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Chapter 222 – The Genius’s Unexpected Mistake

After saying that, the young man also took a glance at You XiaoMo with a very obvious provocation.

You XiaoMo really couldn’t understand , was there anything to boast about? To him, being the first or last person is practically the same. Well, not like he had high hopes for other people to have the same idea as him.

Ning Jing-daoshi casually replied, as if she had, more or less, heard about this guy’s word and deeds.

The young man said: “My name is Chai Jun, third son to the Chai family, I’m 24 this year and a level 4 mage.”

The middle phrase ‘third son’ was totally unnecessary, but he seemed to have said it purposely in order to show off. The way he deliberately adding more pitch to indicated his superiority, even an outsider would sense he was boasting.

Ning Jing- daoshi’s calm face didn’t change in the slightest, she told him to stand in front of the staff, who was holding the Soul Stone next to her, to get his age tested. With a serious demeanor and calm attitude, as her eyebrow drooped while she began writing down the information, she gave out a very mature and dignified aura.

In front of her, Chai Jun was stunned, his mind was too occupied to think, his eyes filled with an overwhelming admiration.

After Chai Jun’s turn, his squad started pushing each other to be the next one in line.

Because Ning Jing-daoshi was a mage so obviously she only accepted registration from other mage. That was why other practitioners who also used this back door could only standby and watch.

You XiaoMo carefully listened to people announcing their age and level.

He realized, most of these people were from 22 to 25, all at level 4. Meanwhile a level 5 mage, which was considered to be a genius level, hadn’t appeared yet.

But he had to admit, the north really was where the talented gathered. Back in Tian Xin Sect, his two seniors’s qualification was seen as genius. However, here at the Dao Xin Academy enrollment test, that kind of qualification was only regarded as average. This really opened his eyes, this was the first time he was deeply aware of how small the south was, their situation was nowhere near the level of the North.

Ling Xiao who was standing beside You XiaoMo, seeing his expression as if he was lost in thought, couldn’t help but ask, “Something wrong?”

You XiaoMo shook his head, said, “Nothing, I’m just thinking they are indeed very talented.”

Ling Xiao lifted the corner of his mouth, knowing You XiaoMo probably was thinking about Fang ChenLe and Fu ZuLin, so he smiled. “There is nothing for you to envy. For them to be able to reach level 4 at this age, it all thanks to their family support. Moreover, most of them already started practicing in their childhood, at least more than seventeen to eighteen years, the longest maybe even twenty years. That is how long all of them have spent on practicing.” Ling Xiao specifically looked at Chai Jun while ending his sentence.

You XiaoMo followed his line of sight that fell down on Chai Jun, blinked, “They began practicing since they were only four years old?”

Weren’t people supposed to learn how to walk and speak at the age of four? (E/N: Wrong, children usually do that around eight months to two years old.)

Ling Xiao said, “All the disciples of the big familly have to start practicing early, to begin at four is nothing to be surprised about, there are some that even start sooner.”

You XiaoMo couldn’t stop staring, the hell were these big families, they surely were sadistic enough.

Ling Xiao suddenly whispered in You XiaoMo ear, softly teasing, “You XiaoMo, you shouldn’t be the one to speak, comparing them to you, they can’t even match your toe. It barely has been a year since you started and you have become a level 4 mage. This kind of talent, if you overlook the whole Long Tian continent, absolutely no genius can compare to you.”

You XiaoMo was silenced, but after a while, the corner of his mouth started curving up. Hearing Ling Xiao say that, he faintly remembered, there was this ‘matter’ ah. The more he thought about it, the more his cheeks became redder, more and more like a ripe peach.

Ling Xiao had an urge to chomp down on those flushing cheeks.

But he knew the limit right now. Although everyone’s attention was on that Ning Jing-daoshi, he couldn’t guarantee people wouldn’t look at their way. If people saw them, You XiaoMo would definitely get angry at him.

While Ling Xiao was thinking about it, Gao Yang who standing in front of them suddenly turned his head around.

Gao Yang meant to call You XiaoMo up to test, but seeing his face become so red, he couldn’t help but freeze a little. Not for a moment Gao Yang’s reaction worked again, as he asked, “Fellow You, are you okay? Did you catch any illnesses?”

Ling Xiao didn’t wait for You XiaoMo’s answer, he indifferently said, “He’s fine.”

