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Chap 245 Trouble Arrives at the Door

After helping Liu Yue settle down, You XiaoMo and BaiLi XiaoYu aggressively went to find Chai Jun.

At the moment, Chai Jun didn’t know trouble was coming for him. After witnessing that You XiaoMo’s potential was much higher than Teng ZiXin’s, he immediately gave up on the idea of getting revenge on You XiaoMo.

With such a high potential freshman, the academy would definitely set their eyes on them. Even though he was the third young master of the Chai Clan, even they had no heart to directly challenge the monsters of Dao Xin Academy face to face.

Therefore, Chai Jun had extinguished all of his intentions and tried his best to avoid facing You XiaoMo if at all possible.

But never in his life would he imagine that when he wanted to stay away from You XiaoMo, the man himself would personally come to his door with an additional companion, and that companion was none other than the one that mustn’t be touched as well, BaiLi XiaoYu.

It wasn’t hard to find out Chai Jun’s whereabouts because the next few days after they moved out, they heard that Chai Jun had also left his four person room.

Chai Jun was very fixated on saving face, he liked making everything flashy and enjoyed bathing under the limelight. So him moving out was the story everyone had long known, a couple of questions and they knew exactly where his pavilion was located.

After knowing the exact location, You XiaoMo and BaiLi XiaoYu immediately arrived to his door to “slaughter”.

Currently, there were plenty of people at the First Autumn Courtyard mostly because they had just finished class so they came back to their room. As people arrived and left, they saw two youths walking toward a pavilion of the First Autumn Courtyard as fast as lightning with an anger on their faces and in a highly aggressive manner. With just one glance, everyone knew something was bound to happen. Some couldn’t hold their curiosity so they sneakily followed them, and when they saw which pavilion those two stopped at, they finally knew that it was to find the third young master of the Chai Clan, Chai Jun.

Since Chai Jun was a notorious person, not a single person in the First Autumn Courtyard didn’t know about him. Therefore, everyone knew that pavilion belonged to Chai Jun. Seeing that some kind of amusing drama was about to begin, some even went out of their room to watch the fun.

“Chai Jun, you fudging bastard, get out immediately!” You XiaoMo loudly yelled as he blasted his way into the pavilion.

Even though most pavilions had a barrier layer casted outside, Chai Jun’s case was a little special. He liked having visitors at his lot because it gave him a feeling as if he had some influence. Plus, this could help him win over some people. That was why he put the plaque Elder Gong gave him directly onto the pavilion’s door, so that everyone could freely enter the place.

You XiaoMo and BaiLi XiaoYu both forgot about this point, so even after they entered the place they still hadn’t noticed anything strange.

With Chai Jun’s personality, if he heard someone scold him, naturally, he would undeniably run outside without saying anything further. And they didn’t have to wait long, as they heard the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs direction consistently. Chai Jun’s figure soon appeared in front of them, and as expected, his face was also full of anger.

However, after seeing You XiaoMo, his temper immediately cooled down and he was taken by surprise. Why would You XiaoMo deliberately come here to find him?

Although he had made up his mind not to provoke You XiaoMo, under so many gazes, Chai Jun didn’t want to lose his face. He said with a cold face, “You XiaoMo, why did you burst into my pavilion?”

You XiaoMo yelled ten times louder than normal, “I want to kick your sorry ass!”

Every muscle on Chai Jun’s face started twitching, was this guy sick in the head? But being seen by so many people, Chai Jun couldn’t act like a loser, so he immediately got mad, “You XiaoMo, do you know what you are saying to me, the one and only third young master of the Chai Clan, who do you think you are? And you really think you can beat me? I warn you, if you don’t leave now, don’t blame me for not taking it easy on you.”

“Who is right and who is wrong, it hasn’t been decided yet!” BaiLi XiaoYu stood out and stated.

“BaiLi XiaoYu, what have you gone crazy for?” Chai Jun was sullen because BaiLi XiaoYu decided to interfere. “The two of you came to my territory out of nowhere for no reason and started to rampage. Do you think I’m a fucking herbivore that I’d let you guys humiliate me me to your content?”

“Who said we came here with no reason!” You XiaoMo pointed at Chai Jun’s nose, said, “You ordered people to beat my men, don’t you think a debt of blood must be paid in blood?”
t/n:a debt of blood must be paid in blood = an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth

“What nonsense are you saying, what did I…” Chai Jun who originally wanted to deny, suddenly paused as he remembered there was something like that, but that was before they entered inside the academy, when he found out the person who broke his arm also became the academy student, he sent his men to fixed their eyes on Liu Yue to find a chance to teach him a lesson.

Seeing him not muttering a word, You XiaoMo knew someone must have remembered, so he made a spitting sound like a delinquent. “Chai Jun, since you dare to order your people to hit my people, I will make you pay for it!”

Even though Liu Yue wasn’t his underling, but You XiaoMo was very much a protective parent type. If you put it in a way, Liu Yue had already spent a short while with him, and during that time, his performance was worthy of praise. Although You XiaoMo didn’t completely acknowledge him, that didn’t mean he would allow anyone to bully Liu Yue.

