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Chapter 239
Behavior of the Two People

Translated by Rara

The one who was in control of renting out booths at Dao Xin Academy was called Elder Wan. Elder Wan was famous for being strict. Anybody who wanted to rent a booth from him could only do so by following the academy’s regulations. People who wanted to get a booth through the backdoor should think twice, or else when he found out about it, he would never let that person rent another booth. So even the disciples from the big clans would never take the risk.

However, the rental price for both of the booths at the bazaar were so expensive, just like the most popular booths in the area that sold magic pills, which You XiaoMo saw before. Each booth unexpectedly cost a hundred points per day. When he heard the digit numbers, You XiaoMo was stunned.

A hundred points per day, that means he has to sell around thirty Yuanyang pills and Huoxue pills to get profit, because he had to include the cost of the magic herbs that needed to be refined too.

But for those big forces, they might sell more than thirty magic pills per day.

First, they have many people; they probably joined together to refine the magic pills. Second, there are many people who come and go through that bazaar, so there would be many people passing by and coming to their booth. Selling fifty or a hundred magic pills would be a piece of cake for them.

You XiaoMo realized he wouldn’t be able to do that. Nevermind the possibility of whether he could sell thirty pills or not, he would be deathly tired if he had to refine magic pills day and night. So there was no way he could afford this bazaar, he couldn’t even dream of having it.

The rest of the booths prices were getting cheaper and cheaper, like some booths at the corner that he had his eyes on. Because that place was really not eye-catching, they wouldn’t even know whether they could sell one magic pill, so many people were not interested in that place. Therefore, the rent price was exceptionally low, only two points per day. Of course, he still has to look for Elder Wan to inquire about this.

For now, he still hasn’t refined anything, and still didn’t know how many days he wanted to rent for. So he has to make a plan first and then come again. At any rate, he wasn’t afraid that the booth would be rented out a few days later.

After that, You XiaoMo accompanied Ling Xiao to look for a small pavilion. Ling Xiao didn’t have any specific requirements like the environment for distilling magic pills, but he doesn’t like to live with a stranger in the pavilion, even if they have separate rooms. That’s why he was quite extravagant and rented a private small pavilion which cost twelve points a day.

The one who is in charge of renting Block One houses was an elder with surname Gong. He was a senile old man with greyish hair. But anyone who could become an elder at Dao Xin Academy, wouldn’t be as simple as he looked.

When he heard they want to rent a private small pavilion, Elder Gong raised up his drooping eyelids, revealing his eyes that were full of vitality. His sight fell onto You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao, and then he grabbed his brush and said, “What is your name?”

Ling Xiao said, “Ling Xiao.”

Elder Gong paused his hand that was writing before, and then finally looked at him again, “Are you THAT Ling Xiao, the one who defeated Sun Zhe?”

From that kind of tone, he obviously already knew what had happened not long ago, it was clear that their duel has already spread.

Ling Xiao rubbed his nose while laughing, “Yes.”

Elder Gong looked at his laughing face, and lightly said, “It is a good thing for young people to be confident about themselves, but you also have to know on how to remain modest and keep your cool.”

Ling Xiao cupped his hand in front of his chest and said, “Thank you for your reminder, Elder Gong, Ling Xiao certainly will bear it in his mind.”

You XiaoMo who saw his act was unable to restrain his smile and barely held in his laugh.

But when he tried to restrain his facial expression, a sharp glance fell upon him from Elder Gong, and it frightened him out with his guilty conscience, so he averted his gaze. Fortunately, Elder Gong didn’t criticize him, and quickly completed their procedures.

Ling Xiao’s sixty points on his black card were all spent on renting the house. That would only last him five days. If he couldn’t make more money in five days, he has to go back to the free room with four people.

After the registration, Elder Gong took a green plaque and gave it to Ling Xiao. The plaque is the proof of the small pavilion’s ownership, and needed to get in and out of the small pavilion. Because the aura inside the house was different, there was a barrier outside, and other people couldn’t enter unless they got permission from the owner.

After they finished with Ling Xiao’s business, You XiaoMo used this opportunity to also rent a single room. Elder Gong was in charge of both the houses at the Block One and Block Two, but he didn’t record it on the same book, so he had to wait for a moment.

You XiaoMo said, “Elder Gong, I want a single room. My name is You XiaoMo.”

Elder Gong frowned and said, “You are THAT You XiaoMo?”

When he heard this sentence, You XiaoMo suddenly felt familiar. He spoke just as skeptical as when Ling Xiao registered just now. You XiaoMo said, “If nobody has the same name as mine, then yes, I should be that You XiaoMo that you talked about.”

