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Chapter 200 – Revealing the identity

A domineering voice spread throughout the area from above to the very bottom corner.

The square sunk deep into silence, the whole vast sky now felt like there was only the man’s voice. Time seemed to stop at this moment.

Dare to make a move on my man!

Don’t say that this “my man” is the expelled You XiaoMo, ba. Before it was the level 9 beast Nine Winged Unity Serpent, and now appeared another man that could catch Tang Fan’s fist force with no difficulty, which clearly indicated his strength is higher than Tang Fan.

This You XiaoMo, what kind of god are you, to have Imperial level martial artist appear beside him one after the another?

Tang Fan’s face completely distorted as if he still couldn’t hide his horrified expression.

The others may not have noticed, but Tang Fan is only one arm away from that man, so he could see the face clearly, plus that familiar voice, Tang Fan immediately recognized the identity of that man.

“You…You are…Lin Xiao?” Tang Fan frighteningly shouted.

This sentence was like dropping a stone into calm water.

Everybody stood petrified as if they were struck by lightning, they maintained their posture for one second, and then stiffly looked toward Tang Fan’s direction. Everyone went silent for another few seconds, and finally their inner thoughts escaped. No one knew who was the first one to curse.

“Fuck, am I having a hallucination right now?”

“Am I having an hallucination also, did Tang Fan really just say Lin Xiao?”

“Fucking dammit, what with today’s events? The later ones are even more shocking than the previous ones This is too much info for me to consume.”

“Can someone tell me the truth? Isn’t Lin Xiao only a Star level? Since when did he become more powerful than Tang Fan?”

“Mother lord, those teacher-student duo… One compared to the other is even more bizarre, both have hidden their own strength, but the true dreadful one is Lin Xiao, jumped from to Star level to even pass his own shifu. He has not yet reached a hundred years old, right?”

“No, you are not Lin Xiao!” Tang Fan tried to convince himself in order to break that ‘unreal’ image, violently shaking his head. His eyes shined like a torch as they scorched Ling Xiao. With a twisted face, he said, “Lin Xiao’s talent is not bad, but it is absolutely impossible for him, in a short period of ten years, to achieve Imperial level. A dozen months ago I already felt something was not right. No matter how much one person can change, it is impossible to change their personality completely.”

Hearing Tang Fan’s words, Ling Xiao raised his lips and showed a freaky smile. When he tried to speak, Tang Fan suddenly used his other hand to attack him, Ling Xiao followed along the action and loosened his restraint.

Once his hand was set free, Tang Fan immediately retreated like a frightened rabbit, until he felt the distance was safe and then he stopped.

Ling Xiao, from the beginning to the end, didn’t take any advantage to chase Tang Fan, whatever happened, he was still nonchalant and superiorly still. Ling Xiao’s smile didn’t fade, as his unchanged face jeeringly looked at Tang Fan, as if he was watching a dancing clown.

As for the flame that surrounded him, when he raised his hand, that flame seemed to be called back. It slowly faded until it completely disappeared, revealing a very familiar figure and face.

Standing not far away, Luo ChengYuan stared at Ling Xiao for a while, and finally let out a sigh of relief.

Luo ShuHe came to his side and whispered, “Dad, is he really not Lin Xiao?”

Luo ChengYuan shook his head, said, “Yeah, I have met Lin Xiao a few times before, there is a big difference between this man’s aura and Lin Xiao’s aura. Before, I couldn’t recognize it probably because he was deliberately holding back his aura. I’m afraid that this one’s strength is even way above me.”

The color on Luo ShuHe’s face changed even more.

“However, for now we don’t have to worry, Tang Fan and this person seem to be in a not-so small dispute. We should observe the direction of this situation first, if I’m not wrong, this time Tang Fan is probably trapped in a big disaster now.” Luo ChengYuan spoke those words with a face that couldn’t help but reveal a trace of joy.

“I hope so…” Luo ShuHe looked at that man with his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

On the opposite side Tang Fan was standing with a frozen expression as he looked at Ling Xiao. It was not like he never thought about the fact that Ling Xiao is an imposter, but he never thought that Ling Xiao’s ability was higher than his. Such a strong warrior like him, why did he have to pretend to be Lin Xiao and lurk in the Tian Xin Sect. Tang Fan couldn’t think of any reason, so then, maybe, there was something inside the Tian Xin Sect that had attracted him.

Tang Fan took a deep breath, he forced himself to suppress his anger down, and he looked at the man before he slowly asked, “In the end, who are you? Why are you hiding inside the Tian Xin Sect?”

