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Chapter 223 – Conflicts rise

Translated by Rara

Whose child was this!? Someone cut him off please!

The number shown on the Soul Stone was impossible to fake.

However, since the founding day of Dao Xin Academy, it was not as if an age fabrication incident had ever occurred. Every admission year there would be several cases like this to appear, but absolutely all of them were to deduct from a higher age.

You XiaoMo was the first one to break the academy record.

Even though it was just one year difference, to many other people, that one year was a thousand miles apart. Especially to those geniuses, the younger they were, the greater the potential. Between nineteen and eighteen, both were considered geniuses, but the former only seen as rare. It was not that much exaggeration that it would make every daoshi fight over them, but eighteen was a different case.

Throughout the history of the Dao Xin Academy, those that had been able to reach level 4 mage before the age of eighteen was less than a few. They all ended up becoming the Long Tian Continent’s first rate mages. One example of it was the mage Qiu Ran, he also enrolled in Dao Xin Academy when he was young.

( ra’s reminder: Qiu Ran is the guy whom Ling Xiao stole, ahem, took the heavenly scripture from.)

Ning Jing-daoshi was astonished not only once, but twice. This little youngster continued getting more and more powerful, which nearly scared her heart. She would never imagine, this kiddo could give her such marvelous surprises.

Gao Yang, who was standing beside him, also was shocked. He was just randomly helping out a fellow, who right now turned out to be a genius. What kind of luck is this? Among this many people, he had the chance to meet this little guy.

“Heh, what genius. I think he is clearly trying to attract everyone’s attention just to stand out.”

Chai Jun bit his teeth and gloomily smiled as he broke the silence with his voice. His tone was not only filled with satire, but there was hidden hints of jealousy and resentment.

Gao Yang’s expression went cold, he unhappily looked toward Chai Jun, “Chai Jun, please mind your wording, even if you are jealous of his talent, you don’t have to speak out loud about it. You are, after all, the son of a big family. You don’t even know how to be polite?”

Even though Chai Jun had some fear and respect toward Gao Yang, it didn’t reach to the point he needed to lower his head in front of him. The Chai family had several outstanding individuals that were highly regarded inside Dao Xin Academy, whose statuses were equal to Gao Yang.

Which was why after hearing Gao Yang scold him, Chai Jun not only didn’t take a step back, he also became more inflamed. “Did I say it wrong? Is there anyone that can misremember their own age? Knowing that the Soul Stone can accurately read the true age and he still intentionally told a fake age, won’t that prove he just wanted to make himself famous? Isn’t this behavior very despicable?”

Through his explanation, all the people suddenly exposed a ‘came to the realization’ expression.

Chai Jun probably said it out of jealousy, but his words somehow make sense. No matter how stupid a person can be, it is impossible to forget your age, unless it was intentional out of craving fame.

But in You XiaoMo’s case, it was the opposite.

“OMG, he hasn’t been accepted yet and he is already scheming things.”

“Who knew that this guy could be this calculative.”

“Just because he thinks himself a genius that can perk up and wag his tail, he really thinks he is better than anyone else, huh?”

Since those people were Chai Jun’s “same breath and branches” (t/n: gang), in order to humiliate You XiaoMo, they continued criticizing him one sentence after another with very disdainful expressions on their faces. They wanted to teach him, no matter how high your talent was, inside Dao Xin Academy it was packed with talents, and in their eyes, he was simply nothing but air.

You XiaoMo knew those guy didn’t like him, but he didn’t expect they would use this to humiliate him, unfortunately he couldn’t exactly explain why he remembered wrong.

Ning Jing-daoshi saw him lower his head and not mutter a word. She thought he was sad, so she quickly comforted him, “You XiaoMo, don’t take their words to heart, you have a gifted talent, your natural endowment is a real thing. Those people are just jealous of you, don’t let such a small thing bother you.”

She didn’t believe You XiaoMo would do this for fame, since her eye for people was not too bad. If he really had such an intention in mind, how could he act so calm previously?

You XiaoMo was surprised by this and he raised his head, “Ning Jing-daoshi, I’m not sad.”

Although it was true that his mental strength was a little weak, he was not that feeble to be heavy hearted over such trivial things. If he was then back in the Tian Xin Sect, he would have been crying to death when Kong Wen ignored him.

“So…” Ning Jing-daoshi looked at him, seemed like he was not that sad after all.

You XiaoMo saw through her doubts and honestly smiled, “I just got absent minded a little.”

Ning Jing-daoshi was suddenly speechless. Fine, every genius had their own weird strings. She had lived long enough to have knowledge and experience about this.

You XiaoMo continued asking, “Ning Jing-daoshi, when is the next test?”

Ning Jing-daoshi finally assured him, gently smiling, “Tomorrow morning will be the refining magic herb and pill test, remember not to come too late.”

“Thanks you Ning Jing-daoshi for your reminder.” You XiaoMo replied.

