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Chapter 246 Dueling on the Arena

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Not long after, news about the challenge between You XiaoMo and Chai Jun spread.

You XiaoMo was at his height of ‘popularity’ while Chai Jun was the third young master of the Chai Clan. The grudge between them had long spread among the freshman, but no one would have thought that the fight would break out without any prior warning, and on the arena to boot. This matter was not small at all, thereon, people started rushing over. And this story not only spread among Block Two, but even Block One and other daoshi heard about it.

This type of duel was very common, especially the duels between low ranking and mid ranking mages. Usually, it was not something worth seeing. You XiaoMo had become the subject of everyone’s attention inside the academy. When people heard one of them was You XiaoMo, they couldn’t help but dash their way there.

In less than half an hour, the inside and outside of the arena was filled with people, leaving a very horrifying scene.

You XiaoMo never would have thought that his duel with Chai Jun would gather this much attention. As the result, when he saw the massive amount of spectators, he was dumbstruck.

Before You XiaoMo stepped onto the arena, BaiLi XiaoYu, who was frowning like he couldn’t solve something, suddenly made an ‘aha’ sound and then pulled You XiaoMo’s hand.

You XiaoMo was puzzled and turned back to look, he nearly got dragged down from the stairs, “What?”

BaiLi XiaoYu was so agitated he couldn’t finish his sentence, and until You XiaoMo couldn’t tolerate it anymore and chopped BaiLi XiaoYu’s head. BaiLi XiaoYu suddenly gasped as he spoke in one swoop, “I know why Chai Jun dared to accept your challenge.”

“Why?” Was there any secret in it?

“Chai Jun have a level 7 demon beast, moreover, the Chai Clan has a skill training book for the soul, that is why he dared to accept the challenge.” BaiLi XiaoYu promptly said. Since Chai Jun didn’t call out his contracted demon beast often, and with his head gone in the heat at the moment, BaiLi XiaoYu couldn’t remember it at that time.

Most high ranking mages used their soul power to attack, because when one reached level 7, the soul would start to transform and develop the power to go on the offensive. That was why they didn’t really need to have a skill training book to learn how to attack using their soul, but skill training was still an indispensable thing for a high rank mage.

However, for mages below level 7, since their souls hadn’t transformed yet, it held no attack power, and the skill training techniques became crucial for them. Therefore, under the special influence of skill training, the soul power could go on the offensive.

The Chai Clan’s foundation was not as good as the other three clans or the Dao Xin Academy, but they could still afford a skill training book. Not to mention, Chai Jun was not from a branch family, he was the third son of the master of the main branch of the Chai Clan, so he was qualified to undertake the skill training.

As for his contract beast, using the Chai Clan’s position, it was not weird for Chai Jun to have one. So, just like BaiLi XiaoYu said, the reason he could easily accept the duel so bluntly was because he had enough power to.

Chai Jun having a contract beast was something You XiaoMo already had in expectation, but what he was curious about was what kind of shape this skill training for soul was. If he could, You XiaoMo felt that he might want to take advantage of this situation and learn about it a bit.

When he thought about this, You XiaoMo was even more fixated on this duel, revenge for Liu Yue was one thing, he was already displeased with Chai Jun. Such a good chance shouldn’t be wasted and needed to be cherished more, he totally didn’t regret his choice!

“You XiaoMo, this time you personally came to my door, I will gladly ‘take good care’ of you.” When Chai Jun walked by You XiaoMo, he suddenly stopped as he whispered coldly into You XiaoMo’s ear. Who cared that You XiaoMo was a super genius. Without a contract beast or a skill training book, You XiaoMo was nothing more than someone for him to flatten.

BaiLi XiaoYu furiously stared at Chai Jun, “Chai Jun, if you dare hurt You XiaoMo, I will definitely not let you off.”

Chai Jun sneered, “BaiLi XiaoYu, don’t be misleading here. He is the one who came to my door, moreover, above the arena, swords don’t have eyes. If he gets injured, blame his ability.” After finishing the sentence, Chai Jun walked onto the arena.

BaiLi XiaoYu gasped as he glowered at Chai Jun.

You XiaoMo patted his shoulder to calm him down, “XiaoYu, rest assured, I will be okay.”

“But he…” BaiLi XiaoYu couldn’t put his mind at rest.

“When I said it’ll be okay, it means okay. You don’t have to worry about me, just like what I have said before, I will beat Chai Jun into a pig head, you just need to wait and see,” You XiaoMo in contrary, didn’t show a sign of nervousness.

BaiLi XiaoYu suspiciously looked at him, “Why are you so certain about it?”

You XiaoMo whispered into his ear, “Because I also have a contract beast.”

“Ah?” BaiLi XiaoYu was dazed as he widened his eyes. He quickly pulled You XiaoMo, “Are you speaking the truth? And not lying to me?”

