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Chapter 231: Assessment Final

Translated by Rara

You XiaoMo looked at the magic herbs placed on the platform, there were only two portions. In other words, each examinee would only have two opportunities, if you ran out of herbs and still couldn’t refine a single pill, then that meant you have failed the assessment.

You XiaoMo looked at the magic herbs and the recipe next to them, it was the potion for a magic pill called Golden Sand. Golden Sand pill is a low rank level 4 magic pill that was used for consolidating practitioner’s level after leveling up. To You XiaoMo, he had no trouble refining a mid rank pills, but the fact was that he had never refined this Golden Sand pill before. So You XiaoMo carefully read the recipe several times to assure the process without mistakes, and then he finally got his hand on refining.

In this part of assessment, you can choose to use your own cauldron or the one provided by the Association. Since most mages were more accustomed to their own cauldron, there was no restriction about this.

While You XiaoMo was about to put all the magic herbs into the provided cauldron, the other people were quickly taking out their own cauldrons, and almost half of the examinees were doing so.

You XiaoMo was stunned when he saw even BaiLi XiaoYu was no different.

He looked at the black cauldron, he felt that this cauldron was very good, compared to all the one he had used before….was much better. Well, he didn’t feel the need to change it, and so he tossed all herbs inside.

Teng ZiXin who was sitting next to him and saw his actions, her phoenix eyes flashed a bit.

A mage that could arbitrarily use any caudron, strictly speaking, this mage is much stronger than others. At this point, even BaiLi XiaoYu couldn’t even do it, and yet You XiaoMo didn’t even hesitate a little bit.

Tend ZiXin half opened her phoenix eyes. She had always been regarded as genius of geniuses since young, and this glory had been followed her for more than ten years. Seeing someone with a much higher potential than her suddenly appearing out of nowhere, even if she had a better temperament, she still won’t come to like this person.

You XiaoMo didn’t know Teng ZiXin’s train of thought had taken a few stations around, since at this moment he was fully focused on the magic herbs inside the cauldron.

Because the first hurdle of this part of assessment was still the distillation.

In order to reduce the magic pills danger rate, more than a few times of distill is needed. But since this part of the assessment only required examinees to refine a complete level 4 pill, it was not necessary to spent too much time on distillation, at least to avoid failing by time running out or making some accidental mistake.

But then this matter only applied to other people, not You XiaoMo. For him, since his speed had always been fast and his error rate seemed non- existence, that was why this problem never came into his mind.

But he was never too ignorant to disregard everything.

Although he only needed to distill several times, in order to refine a good quality pill, You XiaoMo still did more than a couple distillations. It was not until the seventh time that he finally stopped.

Because this was the first time he refined the Golden Sand pill, that was why he was extra careful.

You XiaoMo carefully divided his soul power into smaller parts to control the herb powder after he finished distilling them, and then he began to recall the next step of the pill recipe…

In a blink of an eye, half of the time had passed. Those that chose to reduce the distillation time so that they could refine a pill as soon as possible had began to finish their process, and not long after, some people had finished.

BaiLi XiaoYu and Tong YueXu’s speed was not slow, about one fifth of the time was left when both of their pills, which were a very fragrant blue color pill, finally flew out of the cauldron.

Those who have finished their part, most of them subconsciously looked toward in You XiaoMo and Teng ZiXin’s direction. With their potential, nailing this assessment was a piece of cake, but there were also the pill quality.

The association only provided low quality magic herbs, after all they were used to testing people, no need to use the valuable mid and top quality herbs.

That was why the outcome usually was only low quality magic pills, but due to the number of distillations, the danger rate was different. What people were looking forward to, was who would have a lower danger rate, Teng ZiXin or You XiaoMo.

By the time the hourglass was nearly to its end, they both had finally finished, and all that was left was to examine the pill.

The device that will be using in this part was also the same device that was used in the last part, but this time it was used for measuring the purity of the pills.

The more pure the pill was, the less risk it had. This can be seen based on the pill’s color, and can be accurately measured through the light emitted from the device.

This time, You XiaoMo was not patient enough to be the last in line. He presumed, the Teng ZiXin group would wait til the end again, so that they could gather the spotlight to themselves. And so You XiaoMo quickly stole the last spot of the first group that was about to get their pills examined.

This action of You XiaoMo stunned the Teng ZiXin’s people for awhile. The truth was, not only them, but even other people could see he was being impatient.

BaiLi XiaoYu also wanted to examine his pill together with You XiaoMo, but seeing others had already put their pills inside the device, if he asked them to give him the spot then that would be making trouble without reason. (t/n: provoke pointlessly).

This was the result You XiaoMo had wanted. You XiaoMo placed his pill inside the device, then looked at Elder Guan Yong who has no intention to move, “Elder Guan Yong, sorry to trouble you.”

Elder Guan Yong glanced at him, he could roughly guess what You XiaoMo was thinking, so he pressed the button.

The device quickly emitted a very deep blue light, so vivid that it dimmed all the other four blue lights that also came out at the same time as You XiaoMo’s.

Elder Guan Yong felt a tingling sensation inside his throat, low quality herbs and yet he could still refine the pill to such deep color. Seemed like he had done not a few distillation, probably six times. Then Elder Guan Yong quickly recovered his line of sight and looked at the other four people, and immediately said, “All five examinees passed, next group please come up.”

