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Chapter 306: Tang YuLin the Genius

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You XiaoMo only found out about the matter after it had happened, but at that time he had forgotten all about it.

You XiaoMo packed his stall up and left the sales area with an unwavering expression.

Only when he overheard the people around him while he was selling his pills did he know why they two wanted to occupy his stall. The reason was indirectly related to Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao did not have any interest in business, but his judgment was top-notch as the stall he selected had a relatively good amount of traffic flow. This was also one of the reasons why he was able to sell many magic pills within three days.

Generally, it was impossible for a new face to immediately have a hot business unless they found a stall with a good volume of traffic.

The two also took a fancy to the stall which Ling Xiao had his eye on a few days ago, but they were too late.

The stall had already been occupied by Ling Xiao when the two arrived. As they were accustomed to behaving arrogantly, they stupidly ran over to provoke Ling Xiao and the outcome was as one could imagine.

The two brought over some people and ran over to the sales area to get revenge on Ling Xiao afterwards, but when they arrived, Ling Xiao had already packed his wares and left. Thereafter he went to the Cultivation Center and did not appear again.

The two thought that Ling Xiao had been frightened off, thus they openly occupied the stall. Until You XiaoMo came over, they had already been at that stall for nine days.

Ling Xiao was still not back yet when You XiaoMo returned to their room.

Though a little episode occurred when he set up the stall, the result was still fruitful.

He had only sold eight magic pills out of the dozens in his stock. The quantity sold could not be compared with the past, but as the production cost was zero, coupled with his pills being high-grade pills, his net profit was more than three hundred points.

This amount was less than his earnings in Ward B. However, most people were not willing to spend points to buy magic pills unless necessary due to everyone being obsessed with cultivating. Therefore the price was pushed lower than normal.

On the second day, You XiaoMo still did not see Ling Xiao. So he proceeded to the sales area as usual.

In the afternoon, he packed his stall up early and went all around on the plaza on a shopping spree. He managed to get a good haul at the stalls selling magic herbs and the seeds of magic herbs.

On the morning of the third day, he did not go out. Instead, he entered his dimension to plant the seeds of the magic herbs that he had bought. He only left the room in the afternoon. This time he merely opened his stall for two hours and had sold just as many magic pills as he had on the second day.

On the fourth day, he ran off to inquire for information about the thirty-first stone room in the Red card area.

… …

Thus, close to a month passed in this manner. He sold magic pills one after another, and the points in his card steadily rose, giving him a thrill when he looked at it. His sales had also boosted his reputation. Many people had heard that he was selling high-grade magic pills and were just attracted over on account of his reputation. However, his price was too expensive so most were unable to afford them.

On this day, he followed his usual routine, packing his things up and going back to the room.

Without even stepping into the room, he felt a familiar aura inside. You XiaoMo could not restrain his delight, and he quickly pushed the door open and walked in. When he saw Ling Xiao, he immediately threw himself at Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao clasped his body and beamed, “Did you miss me?”

You XiaoMo momentarily flushed with pleasure, and graciously admitted, “I missed ah. Why did you take so long to come out? Were the results of cultivating in the Red card area that good?”

He did not think that Ling Xiao would cultivate for nearly a month this time. Luckily he had the foresight to retain thirty percent of the points that were in the Red card, so there was no problem even if Ling Xiao wanted to go into secluded cultivation for two months.

Ling Xiao narrowed his eyes and replied, “The results are really good. It would be even better if I could enter the stone room in the center.”

It was truly worthy of being called a ten million year old leyline. Of all the leylines that he had ever seen, the leyline in Daoxin Academy was in the top three.

Hearing him say as such, You XiaoMo happily said, “I have made some inquiries regarding that room. That stone room is not open to anyone and the reason may be related to the origin of the leyline. However, there’s still a chance to enter inside.”

Ling Xiao asked, “How?”

You XiaoMo said, “It’s through the Mountain Trials that Tong YueXu mentioned before. No matter whether they meet the requirements or not, the top five all have a chance to enter. Moreover, this does not have any relation to the rewards and seems to be an additional bonus.”

Ling Xiao stroked his chin, “Looks like we have to meet the requirements at any cost.”

You XiaoMo said, “Anyway, there’s still a few months before the Trials begin. It doesn’t matter if we take things slowly.”

For a period of time afterwards, Ling Xiao seldomly went back to the Red card area.

According to him, the results the Red card area gave him were not as good as before. However, it would be different he could enter the central stone room, which was not open for use.

You XiaoMo would occasionally head over to cultivate for a few days. Combined with practice, his level rose like a rocket to the peak of level six. He only needed a little more before he would advance to a level seven mage.