“Why should I lie to you? There is no reward for doing so. Besides, I have more than one contract demon beast, ah!” Well, he had to reveal his Qui team to the public one day in the future anyway, telling BaiLi XiaoYu now wouldn’t be a problem.

“Good, then do me a favor and beat the hell out of him.” BaiLi XiaoYu excitedly clenched his fist.

“Certainly!” You XiaoMo solemnly promised.

“Finally, some drama to see, third young master of the Chai Clan vs the super dark horse, You XiaoMo. Who will win in the end? I can’t wait for it, ah!”

“The third young master of the Chai Clan seems to be a mid level 4 mage, while You XiaoMo seems to be a peak level 4 mage. Who will win and who loses, can’t you just see it right away?”

“You don’t understand. If third young master Chai didn’t have an ace up his sleeve, how could he have so easily accepted You XiaoMo’s challenge?”

Ignoring all the whispering, You XiaoMo finally stepped on the arena and stood in front of Chai Jun. This was the first time he had to fight in front of so many people. Regardless of his slightly frail body frame that gave people a weakling feeling, it didn’t lessen people’s impression about him.

“You XiaoMo, I thought you didn’t have the heart to come up.” Seeing You XiaoMo come forward, Chai Jun who was waiting for him, exposed a sneering laughter.

You XiaoMo scratched his nose, “You think too much.”

Such a casual yet serious response, as if Chai Jun was clearly thinking too much, this sentence made people break into laughter. You XiaoMo’s words really held a deep meaning.

Chai Jun swung his robe’s sleeve to the side, grimly smiling, “It still hasn’t been decided who is the one thinking too much. On the contrary, I’d like to see if you can spill any words later.”

As the battle was about to begin, suddenly an old man came from between the crowd, he went up to the arena and stole all the people’s attention. People looked at him with a trace of respect mixed with surprise. Usually, there were an abundance of duels in the arena, so each arena would have a person to act as a referee, and the one who was responsible for this arena was an elder with the surname Liu.

However, because there were too many duels everyday, and Elder Liu couldn’t alway be here to be the referee, usually he sent other people to help him out. That was why people were surprised when they saw he would personally do it.

“Everybody should have known about the rules of the arena already, but the freshman may not, so I will say it again. Dueling on the arena is a mutual agreement and there is no specific restrictions toward fighting methods. As long as you don’t kill the other person. So now, I hereby announce, let the fight begin!” Knowing that people were all looking forward to this fight, Elder Liu was very straightforward.

After that he stepped down from the arena and left both You XiaoMo and Chai Jun on stage.

Chai Jun was waiting for this moment, his eyes filled with malicious thoughts and contempt toward You XiaoMo. He gloomily said, “You XiaoMo, wait until I destroy you.”

Although Chai Jun was usually brainless, he was still of the Chai Clan, since childhood he had been raised to be vicious and merciless. Seeing You XiaoMo’s potential, knowing that one day, in the future, he would certainly surpass Teng ZiXin, he knew he must not let this enemy go any further. If the fire was already burning, he would gladly use this opportunity to dispose of You XiaoMo.

Don’t blame him for being vicious, his first intent was not to make an enemy out of You XiaoMo, but against his expectations, You XiaoMo had to be the one who initiated this fight, so no one could blame him.

Chai Jun was unable to wait, he looked up into the sky and loudly laugh, “Come out my demon beast, Tongbei Ape.”
t/n: Tongbei, or Tongbeiquan, is a school of martial art, as we commonly known as ” monkey fist stance”, you get it, monkey, ape? ( ok ignore me pls)

As his finished his sentence, a mini demon beast jumped out of his collar and landed on his left side. It didn’t wait for people to see it clearly, that mini demon beast enlarged in a flash. The beast that was originally a few inche tall, now, all of sudden, it was like a mountain suddenly perked up from a flat ground, and slowly changed into a more than ten meter (32.5 ft) tall Tongbei Ape.

The Tongbei Ape’s appearance was identical to a normal ape, except it was much stronger and sturdier. It’s body was covered by an exceptional long fur and this Tongbei Ape, judging from its aura, didn’t seem like a fully grown one. Its level was probably around level 7 three star, like what BaiLi XiaoYu had said.

Although people knew Chai Jun should have more than one ace, but seeing Tongbei Ape came out, many people cried out in fear. This Tongbei Ape might have been only at level 7, but it was a high level beast. It could breakthrough into a higher level sooner or later in the future. Judging from Chai Jun’s status, it made sense for him to own a high level beast.

“You XiaoMo, let me see who can save you this time.” As the Tongbei Ape came out Chai Jun backed up.

You XiaoMo relaxed his hand, “Why do I need to wait for someone to come and save me? Why are you so certain that person is not you?”

Chai Jun thought You XiaoMo just had a sharp tongue, but when he was about to open his mouth, he heard You XiaoMo casually speak out.

“Xiao Hei, let this third young master Chai know that we are not some herbivore.”

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