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Chapter 201 – Resolve

That one single sentence made everyone fall silent.

After a while, Tang Fan’s roar once again pierced through the air, “What did you do to Tang Zhen?”

Ling Xiao laughed and slowly said, “Nothing, I just killed him, that’s all”

His strength was probably like Tang Fan’s, an Imperial martial artist, but it was just a “just” to that man. Those words are too arrogant, but everyone knew that that arrogance had its standing.

Tang Fan angrily stared, “You actually dared to kill Tang Zhen! Pay back with your life!”

Before the last word even came out, Tang Fan’s figure already disappeared where it stood, his whole body was covered in killing aura. He gathered all of his spiritual energy and attacked Ling Xiao, his eyes were filled with blood from anger as he directly ignored the gap in strength between him and Ling Xiao.

Just when he was about to come close, Ling Xiao finally took action, even You XiaoMo under his arm moved a bit.

The distance was only one step away and this time Ling Xiao still made him slip.

Tang Fan’s pupils instantly shrank, he was unable to believe it, his speed had reached the maximum, as he had also undergone soul training techniques specified for speed, even if the other party is higher than him by one or two stars, it would still be impossible to easily escape his attack, his mind couldn’t help but feel a sense of absurdity.

He remembered Ling Xiao had entered the Paradise Realm…

His train of thought hadn’t reached its destination yet, and Ling Xiao’s indifferent, slightly disdainful voice was already ringing next to his ears as he faintly laughed. “Tang Fan, I admit that you are a very talented genius, you reached the Imperial level in less than a thousand years, such talent is indeed a hundred years hard to come by, but unfortunately, you have done too much sin. Fate is not standing by your side anymore, your fate in this life is destined to have a miserable ending!”

The Wan E forest behind the mountain of the Tian Xin Sect, is where Tang Fan’s misdeed took place.

Millions of human skeletons, the grieving emotions had long overfilled the sky.

Today is the day Tang Fan must pay his debt.

Ending the sentence, Ling Xiao applied an unable-to-dodge palm force toward Tang Fan.

Two flames of purple and red appeared along his hand as they flew toward his palm direction into Tang Fan’s body. Those scorching flames burned all of his vital energy channels and flesh with high intensity.

The flame was so powerful, even Tang Fan who is known to be a strong martial artist couldn’t help but scream desperately, the voice was extremely miserable, even the crowd felt their scalp going numb just by hearing it.

Everyone stood horrified watching a soulless-like Tang Fan dropping down from the sky, a *bang* sound and he heavily hit the ground.

The fate of a sect grandmaster, resulted in such a horrible ending, really a retribution ah!

“Grandmaster!” Tang Fan’s henchmen shouted.

These people were obviously not afraid of death, but there were some people too scared to say a word.

Ling Xiao looked toward to the voice’s direction, there were a few anxious faces, and there were some that tried to blend into the crowd, unfortunately, there were some familiar that had some grudge against him before.

The teacher-student Xiao Long bunch, when they saw Ling Xiao look at them, they couldn’t help but curse those who shouted for Tang Fan earlier.

When people thought the war had come to an end, a wind slashing sound suddenly flew over the square. When the person reached the destination, some people who recognized the appearance behind that sound couldn’t help but let out an “eek”.

That person was Zhou Peng, who was imprisoned previously.

Zhou Peng ignored people’s gaze as he threw someone toward Tang Fan direction.

Since Tang Fan had yet to die at this point, when he tried to look over to see who it was, his eyes couldn’t help but constrict.

It was no other than Tang Zhen, his younger brother, from the appearance everyone could tell there were similar features between them, but his eyeballs looked like they had almost fallen out of their sockets, like he had seen a living hell, but his breathing had already long stopped.

Tang Fan’s throat uttered a bizarre giggle-like sound, after a while he finally spit out a sentence, “That thing has been completed, all of you… cannot escape, I want all of you… to be buried one by one!”

As soon as he finished the sentence, his breathing also completely vanished.

The grandmaster of the Tian Xin Sect, Tang Fan, leading such a prestige life, was now dead just like that!

Everyone looked at each other, they couldn’t understand what his last words meant, they couldn’t help but look up to the sky at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao knew clearly what Tang Fan meant, he furrowed his eyebrows and turned over to Zhou Peng, “Before you came, how much had that thing advanced?”

Originally Ling Xiao wanted to completely destroy that thing before coming here, but You XiaoMo was in danger unexpectedly, he had no choice but to abandon it and directly come here to save him.

Zhou Peng said, “The situation is not good right now, that old guy said, that thing will enter the world in no longer than an hour.”

