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Chapter 305: The Last Stone Room

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When he returned to his room, You XiaoMo had assumed that Ling Xiao would be there. After looking all over, he discovered that Ling Xiao was nowhere to be found. You XiaoMo intended to go next-door to ask for his whereabouts, but Tong YueXu and Feng ChiYun were also not in.

Just as he was puzzling over this, footsteps sounded from outside.

You XiaoMo ran out from the bedroom. Seeing Ling Xiao who had just entered, he walked over and asked, “Where did you go?”

Ling Xiao had long discovered that You XiaoMo was in the room. Hearing him ask as such was also not a surprise, and he simply opened his mouth and replied, “To sell magic pills.”

You XiaoMo grew more astonished, “That can’t be. I remembered that I gave you less than fifty magic pills three days ago. You’ve been selling them for three days and still haven’t finished?”

Ling Xiao replied, “Firstly, this is not Ward B. Secondly, your magic pills are not famous yet so there would be less people buying. Thirdly, there are more people in Ward A who are keen on cultivating, so there’s less traffic flow in the sales area as compared to Ward B.”

You XiaoMo could not help but admit that what he said was reasonable. In the beginning, the reason he was able to sell all his magic pills in an instant was due to Rong Xuan and Qin Zhang. Although he was now a little famous by virtue of his connection with the old geezer, there were very few people buying his wares. It seems like the growth of the sales of magic pills would still have to depend on the accumulation of time.

You XiaoMo questioned, “Then have you finished selling them now?”

Ling Xiao poured himself a cup of water, “I still have not. But other than selling only five pills on the first day, the average amount sold the past two days has risen, and the rate of returning customers is more than fifty percent.”

You XiaoMo mused over it for a moment. Truth to be told, fifty percent could not be compared to his previous sales rate, and was much lower than his rate when he sold in Ward B. However, since they had just arrived such as result was not too bad.

Ling Xiao said, “Ward A and Ward B are different. Although the quality of magic pills is not particularly high, it is also not too low. You’ll have to work harder if you want to gain the advantage.”

Embarrassment crossed You XiaoMo’s features. This is really quite a pickle.

Cultivation was currently his priority. Now that he has tasted the sweetness, he believed that henceforth he would diligently run towards the Cultivation Center to practice. Thus, he would have less time to refine pills. If he was to increase the number of times he distilled his materials, the output quantity of his magic pill would decrease.

You XiaoMo thought over it, then asked, “Since it’s like this, we should sell some high-grade magic pills from time to time in the future.”

Ling Xiao indifferently shrugged. He had originally intended to do as such. Even if others were suspicious, they would definitely not think in the direction of him having a dimension. The most likely conclusion they would reach would be assuming he had some channel for getting high-grade magic herbs.

“Oh yes, the last time Tong YueXu said that there were thirty one stone rooms in the Red card area. But I looked all over three days ago and never found the thirty-first room. Could it be that Tong YueXu got it wrong?” You XiaoMo remembered this and brought it up in passing.

Ling Xiao replied, “He didn’t get it wrong. There are definitely thirty-one rooms in the Red card area. The location of the room that you cannot find is well concealed. It should be located in the middle of the origin of the leyline.”

You XiaoMo did a mental calculation of the rooms for a moment.

The center of the origin of the leyline. Then it ought to be surrounded by the thirty stone rooms. But the placement was really surprising; no wonder he could not find it.

“So how would we be able to enter?” You XiaoMo inquired.

Ling Xiao looked at him, “The origin of the leyline is of utmost importance. Entry into that stone room would not be easily accessible.”

You XiaoMo sighed, “That’s really a pity.”

He was able to have a breakthrough just by cultivating in the Red card area for three days. His progress would be even more unbelievable if he could enter that stone room.

After that, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao exchanged the cards they held and You XiaoMo transferred seventy percent of the points in the Red card into the Purple card. Thinking about how much Ling Xiao would need, he left thirty percent for him.

If it was others, they probably would not be able to calmly accept this like Ling Xiao.

The next day, Ling Xiao headed to the Cultivation Center alone.

You XiaoMo took out the magic herbs in his dimension. He had managed to accumulate quite a lot of high-grade magic herbs. Subsequently, he let SheQiu and the rest plant level six and above magic herbs in order to conserve his spiritual water, leading to his harvest today.

Although he was not that familiar with Ward A’s market, things like Beauty pills would always be a lure for girls.

Ten days later, You XiaoMo excitedly walked out from the bedroom. His expression may have held a hint of exhaustion, but it was still unable to dampen his pleasure.

After resting for a while, he then remembered that it had been close to ten days and Ling Xiao had not yet returned. Even though his attention had always been very focused when he was refining pills, he would definitely notice Ling Xiao when he reappeared.

However, this the first time that Ling Xiao had disappeared for ten days to cultivate. Such a thing had never happened before.

