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Chapter 197 – A Big Storm is Coming


Luo ChengYuan’s pupils suddenly constricted, he blurted out a voice that went hoarse all of a sudden with a hidden trace of incredible shock. “Don’t tell me… the Tian Xin Sect has a third Imperial martial artist?”

Following this sentence, all the noise among the square instantly went silent as their eyes trembled with an extreme horrified astonishment. They looked at Tang Fan who had a calm expression on his face.

After a brief silence, the crowd instantly burst out with the sound of fear.

“A third Imperial warrior? How can it be possible?”

“Since when did the Tian Xin Sect have a third one? How could I have never heard of the news about the Tian Xin Sect having a newly leveled up Imperial warrior?”

“When a Spiritual level martial artist breakthroughs to the Imperial level, a big momentum would have been greatly erupted. If the Tian Xin Sect has a third one, there should have been a big sign that had shown up.”

“I’m afraid this time the Tian Xin Sect might become the one and only Sect in the south.”

If what Luo ChengYuan said was true, that the Tian Xin Sect really did have a third Imperial martial artist, with Luo ChengYuan’s current level, he wouldn’t be able to handle two Imperial’s at once. If he can only tie with Tang Fan, then if there was more than one person, as long as Tang Fan held him down, then all the people he brought here today would die.

Luo ChengYuan’s face instantly became unsightly to the extreme, as he didn’t expect the situation would have reversed. The spy he sent to the Tian Xin Sect did not have a low position. If the Tian Xin really did have another Imperial level warrior, there was no way that person couldn’t have learned about it.

Tang Fan’s expression didn’t look like he was lying though, there was only the explanation that the existence was a third person that only Tang Fan knew. He could guess this through the Tian Xin’s disciples and elders’ expressions, which obviously proved that even they didn’t know about the third presence.

Behind Tang Fan, not far away, Yuan Mo gazed at Tang Fan’s figure, he suddenly wrinkled his eyebrows, because he didn’t know whether what Tang Fan said was the truth or not.

Even though he was a Great elder himself, he was also clueless about it.

Tang Fan slowly walked a few steps forward, his eyes swept through the people inside the square and finally landed on the people of the Qing Cheng Sect, but it was only just a quick glance. The way he acted almighty and looked down on people like they were ants made a lot of people furrow their brows.

“After today, in this land, the Qing Cheng Sect won’t exist anymore. In the name of Tang Fan, I assure that to everyone, and the other forces, surrender or face your demise. The choice is in your hands, but I only give you one day, by tomorrow, if no answer is given, then I shall see all of you as an enemy!”

The atmosphere was lost in silence, only Tang Fan’s arrogant voice echoed throughout the sky, slowly transmitting to everyone’s ears, as if everything had been decided for them.

“Motherfucker, this Tang Fan guy is getting too cocky.”

Among the people, You XiaoMo whispered a sentence, but it seemed like ‘someone’ had forgotten the square was dead silent right now and his voice is not that small either…

To say “This Tang Fan guy is getting too cocky” in front of the person himself, it seemed like his nerves were not small as well. Not only the people gathered here could hear it clearly, but up above in the sky, even Tang Fan’s group could hear it.

A pair of eyes filled with surprise looked toward You XiaoMo’s direction, wondering who dared to be the leader bird at this important moment.

t/n: when birds fly in a flock, there is one bird who will stand out as the flock leader to lead them.

You XiaoMo was so embarrassed that he wanted to join his ancestors.

Hidden inside his clothes were the four beasts who also had no words to say, it seems like a big storm is coming.

Because You XiaoMo was in disguise, even his bangs were down, not many people recognized him. Two months ago, outside of Demon peak as he and Ling Xiao kept fooling around, a lot of people had seen his face.

However, a real strong martial artist, such as Tang Fan, with one glance, he could tell that this one is You XiaoMo.

This little mage should have been monitored by his men, and yet he appeared at the square, probably, You XiaoMo had escaped the surveillance and ran here.

Tang Fan faintly squinted his eyes, those eyes flashed a deadly intent.

As a disciple of the Tian Xin Sect, he dared to say the grandmaster’s name plainly, this You XiaoMo really cannot stay.

Tang Fan felt a little regret that he didn’t finish this one off sooner. Hidden under his sleeve, his fingertips suddenly shot out a secret attack.

Before SheQiu took action, that secret attack was soon discovered by Luo ChengYuan. Luo ChengYuan also recognized You XiaoMo’s identity, even though he had only seen him once, his impression of this little mage was quite deep.

As he saw Tang Fan attack this mage, inside Luo ChengYuan’s head popped up a plan, he immediately blocked the secret move, and not only that, he deliberately created a big impact.

When the people’s attention had averted towards them, Luo ChengYuan immediately shouted. “Tang Fan, such a waste for you to be the grandmaster, to think you don’t mind attacking a “too weak to truss a chicken” ( t.n: weak and inexperienced) mage. You really have given the Tian Xin Sect some face.”

A little mage had no value of strength.

