each other, and the feeling of thrusting into the front and back is particularly stimulating. The legs of the two people are placed in a way they can grasp each other’s legs, which is convenient for exerting force. At the same time, they insert and pull out, but not completely. Otherwise, it is not certain whether they can be thrust in again the next time.

Xie Lin feels Ning Yan’s penis as he enters the other’s cave, twists and presses in. He wraps his own penis and hooks himself to go deeper. Both of them move faster and faster, poking deep into each other’s bodies at the same time, and are closely combined.

The bell on their chest rings with their movements, as if they were accompaniment, with great rhythm. Xie Lin can’t help but move faster and faster, and his range of movements is getting more intense. He wants to get even deeper into him.

However, such a consequence is that the rhythm of the two people is suddenly disordered and they end up leaving each other’s body. When they try to poke in again, they can’t get in and can only act in disorder outside. Xie Lin can’t help laughing. Hearing Ning Yan laugh with him, they try to re-insert their penises into each other, while holding the other’s legs and moving quickly.

Originally it was a very strange posture, but it was very warm. Under the attack, both of them didn’t stick to it for too long, so they entered the climax together. After the body relaxed, they left each other’s body.

After a while, they got up, put on their clothes and went to soak.

After today’s event, Xie Lin got a new experience. The sofa is too narrow. In addition to some postures, it’s better to be in bed. The movement going on outside is in full swing, and Xie Lin takes time to look at it. However, due to Ning Yan’s sensitive identity, he finally doesn’t speak. At this time, he should calm down and hide his merits and fame.

He found a relatively good film. Although it was an Alpha-Omega pair, the Alpha was not very aggressive, and the little Omega was very soft. Today, they drank too much coffee. Up to this moment, both of them were in high spirits. So they put a projector up in the bedroom to watch people make love together.

“This Alpha is quite big.” Xie Lin narrows his eyes and says that he doesn’t really appreciate the Alpha’s body. He prefers the fragrant and delicate Omegas, such as Ning Yan.

“Maybe you can try bigger toys.” Ning Yan takes it very seriously. He wants to learn what other people use. He wants to make a breakthrough.

“I won’t allow anything bigger than you to enter my body.” Xie Lin puts his arm around Ning Yan’s neck, inexplicably gnaws on it, and gives him a kiss on the face. Ning Yan couldn’t help laughing. They watched the film. Although the things they watched were pornographic, the atmosphere was extremely happy.

However, there was nothing new in the film, and Ning Yan didn’t learn anything new. Xie Lin also saw the traces of splicing. Seeing the characters in the film, Xie Lin always wanted to practice with Ning Yan. After the film finished, he took out the biggest toy he had bought this time.

This toy was simulated, and was about the same size as the two of them. It was long and could be inserted into two people’s bodies at the same time, connecting them together.

Ning Yan’s face turned red when he saw it. When Xie Lin saw that he was shy, he didn’t feel bashful. He just wanted to have a good play with Ning Yan. He carefully coated the lubricant on it and slowly inserted it into Ning Yan’s body.

The narrow hole slowly swallowed such a huge object. No matter what his body feels, he feels extremely excited when he looks at it. Before, Ning Yan also swallowed his penis in this way and wrapped it tightly.

Ning Yan lightly sighs. Xie Lin holds him and slowly inserts the other end into his own  body. As soon as he exerts force, the other end thrusts into Ning Yan’s body, causing Ning Yan to groan slightly. He had to reach out and hold the middle part, and Xie Lin settled down.

Two people sit face to face, both penetrated by the big toy at the same time, and they embrace each other. Using their waists to thrust, they would pull back together, and then sit closer together, swallowing the thing to the end, and the two people’s bodies pressed tightly together.

After getting used to it for a while, Xie Lin turns on the switch. The intense and delicate vibration makes both of them tense. Then they slowly pull in and out. The vibration of the massage stick soothes every inch of flesh, bringing a different pleasure than pure sex. When they are exhausted, they just hold each other and let the massage stick rub in their bodies to push them to a climax.

Xie Lin takes the sex toy out of his body. His legs are still shaking. When he pulls it out of Ning Yan’s body, Ning Yan sighs and goes to clean his body with him.

No matter how interesting the toy is, it still can’t compare with each other’s body.

Xie Lin has always been thinking about marks, but a mark means that the two people’s bodies should be in close contact without any barrier, and that the body fluids should be fused together into each other’s bone and blood. However, an Omega only has a certain chance of becoming pregnant, especially if their partner is also an Omega.

Although Xie Lin said he wanted to get pregnant and give birth to Ning Yan’s child, he was still full of fear about these things. Childbirth was not a simple thing. Some people liked the process of raising children, while others just wanted to have a two person world.

Some people like family life, so naturally some people like to put more energy into work. Although Xie Lin has not graduated yet, due to the influence of his family, he still attaches more importance to his work, let alone Ning Yan, who is also a workaholic. They are not suitable for raising children together.

To get a mark, Ning Yan applied for the new contraceptive drug that had little effect on the body and worked well, but it wasn’t until the fourth day of their oestrus that the drug was sent in.

