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Main Story Part 3

The alley still remains dark and wet after the two people leave. Not before long, another two people appear at the original place where the juvenile had once been. One of the two had an umbrella held above his head for him by a man dressed in black clothes.  Black forelocks were neatly combed back. A pair of sharp, smiling eyes look at the original place where the juvenile had stayed. The ground there has a hint of light pink with a rotten smell; it’s the color of blood.

“Ye CanSheng, Ye CanSheng, you should just be like the name that bitch who gave birth to you named you. Isn’t it better just to live the remaining years of your wretched life in tranquility [1]? What’s the point in such painful struggles?”

The young person beneath the umbrella slightly fixed his tie and evilly chuckled, “A rat should act like a rat.”

After finishing speaking, the young male turns and walks towards the luxury car parked not too far away.

He then says to the man who had helped him hold an umbrella, “Tell your subordinates to look carefully in this area for that mouse. If you find it, I’m assuming you know what to do.”

“Yes, I do. I definitely won’t let LaoYe[2] know about it.”

“It’s good you know.”

The young man’s handsome face looks particularly cold and ruthless underneath the umbrella. Clearly, it’s a face that is more than capable of making women squeal. Yet, it just has to be so cold and ruthless.

The luxury car zooms away like a gush of wind, leaving the empty and dark alley behind.


I dry my wet hair as I sit on the couch cross-legged, looking at the raindrops constantly falling on the window, listening to sounds similar to that of the rain coming from the bathroom. That XiaoGui is certainly making himself at home[3].

Actually, up until now, I still care a great deal about the scars on his body and as for his well trained skills………

Is he really just a student?


As a blast of hot steam floats out, the juvenile comes out of the bathroom, sporting a head of wet hair like me. He then grabs a towel and desperately rubs his wet head.

I give him a once over.

Yep, his figure isn’t bad. Contoured muscles, tall and not girly, agile but not at the cost of losing firmness.

“Why don’t you turn on the television?”


I shrug and cast a glance at the remote control on the table. The meaning is, do as you like. If you want to watch television, turn it on yourself.

His big long legs directly stride over the couch, stepping on what should be quite an expensive couch. With the towel on his head, he picks up the remote control and turns the television. Just as I expected, not one channel is viewable….

“Hey, what’s happening?”

“Can’t you tell? I don’t have money, so you can’t watch the television.” Otherwise why do you think I would just put an extremely luxurious LCD TV there and not watch it…..

The juvenile looks around my luxurious and magnificently decorated living room, then looks at the black screen on the television, and asks, “You’re very poor?”

I loosen my grip, “I don’t look like it?”


I lie down on the couch, thinking about whether or not those items in the living room that were only pleasant to the eye but of no use, could be sold for some money. The life of two people isn’t so easy. Is it because I’m too lonely, that I stupidly picked that person up off the streets and brought him back? On the way back, I noticed his foot was hurt, the blood in the alley should be his.

The wound on the outer side of the thigh, judging from the cut, it doesn’t look like a knife wound?

“XiaoZi, what’s your name?”

“Ye CanSheng.”


There are actually parents who would name their own child CanSheng[5]?

“You mean the ‘CanSheng’ in ‘to live the remaining years of one’s wretched life’?”

“Yep.” The tone of voice clearly showed dissatisfaction.

I rest my hand at the back of my head and say, “Good name.”

“You’re the first person to say that.”

“I reckon I’ll be the last one too.” CanSheng. CanSheng. This is a name with feels, it’s so beautiful when it’s read. He doesn’t know, I’m currently experiencing firsthand the aftertaste of one’s wretched life. It’s extremely wonderful.

He doesn’t speak and I continue, “The injuries on your body probably aren’t accumulated over one day. Injuries from something like tripping on something will normally appear on the front of the body, but there’s branding on your back. People can’t help but be suspicious that some sort of tool was used. The hyper-pigmentation is caused by repeated atrocities on the same spot over and over again.”

I hear him walking towards me with footsteps as soft as a cat. But in this empty room, it seems to be unusually clear…..

“These kinds of scars definitely aren’t caused by those kinds of daily quarrels between friends. Even if it was a fight, it’s still not possible. So the only possible reason left is long term domestic violence, which is also abbreviated as abuse.”

I lie on on my back on the couch and see the juvenile stand next to me. I look towards him and I can only blurrily see the sharp contours of his face. The rest are all magnified in the shadows, including my fear.

He then rips off the white towel on his head, and with lightning speed presses it onto my mouth, his strength is so great that my lips are directly pressed into the gaps between my teeth. The thin layer of skin on my lips are instantly torn, the taste of blood immediately spread through my mouth. He takes advantage of this opportunity and straddles my hips. He hangs his head. A pair of eyes look at me, his nose slowly pushes up to the tip of mine. The smell from previously taking a bath immediately diffuses, his smell is the same as mine.

His eyes are sharp, with a morbid look. He then slowly moves his lips next to my ears and says soft and gently, “You answered correctly? And then? Are you going to call the police or throw me out?”