Gao Yang looked at him, this man always gave him a weird feeling, but he couldn’t figure out how and why. After hearing his answer, and seeing You XiaoMo’s blush had slightly faded, so he stopped asking. “Fellow You, you are next in line.”

You XiaoMo listened to him, and went to the front.

Since he didn’t compete with the others to test first, he was the last one.

The crowd that was all lively earlier now suddenly quieted down and stared at each other. Then they restored the “laughing at other’s pain” face. They wanted to see what was so good about the person that Gao Yang personally brought here.

Ning Jing-daoshi looked at You XiaoMo with a faint smile. Her impression of this little youngster was not bad, because unlike other people with arrogant attitudes, You XiaoMo had a modest and polite manner with a somewhat shy personality. The most important thing was that he looked at her with a the respect for an elder.

Ning Jing-daoshi faintly smiled, “Little one, give me your information.”

You XiaoMo scratched the back of his head, timidly saying, ” I am called You XiaoMo, I think this year I should be nineteen years old, I’m also a level 4 mage.” He said ‘should be’ because he was not too sure about his age, after all he reincarnated halfway here, and he also forgot to ask at first.


After he ended his sentence, the hall went quiet. A level 4 mage at nineteen This kind of talent could definitely stand on the same ground as the geniuses of Dao Xin Academy.

Every pair of eyes fell on You XiaoMo, full of surprise.

Chai Jun, who was waiting for You XiaoMo to embarrass himself, couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. This natural endowment was not much difference apart from ‘that guy.’

A level 4 mage at nineteen, not like the North had not seen one before, but the number was definitely no more than fifty people.

Although Dao Xin recruited new students every three years, but the twenty to twenty-five range usually made up the majority. Anyone less than twenty years old was very rare, this type of person literally could be seen as genius.

This difference had a great connection with the first test.

To reach level 4 was not something you could do only by dreaming. Some people, even though had began training since childhood, the practice path did not go as smoothly as some people thought it would. As such, this was a very rocky road, most people would be twenty by the time they reached level 4.

Those with good luck, they obtained level 4 at twenty exactly at the time Dao Xin opened for admission. While those with bad luck, even if they met the level requirements, they still had to wait for another admission year.

That was why, even though nineteen years old was not the best of the best for natural endowment, it definitely was the best out of everybody here.

Ning Jing-daoshi looked at the youngster with astonishment in her eyes, this little one really gave her a big surprise.

Ning Jing-daoshi was a level 7 mage. Even though she was an outstanding beauty, but because her level was not particularly high, she never got a chance to have one of a real geniuses under her palm. Most of them usually would prefer a better daoshi. This was one of the things she regretted so much. To personally teach a genius would definitely improve her position and status inside the Dao Xin Academy a lot.

Originally she didn’t have much hope in this time’s admission.

Ning Jing-daoshi finally got back to herself and quickly asked the staff next to her, “Give me the soul stone.”

Those words made everyone shocked, Ning Jing- daoshi wanted to personally test his age! However, when they thought about You XiaoMo’s qualification, they soon became discouraged. Even if today standing here was someone else beside Ning Jing-daoshi they would have done the same.

You XiaoMo didn’t have any reaction toward the uproar he had caused, his attention had fixed on the soul stone in Ning Jing-daoshi hand.

This was the first time he saw a Soul Stone that could test age.

Even the 21st century Earth with a well developed high technology wasn’t able to make such a thing.

The Soul Stone size was slightly larger than a fist, with an appearance resembling a black crystal, even though the structure was clearly visible but the surface was glossy like mirror.

This thing, really can test a person’s true age?

You XiaoMo never had any experience with it, so he had a little doubt toward it.

Ning Jing-daoshi held the stone in front of You XiaoMo, smiled and said to him, “Put you hand on it.”

You XiaoMo listened to her and put his hand on it. Well, he thought it would be more complicated.

When he removed his hand and looked at it, he could see some golden digits slowly appeared on the stone, and when it completely emerged, You XiaoMo was suddenly embarrassed…

Originally all the people had been long waiting for the result, after seeing the number on the stone, everyone of them was petrified while their eyes were wide open, as if they had seen some unbelievable thing.

The silence inside the hall was broken by You XiaoMo guilty voice, “Sorry, I remembered wrong.”

Above the stone there was no sign of nineteen, but rather a clear eighteen number!

This joke was way too much to handle!

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