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Chapter 220 – Go Get a Doctor if You Are Sick

The enrollment of Dao Xin Academy was a grand occasion. Thanks to it, compared to the usual day, the flow of people that came in and out of Yan City was doubled, this brought lots of prosperity to the city.

Even though this year the information about the location was restricted, there were still endless amounts of people who had heard the news. Like today, all the roads leading to the Lei Tian platform were extremely packed and busy with endless streams of carriages and passengers coming in.

In order to save time, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao used the transportation circle, which only took a blink to reach the big street near the Lei Tian platform.

Located in the center of Yan City, the Lei Tian platform was a dueling arena with a very long history attached. This place, since long ago, had see the rise and fall of countless individuals.

However, the center area was still a hectic and busy place overflowing with people.

Yan City had a rule that didn’t allow people to fly above, that was why You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao had to walk on foot. Originally You XiaoMo wanted to use a carriage, but there were too many of them on the road, but none willing to stop for them. Most of the carriages either already had an owner or were loaded with guests, and almost all of them went toward the Lei Tian platform’s direction.

Even though it was something You XiaoMo had expected, he would never have thought it would be this many of registrants. Suddenly he came into realization why Dao Xin academy did it. They already restricted the info and yet so many came, if they hadn’t done it, then wouldn’t the amount have doubled?

Ling Xiao patted You XiaoMo head, “Let us go forward, and also, let Liu Yue adapt a little.”

Until now Liu Yue had never seen such a majestic scene, this made him feel a little unadaptable. Not only that, he also had to learn Ling Xiao’s every movement and behavior, his face was so tightly tensed and he couldn’t relax for a moment.

You XiaoMo looked at Liu Yue, who was wearing clothes that closely resembled Ling Xiao’s style, except the mask. Mainly because that old mask was too dazzling, You XiaoMo had to buy a new one and also a new set of clothes for Liu Yue, in order to mix the spurious within the genuine. Under the mask was the same face as Ling Xiao, of course, this was also Ling Xiao’s brilliant work.

As for Ling Xiao, he changed into Liu Yue’s appearance, an ordinary looking face, the type that people wouldn’t pay attention to.

Ling Xiao was uneasy leaving You XiaoMo by himself, so he also came with them.

Fortunately, the distance between the Lei Tian platform and the transport circle was not too far. After walking for nearly two hours, the trio finally reached the square next to the Lei Tian platform. It was a very large square that seemed to have no border, drowning in a sea of people, so loud and noisy like thunder striking next to one’s ear.

The rumored square that could contain hundreds of thousands of people, now looked just like a street market. Such a large amount of people, this unbelievable scene shocked You XiaoMo from inside out, he really underestimated the influence of the three words: ‘Dao Xin academy’.

Right now, in front of them, was a huge ground that was almost half full. Although not everyone here came for enrollment, some of them were only here to accompany their children, but the fact that those waiting in line was so long that You XiaoMo couldn’t even see the mentor that was sent here for the administration job.

You XiaoMo jumped up a little, this many people, when would this line end.

Ling Xiao pressed down on You XiaoMo’s shoulder, “Choose a line that doesn’t have too many people. The first registration day is only to test age and level, so the speed should be much faster, if you still hesitate, the lines will only become longer.”

You XiaoMo knew his words made sense, so he said, “Okay, I will go line up, meanwhile you should go with Liu Yue and give him some instruction, so that he can avoid mistakes.”

Liu Yue hurriedly said, “I don’t need it. I don’t need it, I will be careful on my own.”

Liu Yue didn’t dare to let this big man accompany him. Not mentioning the pressure he felt when standing by Ling Xiao, after a few days of observing, he knew this big man was very concerned about his companion. Even though it felt nice to have such a practitioner protecting him, but to ask for this big man’s protection, he didn’t have the guts.

Ling Xiao said, “I will accompany you first, after that I will help him later.”

You XiaoMo saw them both reject his suggestion, so he didn’t insist anymore.

Although there were a lot of registrants, compared to the practitioner side, the mage side was already significantly less, not even half. Moreover, Dao Xin had set up ten register points, so each line was not particularly too long.

So they picked the shortest one between all the lines, but there was still more than 500 people in front of them.

You XiaoMo stood on his tiptoes to see, he could vaguely see an elderly man who was taking student’s registration. His speed was not slow, each person only needed less than a minute.

Ling Xiao noticed You XiaoMo couldn’t stay put since coming and he once again pressed down on You XiaoMo’s shoulder, “Calm down, that mentor is not going to run away.”

You XiaoMo explained, “I’m not worried about him running away, I’m just a little excited, I can’t guess what will happen after I enroll into Dao Xin.” In his previous life, it was not like he had never gone to school before, but the meaning was not the same.