Even if that sentence was likely to be unintentional, the fact that Tang Fan wouldn’t let a little mage off the hook still remained. Such a narrow-minded person, how could he be qualified for the grandmaster position? If people worked under him, wouldn’t that make everyday a day they were living in fear?

In the moment, those forces which originally intended to surrender to the Tian Xin Sect’s side, suddenly hesitated.

Tang Fan read through all the expression of the people, his face suddenly sunk.

Being preempted by Luo ChengYuan, he couldn’t say You XiaoMo was a Tian Xin Sect disciple, or else the people gathered here would know he wanted to kill his own sect’s disciple. He was afraid that other disciples and elders would harbor doubt toward him.

But if he could think to this point, then how could Luo ChengYuan also not think of it.

He didn’t wait for Tang Fan to speak, he continued, “Others probably don’t know but this little mage is a Tian Xin Sect disciple. He only unintentionally let out some words and now Tang Fan wants to kill him. Try to think a little, if such a man rules over you, what will happen to you all in the future?

One again an uproar broke out among the people.

Even the Tian Xin Sect’s side was also shocked by Luo ChengYuan claim. This little mage is Tian Xin Sect disciple?

He had succeeded in becoming the focus of attention, You XiaoMo facepalmed, he was so done for.

He just wanted to secretly slip away. He did not expect Luo ChengYuan to expose his identity like that, won’t this just push Tang Fan into murdering him sooner?

As expected, he immediately felt a gaze as sharp as a knife freeze him all over.

He looked up, obviously it was Tang Fan, his deadly stare filled with killing intent that even an outsider could notice. After a moment, he moved his line of sight toward Luo ChengYuan, coldly lifting up the corner of his mouth, “Luo ChengYuan, after I finish this one, it will be your turn next.”

After he finished his sentence, his eyes returned back to You XiaoMo who just let out a sigh of relief, casually saying, “You as a disciple of the Tian Xin Sect, publicly insulted the grandmaster. You’re such an unfaithful person. With my position as the Tian Xin Sect’s grandmaster, from today on, You XiaoMo is expelled from this sect!”

You XiaoMo pupils ferociously constricted, Tang Fan actually kicked him out, did he hear it right?

The crowd once again started whispering, Tang Fan seems to be the type who puts his face above all others.

Lots of people looked at You XiaoMo with sympathy.

You XiaoMo’s eyes filled with tears, “SheQiu, what should I do? I got kicked out of the sect.”

SheQiu twitched his mouth, “He kicked you out of the door. His loss. There is nothing to grieve about.”

Moreover you and boss will soon leave the Tian Xin Sect, isn’t this a much better situation ah, but of course, he won’t tell You XiaoMo anything.

You XiaoMo cried, “But I never thought about being expelled ah, and this was too sudden.”

He had lived here for almost a year now, his seniors were all here, and he couldn’t abandon them.

SheQiu was speechless. Didn’t you already kill two important people of the Tian Xin Sect? Even though it was indirectly, to think you haven’t thought about being expelled one day, sir, you must be really dedicated toward the Tian Xin Sect ah!

But fortunately Tang Fan was blind, or else, later if boss wanted to take him out of this sect, it would require some work.

This incident, he liked it!

But SheQiu didn’t intend to tell him the truth, he beat around the bush and said, “Then there is no way. Tang Fan, this senile old fart, really kicked you out in front of all of these people. Just accept the fact, but you should pity him a little, he’s already too old, inside his head is probably filled with poop. Maybe the poop has blinded his eyes.”

Every sentence that came out was ‘poop this poop that’ without hesitation. But most importantly, his voice is not small as well, especially when people’s attention was still focused on You XiaoMo, his words were just like thunder strikes to the ear.

To think someone, in front of Tang Fan, would not only call him old, but he even said the inside of his head was filled with poop. Who is this man ya, these words were too domineering! They felt the need to bow down before him.

Addis Editor Note:

This last sentence is kind of hard to translate into English.

The original Chinese is 一定要膜拜!, this sentence is a famous Chinese gag line. The literal translation would be “must worship’ or ‘must prostrate.’ However, even though this saying is not actually referring to anyone, to translate it into English and have it sound better to non-chinese speakers, we had to change the context slightly.

It’s like saying that someone unexpected took control of the situation and astonished them so much that they felt the need to treat them with more respect. And, of course, with more respect in Chinese terms this usually means to prostrate themselves as someone who is not as superior as that individual they admire.

One of the reasons I did not use prostrate while rearranging this sentence was because K and I agreed that it looked too much like prostate, and we couldn’t stop laughing. Because, must prostate….yeah…poor, poor uke.

This is what 一定要膜拜, looks like:


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June 18, 2017 6:27 pm

“If what Luo ChengYuan said was true, that the Tian Xin Sect really did have a third Imperial martial artist, with Luo ChengYuan’s current level, he wouldn’t be able to handle two Imperial’s as once. If he can only tie with Tang Fan, then if there was more than one person, as long as Tang Fan held him down, then all the people he brought here today would die.”

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