Not to mention, the reason Liu Yue got involved, was because of him and Ling Xiao.

Chai Jun’s eyes widened with anger. They thought they could easily bully him whenever they wanted? He may not want to poke a fight with You XiaoMo, but that didn’t mean he was afraid of him. Being told off like that in front of the public, greatly infuriated Chai Jun.

“What proof do you have to prove that was my doing? Have you ever thought that maybe it was your men who provoked someone so now they were getting their revenge on him? Don’t think you can splash the dirty water on me, I’m not someone you can easily mess around with.”

After he finished his speech, Chai Jun realized You XiaoMo and and BaiLi XiaoYu were looking at him as if they saw an idiot.

You XiaoMo spurned, “What a waste of brain matter to speak with a dumbass. The people you sent all confessed your name already, or else why would we come here? Is there a second third young master of the Chai Clan inside Dao Xin Academy? Don’t you feel ashamed while saying those words?”

BaiLi XiaoYu chimed in, “Dumbass.”

Chai Jun’s face turned red, his finger shivered as it pointed at them, “You, you…”

“You you you, you your ass.” You XiaoMo nearly turned into a tyrant, “If I don’t beat you into a fudging pig head right now, my surname shall not be You.”
t/n: beat someone into a pig head = beat the hell out of someone

“Exactly right!” BaiLi XiaoYu heavily nodded, he had been displeased with Chai Jun before, and now that guy dared to hit boss’s men. He definitely had to teach him a lesson.
(Ra: I’m laughing so hard rn XiaoYu call momo his boss, like literally boss.)


When they were about to rush ahead and make Chai Jun suffer, a loud yelling came from the door to stop their actions. You XiaoMo and BaiLi XiaoYu both cooled their head after hearing that, then they both turned toward the entrance. They saw a man wearing a blue color robe come in. The man’s face was very ordinary, so common that he definitely couldn’t mingle into the crowd, but when he arrived, people started whispering, and looked at him with a hint of fear.

“Zhong-dage.” Chai Jun saw the man and he shouted up pleasantly surprise.

That sentence made You XiaoMo and BaiLi XiaoYu immediately confirm that the relationship between the two of them was not light.

You XiaoMo frowned, “Who are you?”

Zhong JingShan smiled with a chuckle and said, “I am the First Autumn Courtyard’s supervisor, Zhong Jingshan. Can you two give me some face and stop making a scene here, or else it would cause me trouble.”

Each courtyard had two supervisors, and You XiaoMo also knew about it, so he understood his meaning immediately. Usually, he would definitely listen, but hearing his name coming out of Chai Jun’s mouth, they knew right away that these two knew each other. But right now, You XiaoMo wasn’t very easy to persuade, moreover, he always felt that this guy seemed to be accusing them that matter was their fault.

“Then you should also give us some face ah. Chai Jun hit my men, and you think we can just let it go? If he hit your mother, would you let him go?” You XiaoMo said.

“Yes!” BaiLi XiaoYu replied, then he suddenly reacted and turned his head toward You XiaoMo, “XiaoMo, Liu Yue is your mom?”
(Ra: so dumb, XiaoYu, your name suits you well….. Fyi, XiaoYu means Little Fish, fish head, ahem).

You XiaoMo twitched his mouth, “No, I was just making a metaphor of the seriousness of this matter, so that he could think and feel a bit.”

“Oh.” BaiLi XiaoYu seemed to understand but not really understand, and still gave a nod.

But they didn’t notice in that one moment of a blink, Zhong JingShan expression turned ruthless before it disappeared, then he hypocritically pretended to be dignified, “If you guys are dead set on this, then there is only one way to solve it.”

You XiaoMo and BaiLi XiaoYu both looked at him.

“Dao Xin Academy has a very distinctive and strict rule about fighting. Unless it is on the arena, any other conflict is prohibited everywhere. Minor violation, you will be warned, heavier and you will get expelled. So, if you need to solve the grudge with Chai Jun, I advise you to do it on the arena, then, regardless of the result, any grudge will be canceled all at once.” Zhong JingShan looked at them while he said this.

You XiaoMo pondered for a while, the arena was one method, as long as he could get his revenge on Chai Jun, he didn’t really mind the location. “Fine then. Making the day is much better than choosing the day, let’s go right away.”
t/n: making the day is much better than choosing the day = taking action is better than stalling

Hearing that, Zhong JingShan vaguely let out a trace of sly laughter, they thought he would be afraid of some fresh meat? If if hadn’t been giving BaiLi XiaoYu some face, how could he politely talk to them? Then he asked Chai Jun, “Chai Jun, do you accept You XiaoMo’s challenge?”

Chai Lun received the hidden message inside Zhong JingShan eyes, he revealed a smug smile, before gloomily looking at You XiaoMo, “Of course I accept, not accepting it will leave me with regret!”

If they faced on the arena, then on the contrary, it gave him a chance to put his hand on You XiaoMo. Even God was on his side, then there was no reason for him not to accept.

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