You XiaoMo immediately took the pill and then *pata pata* ran toward Ling Xiao.
(T/n: the *pata* part is a word use to describe the way the baby run, the kind of run that is unsteady but happy without worry.)

Even though the herbs were provided by the Association, they were just low quality ones, and to the ever rich and wealthy like the Mage Association, they could easily afford this much. So after the assessment, the pills were given back to the mages.

You XiaoMo flauntingly gave the pill to Ling Xiao, excitedly saying, “Ling Xiao, try this pill to see if it is good or not. This is my first time refining the Golden Sand pill.”

Ling Xiao also didn’t stop himself and directly tossed the pill inside his mouth, chewed it a few times, then nodded, “Good, although the taste is a little lacking.”

You XiaoMo understood and nodded, this was refined using low quality herbs, it was obvious that the taste would be poorer than the high quality one. You XiaoMo then patted his chest, “No fret, when I have the ingredients ready, I will refine some more for you.” There were two types of level four herbs of the Golden Sand pill recipes that he didn’t have inside his space. Seemed like he would have to go buy it.

But they didn’t know, their dialogue was heard by other people and it had caused a stir inside the hall.

First time refining Golden Sand pill, and yet the success rate was this high, although probably it might have something to do with his level, but the thought alone was scary enough.

And look at his companion, he could easily chew the pill raw, was he not afraid the pill’s efficacy would backfire and mess up his insides? This could cause death, you know.

Gao Yang and Ning Jing-daoshi stared at each other, looked like You XiaoMo was not the only monster, the man beside him was too oddly enough.

After finishing their conversation, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao walked over to Ning Jing. “Ning Jing-daoshi, since I have passed the assessment, when can I enroll?” The jade drive he bought back in the Emerald Court didn’t explain about it, so he didn’t know.

Ning Jing -daoshi softly said, “The admission will end tomorrow, so we will leave Yan City the day after. The morning on the day after, we will gather at the square and all of us will depart together, so remember not to come late.”

You XiaoMo, “Then we shall take our leave here, Ning Jing -daoshi. Gao – dage, see you the day after.”

Gao yang looked at them surprisingly, “Don’t you want to continue watching? You can take this opportunity to learn about your opponents.”

You XiaoMo shook his head,”I will have more chances in the future, I have something to do next, so I have no intention to stay back.”

Looking at You XiaoMo’s figure hastily leaving the hall, Teng ZiXin also took back her glance, she stared at the ‘also’ deep blue pill on her hand, her eyes suddenly deep in thought. This You XiaoMo, she more and more couldn’t figure this man out anymore.

On the other side, BaiLi XiaoYu also looked at You XiaoMo’s back with eyes wide open. Just right when he wanted to chat with You XiaoMo more, since he finally managed to make a friend of the same peer, he didn’t expect to see You XiaoMo would run off so fast. BaiLi XiaoYu wanted to follow him too but he hadn’t examined his pill yet.

Tong YueXu standing beside BaiLi XiaoYu and seeing him hanging his head dispiritedly ( t/n: feeling dispirited/dejected), he knew what was inside his head, so he patted BaiLi XiaoYu head and comforted, “XiaoYu, wait until we both enter the academy, then you can see him everyday.”

BaiLi XiaoYu looked up, “You are not allowed to lie to me.”

Tong YueXu nodded and laughed, ” I won’t.”

BaiLi XiaoYu pondered, “Then fine, I believe you.”

Such serious expression, Tong YueXu didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

After the three of them left the Mage Association hall, Ling Xiao also got very curious as to why he was so hurriedly leaving.

They stopped at the door of the Association, where just this faraway they were still able to hear the noise coming from the squares direction.

Liu Yue looked at his two masters, seeing them not muttering a word, he then quietly stood behind them. After all, he had vowed to serve them, although young master had not approved yet.

Ling Xiao asked, “What are you planning?”

You XiaoMo rolled his eyes, “I want to make money.”

Ling Xiao raised his eyebrows, “You still secretly stored some more magic pills?”

You XiaoMo twitched his mouth, he clearly didn’t ‘secretly’ store anything, “Stop fooling around, they are not for you to eat. Since I have run out of money, I want to make some more.”

You XiaoMo felt a little restlessness without having some money in his possession, and besides, who knew when they would be able to go outside again or how much money they needed after entering the academy.

Liu Yue was trying to blend his existence into the background. Why did he feel the “stop being naughty, kid” vibe coming off young master? He must have stepped out of door with the wrong foot today!

Liu Yue seeing them not moving an inch, he could faintly figure out the reason, and said, “Young Master, I know where the Yan city’s business district is.”

You XiaoMo immediately looked at him, “Why don’t you say so sooner! Quick, lead the way.”

And so Liu Yue, who could be seen as half a local, successfully lead them to the business district.

T/n: Phoenix eyes is very much an Asian thing. It a type of eye shape that is closely resemble the slanted eyes. But not to be confuse, the main difference between Slanted eyes and Phoenix eyes is the degree of slant in the eye. The Slanted Eye obviously has a greater slant but does not possess the little curve at the outer corner of the eye as in the Phoenix Eye. On the other hand, the Phoenix Eye does not slant until the corner of the eye.

Fun fact, phoenix eyes is considered as one of the most beautiful eyes for Asians


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