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Chapter 199 – You Dare to Make a Move on My Man?

RaRa: The title has said it all! (/ ‘з’)/

Addis: I can hear all the girls (and boys) screaming happily.

“Great Elder…”

Tang Fan didn’t expect Yuan Mo could slaughter his face like that in front of so many people, he looked at Yuan Mo unbelievably, his eyes saying everything.

“You shut up!” Yuan Mo didn’t let him finish his sentence, loudly shutting him down and coldly looking at him, “Tang Fan, don’t you feel enough shame?”

Tang Fan’s face turned red from embarrassment. This is the first time Yuan Mo scolded him, not only in front of people, not only that but also because of this little mage. Tang Fan lowered his eyes as they flashed with a hint of shivering blood-thirst.

You XiaoMo replied, “No, that’s not the reason.”

Yuan Mo was a little surprised, “Then why?”

“Grandmaster Tang is a narrow man, for now, he will stop at kicking me out, or framing his eldest disciple, Lin Xiao. However, in the future, he probably could go beyond that boundary.” You XiaoMo responded. “Even though I just joined the Tian Xin Sect less than a year ago, I do have some lingering feelings for the Tian Xin Sect. Although, Grandmaster Tang’s compassion really can’t give it any compliments.”

You XiaoMo didn’t realize that the transmitter stone inside his clothes had been lit up for a while.

Being told like that, Tang Fan screamed, “You XiaoMo, you really are looking to die!”

You XiaoMo used a lot of guts to say those words, as he boldly faced Tang Fan’s sharp stare. Actually, he’d rather be hiding behind SheQiu, those eyes are way too scary, but… SheQiu is holding him down right now, he cannot run away.

Yuan Mo, who hasn’t said anything for awhile says “Tang Fan’s misconduct and bad deeds really do not suit the grandmaster title…”

“Old geezer, in the end who are you helping?” Tang Fan stopped him right in the middle of his sentence, as his voice became more twisted and gruesome, his face wrinkled up like an earthworm. It was a very unsightly expression.

Yuan Mo’s face instantly sunk, “Tang Fan, do you know who you are talking to?”

Even though a hundred years ago, he was the one who had helped Tang Fan ascend to the grandmaster seat that didn’t mean he will support every decision Tang Fan makes.

In fact, even before he had felt that Tang Fan was not suited for this seat because his heart is too dark. In order to get rid of the thorn in his eyes, he was very likely to sacrifice any Tian Xin warriors, everything was for his own benefit. This time was even more outrageous, after all the trouble of raising two exceptional disciples, he couldn’t even ‘distinguish between red and blue or black and white’ (t/n: can’t distinguish between right and wrong.) He had locked them in the death prison, and obviously he didn’t want to set them free.

Now he even kicked out a disciple with a level 9 contract beast, how could Yuan Mo not know about Tang Fan holding a personal grudge against this little boy? He was very disappointed.

“Well, old geezer, except you, who do you think I’m talking to, huh?”

As he had decided to tear off his mask, Tang Fan decided he no longer needed to hide his true face anymore.

He has never been an upright type of person, the thing so-called ‘justice,’ that was just a facade he put on.

No one expected that the situation would get worse and that it would turn into this kind of scene.

Yuan Mo’s face filled with anger, “Tang Fan, today I, the Great Elder, in the names of all the Elders, remove you from the grandmaster seat! From today on, you are no longer the Tian Xin Sect’s head!”

“Ha ha ha!” Tang Fan boldly laughed out loud with an ear-splitting tone, it echoed throughout the square. Those people with lower power even had to cover their ears to protect themselves, as they faces filled with pain. After a while, that wild laugh ended, and then a brutal voice spoke as it was directed toward Yuan Mo. “Hey, old geezer, you really think that the Tian Xin Sect today is still under your control? Let me tell you, dead bones like you have no right to speak. As the Tian Xin Sect is already in my palm. These many years I still gave you my respect only because you used to help me, or else I would have killed you a long time ago.”

“You, you, you… Suchmajor immoral betrayal’! Disgracing your predecessor!” Yuan Mo was so angry he couldn’t speak properly.

“So what?” Tang Fan slowly, softly said, “Today no one shall leave here alive, be prepared to become the first offering.”


This sentence suddenly caused a big disturbance, they couldn’t make sense of what Tang Fan had just said.

Yuan Mo’s face twisted, “Tang Fan, you really have a problem after all. When the second elder told me, I still didn’t believe it. The third Imperial warrior you just spilled out, in fact, it was your brother Tang Zhen, correct?”

“Old geezer, you still have some brains left, ah.” Tang Fan sneered, “but it is too late. No one can stop me from dominating the Long Tian continent now. ”

“In your dreams!” Yuan Mo coldly shouted.

“Dream or not, you just need to wait to find out.” Tang Fan, after coldly finishing this sentence, he also stopped bothering himself with Yuan Mo.

He suddenly screamed out.

