LMW Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Sneak Attack

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Following You XiaoMo’s words, a black colored light shot out from his collar. At the same time, the black shadow grew into a vigorous and gigantic black beast. The beast’s shiny black fur rolled like the waves, and in view of Chai Jun’s terrified gaze, steadily alighted in front of You XiaoMo.

This was just a common Black Leopard which everyone at the arena had heard of. However, the audience realized that the color of the eyes of the Black Leopard were gold. A normal Black Leopard’s potential might not be great, but of the aristocracy of the Black Leopard race, the Golden Eyed Black Leopard is said to contain the highest potential.

XiaoHei did not change into his human form. He was only a level seven four star, which, should not be at the level most beasts could shapeshift. Thus, to avoid trouble, he appeared in his original form.

The Tongbei Ape’s strength of the bloodline may be higher than his, but currently, the ape was only at three stars. It simply wasn’t a match for the four star XiaoHei.

XiaoHei was an arrogant and cold demon beast. Honestly speaking, he was just a tsundere. With regards to the Tongbei Ape, which had been putting on airs once summoned, XiaoHei was plainly disdainful of it. His slightly smaller body, full of explosive force, elegantly took a step forward. Cold golden eyes gave Chai Jun a glance implying his superiority and immediately dismissed him.

The human-like black eyes of the Tongbei Ape abruptly looked down. Its eyes flashed with a hint of unrestrained fear. It realized that Xiao Hei’s strength was higher than his and its body unconsciously retreated by a step.

This step may look small, but it made it clear to the audience that the ape was just as shocked as Chai Jun. Thus, a couple of people in the audience immediately were able to measure Xiao Hei’s strength.

“Waah, all this drama is just too stimulating.”

“This little mage can’t be underestimated, Chai Jun is finished.”

“But Chai Jun is the Chai Clan’s third young master. He should still have a couple of moves up his sleeve right?”

“Of course he does, but the little mage has so many achievements at such a young age. He must also have various trump cards to play.”

“Looks like it will be hard to predict the winner and the loser of the match.”

With the appearance of XiaoHei, the atmosphere of the arena became more bustling. Whispers endlessly came from the crowd, debating the outcome of the match. This uncertainty in the outcome had instead tickled the fancy of the crowd – unexpected surprises were indeed more stimulating.

Upon seeing Xiao Hei’s appearance, Chai Jun’s face paled with shock, and his heart started beating like a rabbit’s, as if it was trying to hop out of his chest. It was only after some time that he managed to give an uneasy gulp. Shit, it turned out to be a Golden Eyed Black Leopard, and it was the same level seven as his Tongbei Ape.

ChaiJun sincerely regretted his actions. He was too proud, and forgot that if he could get a contracted beast, with You XiaoMo’s level, how could he not have one as well? He was hell-bent on taking advantage of this opportunity to waste You XiaoMo, yet never realized that he was digging a grave for himself. No wonder You XiaoMo would say those things – in his eyes, Chai Jun was just a little clown.

“Third young master Chai, do you want to beg for help from the audience?”

You XiaoMo elatedly asked the grimacing Chai Jun.

Chai Jun’s grimace deepened. To think that You XiaoMo would dare to insult him in front of so many people. Chai Jun threw caution to the wind, and glared furiously at You XiaoMo. “You XiaoMo, don’t be complacent. It’s only a difference of one star. The winner is not confirmed until the battle concludes.”

You XiaoMo was a little astonished. Who could guess that this fellow would have some brains right now?

But he is right. Xiao Hei’s strength may be higher than the Tongbei Ape by one star; however their bloodline ranking was different. Should they battle it out seriously, the ending would be hard to predict.

It really gave him a shock to realize that Chai Jun was able to think of this point under these circumstances.

You XiaoMo hesitated slightly. He could also bring out MaoQiu, but this would reveal his cards to the whole audience. At this point in time, he really didn’t want the others to know of the existence of the Qiu team, and quickly gave up the idea after a little consideration.

“You really talk a lot of trash. If you want to fight, let’s start. I’m not that free to accompany you all day.” You XiaoMo glared at him and turned to XiaoHei, “XiaoHei, I’ll leave the Tongbei Ape to you. You must beat him till he cries uncle, if not you would be tarnishing the prestige of the Golden Eyed Black Leopards.”

Xiao Hei shot a glance of disdain at him, and ignoring You XiaoMo’s feelings, released his aura. The pressure of a level seven four star was unreservedly released. Following the momentum of his aura, Xiao Hei roared and vibrations sent a sonic wave towards the Tongbei Ape.

