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The man gracefully appeared, his vigorous heroic posture floating above the center square as his robes leisurely floated along with the wind. Such a dignified and outstanding appearance surely has captured everyone’s hearts.

He had just appeared and yet he immediately got all the cheers from the practitioners at the square. This is the real battle everyone has been waiting for, compared to those minor brawls earlier, the upcoming battle is undoubtedly pushing the atmosphere to the highest.

That mas was Luo ShuHe, as his recent limelight was even higher than his father’s.

Although he is only at the Star level two star, his life contract with a level nine demon beast quickly made him jump up to the same table as Tang Fan, an Imperial level martial artist.

If he came out to fight, then the Tian Xin Sect is bound to send out another Imperial level warrior. But as people saw on the surface, the Tian Xin Sect only had Tang Fan as an Imperial warrior, so everyone continuously made guesses of who the Tian Xin Sect would send out to fight.

As he listened to the whispers getting louder and louder, Luo ShuHe’s face showed a faint smile, his eyes swept across the Tang Fan side, and he slightly provoked, “Tang grandmaster, I shall come forth in the third fight, I don’t know whether Tang grandmaster has any interest to ‘consult’ with me a little?”

Tang Fan’s complexion was still as calm as ever, even after hearing those words, he still casually said, “Young master Luo, you are too confident about yourself, your Six Thunderbird has just stepped into the level nine realm not long ago, if you want to challenge me, you’re still not qualified enough.”

Those frivolous words suddenly caused an uproar among the crowd.

But this is not surprising, Tang Fan, after all has been famous for many years, his fame for his fighting prowess and his strength compared to Luo ShuHe, who had just levelled up, is much stronger. Those words are not an exaggeration.

Although he was publicly disgraced, Luo ShuHe didn’t get angry, on the contrary, he even slightly smiled.

“Whether I am qualified enough or not it is not up to Tang grandmaster to decide. I’m ok with it, you are not the one I want to challenge today. By the way, your eldest disciple Lin, it seems like he hasn’t appeared for a long time now. I heard that he was locked up by you, is it true?”

Tang Fan’s expression got slightly heavier, as if he didn’t want other people to mention Ling Xiao. He coldly said, “This has nothing to do with your Qing Cheng Sect. ”

Luo ShuHe ignored his words and continued to say, “I heard that, Tang grandmaster locked away Lin Xiao because of his shidi’s mistake. Since the incident might be about Lin Xiao being an accomplice, that is the perfect excuse to get rid of him, right?”

Tang Fan eyes flashed with frosty intention, “Young master Luo, where have you heard such a fictitious thing?”

Luo ShuHe answered, “You should know better than me if it is a true story or not. Tang grandmaster, I quite sympathize with Lin Xiao –xiong actually, the ‘heaven’s prideful child’ (t/n: outstanding man, gifted man) is now being harmed by his shifu’s jealously, such a pity ah!”

Tang Fan’s face twitched a little, he glanced at Luo ShuHe as his eyes gradually got colder and he then shouted, “Nonsense!”

However, regardless of whether what Luo ShuHe said is true or not, the people gathered at the square already were enticed by Luo ShuHe’s words. They gave out a few criticisms.

“Could it be? Isn’t Lin Xiao Tang Fan’s eldest disciple?”

“These past few years Lin Xiao has brought him a lot of reputation, and his talent is also first-class, which certainly would be a great help to the Tian Xin Sect one day. Tang Fan should have no reason to frame his own disciple, right?”

“Pft, like you know everything. Lin Xiao is the best candidate for the next grandmaster seat, and as his power gets stronger, he would certainly gain even more supporters. Which also means that Tang Fan, sooner or later, will have to step down. Try seeing things further, if Tang Fan is still in his prime time right now, do you really think he would be willing to abdicate?

“Every man for himself, or else heaven shall destroy you.”

t/n: In a particular situation, one should do what is best for oneself but not for others.

“Looks like Tang Fan is not a good person after all, he has even laid his hands on his eldest disciple.”

“I heard that Tang Fan accused Lin Xiao of colluding with demons and put him in prison, but then Lin Xiao was at the paradise realm for a month at that time. As if he had the damn time to work with demons ah!”

“Yes, I remember the first person to discover Luo Shan was a demon was Lin Xiao.”

The public’s opinion gradually leaned over to Lin Xiao’s side. A lot of people glimpsed at Tang Fan with sneering eyes; even some of the Tian Xin’s disciples and elder He also wavered. They had long been curious why the grandmaster had locked Lin Xiao away for no reason. Suddenly a hint of suspicion toward Tang Fan arose.

One of the elders looked at Tang Fan with complicated eyes, “Grandmaster, they said…”

“Shut up!” Tang Fan didn’t wait for him to finish the sentence, he coldly scolded, “That is Luo ShuHe’s provocation plan, and yet even you believe it. Don’t say you believe everything other people say!”

The elder quickly turned red as he was scolded; he retreated back in line. Indeed, those doubtful words came from Luo ShuHe’s mouth, he is the young master of the Cheng Sect, of course he would want the Tian Xin Sect ‘to be at sixes and sevens.’ (t/n: to split up, or be torn apart).

Tang Fan withdrew his line of sight, he took a step forward, his eyes coldly swept through the square. “Lin Xiao colluding with the demons is our Sect’s scandal, which has no relation to anyone else. Which means to the Qing Cheng Sect as well, not even a tiny bit. If the young master Luo has enough free time to worry about this ‘consequence of sin’s’ (t/n: sinful person) safety, you might as well worry about yourself first. Great elder, I sincerely have to trouble you this time.”