Ling Xiao laughed, “Who I am is not important, as for the purpose, well, why should I tell you?”

Tang Fan gloomily asked, “The grudge between you and me is only because of Lin Xiao. Strictly speaking, you and me, we basically have nothing to do with each other. I know you must be looking for something here, I am the grandmaster of the Tian Xin Sect, if you are willing to leave now and not take part in today’s war, I shall give you the things you want with my own hand.”

Ling Xiao *pft* a sound and laughed, this old fart really is self-righteous, but he did guess it right though, Ling Xiao generously admitted, “Indeed, I’m looking for a person.”

Inside Tang Fan was joyful, but it didn’t show on his face, his tone is a little eager. “Who are you looking for, as long as you say the name, I shall immediately send him to you, furthermore, I shall make that one not dare to resist.”

Ling Xiao had yet to make a sound and Yuan Mo quickly shouted out loud, “Tang Fan, you are not the head of the Tian Xin sect anymore! You have no right to decide the disciples of the Tian Xin Sect’s life or death matters.”

“Shut up old geezer!” Tang Fan angrily turned around and shouted, this geezer dared to destroy his call for business. Out of all the things he needed to resolve, he must erase this old man first.

After he finished the sentence, he turned back to Ling Xiao, and said, “Well, who is it that you want?”

Ling Xiao jokingly looked at him, under everyone’s curious gaze, he looked down at You XiaoMo whose eyes were wide open. He gave him a smile and instantly stretched out his hand. Some kind of energy was released from his action, that energy lifted You XiaoMo up and brought him in front of Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao reached out and held You XiaoMo’s waist, with an intimate gesture he brought You XiaoMo to his chest. Under You XiaoMo’s stare, he slightly smiled at him and then looked at the anxious Tang Fan, sneering, “Grandmaster Tang, this little mage is the one I’m looking for.”

Tang Fan eyes twitched a few times, his old wrinkly face suddenly cracked.

The audience down below watching this scene, some of them could hold in their laughter. Then one laughed out loud, and if there is one, then there will be second and third…and so the whole crowd burst into laughter.

That ever-serious face Yuan Mo, this time he couldn’t help but laugh loudly, “Tang Fan, ah, Tang Fan, the moment you kicked him out, you probably didn’t expect that you would have cut your last life-saving straw by your own hand! What retribution, ah!”

“Shut up!” Tang Fan angrily roared at him, he finally understood that the man is simply playing with him, no matter who he wants, he did not intend to reconcile.

If things have come this far, Tang Fan knew this fight was inevitable now, so he didn’t hesitate for a moment. He clenched his fist and let out a big shout, next, an enormous aura burst out from his body, this aura caused the whole spiritual energy of the area to become turbulent.

Under this pressure, the people in the square felt a lag in their breathing, like a hundred ton boulder dropping onto their body. They couldn’t help but be terrified, a peak 4 star Imperial level martial artist was really dreadful. If it was not for the unforeseen event earlier, perhaps they wouldn’t be able to avoid this calamity.

“I don’t know who you are, but those who go against me, I shall not let them pass, even you also, wait for your death!” Tang Fan grinned as he looked toward Ling Xiao.

Before, he thought that rather than having an Imperial level enemy it was better off to be without one. That was why he had to ignore his anger and had offered a condition, but he didn’t expect this person to not even care an inch.

He didn’t excuse himself anymore, even though he was indeed afraid of his strength, it was not like he didn’t have any trump cards.

When he reached this thought, Tang Fan suddenly opened his mouth and shouted, “Tang Zhen, come out now, let these people here witness the power of us brothers!”

Luo ChengYuan’s group immediately raised their guard as they looked around.

After a few seconds, there was still no one in the square responding to his words. The square was so quiet that you could hear one’s breathing, but soon a whisper broke out.

“Don’t say, perhaps, Tang Zhen was so scared, he didn’t dare to come out?”

“Impossible, I heard that the Tang brothers are very close to each other, to the point of giving up the head seat to the other.”

“Who said it was impossible, to lose the title and to lose your life is a big difference.”

Tang Fan was angry, he absolutely didn’t believe that Tang Zhen would leave him alone to escape, not to mention they even have a bigger hidden trump card, this fight is not a fight that they didn’t have a chance to win, that was why he didn’t resign and called out a few times more.

Opposite of him, Ling Xiao was stroking the bristling You XiaoMo while he lightly laughed, “Don’t bother calling, no matter how hard you try, he won’t show up.”

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