Ling Xiao had actually never gone to an academy before, so he was also clueless, but according to the information the jade drive had mentioned, it seemed like it would not bad at all. So he smiled and said, “Rest assured, it shouldn’t let you down.”

“Heh, some people really live in a fantasy, they haven’t even passed the examination yet and are already imagining the academy life. What a shameless bunch that thinks themselves like the geniuses of the four major clans of Yan City.”

Right after Ling Xiao ended his sentence, a satire and disdaining voice suddenly came to their ears, and then was followed by some ear piercing laughter full of contempt.

Ling Xiao’s expression went grim, and he turned to the side and looked at the person, his eyes revealing a trace of killing intent. You XiaoMo quickly pulled his arm and hugged it to calm him down and then looked at the guy, who was a young man in his twenties. He didn’t stand in the same line as them, but coincidently was standing in the line next to them.

The youth lifted the corner of his eyebrow and gave out a very irritating feeling. Seeing them look at him, he coldly made a *heh* sound. His expression filled with disdain, “What are you looking at, did I say it wrong?”

You XiaoMo’s eyes trembled, the hand that hugged Ling Xiao squeezed tighter.

Ling Xiao originally was filled with anger, but You XiaoMo’s action really amused him and made him laugh, he thought You XiaoMo would tolerate it.

The youth saw them still able to laugh, he couldn’t help but feel like he was being ignored. His face suddenly became salty,”This year’s registrants are nothing more than a pile of junk. Even the type that think they are good enough came to register.” He sneered, ”Just wait until people take you down and let’s see how long you can stay satisfied.”

You XiaoMo took in a deep breath, he faced those sneering eyes, said, “You are right, even junk come here to register, look at your puny appearance. I totally can see you won’t be able to satisfy for long either.”

“What did you just say? Do you dare to repeat again?” The youth’s face changed into every color very splendidly, his eyes filled with raging flame as he stared at You XiaoMo as if he wanted to say ‘if you repeat it again shall chop you into pieces.’

You XiaoMo glanced at him, “I’m not your servant. Why should I listen to you? Who are you anyway?” The angry You XiaoMo was never polite to anyone. This image was very conflicting to his usual obedient image.

This was the first time Ling Xiao heard him argue back, not to mention very cleverly and eloquently.

The You XiaoMo right now gave Ling Xiao a very fresh feeling and was extremely fascinating, thus Ling Xiao did not interrupt.

The youth’s face turned from green to purple, this was the first time he was talked to like that. Anger as the influence, he didn’t even spare a moment to choose an appropriate word, “You…I want to challenge you, if you have enough guts, fight me on the Lei TIan platform.”

You XiaoMo knew Lei Tian platform’s purpose, but he spared a least concern for it. He said with a ridiculous imply, “Why should I fight you? Is there a reason I should obey every one of your words? I am embarrassing you, ah.”

Not only did the youth roll his eyes, even the people standing nearby couldn’t believe it and stared at him. In the heart of most people, dueling on Lei Tian platform held a sacred meaning.Usually if someone challenged you, rarely would anyone reject it. Unless it was a challenge sent by one of a higher level to the lower, but this type of situation was generally rare.

The youth seeing that You XiaoMo seemed young, he thought You XiaoMo just an ordinary level four mage, because this was one of the simplest requirements to register. Since he was a mid level 4 mage, that was why he dared to challenge You XiaoMo. But he never imagined You XiaoMo would refuse him so bluntly.

“So you are too afraid to fight me then. That is why you didn’t dare to accept.” The youth maliciously sneered, “As long as you kowtow an apology to me three times, I won’t calculate what happened earlier.”

You XiaoMo surprisingly looked at him, “You want me to apologise for the fact that you are going to be weep soon? Is your brain sick? I suggest you find some doctor to check your brain, so that you can avoid infecting the people around you.”

The youth was so angry his finger trembled while pointing at him, not a single word came out.

At this moment, outside the crowd came a loud laugh.

“This fellow here is right, you should go get a doctor if you are sick.”

t/n: note for mage system.

From level 4 and beyond, since the distance between each level gets wider and harder to reach a new level, within a level is now divided into three smaller parts, Low – Mid – High. This refers to the progress within a level.

And between each level, there is also a stage called “peak”. If you nearly reach a new level and breakthrough, then you are at the peak.

Example: level 4 mage that has a progress halfway to a new level => mid level 4

Level 4 mage that have progress 2/3 to the new level =>high level 4

Level 4 mage that have progress 2/3 to the new level and almost breakthrough to new level=>peak level 4

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