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Chapter 236

The Freshman That Causes Trouble

Translated by Rara

Although the room was old, it wasn’t too bad. After You XiaoMo entered inside, he instantly felt the atmosphere was filled with a faint hint of spiritual energy.

Tong YueXu happened to see the doubt on his face, he explained, “I heard that every dorm room of Dao Xin Academy, whether it is a shared or single room, each room will contain spiritual energy. Moreover, the higher the room cost, the more concentrated the spiritual energy, and more suitable for practicing.”

BaiLi XiaoYu also jumped in, “I have heard my brothers talking about this before.”

You XiaoMo turned around and looked at them, “You guys probably won’t be staying here for too long, right?”

Even though he didn’t know the position and status of their siblings inside Dao Xin, but using their natural potential to speak, then their relatives talent would also not be lower than theirs. Even though students needed to rely on themselves to obtain the points, there was no rules about students using other people’s point.

Therefore, if BaiLi XiaoYu and Tong YueXu wanted to move out of here, they only needed to ask their relatives to rent a single room for them.

This thing didn’t have much relation with effort, since having a good room could improve the practice speed. If you have enough conditions, there was simply no need to hold yourself back.

BaiLi XiaoYu didn’t even bother thinking, and he nodded, “Of course, my brother said when me and Xu-ge enroll in, he will help us rent a two person room with high concentrated spiritual energy.”

Through to the end of the sentence, it seemed like BaiLi XiaoYu’s brother is a well-known talented figure inside of the academy, so it was natural for him to help his little brother renting a better room. You XiaoMo guessed that they would move out today or tomorrow.

Tong YueXu originally wanted to stop BaiLi XiaoYu’s mouth, but totally didn’t expect he would speak so fast.

Although everyone knew about their circumstances, just a moment ago BaiLi XiaoYu was so excited to share a room with You XiaoMo, and yet in a flash said he wanted to move out right away. In every way this seemed a little bit unfair and improper, it would probably make the other person have second thoughts.

As the matter was called to his mind, Tong YueXu even more carefully looked at You XiaoMo without a trace, he wanted to see how You XiaoMo would react.

You XiaoMo didn’t have any special reaction toward what he had heard, except the fact he felt this was a very good thing.

He also would like to move out of here immediately, even better if he could get a single room, but he was not as lucky as BaiLi XiaoYu and Tong YueXu who have relatives at the academy. They didn’t need to desperately earn points like other students in order to be able to rent a new room.

Even though You XiaoMo had no backdoor to use, right now he was already working out how to earn more points.

“Ah!” BaiLi XiaoYu suddenly shouted, “XiaoMo, since you don’t have much points, how about staying with us? I will ask my brother to rent us a three person room so that we can live together, what do you think about this idea?”

You XiaoMo was shocked by his shout, he thought that BaiLi wanted something horrendous, turned out it was this matter.

Speaking of which, he and BaiLi XiaoYu in fact only had some encounters before, even though they can talk well to each other, their relationship was not that close to easily accept other’s goodwill for free, not to mention the person in front of him was no more than a mere stranger.

The so-called no pain no gain, if he accepted it, then it would mean he owed BaiLi XiaoYu a favor, and he didn’t really like the idea of owning anyone a favor.
(Ra: except boss cus hubby is free for use :p)

Thinking of this, You XiaoMo smiled back while shaking his head and refused, “Thank you, but no, I already have a plan.”

Seeing his firm determination, BaiLi XiaoYu stared at him and had no choice but to give up.

Tong YueXu who was standing beside and observing them, suddenly felt light hearted, because in fact, he also had the same thought as You XiaoMo. Even though they could be considered as friends now, their relationship hadn’t reached that far to treat the other this good, moreover, they didn’t really have much knowledge about You XiaoMo. To be born from a big clan, he couldn’t help but have to take in more consideration.

As expected, not long after, BaiLi XiaoYu’s brother sent someone over to pick up both him and Tong YueXu. Originally the brother wanted to come over on his own, but he got tangled with business, so he couldn’t go.

Before leaving, BaiLi XiaoYu asked You XiaoMo again if he willing to go with them, and You XiaoMo still calmly rejected his offer. But this question made the person who was sent here keep looking at You XiaoMo.

After going back inside the room, You XiaoMo cried. They hadn’t stayed here for half a day and both BaiLi XIaoYu and Tong YueXu had left, You XiaoMo could see that the big brother of them was really care for them.