This action swiftly angered the Tongbei Ape, and caused it to disregard Xiao Hei’s strength. It used its thick arms to hammer its chest. The banging sounds were shocking, and were not outdone by Xiao Hei’s demonstration.

The pressure of the two level seven demon beasts caused some of the audience to pale and quickly retreat, looking at the demon beasts that were confronting each other with fear.

Xiao Hei has always been conceited. Despite his opponent being of a higher bloodline, he was still looking down on it. His cold and elegant gold colored eyes filled with undisguised killing intent. He gave a snort through his nose โ€“ it was as if the Tongbei Ape was just a piece of useless trash.

The Tongbei Ape was agitated by his gaze, and moving its huge body, dashed towards Xiao Hei. Although its body may look big and stupid, it was surprisingly fast. In an instant, it closed the distance and with its huge fist, smashed a punch at Xiao Hei’s face without hesitation. The force made it seem as if the very air itself split open, bringing with it the sound of an explosion.

At the moment of imminent peril, Xiao Hei’s silhouette vanished, leaving only an indistinct blur. Although the bloodline of the Tongbei Ape may be higher, in terms of speed, the Tongbei Ape was totally left in the dust.

You XiaoMo nervously fidgeted upon seeing the clashing demonic beasts.

Although he had confidence in Xiao Hei, he was still unable to stop worrying.

Just when he was attentively watching the beasts, Chai Jun, with a gloomy expression, glared poisonously at You XiaoMo. At his feet, a tendril of soul power quietly emerged. Following the orb tiles of the arena, it diffused towards You XiaoMo’s direction.

Due to the limit restriction, a level four mage is unable to materialise their soul power. However, under the skill training influence, it would be possible to use the soul power as a form of attack.

Chai Jun’s aptitude is not very high; in addition, he has only practiced with skill training technique for a year. Thus, he is currently unable to materialize soul power, and is only able to release an incorporeal mental attack on his opponent’s soul.

Though this mental attack on the soul may seem practical, there is still a weakness.

That is, when a lower level attempts to attack a higher level, it is easy for the attack to be discovered.

You XiaoMo is a peak level four mage, while Chai Jun is only at the mid level four. There is a difference of two levels between them, thus the only choice would be to employ sneak attacks.

This action may not have been discovered by You XiaoMo, however, not all the audience was paying attention to the demon beastsโ€™ fight. There were a few practitioners with a level higher than Chai Jun that discovered his actions. For example, Tong YueXu, and Teng ZiXin – only, the former was more worried and the latter had an obscure expression that was hard to read.

“XiaoMo, be careful of a sneak attack from that stupid Chai person!”

BaiLi XiaoYu jumped about in the audience, waving at You XiaoMo and reminding him at the same time.

But he wasn’t wrong about what he said. Chai Jun was truly stupid.

Chai Jun was furious! He hated that BaiLi XiaoYu reminded You XiaoMo, yet he did not dare to be careless, and covertly directed his soul power towards You XiaoMo.

However, You XiaoMo was not as harmless as his appearance seemed to suggest. Before the duel, he heard from BaiLi XiaoYu that Chai Jun has undertake skill training for soul. Thus, he had already raised his guard, and did not relax in the slightest after stepping into the arena.

After hearing BaiLi XiaoYu’s words, he immediately looked in Chai Jun’s direction, and happened to catch a glimpse of the alarmed and malevolent expression on his face. One look and You XiaoMo knew there was a problem.

You XiaoMo continued to quietly focus on the battle in the center of the arena. On the sly, he silently released his soul power, creating a protective barrier around himself.

Chai Jun did not realize this, and still thought that his actions had not been discovered. His directed his soul power passed the two battling demonic beasts, and performed a speedy sneak attack on the nearby You XiaoMo.

The battle intensified, and everyone’s attention was all on the demonic beasts.

The bloodline of the Tongbei Ape may be high, but it cannot cover up the gap in strength. On the contrary, as the battle progressed, the Golden Eyed Black Leopard was getting fiercer and fiercer, and with a mouth full of fangs, bit off a piece of the Tongbei Ape’s shoulder. The gore caused the audience to tense up, and those with no stomach for blood did not dare to continue watching.

Just when they were enthralled with the battle, a mournful scream was suddenly heard.

At the same instant, the battle of the two demonic beasts concluded. The huge body of the Tongbei Ape abruptly collapsed with a dying look. On the other side, the Black Leopard was also covered in multiple wounds, but the victorious beast proudly raised his head and returned to his owner’s side.

At this moment, the audience realized that Chai Jun was kneeling on the ground; his face that was once full of confidence had changed into a deathly pale shade.

In contrast, You XiaoMo had a ‘nothing to see here’ attitude and was frowning while seeming to be musing about something.

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