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Chapter 241: The Freshman Class

Translated by Rara

Since You XiaoMo’s booth was in the dead corner so to be able to met him was not that easy. This was why not only the other people in the area, but even You XiaoMo was caught by utter surprise.

You XiaoMo quickly got his bearings back, and then introduced each jade bottle one by one. “Theses are the HuoXue pills they only cost two points. The YuanYang pills are three points and the Zhenyang pills are four points.”

After listening to You XiaoMo’s introductions, the man who was holding a longsword picked up the Yuanyang pill and then earnestly looked at it, then put down the bottle and said, “Compared to other vendors, your magic pill quality is much higher and yet the price is cheaper. With this price, won’t this be a loss for you?”

You XiaoMo smiled and said, “Today is my first opening day, so the price was set relatively cheap.”

Hearing that, the man lightly smiled back, and straightforward said, “I accept this price, how many do you have in possession?”

You XiaoMo surprisingly raised his eyebrows, this guy was so upfront, not to mention that he seemed like he was not going to buy just one or two pills.

Standing beside the man was his companion, who could roughly see through You XiaoMo’s doubt, so he also put down the jade bottle and smiled. “To be able to buy a good quality magic pill at a reasonable price is not easy these days, so whatever you have, we will buy them all.”

What is this suppose to mean? Good quality magic pills? Could it be that the pills sold by the others were not as good?

You XiaoMo was muddled by their words, but it didn’t affect his business sense. “I have five Zhenyang pills, with the Yuanyang pills and HuoXue pill I have ten of each. Are you sure you want to buy them all?” He talked as his hand took out all the magic pills.

No one could blame him for that question, because the total price for twenty-five pills was ninety five points, and according to his investigation yesterday, this was a really big amount to most people. Even some who were in their booths for seven to eight days couldn’t make that much.

(Addis note: This is not a typo. We know that the price should actually only be 70pts but we think the author isn’t very good at math, as there have been other math mistakes that we have fixed.)

“Hm…are you suspecting us of not having enough points?” The man laughed.

“Actually, I’m not. It’s just that, shouldn’t a normal customer only buy one or two pills to try it out first and then if they feel satisfied they continue to buy more?”

The appearance of these two in front of his booth in this dead corner was already an unfathomable mystery, and now they suddenly were willing to buy all the magic pills he had at once. This was surely odd enough, no wonder You XiaoMo would think like that.

The man and his companion stared at each other, then the companion profoundly answered, “You are such an interesting one. Other people just wish we would buy more and more. While you, on the other hand, are advising us not to buy too many. Rest assured, this amount of points, we can afford it. Moreover, we’d like to visit you again, but maybe by that time, there won’t be anything left for us to buy.”

Once again, they spouted stuff he couldn’t understand. The doubt inside You XiaoMo kept growing bigger, but he didn’t say anything. His intention was not to advise them to buy less, he simply expressed his doubt, that was all. If they bought all of his magic pills, not only could he earn back the production costs, he also didn’t have to waste his time at this place, because he had class in thirty minutes.

Considering the worth of the jade bottle was not much, You XiaoMo straightforwardly gave away the jade bottle to them for free. The man joyfully received the bottle, opened the lid and looked down, when he had verified the amount and pills, he threw a black card toward You XiaoMo.

You XiaoMo looked at the number of points on the black card, and he couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Oh my, no wonder they didn’t care about the hundred points, as there was more than five hundred points on this black card. One hundred points was only one fifth of their total amount. Such rich and ostentatious folk.

When his senses came back to him, he immediately transferred the ninety-five points from the man’s card to his.

Seeing the number on his black card turning from fifteen to one hundred and ten, You XiaoMo once again got emotional about how profitable this mage job was.

This scene caused his surrounding vendors to stare at him with jealousy, envy and hate. Some booth owners even seemed to stare at the black card in You XiaoMo’s hand until their eyes turned red. They were struggling to set up a booth here and yet the best they could sell everyday was only five or six pills.Yet, this fella had already sold twenty-five his first time, and it was in the legendary dead corner. This scene really put them in a precarious position.

They were different than You XiaoMo because their booths were not at the dead corner, so the rent fee per day was from three to five points. Counting in the production costs, the points they earned each day was even less.

You XiaoMo also couldn’t predict this situation that in just a blink of an eye he had already earned back half of the production costs.

Those points could help him rent a pavilion room for a few days. However, since he had already rented the single room for five days, if he wanted to change rooms then he would have to wait until the contract date, or else he would end up losing money. Or, maybe, he could give the room to someone else, because he was kind of looking forward to the pavilion room.

It would have been better if he had a friend inside the academy, since he wouldn’t mind giving them. But, at the moment, he didn’t have one… Eh, actually, Liu Yue could, but since he is a practitioner, You XiaoMo didn’t know if he could give it to Liu Yue, or transfer the rent date to him.