You XiaoMo admired them, but he didn’t get jealous as all, on the contrary, he was more concerned about Ling Xiao, he didn’t know if the situation over there also the same as his, if it was then he really doubted that Ling Xiao would agree to stay with others in the same room. The more You XiaoMo pondered, the more it became unlikely, looked like he would have to try hard to earn the points, then he could rent a single room for Ling Xiao first.
(Ra: good wifey always prioritize hubby first XD, and why do you think boss can’t make money, momo?)

Holding on to this thought, after he finished tidying up the room, he went out with his roommate Jiang XiaoFeng to inquire about some info.

Even though Ning Jing-daoshi told them that tomorrow she will introduce methods to earn points, You XiaoMo wanted to know immediately, if he could, he also hoped that he could start earning some today.

And so, after asking for the directions, the two rookies went all their way to the arena.

The arena was a competition ground, which was one of the ways to earn points. Even though this method was not the fastest way to earn points, it was already one of the best, as people came here almost everyday, making it the liveliest and noisiest place in the B ward.

If you wanted to inquire some info, the arena was a good place to go.

Since both Block One and 2 used the same arena, despite being located in two different directions, students from the two blocks could still meet up, and the arena was the place people frequently go the most. And not everybody come here to earn some points, most students came here mainly to find an opponent in order to gain more power through fighting.

You XiaoMo and Jiang XiaoFeng had just arrived, they hadn’t come close yet and from far away they could hear the shouting and loud noise coming from the arena. The whole arena was so crowded with both students of Block One and 2 that not one drop could trickle through, all of them looked curious and excited.

You XiaoMo tried to raise up his ear to eavesdrop people’s’ conversation.

“Have you heard, this years new freshman, each one of them are a monster ah.”

“What happened, why did so many people rush here to the arena?”

“I heard that a freshman that just enrolled less than a day ago and has already challenged schoolmate Sun Zhe with the bet of two hundred points, and now they are both on the arena.”

“No way, schoolmate Sun Zhe is our senior of ward B, I heard that he is one of the seeds that is most likely to enter ward A this year, that new student is so daring ah, even daring to challenge Sun Zhe.”

“Is it only me that feels two hundred points is a huge amount?”

“You are not alone.”

Everyone was discussing passionately but their feet were still quick like a wind, rushing their way to the arena.

Jiang XiaoFeng looked at You XiaoMo and asked for his opinion, “Classmate You, how about we go there to check it out?”

The reason Jiang XiaoFeng used a humble tone to talk to You XiaoMo, was because his talent, even though it was above average compared to You XiaoMo who was under the spotlight these past few days, he was a lot weaker. That was why he took the initiative and asked for his opinion.

You XiaoMo also got curious, and not only that, somehow he had an uneasy feeling inside, so he nodded his head to agree.

But because it was too crowded, by the time they arrived, they couldn’t squeeze into the surge of people.

You XiaoMo felt a bit hasty, he wouldn’t be able to feel at ease unless he saw that freshman.

Seeing it was impossible to squeeze in, You XiaoMo had no choice but turn to the side and ask a senior who was also came here to watch the fun. “Hello shixiong, do you know the name of the student who challenged schoolmate Sun Zhe?”

The senior looked at him, “You don’t know?”

You XiaoMo, “I’m a Block Two student.”

The senior showed a “no wonder” expression, since this news came out recently, so it normal that Block Two student hadn’t know yet, but he simply didn’t think You XiaoMo is a freshman, so he explained, “In fact I’m not really sure, but I heard that that arrogance freshman have a “Xiao” character in his name, but I don’t know the specific details.”


No need to doubt ah, You XiaoMo directly confirmed that arrogant freshman was Ling Xiao.

As expected, the thing he worried about the most really happened, in just this short period of time Ling Xiao already managed to have a conflict with the ward senior, and the two hundred points he had heard about, You XiaoMo suspected, Ling Xiao probably wanted to switch to a single room, and Sun Zhe was the unlucky fat sheep.

You XiaoMo facepalmed, even though this method could give a quick bundle of points, but this would definitely gather people’s attention, what if the people of the academy found out about their lie?

Looking at the packed crowd, You XiaoMo exploded, he ignored his small physique and forced his way through.

After being trampled for a few rounds, You XiaoMo finally managed to jam in as he gasped heavily, he realized that having a small body also had it use, because he just saw a strong build man who was twice his size get pushed out by the flood of people.

The arena was a large square shape ground made from large gray stones, with 20 meter in width and length. Right now, on top of the empty arena were two figures standing opposite with each other.

You XiaoMo squinted his eyes to see, as his sight fell on the white figure, who was obviously Ling Xiao. You XiaoMo’s last string of hope finally broke.

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