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Chapter 219 – Life and Death Street, Liu Yue.

There is a narrow street at Yan City, sandwiched in between two big influential families, but that doesn’t belong to either side.

The street is called Life and Death Street, and the people who gathered at that place are all extremely violent and wicked, most of them are fugitives who fled from outside to that place or people who don’t belong to any force. But it doesn’t mean that all the people there are people who kill other people like flies, some of them are only lone practitioners who don’t want to join any of the major forces at Yan City.

Due to the mutual agreement between forces at Yan City, the Life and Death Street became a place that is not controlled by anybody. Because of that, the Life and Death Street’s state has become very chaotic. All kinds of people who have unusual strength, kidnap people and steal treasures find themselves here. It’s very chaotic, and it couldn’t become any more chaotic than that.

On a bright sunny day, a robbery occurred on Life and Death Street.

A person who didn’t look that old, who looked just like a passer-by. The youth, whose strength seemed to be only at the Sky level, robbed a bald, burly Star level guy. Probably because he knew that his own strength was below the other person, the youth ran after he robbed the guy’s magic bag. The bald guy got angry, and called his companions to chase after the youth.

The youth glanced back in a hurry, and his pupils became small in an instant. Apparently, he didn’t think that the robbed bald guy had a group of thug companions, and none of their strengths were below his. The youth ran in a rush, and carelessly ran into a dead end. When the youth turned his head, the bald guy and his gang had already reached the entrance of the dead end.

“You son-of-a-bitch, do you think you can still run? Dare to rob this great uncle’s magic bag, don’t you know who this great uncle is?!”

The bald man made a vicious face while cracking his own ten fingers in front of the cornered youth. The bald guy didn’t want to catch the youth in a hurry. Since the youth dared to challenge the bald guy, they wouldn’t let go of him easily!

The youth’s face became pale, there was a glimpse of despair in his eyes.

If it were only the bald guy, he still could risk his life and try to run, but the bald guy had five people following behind him, the gap was too big, he had no way out.

The people who live in the Life and Death Street were all vicious and merciless. For them, it’s easier to kill people than eating a dish.

When the youth turned desperately, he heard a surprised and bewildered sound from on top of his head.

“Yi, this person’s figure is really similar to yours, eh. But he’s a little bit dirty.”

The youth looked up abruptly. He didn’t realize there were two unfamiliar men on top the wall above his head. One was small, while the other was big. The small one who had just talked looked younger, with a delicate and pretty face, and his eyes looked very bright, without any impurity nor any hostility. This man surely wasn’t a person from Life and Death Street; while the big one was gorgeously dressed and looked just like the aristocrats of high nobility. But somehow this man gave off a rather complicated impression. After hearing the boy’s words, he revealed a faint smile on his lips, “Then let’s choose him.”

The youth’s intuition told him that these two people were very interested in him, and perhaps they could save him; the key was these two people. The youth had no other choice, so he shouted at both of them hastily, “If both of you are willing to help me, I promise I will fulfill whatever you want me to do.”

Nothing is more important than life; he didn’t mind even if he had to work like an ox. As long as he could survive, he would do anything.

The teenager immediately showed a joyful expression, “Are you really willing to do anything?”

The youth nodded without hesitation, “I’m willing to do anything, as long as both of you save my life.”

The teenager quickly said, “Then you must not go back on your word, oh!”

The youth nodded, “I will never go back on my word.”

Seeing the youth made an unfathomable mystery (t/n: unable to make head or tail of it) agreement with the two men right in front of his eyes, the bald man suddenly became furious. He glared at You XiaoMo who was on top of the wall, “Want to save him? That also depends on whether you have the skill to do that or not, you guys try me!”

When he heard this, the youth immediately looked towards You XiaoMo………‘s side, to Ling Xiao.

You can’t blame him for that, because You XiaoMo really didn’t look like a practitioner. Although a mage also has abilities, but since he looked young, no matter how you looked at it, there’s no way he could win over a group of Moon level and Star level practitioners.

When You XiaoMo looked at the youth’s action, he couldn’t help but twitch his mouth, and quickly let out one of the Qiu team. Suddenly, a fiery red object appeared out of nowhere in front of the youth.

The youth stared at it with big eyes, and couldn’t help but rub his own eyes. It unexpectedly was a fiery red demon fox.

The fox looked like it had already matured; its pair of rare, fiery red eyes were flickering brightly and looked at him with ice-cold eyes, then turned to look at the bald guy and his group with an ice-cold and blood-thirsty expression in its eyes.

The bald guy and his men were suddenly frightened, they stopped hastily, stared at the seven-tailed demon fox frightenedly. Seven tails, so that means this one is a level seven demon fox.

Not waiting for them to react and run away, Mao Qiu turned its figure into fiery red and ran towards them.

Its speed was very fast, before the bald guy and his men were able to react or hide, each of them were immediately burned by its flame. Suddenly there was an agonizing scream, followed by other shrills.

Because the bald guy was the last one, he should have been able to run; but seeing that he was already scared and limp on the ground, even if the seven level demon fox were to kill him, he was already unable to run away, not to mention that the other party was already suppressing him using his power.