You XiaoMo and Ning Jing directly ignored those provocative people to the side and continued talking to each other. But this action toward Chai Jun and those people who had been waiting for the fun, this was definitely an unacceptable thing.

Seeing You XiaoMo about to leave, Chai Jun didn’t have any intention of letting him off the hook. In an urgent moment, he quickly blocked You XiaoMo’s path, loudly saying, “You want to run? Don’t you have the guts to let people admire your nasty scheming?”

You XiaoMo silently looked at Chai Jun. But then when he was about to speak up, he saw Ling Xiao standing outside, ready to come over, so You XiaoMo had to quickly give a gesture that implied he was okay. Not until he finally calmed down Ling Xiao did he look at Chai Jun again. He helplessly sighed, whether he was a no name or gained himself some fame, he was still a target of jealousy. This kind of life was so hard to live.

You XiaoMo said, “Hey, young master of the Chai Family, I remember you are not a deaf person, nor an uncultured one.”

Chai Jun fiercely looked at him with vicious eyes.

You XiaoMo continued talking, “When I introduced my age, I said ‘should be’, this word clearly emphasized my uncertainty, in other words, I was also not too sure whether I was nineteen or not. I have already given you the hint, and yet you don’t understand human language. If so, then there is nothing I can do, I only speak human.”

These words quickly stunned everyone at the scene, even Gao Yang and Ning Jing-daoshi were the same.

Not until Chai Jun and his underlings brains started working again did all the the people standing by laugh out loud. That last sentence was too hilarious. “Only speak human”, didn’t that sentence give irony that implied Chai Jun was not human?

But what he said was not wrong, he really did add “should be”, not only that, he also added in ” I think” before, showing double the uncertainty.

So the truth was clear, he really couldn’t remember his age, moreover, a true talented genius didn’t need to play such scheme for fame, because with his talent he would become famous sooner or later.

Chai Jun face turned green, this person was clearly implying he is not human.

You XiaoMo didn’t want to deal with him, the type of person that deliberately found faults in people, the more you react, the more arrogant he would become.

When You XiaoMo tried to walk passed them, Chai Jun eyes flashed as he suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed him. “You XiaoMo, you dare to humiliate me.” Chai Jun coldly said.

Seeing this scene, Gao Yang immediately shouted at him, ” Chai Jun, don’t you dare…”

But Chai Jun hadn’t reached You XiaoMo shoulder yet and a silhouette suddenly appeared next to You XiaoMo. A single hand grabbed Chai Jun’s wrist and squeeze it without hesitation, leaving only a cracking sound, accompanied with a sad and shrill screaming along with a sagging, powerless hand.

“Ah ah, my hand, my hand broke!”

Chai Jun expression had gone pale as he squatted on the ground, his left hand was holding the broken right hand.

Other people were scared by this scene, dumbfounded as they looked at the man who had suddenly appeared next to You XiaoMo. Because this man’s appearance was too plain, even his clothes were very common, that was why no one had paid attention to him. Seeing him take action very brutally, people realized this person’s strength couldn’t be overlooked. It seemed like he was probably You XiaoMo’s bodyguard.

The man looked down at Chai Jun, he spoke with a hoarse voice, “The next time you dare to lay hand on my young master, I will eradicate you.”

No one noticed You XiaoMo’s embarrassed expression after hearing Ling Xiao’s sentence.

Ling Xiao called him young master, even though he knew Ling Xiao was acting as Liu Yue, but…he had lived two lives and this was that first time someone called him young master.

“Third young master, are you ok?” Chai Jun’s gang of scoundrels immediately rushed over, worriedly looking at Chai Jun’s scarily white face.

One person even glared at Ling Xiao, “Do you know who third young master is? You dare to lay hand on him, the Chai family will never forgive you.”

You XiaoMo came out from behind Ling Xiao’s back, unhappily saying, “He is the one who made the first move, I…my attendant just used legitimate defense. And why should I stay still just because he is in a bad mood and wanted to vent on me?”

The person almost couldn’t retort back, hastily saying “Even so, your underling shouldn’t be that ruthless, not to mention young master had not even touched you yet.”

“Enough!” Ning Jing-daoshi finally flipped out, her beautiful face was covered in frost. She walked toward Chai Jun’s gang and said, “If you want to be disqualified, you can continue making a scene.”

One sentence and she had managed to silence them one by one. To be disqualified from Dao Xin Academy was not a joke, if their families knew about this, they would be finished.

Seeing her threat worked, Ning Jing-daoshi turned around to You XiaoMo and said, “If you have other business to attend to, then go, I will handle the situation here.”

“Sorry for troubling you, daoshi.” You XiaoMo sighed with relief. He immediately dragged Ling Xiao out of the hall, he was worried that if they stayed any longer, Ling Xiao identity might be exposed.

You XiaoMo, who had just left didn’t know that Ning Jing-daoshi was standing behind them looking at Ling Xiao’s figure while thinking something. Not only her but also Gao Yang, whose expression was also slightly surprised, he didn’t expect that his companion’s strength would be this high.

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