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SH Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Prospects (Part 2)

Feish’s decision This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Do not do it Feiha stopped inevitably about the meaning of Isfel. Was Isfels tried to leave her

“Oh, why are you going to ask me?” He descended.

“I think you do not want to do this,” Isfels explicitly said.

“Yes, but you know that you’re compelled? My needs are not just a factor.” He decided to move a bit. “What if you want to protect me?”

“If you say the truth”.

It was a break.

What are you thinking? Feisha drops Isfel reaction. He probably sleeps more time when he lies in the world, but he certainly does not exceed the number of dishes he has eaten. It’s reliable, right? “Never, it’s all right for me if you have the pleasure of the precious and most kings, this is the only result.”


Is it all? Where is your perseverance? Do I make at least some disapproved comments? Please cool the cookies deep and in the heart. And you can accept it after the occasional abandonment.

Feisha began to regret his choice of life. To see that no one moves, Iseferu increases the limit around waving, I read his book calmly. Once and finally the pride of the jacket Feisha has set and he will die, Isefel but do not move the colon, so now there is a strip that can not be excused.

“Hey, I’ll keep you open!” Feathe I cried, I knocked the bar without movement. He pushed a clear wall, putting his face on Iser, he ignored the book’s hands.

After the “Hey …” for a long period of violence, the abduction of Feisha exponentially decreased with time overwhelmed by complaints in the stomach. “You can not throw food and do not mix fish that is wrong with fish.”

“What happened?” A strange voice appeared behind her.

“Not only did Jin, the eyes of the fiber suddenly, saw a very well-known mirror on the opposite wall. He has improved a lot since the ark of Noah is approaching. Although this was not the case, his poker face was definitely one.

He leaned against the door and laid his hands in his pockets. “I did not see you in the dining room, so I came here and watched. What did you say about me?

Issefru feels extra now in the room to fit Feisha and the eyes that were just around looked at the moment in his book. Feisha started pulling Gin out of the door with her. “Well, I’m calculating what we were talking about.

Stomp behind him, Gin began to speak, but instead he met with a closed door on his face.


Ice cream “What did you say to him?” That … is that dear?

As if reading the mind, Feisha did not answer with one regrettable story: “I told him all the plans.

The gee saw it. Isefer did not look like he resisted … but again all his emotions looked the same. “What was his answer, does he have him?”

Feisha slowly shook her head in front of Gin’s expected eyes. Treatment was just for him and protect him. He had nothing to do with the plan, and he had nothing to do with it.

Gin’s face fell.

“But …”

Gin is recovering.

“He did not leave,” Feisha opens his mouth. When he chose for some reason, he noticed all his behavior when it was too late. If he had another chance, he certainly said: “I will not do it!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Therefore, he is a gift.

Feisha nodded.

“… why have you told him?

“At least Feisha lifted his face up to 45 degrees on the ceiling, expressed grief.” When something is wrong, someone will know their death. ”


There is no melancholia in the abdomen. After a short funeral, Feisha decided to go on living.

Fortunately, the kitchen was covered with a rooftop 24/7 meal. Looking at the entrance to Feisha, Antonio wasted time to take dinner from warm dishes. Feisha discovered that the interior was full of his favorite food.

Thanksgiving of warm sin grew.

“Do you want the best king?” Feish whispered to Gin. Antonio was a very nice boy. Even after the murder, he still struggles in front of him.

“While you really do not want to push your nose in your business.

“… think about when I’m 100 years old.” He might be on the side like this one, he can also be shocked.

Feisha crossed and sat at the table near the window and had lunch. Gin followed the long distance.

“You have better things?” He asked with a lash shade.

“I just want to know when you plan your business.”

“Come now, at least I can eat my fill”.

“Your” Are you reporting here about this food or diet?

Feisha was impressed. “Do you really think about it?

“I have never used my brain before talking to you,” she screamed.

“When you do not talk to me, will not you use your brain all the time?” Screamed Feisha, turn her eyes on.

Gin tried to duplicate it, but stopped and exchanged. “Please do not change the theme.”

“I do not try to change the problem – just -” Feisha bowed his head to the jeans room. ”

Jin’s eyebrows were pleased with him, walking around. “Thank you, did not you sleep?”