Those facts have proved that he already couldn’t escape; Mao Qiu simply didn’t give him any chance to. After it killed his companions, Mao Qiu gracefully walked towards him, and opened its ferocious mouth in front of its prey, and ate the bald man’s upper body in one bite. Before the bald man could even make a miserable cry, Mao Qiu had already swallowed him completely.

As Xiao Hei said before, inside the bodies of strong practitioners and mages flow a lot of energy through the meridian system. Eating their corpse would help them level up.

This was the first time You XiaoMo saw this oppressive sight, so he was terrified.

Ling Xiao intentionally let him look at it, so he didn’t cover You XiaoMo’s eyes.

The youth’s expression was calm. There were more brutal things that had happened on Life and Death Street, if he couldn’t adapt even to this small thing, it would be impossible for him to survive on Life and Death Street.

Two minutes later, the three of them appeared at the inn on Life and Death Street.


The inn was a tourist trap, the price was unusually high, and if they found out that the other party’s strength was lower than themselves, they would just rob and kill them. Nevertheless, for the people who couldn’t find a place to stay, they would still choose this inn and just be careful not to reveal their valuables.

You XiaoMo put Mao Qiu back into the space, and then got comforted by Ling Xiao. He already accepted the fact that demon beasts eat people, no matter what, it was part of natural selection; the survival of the fittest. If he couldn’t adapt, he would just get eliminated, just like what he learned from his biology class.

The youth was surprised on how both Ling Xiao and You XiaoMo got along with each other, his instinct told him they weren’t just friends, instead, they were more like… lovers?

The youth was frightened by his own imagination. But he didn’t stay surprised too long, there are actually some men who get together with another man in this world, and because it was harder for women practitioners to practice compared to men practitioners in this Long Xiang Continent, so there were far less women practitioners compared to men.

“My name is Liu Yue, I give my thanks to both of you for saving me. I’m wondering, what can I do to help you, when both of you found me?”

Liu Yue got rid of his distracting thoughts, cupping his hands towards both of them. After he witnessed the teenager’s contract beast, there’s no way he would dare to think of doing any funny business.

You XiaoMo asked, “Have you reached twenty-five?”

Liu Yue blankly stared, “Not yet, I will reach twenty five next year.”

You XiaoMo was somewhat surprised, he hadn’t reach twenty-five years old, but he was already so tall, what did he eat to grow up to be that tall?

“Hey, you…”

Before he could finish talking, he was already interrupted by Ling Xiao, “Xiao-Momo, let’s just get to the point.”

You XiaoMo’s ears became red, he rubbed his nose and said, “Do you know about the student enrollment at Dao Xin Academy? We’d like you to register for one of us. After you finish this task, we will reward you accordingly.”

Liu Yue’s sight fell on Ling Xiao, he finally understood what they meant at the dead end before. It was actually because of this. It’s nothing difficult, “I can help you with that, but my strength isn’t enough, Dao Xin Academy’s requirement for student enrollment is Sun level or above.”

Student admission for Dao Xin Academy was extremely sensational, and he lived at Life and Death Street, there’d be no way he hadn’t heard about it.

You XiaoMo laughed, “You don’t have to worry, I am a mage, I can just give you magic pills to help you level up into Sun level. It won’t be a problem anymore.”

Liu Yue’s eyes became bigger, and then asked excitedly, “Is what you said really true?”

You XiaoMo immediately took out a bottle of level three magic pills on top of the table.

Liu Yue couldn’t help but rub his hand. He stared at the transparent jade bottle filled with the magic pills passionately. The color and lustre of these level three magic pills were actually much darker than the low grade magic pills that he got before; so these were actually high grade magic pills?

“This thing, you will really give it to me?” Liu Yue asked him hesitantly, he still hardly believed there would be such a good thing.

“Of course, but just for insurance, after that we will erase your memory about this matter, if you agree to the terms, this bottle is yours. When things are done, I will give you five level four magic pills. How about it?” You XiaoMo asked.

This was clearly where meat fell from the sky. If he were to reject it, he would become the biggest fool in the world.

When he saw that he nodded, You XiaoMo was secretly relieved.

Were he to refuse, he couldn’t guarantee he would be able to find another person whose figure was similar to Ling Xiao’s.

When Liu Yue was about to take the jade bottle, suddenly there was a hand that came over, and the index finger was on top of the bottle’s neck. When he looked up, he saw that the owner of the hand was a masked man.

Ling Xiao said, “I have to tell you beforehand. When I erase your memories, it will be extremely painful to the point that you may not wish to live.”

Liu Yue quickly responded, and said this firmly, “In order to become stronger, I can endure all kinds of hardships.”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrow, and moved his hand.

Since it had already been eight days before they finally found Liu Yue, plus, they had to make Liu Yue level up, as well as making his body features similar to Ling Xiao, it took another couple of days before they could finalize all the details. Finally, they sat on top of the Gigantic Firebird, and quickly went to the student enrollment place.

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