“So there is still an hour left, it shouldn’t be …” – The two final words ” a problem” haven’t come out of his mouth yet, when Ling Xiao’s expression suddenly changed.

He sharply looked at the back of Tian Xin mountain, You XiaoMo under his arm also noticed his change in expression, he followed along his line of sight, eh, nothing at all!

You XiaoMo hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

Ling Xiao said, “That thing is coming.”

You XiaoMo whispered, “What thing?”

Ling Xiao lower his head and laughed, “You guess?”

You XiaoMo, “…”

When he stopped speaking, the ground suddenly vibrated and started buzzing like an earthquake, but it was more intense than a normal one. A breathing sound could be heard under their feet, all the practitioners’ expression at the square suddenly changed. Obviously they also noticed something was under there, and like a train wreck they quickly flew up into the sky, and then looked down to the ground.

After a moment, something seemed to hit the thick ground of the square, thump thump, as if it hit directly into everyone’s hearts. The whole area was so silent but for that sound. After some time, that thing finally quieted down, but the crowd couldn’t keep their calm, instead it became even more nerve wracking.

A few seconds later, a big “bang” loudly escaped, a huge wave of fire crazily poured out from underground, those fire waves looked like a big fire pillar, it was even bigger than Ling Xiao’s earlier.

That fire wave kept ragingly pouring out, the whole square hadn’t expected such movement would cause such a loud impact. Those who couldn’t dodge in time were hit by a wave of fire, stronger ones only spit out some blood and then quickly ran away. The weaker ones were directly swallowed inside the fire. For a short period of time, the sounds of agony could be heard one after another.

Ling Xiao was flying near the border of the square, he should have been out of the target zone, but that thing seemed to target only him. Under his feet was the center of that fire wave, that fire once again raged up, in a blink it submerged both Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo who was under his arm.

In front of Ling Xiao, who was born with fire within him, this kind of fire obviously couldn’t do anything to him, it couldn’t even burn a single strand of his hair, and You XiaoMo who was wrapped inside his arm was even more secure.

Ling Xiao stroked You XiaoMo’s head, and then gave him a kiss on the forehead. By that time, You XiaoMo was so surprised by his action that he looked up, he immediately sent You XiaoMo into his space without his consent. If not, he was afraid You XiaoMo would inconvenience him.

After sending You XiaoMo away, Ling Xiao looked down to the fire pit, faintly squinting his eyes.

At the bottom of the pit was a monster whose body was made from massively thick blood, refined from over thousands of people’s blood and bones. This monster couldn’t be called a demon beast, because it didn’t even have a face, and yet it’s negative emotion was extremely strong.

This kind of monster is attracted to the strong. The more powerful you are, the more it is attracted.

It was probably aware that he is the strongest one among them all, that is why it continued pursuing him.

Ling Xiao thought, it arrived at about the right time, saving him the effort of trying to find it himself.

Ling Xiao paused a little, and then his body, immediately like a sharp arrow, flew straight into the fire wave.

At the same time, the fire seemed to be constantly rushing into his body, then it was continuously refined into a tiny energy, and soon, that big fire wave was reduced by half.

That monster seemed to feel the threat coming out of Ling Xiao, it let out a sound as if it was scared, it immediately turned back inside the ground, but would Ling Xiao let it escape? The answer is no!

Almost in the blink of an eye, Ling Xiao had caught up to it, the thick blood smell constantly emitted out of its body, everywhere it passed, it left a scenery like hell.

Ling Xiao also saw this scene and he couldn’t keep the smile on his face anymore. Whether if he was really angry or being hypocritical, now there was only a chill, all the way down the bone, on his expressionless face. Ling Xiao looked at the monster, he slowly lifted up his right hand and there on his palm was a black round mark…

Sometimes, even when someone is not a hunter, they can still be one.

As time passed, even hunters can become prey!

The monster’s food is martial artists, but if the position was reversed, it will also become the prey of a martial artist.

The vibrations of the ground soon quieted down, everyone only saw that the churning fire had finally gone back to where it was born. It immediately vanished into thin air, just like the whole scene earlier was just an illusion, the only thing left on the ground was a big black pit.

But those with sharp eyes quickly noticed Ling Xiao had disappeared, when they thought something must have happened to him, suddenly something was slowly appearing inside the pit, one tall, one short. Wait…it seemed like the tall guy’s expression was a little strange, on his cheek there was a faint mark, it resembled teeth.

Those two were Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo.

Ling Xiao, after he had finished that monster, had taken You XiaoMo out of his space.

You XiaoMo didn’t say any words as he bared his teeth toward him and bit him.

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