In an instant, his energy power rose up insanely, that vigorous energy slowly drifted out from his body, and warped the atmosphere around nonstop. Even with naked eyes, people could see the spiritual energy rapidly flowing into his body. He then ripped off the fabric on his left hand, revealing a dragon tattoo wrapped around his arms. As if it came back to life, the little golden dragon flew out of his arm and shot straight up into the air.

What happened next was a one in a lifetime scene no one could forget.

Originally Tang Fan’s level was at two star Imperial level, but then his strength crazily shot up with a maddening speed and made its way to three star. But it didn’t stop there, by the time it reached to four star the speed started to slow down, and then stopped at peak 4 star.

Not a single witness understood what it meant.

Tang Fan really had hid his real strength, his true level is a peak 4 star Imperial level.

At that moment, people couldn’t say a word, all the people from the Qing Cheng Sect were overwhelmed with shock as they stared with eyes wide open, especially Luo ChengYuan, his eyelids trembled with fear.

Tang Fan closed his eyes to enjoy this comfortable feeling of gaining back his strength. He let out a sigh, he had been suppressed it for so long, to finally release it…this feeling was too awesome, and not to mention, he also enjoyed all those horrified expressions.

Tang Fan opened his eyes and he leaned his head to glance at Yuan Mo’s shocked face. He laughed evilly. “Old geezer, rest assured, after I finish You XiaoMo and his contract beast, I will take care of you!”

Having said that, his figure suddenly disappeared from where he stood and in the blink of an eye, he reappeared in front of You XiaoMo.

SheQiu had set his eyes on Tang Fan since the beginning and after hearing his declaration, he had firmly stayed alert. So when he saw Tang Fan disappear, he first pushed You XiaoMo away, then he looked up to the sky and hissed a sound as his true form was revealed. A big Nine Winged Unity Serpent almost covered half of the sky, with its dark green body rolled into a circle.

Such a magnificent sight.

Demon beasts can level up fast in human form, but in the end the original form is still more powerful. Since SheQiu’s level is level nine three star, it was less than Tang Fan by a star. In the case he couldn’t control the situation, he won’t take the risk.

You XiaoMo shockingly looked at the war between man and beast.

MaoQiu and Xiao Hei had turned back to their human forms, each person took an arm and immediately took him away from the battlefield.

Although You XiaoMo could hide inside the space for refuge, that just plain dumb as it would expose the space existence to everyone. You should know, when it comes to benefits, any practitioners would go crazy with madness for it.

So they decided to drag their master to an unoccupied field, so he could enter the space.

But the ideal is rich while the reality is weak!

Tang Fan was determined to kill You XiaoMo, that’s why he didn’t need to confront the Nine Winged Unity Serpent, even though his strength is higher than him by one star. The Nine Winged Unity Serpent is a rare lineage of high-level demon beasts, if that snake went all out, even he probably can’t deal with it that easily.

SheQiu made a miscalculation. He didn’t expect that Tang Fan would think like that.

Since SheQiu’s true form is not as quick as his human form, plus Tang Fan’s strength is higher, Tang Fan easily shot passed SheQiu.

“You XiaoMo, die!”

Behind his back, Tang Fan proudly laughed.

You XiaoMo turned around to see and saw Tang Fan’s sarcastic face as he dived down from the sky, rushing straight toward him. He was only a few kilometers away and yet in a blink, Tang Fan appeared in front of him…

Tang Fan fiercely laughed, under every person’s shocked eyes, Tang Fan pulled a fist toward You XiaoMo.

A fist from an Imperial martial artist, even Xiao Hei and MaoQiu cannot withstand, not to mention You XiaoMo, he didn’t even have the time to blink. As he saw Tang Fan’s fist ready to fall on him, a shocking thing happened.

A giant fire pillar rumbled from the ground and rushed out to the sky. All of a sudden that soaring fire swallowed up the fist force, and it shot straight to the sky. Its heat and power submerged the whole area in bright red.

Everybody was terrified, why are there flames from below the square?

But what shocked them more, was that inside that scorching flame appeared a slender figure floating in midair. His face wasn’t clear, but his body let out the strong aura of a martial artist that makes everyone’s hearts palpitate. With his proud posture and his white robes elegantly drifting among the flame, it made everyone see a god high above in the sky, noble and elegant.

At this moment, the man stretched out his hand from inside the flame, casually catching Tang Fan’s fist, his domineering voice echoed throughout the heavens and earth.

“You dare to make a move on my man? Do you have a death wish?”


major immoral betrayal = to commit treason and heresy

disgracing your predecessor = do disrespect things toward the person who raised you.

Random Addis note:

So this entire chapter, I was seeing Tang Fan like an evil Super Saiyan. I mean…who else screams and powers up at the same time? A super saiyan, duh. Can’t you just see him standing there with his fists clenched in the air, screaming, as if he’s super constipated? All you need to do is fart, Tang Fan. Come on.

Bonus: SheQiu fanart by Rara. Follow her on tumblr at Rara0587


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