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Chapter 248: Did You Forget to Bring Your Ear Along?

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

What just happened?

The question rose up inside everyone’s mind as the same time.

But the one who knew what had happened, he was overwhelmed and bewildered.

Theoretically speaking, even though Chai Jun level was unable to compare to You XiaoMo, but thanks to the skill training for soul he had taken before, the gap between him and You XiaoMo should have been shortened. As the result, no matter how great the potential was, if one didn’t know how to use mental attacks as a weapon, then one was nothing more than a paper tiger in front of the person who knew, a light piercing through the barrier, and one would be done for.

However, Chai Jun, who should have had the upper hand, right now, not only could he not take the advantage, he ended up being gravely injured by the enemy.

This was not scientific!

This scene triggered the fear inside people like Teng ZiXin. Even if You XiaoMo could feel Chai Jun’s attack and had taken precaution beforehand, he couldn’t have totally evaded like that, ah.

The thought that You XiaoMo was actually not an ordinary mage never came across anyone’s minds. If it hadn’t been for the space, of course, he would be just like any other mages. But since the moment he came into contact with the space, his soul was bound to be different from regular people, and since the soul was different, the natural potential of the soul was also exceptional. Thus, it could be explained that his soul had mutated and therefore it became slightly bent toward materialization, but he needed to focus his sense on materializing the soul in order to use it as weapon. If You XiaoMo didn’t know his soul power was different than an ordinary persons, of course he wouldn’t know his soul could materialize.

Actually, this was the real reason why his refining rate could achieve a one hundred percent success rate, as everything had its cause.

After realizing Chai Jun attacked him sneakily, at first You XiaoMo only intended to put up a defense, but he didn’t want to let Chai Jun get away that easily, so he tried to use some of his soul force to counter Chai Jun. Despite not succeeding in ambushing You XiaoMo, when Chai Jun found out You XiaoMo had released his soul to fight him, rather than being terrified, he was delighted. As he was about to take the chance to attack You XiaoMo, his soul power was immediately cut off.

Soul power is inseparable from the soul, as it is equivalent to being a part of one’s soul. Once it was cut off, the soul would be wounded, and to a peak level mage, this could cause serious consequences. A soul injury and physical injury were on two different levels. A physical injury could heal shortly by using magic pills, but a soul injury was more difficult as it needed a special type of magic pill to treat. Moreover, it needed a longer time to recover, and this was just the case of slight injury. A heavier soul injury and it would very likely affect cultivation in the future.

Although other people were not really certain by what they had seen, but looking at Chai Jun’s miserable face while his body sustained no injuries, the audience suddenly gasped. This was because there could only be one possibility left, and that was that his soul had been injured, and Chai Jun ended up wasting the rice used to bait the chicken (t/n: to gain nothing while suffering a loss). Subsequently, You XiaoMo took the advantage and turned him into this appearance.

The audience felt sympathy toward Chai Jun, but their thoughts were mostly: you reap what you sow.

At this moment, Elder Liu finally, slowly walked up to the arena. He looked at the powerless Tongbei Ape, then looked at Chai Jun who had collapsed onto the ground, then he raised his hand and gave out a sonorous and powerful declaration, “The battle has ended, I announce, the winner of this fight is You XiaoMo!”

As the last word came out, coming from under the arena was a burst of loud applause like thunder. A few people looked at You XiaoMo with amazement. They originally only came here for the fun, but seeing how outstanding You XiaoMo was, a freshman that had more potential than Teng Zixin, they clearly needed to try winning his favor!

Above the arena, You XiaoMo sighed in relief, it finally ended, but his complexion was no better, mostly because he had used too much soul power. This was the first time he had used soul power to fight, and a heap of it to boot so that he could pierce through Chai Jun’s soul power, so now he only had a bit left. Usually a sip of spirit water would let him gain it back, but under so much surveillance, it was not the right time to drink it.

When he was about to step down, an angry voice came from the crowd. “Stop, you cannot leave!”

You XiaoMo turned around and saw a black silhouette jump up from the crowd, and he rushed to the collapsed Chai Jun. The man saw Chai Jun’s injury was not light, so he immediately shouted at You XiaoMo, “You XiaoMo, you are the student of the academy, yet you treat your colleagues too harsh, if you don’t give me an answer today, I dare you to walk away!”

You XiaoMo frowned, “Did you forget to bring your ear along when you left?”

The man was infuriated, “You dare say it again!”

