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Chapter 253: A Mountain of Demon Beasts

Translated by Kollumceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Elder Gong seemed to be aware of his doubts, thus he told You XiaoMo about the crystal orbs. It was not a confidential matter, and there were many, excluding the new students, in the academy who know of it.

Of course, it was a coincidence that Elder Gong went to check on the crystal orb. The crystal orbs were normally locked in a room. Only when there were problems, such as when the crystal orb cracks, would they enter the room to change it. After all, there were students who did not wish others to know that they had gained a level.

After he finished hearing about the crystal orb, a drop of cold sweat dripped down from You XiaoMo’s forehead.

SheQiu and the others were still cultivating in his pavilion. He did not bring them out along with him, and neither did he put them back in his dimension.

If the crystal orb representing his pavilion was seen by Elder Gong, he would definitely suspect that there were people in his pavilion.

However, looking at Elder Gong’s reaction, it seemed that he had only seen the crystal orb for Ling Xiao’s pavilion. So it was highly probable that he had not seen his crystal orb.

“Elder Gong, is there something you need me for?” You XiaoMo tentatively asked.

Elder Gong shook his head and replied: “I just came over to have a look. But since you have gained a level, Class Three would not be suitable for you. It’s better if you tell Ning Jing-daoshi of this as soon as possible so she can reassign you.”

You XiaoMo immediately nodded his head, “Yes I will. Many thanks for Elder Gong’s reminder. If there’s nothing required of me, may I leave now?”

Elder Gong waved his hand and replied, “Go ahead.”

He needed to tell SheQiu and the others of this as soon as possible. You XiaoMo dashed towards his pavilion as though he was running for his life.

In the end, he did not get to see Ling Xiao. When he returned, he immediately told SheQiu and the rest about the crystal orb. After hearing him out, the group fell into a silence.

To be frank, to ask them to give up such a good cultivation spot was impossible. But if they continued, they could be discovered by Elder Gong. It would not be a big deal if they were found as they are contracted demon beasts. However, You XiaoMo did not intend to show his trump card, SheQiu, now.

“Actually, there’s no need for you to worry so much.” SheQiu said as he and the team yawned.

“What do you mean?” You XiaoMo asked.

“Think about it carefully. Elder Gong only went into the house to see what happened when the crystal orb cracked. Although I have not personally seen the crystal orb, it shouldn’t be that fragile. The reason for it cracking could be due to other circumstances. Thus, the main reason would be that…you are just more unlucky.” SheQiu replied.

“… …” This was not an answer that makes one happy.

But it was not unreasonable for SheQiu to say that. After it thinking through, You XiaoMo was less confused. When he finished asking after their wellbeing, he ran upstairs to consolidate the realm of his fifth level.

After You XiaoMo left, XiaoHei opened his eyes and glanced at the stairs. Then he turned to SheQiu and coldly asked: “Master has advanced?”

SheQiu leaned his chin on his palm, and lazily said: “En, he’s at the fifth level.”

XiaoHei did not reply. He met Master in Paradise Realm, and at that time, he was only a peak level three mage. After exiting Paradise Realm, he advanced to a level four mage. Thus, he was very clear how long Master took to advance from a level four to a level five mage.

SheQiu did not say anything either. They all knew that they had struck it big since they were following a Master with such a quick rate of advancement. When Master’s level was higher, they would be reaping the rewards.

Seeing that none of them are saying anything, PiQiu was confused. He asked, “Master has always been awesome! Or is it a bad thing for him to rise to level five?”

PiQiu had been with You XiaoMo since birth, so he is the most knowledgeable about You XiaoMo’s advancement speed. Thus to him, Master’s current achievement was extremely normal.

Hearing this, the other three demon beasts suddenly looked in his direction.

They nearly forgot about this little brat. When they contracted with Master, this little brat was already there. He should be the most aware of Master’s situation.

Thus, the three demon beasts who were very interested in You XiaoMo’s cultivation speed surrounded PiQiu… …

At this moment, You XiaoMo was preparing to refine a magic pill called the GuYuan pill. He did not know that his cute little PiQiu that he doted on the most was undergoing a ‘cruel interrogation’ by the other three beasts.

The GuYuan pill was a level five magic pill. It had the same effect as the Golden Sands pill. Besides being able to consolidate a practitioner’s realm, it was also able to consolidate the realm of a mage.

He had all the magic herbs that were needed for the GuYuan pill in his dimension. When he found out that this pill was also beneficial for mages, he immediately prepared the magic herbs, and was just waiting for the day when he would break through the fourth level and advance to a level five mage.