Time quickly flowed in this manner. No one from the Stone Gate came over to create trouble for them, and the two passed time leisurely until You XiaoMo accidentally encountered an acquaintance while on the way to the sales area a few months later.

That acquaintance was Tang YuLin, who should have still been in Ward B.

When he encountered Tang YuLin on the road, You XiaoMo thought he was just passing through, or he had encountered a twin, until Tang YuLin took the initiative to call out to him.

You XiaoMo jerked to attention, “Tang YuLin, why are you here?”

Tang YuLin had a blank expression on his face, “I got lost… …”


You XiaoMo absolutely did not believe that he would get lost from Ward B all the way to Ward A. However, Tang YuLin did not seem like a liar, so he inquired, “What in the world happened?”

Tang YuLin finally reacted, “You XiaoMo?”

You XiaoMo himself who was being suspected had a face full of black lines, you dare to notice who I am only now?

This matter was actually quite a long story.

Ever since You XiaoMo left, although Tang YuLin’s sales did not plummet, it was clearly not as good as the past. BaiLi XiaoYu and Jiang XiaoFeng were busy in secluded cultivation, and in the end, he returned to the days before where he often had to man his stall for long hours.

However, now that he had tasted the sweetness, Tang YuLin began to increasingly miss the days where You XiaoMo was around. Thus he was determined to rise to Ward A. This way, You XiaoMo would be able to buy magic herbs from him every day.

Tang YuLin was probably a genius. But since his manner was that of ‘go with the flow’, his talent did not come to light.

Nevertheless after he had a goal, describing Tang YuLin’s advancement with ‘a thousand miles in one day’ was not an exaggeration. Vice Principal Yan Fa made an exception to let him enter Ward A just the day before yesterday.

As for why he was lost, it was because when he came out for a stroll, he accidentally strolled too far and forgot how to get back.

Tang YuLin stared at him with two sparkling eyes and said, “I have arrived. If you need any magic herbs later, you can look for me anytime.”

The corner of You XiaoMo’s mouth twitched. He never thought that only for the sake of letting him buy his magic herbs, Tang YuLin would specially rise all the way here.

This Tang YuLin, not only was he a genius in regards to his cultivation talent, he was also a genius at being slightly adorkable.

You XiaoMo thought over it, “Then you have to be ready. But I don’t need level six magic herbs now. If you have the means, you can help me get some level seven magic herbs. How about this? I’ll get a list of the herbs I want for you. If you can help me find everything, I’ll take them all, no matter it’s a seed, fully mature, or immature.”

Tang YuLin immediately nodded his head and replied, “Okay!”

You XiaoMo said, “I’ll pass the list to you tomorrow. I’m not in a hurry so there’s no need gather everything on the list now.”

Tang YuLin gave him a look over, and nodded his head in clear understanding.

After parting ways with him, You XiaoMo returned to his room and told Ling Xiao about Tang YuLin’s situation. Ling Xiao was also somewhat surprised.

At night, You XiaoMo began to collate the list of magic herbs to be given to Tang YuLin. Most of the herbs on it were the less commonly seen level seven magic herbs. He did not have many types of level seven magic herbs, so he could not indiscriminately use them in the future.

After Tang YuLin received the list, he ran off to find the herbs until no sign of him could be found at all, and stopped appearing in front of him from time to time like a ghost.

A few days later, he really managed to gather together a portion of the list.

You XiaoMo was dumbfounded. He had only entered Ward A a few days ago, and unexpectedly he already had social connections.

Tang YuLin and BaiLi TianYi were inseparable ninety percent of the time. But these days, he did not see BaiLi TianYi circling around Tang YuLin. When Tang YuLin came over, he curiously asked about it.

Tang YuLin casually replied, “BaiLi TianYi? He’s at the Cultivation Center.”

You XiaoMo probed deeper, “How did you know?”

Tang YuLin replied, “He told me last night.”

You XiaoMo let out an ‘oh’ that was somewhat profound.

Tang YuLin seemed to only just discover that he had let slip something that should not be said. He silently looked at You XiaoMo and blinked, “What did I say just now?”

You XiaoMo beamed and replied, “You said that last night, BaiLi TianYi spent the night at your place.”

Tang YuLin, “… …”

There were certainly only disadvantages when a loose-lipped person met an eloquent person!

A long while later, Tang YuLin weakly said, “Actually… …it’s not like what you’re thinking.”

You XiaoMo laughed, “You know what I’m thinking of?”

With that, the plan that Tang YuLin had thought of with much difficulty for correcting the conclusion in You XiaoMo’s head suddenly disappeared.


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