You XiaoMo glanced at him, “If you didn’t forget your ear, then you should have heard what Elder Liu said before, ‘no restriction toward methods, as long as you don’t kill your opponent’. And from my point of view, Chai Jun is not dead, ah. Why should I give you an answer if this is a mutual agreement? Not to mention, this is Dao Xin Academy’s rule over the years, are you having an objection toward the academy’s rule?”

“You!” The man couldn’t breathe for a while.

Questioning the academy rules, he didn’t have the heart to wear such enormous label on the head.

You XiaoMo was afraid his words didn’t do enough damage, so he continued, “Moreover, Chai Jun is the one who ambushed me first, there is nothing wrong about my counterattack, why should I standstill when he pulled a sneak attack on me? How about you stay put for awhile and let me punch your sorry ass to try it out?”

The man was speechless because he was not dumb, this matter was clearly Chai Jun reaping what he sowed, but he couldn’t just let You XiaoMo leave like that. After all, Chai Jun was the third young master of Chai Clan. Seeing how heavy his injury was, no one could tell if this would leave any after effects. If this matter got to the Chai Clan, the clan master would definitely get angry, and he wouldn’t be able to escape from punishment since the third young master was entrusted to his care by the clan master before entering the academy.

“Whatever happens, the fact that you hurt the third young master is still true, you have to give the Chai Clan an explanation.” He unwillingly said.

You XiaoMo was too lazy to bother with him, he directly looked at Elder Liu and said, “Elder Liu, if someone broke the arena’s rule and use the clan’s influence to bully the student, how will the academy deal with it?”

Elder Liu stroked his beard, he looked at You XiaoMo with praise in his eyes, then nodded, “Those who don’t abide to the arena’s rule, of course they will be expelled from the academy. If the situation is worse than expected, one will be banished from Yan City and to never be able to step inside again. As for those who are not satisfied with the result and use the clan’s power to abuse a student as their wish, this old man can only say, this is DaoXin Academy, this is not a place for people to casually behave atrociously.” Elder Liu gave a very clear explanation with a slight hint of bias.

But what he said was truth, even if the children from the four clan had more influence toward people, not a single one of them dared to do anything too outrageous inside the academy. Even the Teng Clan, which had the strongest potential, didn’t dare touch the last string of Dao Xin Academy. So what Elder Liu said was absolutely not a threat, because they had enough power and strength to pull that off.

The man’s face suddenly went ghastly pale.

You XiaoMo’s potential was higher than Teng Zixin’s, and Chai Zheng, the most excellent generation of Chai Clan, was also no match for him. Everyone could tell without having anyone tell them whose side the academy would choose.

The man regretted his words, if the clan master knew about his reckless behavior today, then his life was done for.

“Good, now that everything has settled, everyone can disperse now!” Elder Liu didn’t look the man’s desperate face, because one should be conscious of the consequence of their conduct and deeds before taking action.

After that, some disciples of the Chai Clan helped carry Chai Jun away, and that man also left with a lost soul and dropped spirit.

This result was something You XiaoMo had expected, as his original plan was just to beat the hell out of Chai Jun physically. But judging from his current situation, trouble wouldn’t come to his door for a while.

And so, he cupped his hand in obeisance toward Elder Liu, “I give my gratitude toward Elder Liu.”

Elder Liu laughed *hehe*, “No need to thank me, what I said is the truth.”

You XiaoMo gave a smile, as he understood but didn’t announce his feelings.

After stepping down from the arena, You XiaoMo subconsciously observed the crowd, but he couldn’t find that one familiar figure, he couldn’t help but feel a little upset. However, thinking that Ling Xiao might have some stuff to do, or that he hadn’t heard the news yet, You XiaoMo stopped fusing over it.

In fact, what You XiaoMo had guessed, was not totally wrong. Ling Xiao really was caught in some business, but he knew about the duel between You XiaoMo and Chai Jun on the arena. What happened was so sudden and so coincidental, Ling Xiao had no choice but to give up coming to the arena, but he had asked someone to help him find out about the match.

After that last fight with Sun Zhe, the ninth spot that had originally belonged to Sun Zhe was, not surprisingly, was replaced by Ling Xiao, and Ling Xiao gained himself some followers. Even though he didn’t really care about them, but when he opened his mouth, there would be someone who volunteered instantly.

When everything had ended, those people also returned to Block One and then told the whole process very vividly to Ling Xiao.

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