After taking the medicine, Xie Lin reaches out to touch his glands and feels the grass smell on his body getting stronger and stronger. He looked at himself in the mirror, bent his mouth and grins. He looks pretty and young. Although it’s not what he thought he would have done so long ago, when it was a lover like Ning Yan, he should catch him as long as they meet, otherwise he may never be able to again.

Ning Yan came over at some time. It seemed that Xie Lin had been gone for too long, so he came to have a look. Xie Lin watched Ning Yan embrace him from behind the mirror and lean against him.

“Mark me, I’m ready.” With firmness in his eyes, Ning Yan looks at him tenderly and kisses him on his glands. He is ready to spend a long life with Xie Lin.

Ning Yan’s hand goes through Xie Lin’s jacket and touches his body. Xie Lin turns his head and asks Ning Yan to kiss him. The gentle touch makes him more eager to be entered and marked so that Ning Yan can inject semen into his reproductive cavity. Although he can’t get pregnant, he can completely belong to him.

As for him, Xie Lin thought so, and he was filled with happiness. Ning Yan has already taken off his pants and worked into his slippery hole, hands on his chest to bring Xie Lin’s body closer to himself. Xie Lin looks at himself in the mirror with obsessed eyes. He watches Ning Yan swing his body into his own depths and makes his front end rise up and reach out to touch him in the front.

Xie Lin watches Ning Yan’s penis move in and out of his cave, which is so wet, it can’t secrete more liquid.

Ning Yan bites Xie Lin’s glands, jerks his front for a few times, then suddenly leaves and enters him. He presses Xie Lin on the mirror, pulls his legs and wraps them around his waist. Xie Lin supports both his hands on Ning Yan’s neck. Ning Yan supports his buttocks. As soon as the penis leaves the cave, before the emptiness comes, he lets go of his hands. Xie Lin drops down a little and ends up having Ning Yan’s penis enter his deepest place.

“A little deeper.” Xie Lin trembles, and Ning Yan kneads his buttocks. He carefully searches for something. He soon finds the entrance of Xie Lin’s reproductive cavity.

The entrance has been slightly opened. Ning Yan has just poked in. Xie Lin hugs his back and suffers from the pain of pleasure. Ning Yan soon lifts him up again, and Xie Lin finally breathes a sigh of relief, but it is only for a moment. Ning Yan immediately releases his hands a second time, and this time the penis completely enters the genital cavity.

“It hurts.” Xie Lin rubs Ning Yan’s face. Ning Yan’s movement becomes slower. He hugs Xie Lin and walks toward the bedroom. Xie Lin holds Ning Yan tightly for fear of falling down. They walk slowly and gently. Ning Yan’s penis completely stretches the genital cavity which softens to accept his love.

Finally, Ning Yan puts Xie Lin down on his back. Ning Yan breathes a sigh of relief, caresses the soft flesh on his thigh, and continues to sprint inward. The genital cavity is so stimulated that he doesn’t want it to come out. However, there is a void in the back hole, which seems to be missing something.

Xie Lin covers his eyes full of tears and allows Ning Yan to thrust freely into his body. No matter what he does, he is tacitly willing to let Ning Yan dry him out in bed.

Ning Yan, however, is reluctant to give up. He leans over and kisses Xie Lin, lying on his body, staying in the deep part of the reproductive cavity for a long time, just swinging gently and rubbing his against his sensitive walls.

In response to his kiss, Xie Lin reaches his climax in the tender and long love, and Ning Yan pulls out of his body.

“Don’t leave…” Xie Lin shivers and doesn’t want Ning Yan to leave.

“Not going.” Ning Yan turns over his body, makes him lie on the bed, reaches out and slaps him on the buttocks, rubs his buttocks and enters again.

It’s very hard to get into the cave that has just passed the climax again. As soon as Xie Lin’s legs are soft, he completely lies on the bed, and his legs are separated. Ning Yan enters him once again. Ning Yan lies on top of him, holding his gonads, hands on both sides, and thrusts in again and again with only gravity.

Xie Lin feels like he is being played with. Even his soul is completely occupied by Ning Yan, and all he can think about is Ning Yan. His gonad is bitten by Ning Yan, and his reproductive cavity is deeply entered. He experiences another climax from the climax just now.

However, this time, he feels Ning Yan’s pheromone wrap around himself in a huge amount, as if he had swallowed it into his stomach. And Ning Yan finally stops, lies down on him and shoots into Xie Lin’s body.

The feeling of being impacted by semen makes Xie Lin enter a deeper climax, and waves of strange pleasure come, as if they will never stop. He sobs and grabs Ning Yan’s hand, and his voice is extremely soft.

“It’s hard.” He says as Ning Yan kisses his ears, his breath disordered. He tightens his arms and hugs Xie Lin to resist the overwhelming pleasure of marking him.

By the time the mark is complete, Xie Lin can’t cry. Ning Yan touches his neck and whispers, “You will always be mine.”

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Wow! The play with the sex toys are so hot! Xie Lin really did buy all kind of sex toys. 😄 @ Sulo, I also really like this omega x omega story. It is one of a kind. For the first time, there is no one dominate one. They dominate each other equally. Love it! Thank you for choosing this story.

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Thank you so much for another complete story 💞
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