The rain outside is getting heavier and heavier. The sound of it hitting against the window can be heard without end. The strength pressing against the corner of my mouth becomes greater and greater. I slowly shake my head under his gaze.

He lets go of the towel pressed against my mouth and just sits on top of my hips and looks at me from high above, “Why are you telling me this?”

I lick my broken lips and with the taste of blood dispersing through my mouth, I say, “I want to tell you, I’m a psychologist.”


“How about it, do you want to have a consultation?” I laugh presumptuously. But this sentence, completely changed my life.

“What do you mean?”

“Haven’t you ever wanted someone who could listen to what’s on your mind? To confide in all the pressure on your mind. All your discontents, the painful times, the sad times, the upsetting times. I will always be your strength, how about that?” As an amateur psychologist, I swear, this is only the introduction formula. These words are nothing but the beginning of the psychotherapy,. But to the person in front of my eyes, it became a completely different existence.

“You, will be my strength?”


I lie on the couch and look at the person who’s still sitting on my hips, an extremely mysterious juvenile. I can feel the emotional and deep stories exuding from him, and those very stories cover up the tyranny he just displayed. It’s just a tiny bit of tyranny, so I decide to overlook it and then use a poor excuse to exchange for his story. At the same time, I also used this poor excuse to destroy my entire life.

He throws the towel onto the table, gets off my body, sits on the edge of the couch and says, “ So, what’s your name? Teacher.”

“Fang YunSheng. The character ‘Sheng’ is the same character as the instrument ‘Sheng’[6].”

“Good name.”

“What a coincidence, you’re also the first person to say that to me.”

“Hey, let’s exchange names ba.”


“Didn’t you say my name was pretty good?”

“Then just pretend I didn’t say that.”


“So talk about where those scars on your body came from ba.”

“Most of them are from my mom hitting me.”

“Your mom…… doesn’t like you?” This mom is even more ruthless than my mom?

“No,” the juvenile turns his head, looks at me and then places his hand on my lips. A pair of black eyes give me a fixed look. It radiates a warm smile yet forces me to shiver. He continues, “These scars prove that she loves me.”

At that time I firmly believed he was mentally ill….

And at that moment, I suddenly really wanted to cure him.

At that time, I forgot I was just an amateur. Someone who can barely get by with their skills.

Maybe because of the sympathy generated from both of us being persecuted by our mums. Maybe because I’m not willing to just continue living such a lonely life, I want to change something…….


[1] 了却残生 This means to just live one’s remaining years without fighting back or struggling. However, since it’s a negatively connotated phrase, I’ve added on the ‘wretched life’ bit. Here, the man is referring to CanSheng’s name which is the same characters 残生 as 了却残生, so he’s saying he should just follow the fate his name has set for him.

[2] 老爷 A title, given to someone who is usually of an old age. Here, it’s referring to the oldest person still in charge of the mafia (like the big boss), except given his old age, he usually doesn’t go and personally complete missions, but is still in the highest position.

[3] 自来熟 This actually means a born socialiser, or an easy out going person who can quickly be on friendly terms with others, which of course could be connected to the fact that he’s using someone else’s shower. However, for better understanding and context, I’ve decided to use ‘make yourself at home’.

[4] 哗 Sound effect which reads ‘Hua’

[5] 残生 As previously mentioned, it means the remaining years of one’s life, except it’s usually a negative connotation, so basically it’s the remaining years of one’s wretched life.

[6] 笙 This is the character in Fang YunSheng’s name, the character by itself is also a traditional wind instrument played using a reed.

If you are reading this on any other site besides on the Exiled Rebels Scanlations website, then you are reading this on a site that has not been given permission to use our translation. Please consider reading this at the original source because we do not gain any profit from these translations and those sites using our translations without permission are stealing our hard work.

Thank you for reading this again.

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aida hanabi
aida hanabi
June 24, 2017 12:44 pm

I hope its not that kinda tragic story.. with tragic ending… in the end… I hope even its kindasad.. or abuse.. and dark but in the end they will get their own happy and bright eending.. aamiin


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June 24, 2017 1:36 pm

Thank you so much for the updated..😀😀😀

June 24, 2017 11:55 pm

I hope at the end they can both find sort of closure. I really do hate sad endings 😰

June 25, 2017 8:18 am

Ah~ Now I know that there will definitely be Stockholm Syndrome…. Looking forward to it! Thanks for the translations! 🙇🙇🙇


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November 29, 2017 5:17 am

Author doesn’t know the first thing about professionalism in the field of mental health. Patients must be encouraged to be self-sufficient, and regain their ability to enjoy life. This “I will be your strength” bullcrap makes me cringe. Hope it gets better as the story progresses.

Thanks for translating!

Blood A
Blood A
April 28, 2018 8:22 am

Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

March 15, 2019 7:59 am

Well, I mean, the character isn’t a psychologist and it did fail spectacularly, so that might be kind of the point? If your “treatment” causes the patient to lock you up in a room after destroying your body, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you’re not doing it right. It makes the story better if he’s being destructive and unprofessional in his attempts to help, because if he were good, it wouldn’t make too much sense.

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