You XiaoMo pondered, he might need to find some time after class to ask around for some information.

Since he had sold out early, You XiaoMo quickly closed his booth and left the bazaar, leaving a bunch of jealousy filled eyes behind his back.

Less than fifteen minutes after he arrived at his single room, he received the notification for class. Ning Jing daoshi was preparing the first lesson at the southeast lecture hall of Block Two.

The lecture hall was located in the southeast where Block Two students went to study. The class was divided depending on their levels from class one to class nine, each level had three classes. For example, class one to three was for level 4 mages, class four to six was for level 5 and seven to nine was for level 6.

But all the freshman, like You XiaoMo, had to join the freshman class several times before being distributed into a proper class.

Since Jiang XiaoFeng was the one who notified him, You XiaoMo left the room with him to the freshman class.

The moment they arrived, the classroom was already half filled with students gathering and talking. Since this was their first academy that they were enrolled in, there were lots of topics to converse about.

Seeing them walking inside, some students that originally ignored the newcomers all paid attention to them. Then they started to whisper with the person next to them. More and more eyes set on You XiaoMo’s figure with observation and doubt.

“Is this the guy in the rumor that can compare to Teng ZiXin, You XiaoMo?”

“Probably not. That kid there looks so young, ah!”

“Teng ZiXin is the young mistress of the Teng clan, how can that You XiaoMo guy overturn her. If it was not for Teng ZiXIn holding herself back, how could You XiaoMo be able to place first place too. It’s so ridiculous. She is already a level 5 mage at the age of eighteen.”

“Let’s say that Teng ZiXin restrained herself. But you have to admit, that guy You XiaoMo really does have the talent and the skill.”

There were many different opinions mixed in the one room. Some strongly promoted Teng ZiXIn and belittled You XiaoMo, while some gave him moderate appreciation and admiration. If one didn’t compare You XiaoMo to Teng Ziin, his potential was indeed high.

Jiang XiaoFeng cautiously and solemnly looked at You XiaoMo, “Classmate You, where would you like to sit?”

You XiaoMo felt a little funny inside. In his entire life this was the first time someone wanted to hold his thigh. But he didn’t reveal his thoughts on the surface, only said, “Let’s go sit at whatever free spot the place have left.” He pointed at the big empty space to the left.
t/n: to hold thigh = the act of belittle oneself to flattery, to ask for protection.

Jiang XiaoFeng took a peek, and while the location seemed a bit remote, he could faintly guess that You XiaoMo didn’t to be too conspicuous. He nodded, “Okay, let’s go there. Ning Jing daoshi will arrive soon.”

You XiaoMo originally wanted to say something, but swallowed back his words. Since there weren’t many people in the rear, it was relatively quiet. You XiaoMo was quite pleased with this point. But soon, he quickly found out he was wrong, because, not long after, an uproar came from the direction of the entrance.

Hearing the scream coming from that direction, and seeing the figure leading the way, You XiaoMo had a bad hunch.

As expected, it was BaiLi XIaoYu with a mischievous look as he searched around the classroom. When he immediately found You XiaoMo, his face revealed a big smile. It was so bright that it could blind people, and then he ignored Tong YueXu behind him and with a ” thud thud*, he ran toward You XiaoMo.

“XiaoMo, I had wanted to go to class with you.” Baili Xiao Yu looked at You XiaoMo with the implication, ‘you went first without me.’

You XiaoMo embarrassedly touched his nose. How could he have known BaiLi XiaoYu wanted to find him? So, he said, “Next time, remember to tell me first, I will wait for you.”

BaiLi XiaoYu squinted his eyes and smiled, “Okay, promise, you have to wait for me next time.”

Tong YueXu came over by the time BaiLi XiaoYu had finished his sentence, and behind him was a bunch of people, mostly the disciples of their clan. Then, they immediately found their own seats, the suppose-to-be-vacant seats were now suddenly all taken.

Tong YueXu sat next to BaiLi XiaoYu, gently giving a nod to You XiaoMo. You XiaoMo also smiled back at him, then he suddenly remembered something, so he asked, “I forgot to said this to you guys, but I have left the four person room. If you want to find me, I’m at room 009 of the Third Autumn courtyard.”

As his words came out, except Jiang XiaoFeng, everybody was caught by surprise.

BaiLi XiaoYu and Tong YueXu moving out was something that they could understand, since both of them had relatives inside the academy.

But You XiaoMo was not like them. He had no power nor influence. He was just an unknown mage. How could he be able to move out right away, and to a single room to boot.

Third Autumn courtyard was a building classified by quality, everybody knew that the smaller the number before the season, the higher quality of the room.

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Out of curiosity is the term “to hold thigh” is it really thigh or high? I like learning new expressionsite but I’m not familiar with this one so I want clarification.

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Anyway, loving the translation work so far.

April 25, 2018 11:12 am

BaiLi XiaoYu still feels like Nagisa Hazuki 😅

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