You XiaoMo tested out his soul power after his breakthrough. He could feel that the power of his soul was much denser than when he was at level four. It was also easier to call upon his soul power, and actions that needed the soul power now had a smoother quality.

You XiaoMo took his Jin Ming cauldron and the herbs for GuYuan pill out from his dimension and began to refine pills.

Since the pill was for his own use, You XiaoMo refined each stalk of magic herb four times. Because the magic herbs grown in his dimension did not have many impurities, he could only refine them for a maximum of four times. This step took up quite a bit of his time.

Fortunately, the whole process went without a hitch, and it took less than half an hour before a yellow colored pill flew out of his cauldron.

For the whole night, You XiaoMo was cooped up in his room. He only took an hour to consolidate his realm, and spent the remaining time refining pills. Due to his level advancement, his speed of refining level four pills had greatly increased, and his actions became smoother. To refine thirty pills, he only took two thirds of the time he used to spend.

On the second day, he did not immediately open his stall.

Last night, he thought about his current sales process. Running to the sales area every day to open his stall would waste both time and energy. Why not save up his pills, and then sell them every two or three days?

If what Rong Xuan said was true, there was no worry that his pills would not sell.

Early in the morning, You XiaoMo notified SheQiu and the others of his whereabouts. Then, without telling BaiLi XiaoYu, he left to find Ning Jing-daoshi by himself. Since his advancement could not be hidden, and due to the fact that class allocation was based on levels, this news should be conveyed as soon as possible. But when he went over, Ning Jing-daoshi was not in.

You XiaoMo thought about it for a while, and finally decided to give up. Then he turned and ran to find Ling Xiao.

Since he didn’t see him yesterday, You XiaoMo was resolved. If Ling Xiao was still not back yet, he would ask people to inquire on his location.

This time, he was luckier because Ling Xiao had returned early this morning. On the way to Ling Xiao’s pavilion, he saw throngs of people heading in the same direction. When he got to the pavilion, the thick scent of blood wafted over to his nose.

You XiaoMo hurriedly squeezed into the crowd. However, upon seeing the situation at the courtyard, he nearly vomited up his breakfast.

There was a mountain of demon beasts’ corpses on the floor. Some died cleanly, while others were dismembered. It looks like the corpses were mostly low level demon beasts. With one glance, You XiaoMo knew that the corpses numbered more than a hundred. There were some live demon beasts, but they were all in cages. There were approximately thirty live beasts and they were all middle level demon beasts.

You XiaoMo was aware that there were people in the academy who bought the skin and meat of demon beasts, and others who wanted live demon beasts. But to catch so many demon beasts in one go, the only one who could pull it off was Ling Xiao.

You XiaoMo looked over, but did not see any sign of Ling Xiao, so he simply ran to his pavilion to find him. But when he reached the pavilion, he found another crowd surrounding it. Because they could not enter, they could only stand outside and excitedly look about. Their behavior was akin to that of fans waiting for a superstar.

Hearing footsteps, some people looked back.

As he approached, You XiaoMo silently discovered that Xu Yun, who he was in a dispute with yesterday, was also there.

When he saw You XiaoMo, Xu Yun scowled and let out a sniff of disdain, but did not say anything to provoke him. As You XiaoMo walked towards the pavilion, Xu Yun looked at him with a complicated expression.

When he was in front of Xu Yun, You XiaoMo slowed his steps and swaggered into the pavilion. I don’t believe I can’t make you angry!

Sure enough, this action made Xu Yun furious enough to choke. Across the barrier, You XiaoMo could see Xu Yun’s handsome face was as black as ink. With a poisonous glare, Xu Yun eyed him as though he wanted to dig him out from the barrier.

Not seeing Ling Xiao on the first level, You XiaoMo immediately ran up to the second level.

He assumed that Ling Xiao would be on the second level. But after making one round, he still could not find him. You XiaoMo could not help but be puzzled, and came back down to the first level.

Just as You XiaoMo was thinking about which corner Ling Xiao would hide in, he suddenly heard the sound of water from behind the screen. In a moment of joy, he did not think much before he pushed past the screen. Meeting his eyes was a lean form with strong muscles covering every inch of the body. But this was not the important point. The most important point was… …

Ling Xiao’s front was facing him, and his lower half was uncovered. Without making any move to cover his body, Ling Xiao came out from the bath tub. You XiaoMo clearly saw the fierce gigantic thing lying dormant in the underbrush. While baring fangs and brandishing claws in his direction, it stood up to face him… …

His eyes nearly popped out of his skull. Is must be a lie!

However, You XiaoMo would soon know whether it was a lie or not.

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