Not knowing when Ling Xiao would be back, You XiaoMo packed his things and decided to head to the sales area by himself.

Ward A’s sales area was located in the east, and there was no distinction of goods. All types of transactions were carried out there. One could barter for things or exchange them for points, depending on how the seller wanted to sell.

Leaving the residential area, You XiaoMo headed east. As Ward A was a large area, it took a full forty minutes of walking to reach his destination.

The sales area was established on top of a ginormous plaza.

You XiaoMo eyed it for a moment. The expanse of the plaza was nearly five times that of Ward B’s magic pills sales area. Crowded stone tables extended from the entrance as far as the eye could see. There was an assortment of things on the stone tables and bustling crowds roved in front of these stalls. Further in, there were less and less people.

Ward A’s stall was slightly different from Ward B.

A lot of points were needed to purchase the stalls with high traffic. One example was the few stalls that he had seen on the way in which had the highest traffic.

Only ostentatious people would be able to afford these stalls. Once the points had been paid, that stall would belong to that person until they left the academy. This regulation applied not only to individuals, but also to the groups in the school.

The other difference concerned stalls with the least traffic.

Rent did not need to be paid for those stalls. The academy took into consideration students who found it difficult to earn points. Thus, the requirements were lowered in this part of the sales area.

After looking around, You XiaoMo immediately headed for the stall that Ling Xiao had told him about. But when he reached there, he found that the stall had been snatched by some people.

He took the plaque that Ling Xiao handed to him and looked at it. Ling Xiao had clearly said that at every stall, a plaque corresponding to the stone table would be put on top. If one wanted to continue using a particular stall, they only needed to take the plaque on the table. When others saw that there was no plaque on the table, they would know that there was an owner for the stall. However, the time limit for holding onto a spot was half a month. Once the time had passed, others would have the right to use the space. But looking at the situation now, it did not seem to be that case.

The ones occupying his stall were two slovenly-looking youths.

The two were currently talking. You XiaoMo did not know what they were talking about, but vulgar laughter was continuously heard from them. This persisted until You XiaoMo walked up. The two assumed that he was a customer, and one enthusiastically opened his mouth.

“This fellow schoolmate, what do you want to buy?”

You XiaoMo replied, “I’m not here to buy things.”

He looked at the things that the two had put on sale and was somewhat speechless. There were very few things of value. Most were low level magic herbs which practically no one wanted in Ward A. They really showed no shame to sell these things.

The smile on the youth’s face instantaneously disappeared, and he stared at You XiaoMo with impatience, “If you’re not buying, get lost.”

You XiaoMo showed them the plaque in his hand, “This is my stall. I recall that the academy has regulations whereby the stall would belong to whoever holds the plaque.”

The expressions of the youths changed, and they immediately stared at him in fury, “Kid, do you know who we are? I’m advising you to hand over your plaque, if not I have ways to make your life here difficult.”

You XiaoMo calmly kept the plaque away, automatically ignored their words, and calmly said, “Seems like you guys are prepared to challenge the academy’s regulations. In this case, I can only ask the elders of the academy to be the judge.”

One youth quickly shot a glance at the other. That person took the hint and just as You XiaoMo turned around, the two suddenly surrounded him.

The youth gave a sinister smile, “We’ll be taking your plaque. Let’s see how you complain now.”

You XiaoMo had long guessed that they would try this method, and he felt that they very possibly could be people from the Stone Gate. Since the animosity between the Stone Gate and him had been formed, he would not mind it growing further.

Without waiting for the two to attack, You XiaoMo made the first move. A vast spiritual power erupted from his body, forming into two fierce tigers which attacked the two.

Although he did not use any skill training techniques, his spiritual power already possessed a spiritual attack. The two had also thought that he was just a really physically weak mage, and did not take any precautions, resulting in them clutching their heads and as they let out a horrible shriek.

This move did not only deter the two. The large crowd gathered around was also shocked and were staring at You XiaoMo with fright. This person was very unfamiliar.

You XiaoMo walked up to one of the two youths, looked down at him and said, “Hey, take your stuff away.”

The two crawled up and packed their things away, and instantly made their frantic scape. Only until they ran some distance away did one of the two turn back and maliciously shout, “You had better watch out. The Stone Gate will not let you off!”

As expected, they really belonged to the Stone Gate. Their manner of speaking was completely the same as the person he had met outside the Cultivation Center the last time. This was really similar to the style of the Chai Family.

You XiaoMo had thought they would bring people over to make trouble for him. Even though he waited until the sun was about to set, he still did not see any people from the Stone Gate. Despite his doubts, he packed his things and left. He was not so stupid as to deliberately wait for them to come.

However, he did not know that those people had really intended to return to make trouble for him. In the end, they ran into Chai Zheng and discovered that the target of their hatred was You XiaoMo, and they unexpectedly refrained from acting on their impulses.

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