The fuse was upright covered with pyramids, the eyes were cloudy and somewhat sleepy. In Jin’s eyes, his glance stimulated the warmth of his fair love. “I do not know why, but since the night I was very sleepy, but I just can not sleep.”

The fear that Jin’s face trembled went as fast as it was. “Maybe just time”


Feisha looked outside the window, turned to black wounds. What is the weather? There was neither day nor night in this place.

Hugs slowly pulled Jin’s clothes and gave a loud voice. “When do you go?”

Feish’s eyes are caught on two new and soft hands on Gin’s hands.

This vampire was tied to the fuse. “I’ll come to you.” He rushed. The couple went out of the room and Leish Feisha shaved on his tail. He broke the bone that was in his mouth for a long time.

Was it just for him, was it big enough now?

Why did he feel that he was suffering?

After tasting food from Antonio’s kitchen, with sideways misunderstandings, Feisha knocked on his bed and began to think about how Dea persuaded. Thinking about it, Dea’s heart was not much smarter than Asa, it was a bit tighter and wise. Perhaps it’s not too difficult for him to confirm. The hard part seemed to be the greatest king standing behind him, and this is obviously obscure.

In its plan, the weakest link in some way was related not only to the king, but also to Deijs.

Feisha looked at the letter on the ceiling and managed to feel that in some way he became an assistant in the lobby. The guest complaint seems to be endless, there is no solution that the hotel can do, of course, not at home. We can accept bucket solutions and possibly accept customers.

Attached documents calling for their mourning; If he had to write all the tactics in the book, you would probably give a course on martial arts.

Feisha was unable to help the smile that appeared in her face, remembering the old days. Gianyang’s face was a pity that she had shoes, but he did not use Feisha very much. At least he wanted to blame him from time to time, but he would find something all the time to get some emotional rewards for overhead … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

People are very instinctive creatures. For example, you can determine the appearance, actually not physically.

Feisha opened her eyes.

Jin saw her plan, a beautiful face.

“I think I told you before I woke up.

“I just wanted to say it quickly”

Feish’s face was quite emotional, it was a difficult comparison with his usual energy. “… a shot”.

“When will you find the reputable?

Feish’s face was dark.

“We will take it and do it faster than we start, do you know?”

The deadly aura shook the dark of darkness.

Gin felt that her throat had straight and hairy teeth to protect herself. “I’ve done it.

“…” Feisha’s hands slowly fell down to Gin’s head with a violent swing and slowly leaned against his cushion. Before he encountered this precise scene before, Gin knocked at the door, as Faisher lifted his arm.

Fisher followed him with barefoot. “You forced a bloody baker,” he shook. “Why do not you send you with recikloran bineton so you can better restore something better? Your ugly mugo in your hobby and food at night Are you afraid of the middle?

Jin stood out in the hall, help, but it’s about the anger and yelling it. Could not “Oi Oi Oi, you go too far! I’m a devil, beautiful princes of the royal blood clan!”

“Do fish also give you a silly blood clown cake? In addition, all beautiful photos are a contest to shake the fire, but do you know?” Jin at all from Flingante Feiko closed his door, his pillow in the direction, Feisha closed the locked door.

Gin stood in front of the corridor and said the word ugga.

Translator Note

Please cool the cookies deep and in the heart. And you can accept it after the occasional abandonment.

As always, this is the original China: Self-◂ 门前 snow, 莫管 tiles on the frost purpura sǎo men Chen Zoo, MO do not think frost on guǎnwǎ Shuang Sang (lighted tile, door before snowy snow. It’s each person’s own faction 门前snow, 莫管 other tiles Shimoji Wren purple sǎo for men Chen Tzu, MOguǎn data Wren wǎ each (comes from the double sang snow from my door, the island without the mind to recall damaging business cleaning lights its own, high ceiling of his neighbor) to urge people to stop that is very lofty. That’s why it’s completely the opposite of Feisha.

In addition, I have not written anything about what was written in Chinese as “courtesy of acceptance, sometimes fell” Jiu BAN TUI (less than half the half of the compromise) on the BAN side 推 半 就, they first accept declin idioms about this thing, which later you will later do it “later reluctantly”. It’s usually Asian Chinese. The face is everything.

Juxtaposio, creating the deceased’s life, calling for yourself to funerals […]

Chapter 1 Going to the translator This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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