His sentence referred toward the senile looking old man standing between the people behind his back.

The old man, with his hair and beard all white like snow, who obviously had a lot of age, had skin like a seventeen or eighteen year old boy, glossy and snow white like it had been rejuvenated. This old man is the same guy in the past that supported Tang Fan descent to the throne, he was the Great Elder Yuan Mo.

It had been a long time since Yuan Mo had last appeared in front of people. Many people had long forgotten his appearance and reputation. Even Tang Fan had to ask him respectfully, it was then obvious this person is not an ordinary one.

Everyone followed Tang Fan’s line of sight, but in the blink of an eye, too short for their reactions to keep up, Yuan Mo had already disappeared from where he stood, and he instantly appeared in front of Luo ShuHe.

Yuan Mo’s muddy eyes stared at Luo ShuHe, a mature yet melancholy voice flowed from his mouth, “‘Youngling surpasses the old’ (t/n: Younger generation will surpass older generation in abilities), Luo ChengYuan really is lucky to have such a talented son. This old man won’t blabber anymore, come forth.”

Yuan Mo’s current level, even though it was a hundred years ago, his level was at the seven star Spiritual level. The path from Spiritual to Imperial is indeed a rocky road, but after all, a hundred years have already passed, no one knew whether he had breakthrough into a full fledged Imperial yet.

Among the people at the center, SheQiu’s green eyes emitted a radiant glance, “This old fart, he is also an Imperial level martial artist, but he only has one star. If he fights with the Six Thunderbird, it will probably be a tie.”

You XiaoMo was surprised. “How do you know?”

SheQiu said, “He has been at a standstill at the one star for a hundred years now, and the Six Thunderbird has just had a breakthrough to level 9 recently. His strength hasn’t stabilized yet, not to mention he was also seriously injured not long ago. Thankfully that bird is physically stronger, so it can make up at some parts. In the end, those two should be equal. If you don’t believe me, just look at them yourself.”

As Yuan Mo just finished his sentence, Luo ShuHe also pardoned himself, immediately calling out the Six Thunderbird.

The human form of Six Thunderbird is a handsome man, his facial features gave people lots of feelings. Between his eyebrows, he gave out a ruthless and tyrannical aura of a demon beast. Since he is a thunder property demon beast, his fighting capability is much stronger compared to other beasts.

That is why even though he just leveled up a while ago, just like SheQiu said, he probably evenly matched Yuan Mo.

However, a battle between two Imperial level warriors cannot compare to other fighters battles. Rock and dirt scattered throughout the grounds, the atmosphere got so tense, and even the thick ground got blasted into a big pit.

Hidden between the crowds, You XiaoMo under SheQiu’s protection could still feel the aftermath of the big battle.

While the others were focusing on the fight, You XiaoMo took out the transmitter stone, unfortunately, the stone didn’t light up, which indicated Ling Xiao didn’t contact him.

You XiaoMo didn’t know where he was right now. Did his plan proceed smoothly or not?

MaoQiu next to him seems to recognize his thoughts. “Master, rest assured, boss is a very formidable man.”

You XiaoMo heard MaoQiu’s consolation, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You haven’t seen him yet, how do you know he is formidable?”

MaoQiu was silent. Of course an emperor beast is formidable.

You XiaoMo didn’t hear MaoQiu reply back, so he stopped asking.

Two hours later, on the square, the two figures that had been fighting non stop finally separated, the outcome just like SheQiu had predicted. One man, one beast, both tied.

Their injuries were neither light nor heavy, but if they dragged out this fight, then both sides would suffer, and have no choice but to stop.

Luo ShuHe called back the Six Thunderbird, his face turned grim, even though he had soon predicted the result, he didn’t expect the Tian Xin Sect to really have a hidden trump card. If so, then the Qing Cheng Sect had no more advantages in their hand. It would be best to say that they were evenly tied.

On the side where the Qing Cheng Sect’s party stood, Luo ChengYuan was proudly standing in front of people. His expression became unfathomably deep, no one can measure it. His abstruse eyes moved towards his son’s standing, and he slowly sighed. “Tang Fan, the Tian Xin Sect will soon have two Imperial level martial artists. You purposely hid this fact because you have been waiting for me to come straight to your door, right?”

Tang Fan, who was standing on the opposite side, suddenly showed a sneering smile. His voice slowly transmitted throughout the square, “Who said that the Tian Xin Sect only has two Imperial warriors?”

t/n: xiong (兄) : brother / bro ( have various use, can be used toward your real brother, your homie, or even strangers but you have respect for them)

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February 12, 2020 11:08 am

Releasing the novel made me realise that Sheqiu did mention that Momo and Boss have a lifebond. When did that happen? Is it during the time when Momo wants to avoid making an oath to the sect? If yes then Boss is so sly. I don’t think that Momo even know he just did a lifebond with an evil beast XD

July 8, 2020 2:25 am

tang fan is way too arrogant someone needs to put him down a level or two… and ik who 😉

October 22, 2020 3:38 am

Sect’s scandal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Immature I know but I’m deliriously tired but I can’t stop reading at 4 in the morning!

January 31, 2021 9:54 am

Love this beautiful story second time reading ❤️❤️❤️

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