Elder Gong muttered by himself, and then said, “Have you chosen any tutors yet?”

You XiaoMo surprised, “Tutor?”

When Elder Gong saw his expression, he knew that this boy knew nothing and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow, and then explained, “Your qualifications are very good, during assessment, you tied first place along with Teng ZiXin, so you can choose the tutors that you like. Right now there are many tutors who are watching you to see who you’re going to choose, and if you still can’t choose, the academy can arrange a high level tutor for you.”

You XiaoMo got the general idea, “But isn’t my tutor Ning Jing-daoshi, ma?”

In the first place, the one who checked him was Ning Jing-daoshi, and he was going to listen to her lectures with his classmates. So he always believed that his future tutor would be Ning Jing-daoshi.

“Although Ning Jing-daoshi is also a high level mage, her strength in this school is only moderate. You could choose for a better tutor, and no other tutors would be able to intervene with your choice. So you don’t have to stick to formalities.” Elder Gong said.

“Thank you Elder Gong, student understand.” You XiaoMo nodded towards him.

“You don’t have to thank me, I’m just curious about your choice.” Elder Gong shook his head, and then gave him the plaque for the single room. “The number on that plaque is your room number. If you can’t find it, you can ask the person in charge to help you.”

You XiaoMo took the plaque, and sure enough, he saw a few words on top of it. His plaque was blue, different from Ling Xiao’s.

After they left, they realized that what Elder Gong said wasn’t wrong, because although there weren’t that many people who came here today, there were many people watching him secretly. After all, he currently was tied with the second place Teng ZiXin, so he has big potential. Not only are the tutors interested in him, but even some forces in the Ward B also wanted to recruit him. But because no one dared to make the first move, everyone just kept quiet and observed You XiaoMo for the time being.

After he cleared his mind, You XiaoMo didn’t get tangled for too long. Because speaking of the forces at Ward B, he didn’t even have to figure out that the forces were mostly the children from the four big families. He didn’t want to take part in their affairs, so he definitely wouldn’t join.

As for the tutors, he only knew Ning Jing-daoshi, and although he hasn’t meet with the other tutors yet, he felt really comfortable with Ning Jing-daoshi, and she also looked after him, so he might not consider other tutors.

That being said, he actually knew one thing, Ward B and Ward A were not located in the same place, so if he moves to the Ward A in the future, he wouldn’t be able to follow Ning Jing-daoshi anymore. You XiaoMo was a little confident, although Ning Jing-daoshi is a level seven mage, but by the time he became a level six or level seven mage, he would probably already have moved to Ward A.

Putting all this behind, You XiaoMo pulled Ling Xiao to another bazaar that sold magic herbs.

He spent thirty points to rent a single room for five days, so he still has one hundred and thirty points left. But because the magic herbs in his space were all high level magic herbs, he would attract people’s attention if he took it out hastily. So he had to buy low level magic herbs at the magic herb section.

You XiaoMo’s plan was, although he couldn’t sell high level magic pills brazenly, but he could sneak in two or three of them in a batch of low level magic pills. Of course he would set a different price, so it will lessen other people’s attention towards him.

When he was strolling around the magic herb section, You XiaoMo found out that the price for magic herbs wasn’t expensive. For example, the magic herbs needed to refine Yuanyang pills, the cost of goods sold were only two points, and sometimes even less than two points. Sometimes it’s a little bit tricky, if they managed to reach a long-term cooperation, he would get even cheaper price. So if he sells Yuanyang pills for four points each, he would get two points for his profit. It’s a very lucrative method.

You XiaoMo immediately took some points to buy the materials for Yuanyang pills and Huoxue pills.

He bought forty pairs for Yuanyang pills materials, and spent forty points. The materials for Huoxue pills were even cheaper, he spent twenty five points for fifty pairs. After that, he bought materials for Zhenyang pills. The price was more expensive, he spent forty points for twenty pairs of materials. He bought a total of one hundred and five points. When the seller saw him bought so many, they gave him Zhenyang magic seeds that he didn’t have at his space.

All of sudden, he was only left with twenty five points inside his black card.

Although his heart hurts, as long as he refined the magic pills, he would gain profit later.

After that, he and Ling Xiao went back home. That night, he moved to a private room under the jealous gaze from Jiang XiaoFeng. To be able to become a roommate with people who have high potentials with backing up of course is a happy thing, because he could take it easy. But unexpectedly, all of them were already moved out for less than a day. So of course he would feel depressed.

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